More Skullgirls Experimental Changes, Salty Cupcakes Streaming Live Tonight at 8 PM PDT, 11 PM EDT

By on May 23, 2013 at 7:20 pm

Mike Z recently updated his to-do list again to reflect the new experimental changes that you will be able to see at tonight’s Salty Cupcakes. The changes are all character-specific this time around, including several tweaks to the way assists work. Peacock can now charge her assist item drops to level three, while Cerebella can use command run follow-ups as assists. Peacock also has her triple bomb cancel back, but this time around her projectiles disappear if she gets hit.

You can see the full list of changes below, and be sure to tune in to Salty Cupcakes at 8 PM PDT / 11 PM EDT tonight to see them all in action.

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  • Lv3 item drop assists using PP…no steamroller if not point char, though.
  • LP+MP = L, MP+HP = M, LP+HP = H
  • Peacock stays out the entire time, and it disappears if she is hit
  • 3 bombs allowed again, but they go away if hit/thrown (not block); not sure I like this…though it does give her back zoning at the extreme expense of up-close
  • Lenny explodes instantly if hit by Peacock’s Lv3 explosion
  • Lenny does not explode while Peacock is throwing the opponent
  • Bang LP and MP get their invin from the first frame
    • LP hit-invin only; staggers; recovery longer, more minus on block
    • MP fully invin; same hit reaction as before, more minus on block
  • Taunt!


  • air teartoss will not land until it has created the tear
  • longer buffer for multiple tear tosses
  • air teartoss able to be cancelled into normals after making tear; can only do 1 toss per jump (i.e. no rapidfire tosses)
  • tossed tears explode slightly faster (140f down from patch ver 150f)
  • ground tear toss slightly shorter recovery (3f faster)
  • Angle flat shots down ⅓px/frame, enough to prevent anyone from ducking under them at 2/3 screen.
  • MP shot moves 1px/frame faster vertically
  • Fix snapback hitbox >.<
  • Muck with bomb jump a bit.


  • j.HP armor now begins after 2f instead of 6f, lasts through first active frame if held
  • Tag-in is untechable when Installed


  • Run command attack assists


  • (^.^)
  • Return s.LP->launcher chain comboing, everyone else can…
  • Airdash height limit when headless is now +4f instead of +7f
  • Give Headless standalone slide, to complete the taking-rekkas-apart thing. With optional HCT command that is > DP, just like Filia.
  • Allow kara-snapbacks from slide and rekka parts when headless. D’oh.
  • Allow Upper followups headless, seems to harsh not to have them.
  • Furserker Purrage more likely to land all the hits now in odd situations, improve opponent’s reaction visually
  • Rekka inputs are just the button, rather than requiring more motions; P for next rekka, K for slide, U+K for overhead.
  • Rekka overhead 3f faster startup, 3f faster recovery.
  • LP rekka first part -5f recovery; +3 on hit, +/-0 on block


  • All air items overhead
  • Gunshots improved: -3f startup, -7f recovery.

Sources: Mike Z’s To-Do List, Salty Cupcakes

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  • SlimX

    I’m really looking forward to the (^.^) change for Fortune

  • Gailim

    love the Tenraiha taunt

    making the taunts use Darkstalker super motions is hilarious

  • Snow Loss

    So Fortune gets a new s.HK to replace her old one(Launcher) when she has her head on.
    Interesting, but I’m sad to see the loss of her launcher when she’s got her head. Guess it’s all Fiber Uppercuts then.

    Glad to see the listed changes to Double in action, the quicker gunshotand item drops into overheads should hopefully open up another BnB combo for her instead of doing the same old barrel loops over and over.

    Overall I’m pretty darn happy with the changes though.
    Also kind of hope he might fiddle with the idea of Painwheels Hatred Install stacking in its buffs with multiple applications while decreasing in time.

    • Jason Slade

      Fortune’s cr.HP functions as a launcher when she has her head on in this version, that’s a update from a previous build.

      • Michael Zaimont

        c.HP has always been a launcher when she has her head on, just nobody used it because she still had s.HK.

        • Vaughn Anderson

          Works for me:3