[UPDATE] UFGT9 Community Panels Announced – Testers Among Us, Players to Providers, The eSports Connection, and An Evening with the Best: Mike Ross

By on May 20, 2013 at 2:54 pm

UPDATE – Due to a cancellation by Team AGE, the “Victory, Controversy, & Promo Codes” panel will be replaced by “Testers Among Us” featuring Carl “Perfect Legend” White and Empire Arcadia’s Bill “Tom Brady” Menoutis, the full details of which have been included below.

Testers Among Us (1 PM)

For many years now Perfect Legend and Tom Brady have come to symbolize both what it means to excel at a game, and what it means to champion a community removed from the decades developed interest shown to Capcom properties. With accolades and successes, both within their games and within the fighting game business as a whole, both these players compete to live up to the weighty expectation and underestimated skill-sets simultaneously put upon them. Most recently Perfect Legend & Tom Brady took part in the Injustice: Gods Among Us player tests and strategy guide development, using their long developed gaming knowledge to help give back to the studio whose games have brought them respect. Join us for an in-depth look at the type of resolve necessary to become a champion, and the views of two men helping to balance modern fighting games.

Panel features a brief lecture and open Q&A with the hosts.

Planning to attend Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 9 in Chicago, Illinois next weekend but worried about what you’re going to do should you be eliminated early from your games of choice? As always, Keits has got you covered. May 25th will play host to four community panels with four very distinct and interesting topics. Summaries for each have been included below, so be sure to check them out if you find yourself needing something to do on Saturday.

Victory, Controversy, & Promo Codes: The Rise of Afterglow Elite (1 PM)

In the past couple years Aftlerglow Elite has risen to signify 2 things in the fighting game community, the omnipresence of valuable coupon codes, and the presence of some of the FGC’s winningest competitors. Led by the incredibly vocal Loren “Fanatiq” Riley, and championed by Marvel’s most consistent player in Chris “NYChrisG” Gonzalez, Afterglow Elite continues to grow year after year with competitive additions like Ray “Knives” Ruballos, Daryl “Snake Eyez” Lewis, and Peter “FlashMetroid” Susini, all while winning some of the FGC’s most prestigious tournaments. Come discover how Team AGE came to be, what drives the them to their success, and how the brand handles both controversy and prestige.

Panel features an overview and history of Team AGE as well as an open Q&A with team representatives.

Home Grown Business: Players to Providers  (3 PM)

The FGC has been around for decades, with many a player growing up enamored with the community. Sometimes, as the tourneys tick by, a few players begin to seek for ways to give back to the scene thats birthed them, becoming purveyors of content, products, and promotions designed to progress the tournament scene into something bigger, something better. Join Level-Up’s Alex Valle, Mad Catz’s Mark “Markman” Julio, Kineda’s Terry “Kineda” Ng, Team Spooky’s Victor “Spooky” Fontanez, and Focus Fire’s Rick Thiher as they discuss how their services, products, and businesses evolved from a love of the FGC, and where they hope to take them. Discuss the trials and tribulations of businesses built on love, and find out what goes into keeping the FGC moving forward.

Panel features a brief history of the hosts followed by an open Q&A.

The E-Sports Connection: Hadoukens in the spotlight (5 PM)

Come join a discussion about the progress of E-sports in the global gaming community and its often difficult relationship with the FGC. How does the current FGC relate to the global spectator phenomenon of League of Legends? Are we a community growing to that level or have we reached the apex of spectator interest? Hear from both content providers and consumers alike as we attempt to analyze the FGC’s place in the ever evolving world of competitive gaming. Featuring insightful hosting from TwitchTV’s Ben “Fishstix” Goldhaber, UltraChenTV’s David “UltraDavid” Graham, and the Midwest’s Brandon “TuboWare” Brockman.

Panel features a brief lecture and open Q&A with the hosts.

An Evening with the Best: Mike Ross (7 PM)

How does one become a spokesperson for an entire community, enjoy the iconically ironic nickname of “the best,” all without winning any of our scene’s grandest prizes? The answer, as showcased by Mike “Mike Ross” Ross is simple, always strive to be the best player you can be, and never forget to hope for more. Find out how Mike Ross went from a simple gamer who didn’t own a console, to one-half of Cross Counter’s progressive Excellent Adventures programming, to most recently the proud FGC spokesman of IPL’s defunct fighting game division, all in the span of 5 short years. From plinks to guitar riffs to stream shows, find out what its like to be “the Best.”

Panel features a lecture and an open Q&A.

UFGT9 is scheduled for May 24-26. Online registration ends this weekend.

Source: UFGT

  • windsagio

    Man, who goes to a tournament for panels?

    • Guest

      fanboys and nuthuggers

    • technical_boom

      nobody goes just for the panels its just a nice thing that keits always puts together for ufgt if you dont like the idea then just ignore it nobody’s asking you to watch

      • windsagio

        My eyerolling doesn’t hurt you, feel free to enjoy the attractions.

        *Except the eCelebrity ones. We need less of that.

  • magnetoBeast6

    The best? At what? Being overrated?

    • Khaoz77

      No, at being a passionate member of a community. Mike Ross is special to the FGC because he clearly loves the FGC. He took a seemingly non-threatning character like E.Honda and has gone toe to toe with the best. He is even known as the best Honda player in the world.

      The fuck have YOU done?

  • a mention of romance wouldn’t have hurt

    • BlackMasamune

      Wha? I thought AGE only sponsors Capcom players.

    • Los Illuminados

      True. i agree with your comment. if i were Romance i wouldn’t care if i was not mention in this article, nor would i care if i was not invite to this AGE panel. as long as AGE treats me well and pays half if not all my travel expenses to tournaments it’s all good. of course that’s me. as i do not like or respect those representatives who will be in the AGE panel so far. the only members i like and respect are Romance y Mario.

  • Jared Russo

    Mike “the people’s panel champ” Ross

  • BlackMasamune

    This looks great. Topics in the community that never get enough in depth discussion, should be good.

  • BlackMasamune

    AGE continues to build that great public perception.

  • FeylandWay

    Cancelled? Why?

    Lol AGE ran by a diva.

    • Maybe because no one would go to it. With the controversy surrounding the team, I wouldn’t be surprised if people would just say “screw it”

  • Nick Nobriga

    Will these be on an alternate stream or at least have VODs later? I would very much like to watch these.

  • Daniel Akers

    Is the Mike Ross panel a joke or comedy session. It’s hard to know if he’s the “Dan” of the FGC or not. I have seen him scrape wins here and there but it seems like his claim to fame is just selling himself & has nothing to do with skill or tournament performances. He’s a “good” player in a world of great players but there’s this running joke as if he is elite & I can’t tell if that’s a schtick or if it’s part of his packaging and if we are supposed to take it seriously.
    So, what would the panel be for unless it’s a comedy set up?

    Add Gootecks and it would sound fun and interesting. Otherwise it sounds like another way to sell a player who underperforms consistently even practicing with great players & what’s interesting about that?

    P.S. Gootecks & Mike Ross were better as a couple then they ever were apart <3