Injustice: Gods Among Us Hotfix Live; Fixes Batgirl Infinite, Wonder Woman’s Back+3 Recovery, and Red Hood Joker Glitches

By on May 22, 2013 at 6:13 pm

Hector Sanchez and Paulo Garcia over at NetherRealm Studios have confirmed that a new hotfix is now available for Injustice: Gods Among Us. This quick fix focuses on three distinct glitches: Batgirl’s bolo infinite, Wonder Woman’s back+3 recovery delay, and Joker’s Red Hood costume failing to update to v1.03.

While Batgirl’s back, forward+1 still fails to use a bar upon meter burn, human opponents are now able to block the second bolo in a combo should a normal be whiffed in-between. The delay placed on Wonder Woman’s back+3 recovery has also been fixed, returning it to its original state before v1.03 was rolled out. Lastly, an odd bug made it so that Joker’s changes in the latest build weren’t applied should his Red Hood skin be chosen, and that too has been corrected.

The hotfix will be applied next time you start up the game. If you are online right now, rebooting your system should do the trick. Batgirl’s meter burn glitch will have to be addressed in a future update, but it’s great to see NetherRealm jumping on these problems so soon after they were discovered.

Sources: Hector Sanchez, Paulo Garcia

  • Gene Q.

    Capcom….THIS is how Please Fans!!
    Fix Your Freakin’ Marvel Infinites!!!!!

  • FeylandWay

    NRS is fucking godlike. Way to fix the problem the same day/a couple days after it comes up.

    People can nuthug capcom all they want, but at least show NRS respect for this as well. They clearly deserve it.

    • Joey T Medina

      Having a developer for the games that we enjoy made in the USA is seriously something all of us shouldn’t take for granted. This response time is seriously incredible.

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  • Ty Arnold

    Let’s look at the time between the discovery of an infinite and the patching thereof in a few select games.

    SFxT: About a month.

    UMVC3: Almost a year now, if I recall. And counting.

    Injustice: One. Day.

  • Eric Nguyen

    Props to NRS for being so fast.

    But I dunno… keeping the no-meter-burn-bolo for Batgirl but allowing blocking seems like a workaround, not a fix. I wonder if other broken things can be found with the bolo since it still doesn’t burn meter? Maybe it’ll be a leg up she’ll need, kind of like when Phoenix Wright still had invincible assists in turnabout.

    I still wonder why they patched that out…

    • OrehRatiug

      I’m sure this was just a fix they wanted out fast. The no meter bolo is probably something they’re still figuring out.

      • Eric Nguyen

        Yup, just saw Paulo Garcia’s twitter. The full fix will come later.

  • Garrett M. DeCrosta

    Fixing glitches in a game does not make the game better. Constantly patching games allows for people to not have to learn, adapt, and find a way around things. It’s similar to nerfing and buffing. If a game has broken characters, dumb infinites or whatever, then learn how to deal with it. This is why MK was never strongly developed as a competitive title. Constantly updating something VERY OFTEN caters to scrubby casual players. In a sense, new age games are MOLDED as to how they want to be played by the developers, not the players. Batgirl has an infinite? Don’t get hit by Batgirl and learn how to deal with it? Yun is OP in AE and is too strong? Learn to fight him. People bash marvel all the time for being random and scrubby. At least the game hasnt been patched 3049345432543634 times and arguably has some of the most depth and evolving tier lists in fighting games in the past 5 years.

    • FeylandWay

      This post belongs in the patch notes thread, not hotfix thread. Take your hate somewhere else.

    • FeylandWay

      “Fixing glitches in a game does not make the game better”

      So then I take it you were a fan of uMvC3 pre-patch, then?

      Yea, thought so.

    • Ryu Apprentice

      Guess who has the most money to spend on games? YES scrubby players. If you cram all the fighting gamers in the planet you wont get pass 800,000 at best. but casual scrubs account for MILLIONS of buyers. So deal with it

    • ProzacStylings

      Starcraft is patched liked twice a month.

      It puts the FGC to shame, both in competitive popularity and depth.

      You’re a dope.

    • MortalKomment

      This isn’t even accurate, because the MK players dealt with infinites and 100% combos for over a year, and they THRIVED!!!! EDIT: And why use Yun in your argument? They patched him in less than a year of his existence on console.

    • Art Salmons

      Shin Akuma in ST and Alpha 2 is ridiculously overpowered? No it must be because you’re a loser who can’t adapt! What a loser everybody is for banning him! We cool kids always learn to play because fine tuning games to make them better is for scrubs!

      Oh shit I broke my leg. Should I go to the doctor to get it fixed? No that’s for wimps! Whatever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger! I’m so badass and tough and cool. Wait let me borrow that cane.

    • James

      Pretty long for such a dumb and/or fanboyish comment. We get it, you love Marvel. I love Marvel too, but that doesn’t mean that I take Capcom’s ignorance of their own titles (I know, I know, licensing issues. They should have had the foresight to see them) as genius. If a character is broken, they’re broken. It’s not brilliance, it’s an accident. Good designers fix their mistakes. When they make a game, yeah, it’s play tested for some months before it’s released, and they make a release version as best they can, but now that it’s out there, this isn’t like it was even 5 years ago. The online environment is so huge that within 3 weeks, Injustice passed 1 billion matches played. NRS gathered the metrics on all of those. and people cry about too soon for adjustments. I think over 1 BILLION matches played counts as enough data to see what needs to be adjusted so as many characters as possible are viable. The world doesn’t have to be stuck in this Capcom Elitist bull$hit attitude that if you’re a loyalist to a character that isn’t “good” then you’re a dumb scrub and deserve to lose. It’s time that fighting games came to the modern era of balance adjustments in competitive gaming. MMOs, RTS, etc., they all do it. It’s about time a company does the same for a fighting game, and my hats off to NRS for doing it.

    • JDK002

      Yes clearly players who want a legit, competitive roster are all scrubs. I guess all fighting games should only have 5 or 6 viable, tourney-level choices and just forget the rest of the roster even exists. /sarcasm

      Your sage-like advice for fighting broken and unbalanced characters/mechanics is don’t get hit? Seriously? You must be the best fighting game player in the history of the universe with a genius-level strategy like that. Brilliant advice….no wait….the opposite of that.

  • Awsumpossum12345

    So happy. Here I thought I wasn’t going to be able to play WW properly for at least a week.

  • Eric Debourge

    NRS : best response time ever … that’s exactly what I expect from people that care about their community … if only Capcom was THAT dedicated 🙂

  • JayFingas

    Remember guys, patches cost around 10k to upload. Not to mention the money it takes to get a team to develop the patches.
    Im not dissing anybodies favorite game/developer, but Im happy to see NRS willing to spend the money to get the issues fixed.

    • actually, I think they were using their own built-in updating system to circumvent the patching time/cost.

      Which is really smart of them, really.