Skullgirls Experimental Balance Changes from Salty Cupcakes and East Coast Throwdown V

By on May 20, 2013 at 11:36 am

Mike Z recently updated his online to-do list with all of the new changes from last week’s Salty Cupcakes build. These changes are the same ones that we got to see at East Coast Throwdown V this past weekend. The most profound are tweaks to Painwheel and her Hatred Install. Many of the players at ECTV said that they instantly made Painwheel the most powerful character in the game, as her combos are virtually untouched by the alterations to the IPS, and level 2 Hatred Install with extended time based on the health she has left allows her to utilize it for most of the match.

  • Peacock item drops:  L behaves like old L, stationary; M, closest half of screen homing; H, farther half of screen homing.
  • Allow cancel from jump-start to ground preblock (suki); see how much this hurts up-back
  • Fix palette effects vs superflash colors
  • Air attacks now turn around during chains in superjumps if the opponent is behind you
  • Revert Filia’s HK airball hitstun change

Fix up Parasoul’s float

  • j.MK +2f hitstun
  • Auto-floats from j.MK without any input
  • Drifts higher/farther/longer/faster
  • Can cancel on hit/block immediately, into any button except itself
  • Can cancel after 9f on whiff to any button except itself
  • No longer gives meter on whiff
  • Can bomb-jump off exploding tears; sets off tears if the attack hits them

Parasoul B+HK improvements

  • Bounce vs air
  • 30f -> 23f (does not combo off anything, but is now a good frametrap)
  • 1000 dmg -> 1200 dmg
  • Pre-block and block-idle throw invincible if B+EnemyClose; not true ever for post-block
  • Fortune head re-attach success 26f->17f, supercancellable the entire time.
  • Fortune j.HP back to regular frame data, hitbox larger; dmg 900->975, hitstun 18->22f.  Now combos into Head Spike.
  • Cerebella reflect shot now wallbounces, cales followup combos to 25%.  Likely this is way too good.

PW Hatred install -> Lv2, this way install+super is Lv3

  • Death Crawl / air super do less damage (than before) without install, more with it
  • Air super loses ground bounce in install; c’mon now, for 2 levels?
  • Timer adjusted, +1 sec at full health
  • DHCing into it costs 1 meter, as you’d expect
  • Can buffer your next attack during the last 30f of the animation
  • Post-flash recovery 7f->3f, invincible for the entire thing

Cat heads Lv2?  HAHAHAHAHAH  You know what, how ‘bout let’s try it.

  • Cat heads -> Lv2, DHCing into it still costs 1 meter, as you’d expect
  • Damage per hit 100->200 (minimum 20->40), chip remains the same (33).
  • Allowed to build up to 1 level back during the move.

Mike also included the first two changes he will be trying out at this week’s Salty Cupcakes. The first will allow Peacock to call level 3 item drops as an assist, while the second will allow Cerebella to use her command run followups as assists, both of which seem very interesting and powerful.

Archives of the current Skullgirls build being played at Salty Cupcakes and East Coast Throwdown V can be found below.

Watch live video from eightysixed on TwitchTV

Watch live video from Bibi’s Shack on TwitchTV

Source: Mike Z, Salty CupcakesBibiquadium

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