Injustice: Gods Among Us v1.03 Patch Notes Detail Character Balance Adjustments and More

By on May 20, 2013 at 7:13 pm

Much like the release of Lobo, Batgirl’s appearance in Injustice: Gods Among Us will bring with it a brand new patch and a whole host of changes that make it much more extensive than the previous update. Below, you’ll find a full list of patch notes that detail the general fixes and character balance adjustments that will go into effect when v1.03 becomes available tomorrow.

More than half of the cast will be receiving tweaks, including Aquaman, Ares, Bane, Catwoman, Cyborg, Deathstroke, Doomsday, Green Arrow, Grundy, Harley Quinn, Joker, Lobo, Raven, Shazam, Sinestro, Superman, and Wonder Woman, so be sure to check them out below and get ready to try the patch out.

General Fixes
  • A player no longer receives a loss when an opponent quits an online match.
  • Fixed an issue where online Hero Cards were not visible if a user had > 30 friends.
  • Various Online fixes to enhance stability.
  • A player can now perform a 2in1 combo into background bounces and interactables using Light+Medium buttons on arcade sticks.
    • This makes the game fully playable on 5 button arcade sticks.
  • A player can no longer block or escape a throw in the middle of performing a stance switch.
  • The Fortress of Solitude (Upper Level-Left) Space Ship damage was normalized for all characters.
  • Fixed an issue that affected some characters when performing a combo on weapon-wielding defenders that were holding grenades in the Batcave.
  • Fixed various issues where Interactive Objects could obscure the players’ view after being used.
  • Fixed a rare issue where players could sometimes interact with invisible Interactive Objects.
Character Balance Adjustments


  • Water of Life Character Power now lasts 2 seconds (down from 2.5) and has an 8 second cool down (increased from 7 seconds)
  • Increased the ability to punish a Trident Scoop (Down, Back, 1) from Aquaman when the defender blocks.
  • Normalized the amount of damage Aquaman inflicts on an opponent while they are blocking his Trident Rush (Down, Forward + 1)


  • Increased viability of Ares’ Teleport when used as a wake up attack.
  • Opponent’s can now perform a tech roll after being knocked down by Ares’ Invading Force (Back+2, 3) combo.


  • Normalized Bane’s backwards throw damage.
  • Slightly increased speed of Bane’s forward dash.
  • Reduced the cooldown on Level 2 Venom Boost to 4.5 seconds (down from 6)
  • Reduced the cooldown on Level 3 Venom Boost to 6 seconds (down from 9)


  • Catwoman’s Calico Cut (Forward + 1) attack now hits the opponent Overhead and will hit all opponent hitboxes while they are crouching.


  • Cyborg’s In-Air Projectiles are now a HIGH block instead of a MID.


  • Deathstroke now stuns the defender for less time when the defender blocks his gunshots.
  • Deathstroke now deals slightly less damage when the defender blocks his gunshots.
  • Deathstroke now lands slightly slower after performing in-air gunshots.


  • Doomsday’s Hunter (1,1,2) combo no longer inflicts full damage while the opponent is blocking.

Green Arrow

  • Reduced the amount of block advantage on Green Arrow’s Light It Up (Back+2, 3) combo


  • A player can now activate a Clash (as a defender) during the 2nd and 3rd hit of Solomon Grundy’s Chain Grabs.

Harley Quinn

  • Harley’s Irresistible combo (1 + Away, 2) no longer inflicts full damage while the opponent is blocking.
  • Harley’s Hi Puddin combo(2, Down+3) now has less advantage while the opponent is blocking.


  • Increased Joker’s Wild Character Power HA! duration to 9 seconds (from 6 seconds).
  • Increased Joker’s Wild Character Power Parry Damage to 11%
  • Slightly reduced the start-up frames for Laughing Gas (Down, Forward + 1) and Rolling Laughing Gas (Down, Forward + 2)  to allow it to combo consistently on all opponents.


  • Reduced Lobo’s recovery time while loading his Nuclear Shells Character Power to 49 frames (down from 57).
  • Removed the ability for an opponent to initiate a Clash while being hit by Lobo’s Meter Burn Pump Shots (Down, Forward + 1).
  • Removed the ability for an opponent to initiate a Clash while being hit by Lobo’s Pump Shots (Down, Forward + 1) while his shotgun is loaded with Nuclear Shells.
  • Increased the amount of damage an opponent will receive when blocking Lobo’s Pump Shots (Down, Forward + 1) while his shotgun is loaded with Nuclear Shells.


  • Raven’s Raven Slash (Down+3)  attack now has normalized damage.
  • Increased viability of Raven’s Teleport when used as a wake up attack.


  • Increased viability of Shazam’s Teleport when used as a wake up attack.
  • Shazam’s Herculean Might (Down, Back, Forward + 1) on miss is now -17 (down from -27)
  • Shazam’s Achilles’ Clutch (Down, Back + 1) on miss is now -21 (down from -35)
  • Shazam’s Solomon’s Judgment Character Power now activates faster
  • Normalized reaction time for Shazam after escaping an opponent’s throw attempt.


  • Normalized Sinestro’s Backwards Throw Damage
  • Arachnid Sting (Down, Forward 2) is now has a block advantage of -12 (down from -36) and is a Mid attack (changed from High).
  • Beware Your Fears Character Power activation time decreased to 1.66 seconds (down from 2 seconds).


  • Normalized the amount of damage scaling on Superman’s combos.
  • Normalized Superman’s damage scaling while using his Steel Rush (Forward+2, Down+1) combo.

Wonder Woman

  • Wonder Woman’s Knee Chop (Down+1) attack now inflicts normalized damage during hit and while an opponent is blocking.


Source: Injustice

  • Gene Q.

    No Black “Foot Dive” Adam? I smell Dictatorship!

    • OrehRatiug

      No Hawk Girl either hah, guess they don’t have enough people playing her to judge.

    • IssacAncelotti

      like Elaine replied I cannot believe that a stay at home mom able to earn $9906 in a few weeks on the network.

    • IssacAncelotti

      …— (Home more information)

  • Ryan Harris

    More orb combos for me and Sinestro. We ride together, we die together.

    • Victor Thammavong

      “Bad Boys for life”.

  • Zalgo_Cometh

    in the Joker patch notes; isnt laughing gas supposed to be Down, Back and not Down, Forward?

  • UnlimitedMoustache

    Good fixes

  • theSN3S

    Eh, I can adjust my Deathstroke. Nothing to hard to get used to. I mainly use Nightwing anyways. I’m gonna be hitting up that Batgirl though, for sure. My new main. lol

  • windsagio

    Gotta wonder if this will stop the deathstroke kvetching ><

  • Seems early for character patching but all of this actually sounds very good.

  • RenaTurnip

    Are Deathstroke’s guns so good? I don’t see too much of him but that seems like a fairly big nerf on him when you consider how many times per match it’ll affect him.

    • windsagio

      The amount of complaints about deathstroke is totally insane.

      Go over to tym some time, they made at least 2 ‘this is how you deal with Deathstroke quit complaiing’ posts.

  • Cylith

    What does normalizing damage actually mean?

    • Luisito

      It means it will be the same as other characters. Some throws did more or less than 11% now all throws will do the same damage I think. And some strings did like 7% chip which was a glitch. So normalizing damage means those strings will do actual chip instead of full damage.

  • I figured they would do something to Batman like well anything at all. I guess he’s the most solid out of all of them.

  • brandonall

    Soooo…Ares is ass now.

    • CptPokerface

      How? They made his teleport more viable and just allowed people to tech roll after a certain string.

      • brandonall

        That string being untechable was how Ares landed his reset.

        • CptPokerface

          It’s a powerful reset but from what I’ve seen he can still get big damage off of corner combos. I’d be surprised if there weren’t other ways to set people up for that reset.

          • Blackula

            You can actually wake up attack out of that reset.

          • JayFingas

            Because of the patch, there are now characters who have stronger resets and stronger corner games.
            The teleport is a nice buff, though.

          • brandonall

            exactly, now he gets outclassed by characters with similar play styles. The get out of jail free card for a bar could be cool if it works like it seems it should.

  • Michael Tarantella

    oh, they didn’t fix hawkgirl… fuck… WHY DID I EVEN BOTHER LEARNING HER

    • Luisito

      What’s supposed to be wrong about her? She’s very good imo.

    • TrulyAmiracle (EB)

      Hawky is fine, if you think she needs fixing then you’re playing her wrong..

    • ONmedz

      Hawkgirl is perfect as she is. Her only weakness is the range of her normals. >_> Her special moves and mobility make up for it though.

  • Sauron

    Good work i see there 🙂

  • Eric Debourge

    They might as well go “full nerf and full balance” and remove DDay’s unblockable or at least remove the meter burn version (guaranteed damage if you don’t have meter yourself to armor ? and if you’re low on life = definite loss ?) as well as nerf the mechanical bats for Batman (slow down the timer or prevent the trait from activate unless you have 3 bats stored ? or just remove the homing capacity on these)

    They might wanna change the trajectory of some objects on the maps so that you can’t send them full screen and make the impact duration short so that backdashing is easier (unblockables are supposed to be easy to evade since you can’t block them, not REALLY quick with almost no option but to eat the damage … armor cancel from full screen doesn’t cut it : you eat the damage AND you lose 1 meter … for nothing most of the time !)

    Unblockables in fighting games should never feel like it’s free damage but more like a way to pressure an opponent into doing something instead of being passive / turtling … and sorry but most unblockables in Injustice feel really too easy to land right now … especially Doom’s Day Nova MB version, unless I missed the part where you can do something when low on life and no meter ? (good luck backdashing this move 100% of the time)

    • Blackula

      You’re not supposed to backdash Doomsday Super Nova or you’ll get hit every time. Every character can actually forward dash under Doomsday’s meter burn Super Nova. Faster characters do it with ease but slower characters have to do it with the strictest of timing. For characters with slower dashes, best way to deal with it is to just meter burn cancel b+3 and then full combo punish Doomsday.

      • Eric Debourge

        I can use the backdash i-frames to evade it “sometimes”, but forward dashing under a MB nova isn’t really that easy from full screen depending on your character. Might be just me idk.

        Not to mention you can’t dash under it during wakeup, and it stuffs a good bunch of wakeup moves if timed well.

        And again, B/F+3 MB cancel is NOT the way to deal with this crap, sorry.

        Yes you can punish it when you have some life left and meter … but what do you do when you have no meter and not enough life to armor through the hit ? you just die with no option at all, especially with slow characters … that here is complete BS

        Dumb choice to make this move an unblockable. Let’s not hide that fact and let’s say it out loud 🙂

        • Blackula

          Totally forgot about the i-frames on backdash when I typed that. I was just mentioning that to a friend.

          Then if you have a slow character, you better hope your character has a get me out of here type of move with mobility to get away if you have no life. Otherwise, keep working on perfecting the timing of dashing to avoid until NRS decides to change the properties of that move, that is if they decide to.

          • Eric Debourge

            In other words, “keep hoping for a patch man” 🙁

            No need to be a “FGC champ” to see that this move shouldn’t have been unblockable in the first place, but we had beta testers that are actually huge in the FGC, though they couldn’t see the problem with this BS move ?

            Oh well … let’s keep on saving meter “just” to be able to “block” a special move and hope for the best …

            No Batman / Superman adjustments feels weird though … Batman definitely needed a slower timer on his trait and Superman should have a breath that is minus on block …

            Really weird they didn’t touch Black Adam either … at least his chip damage on trait.

          • Blackula

            If they do change it to make it blockable, they might as well take the move away from him because it would make the move completely useless unless it granted him a heavy advantage on block or unless they sped the move significantly to make it come out faster.

          • Eric Debourge

            They just need to make it overhead + fast enough for his MB version to punish zoning and permit him to get close.

            Could be negative on block, but safe, I don’t care, as long as you don’t have a “mini-game” where you have to avoid that unblockable all day long and be on your toes during the whole fight, waiting for it, and praying lag doesn’t screw your backdash-dash forward …

            Plenty of ways to make that move useful without going full-easy-way and make it unblockable IMO

          • Blackula

            I’m not worried about lag. As long as I have the timing down offline, I’m fine since I play mainly offline.

          • Eric Debourge

            Lucky you 🙂

          • ONmedz

            I think they should have game him two versions of the move. One that hits high, the other hits low. During his startup animation he could have had a small tell to see which version he’s doing. >_> At least that way it’s not a completely worthless move. That’s just my thought. :/

        • Kevin Geoffroy

          I’m a dday main and I find that people dodge my super nova very easily with a forward dash. I only do it now when i know they are occupied with another action, like activating a trait or attempted zoning. You can go into training mode and test it out, each character generally has the same timing.full combo punish as well. I understand though that online it is more difficult, and if that’s your scene all I can say is practice till you got it :/

          • Eric Debourge

            Forward dash when you are waiting for it to come is kinda easy.

            But it’s not what good DDay players do, they use that move when you can’t dash out (delayed at wake-up,etc).

            I just don’t see why they thought making a move unblockable with homing and quite fast, was a good idea like … ever.

            They were out of good ideas ?

            We shouldn’t have to rely on meter cancels to block a special move that requires no meter to be unblockable … that’s BS.

          • Kevin Geoffroy

            I’m talking about forward dash on reaction. And it’s only homing with meter, so it’s not like they can spam it. I only use it when i know my opponent is not good at countering it, once i see they know how to punish i stop. So it’s only a problem for people that aren’t good at dodging it. Good players can dodge it fine provided they dont do anything stupid, like doing a move while a dday has meter.

    • LoseMoney808

      If you’re already low on life and meter, chances are you’re probably going to lose anyway. I main doomsday and people usually punish me with MB B3. MB B3 is a perfect way to deal with it. Both players end up burning a meter, but only one will get a full punish and combo.

      • Eric Debourge

        The problem here is that “chances” turn into “sure kill”.

        MB B3 works if you have enough life left, and meter of course.

        If you have no meter and low life, you do what ? you put the stick down and push “rematch”, hoping you won’t get low on life and saving meter for that special move ONLY ?

        If only MB B3 was a guard cancel and not an armor cancel, that would be far better in that case.

        • LoseMoney808

          “If you have no meter and low life, you do what ? you put the stick down
          and push “rematch”, hoping you won’t get low on life and saving meter
          for that special move ONLY ?”

          no, you read and predict DDay. He’s very predictable and straight forward. He has little combos. He doesn’t have high/low mix ups. He’s very reliant on meter. He’s designed to rushdown and pressure you. If you can start reading him, avoiding his MB super nova, and punishing him, he’ll be put at a life and meter disadvantage.

          what you should really worry about is his earthquake move.

    • mutantmagnet

      I strongly suggest you watch games with Reo.

      He bullet times 80% of the successful interactibles and he dodges them in ways I thought originally weren’t possible.

      • Eric Debourge

        When I really wanna get rid of interactibles threat, I just use Flash. His dodge special is tailor made for DDay and interactibles 🙂

        Too bad it’s one of the few to have so many i-frames available 🙂

  • Trollolo You

    Very nice changes.
    I can’t agree with every single one, but overall they’re good and most of them are not changing the game drastically, so Injustice at EVO 2013 should be affected much by the changes.

  • Sauron

    Not everythink can be done with one or two paches. Have patience ppl and wait for the next one. There is going to be new patch with every DLC that comes so in the end i think the game will be very well balanced.

  • RiverboatGrambler


  • sepharih

    Glad to see Bane and Captain Marvel got buffed (no power on this earth will make me call him Shazam). Just my opinion as a casual xbox live player, but I almost think Bane should get another buff though. Bane has such an uphill fight against so much of the cast due to his lack of zoning, but maybe the dash buff will be enough to help him get in.

    I just can’t agree with the deathstroke nerfs though. Yes, his guns can be frustrating at first…but they’ve never been unmanageable, Especially if (as is the case for 90% of the players online) its the only thing they know how to do.
    I worry that this combined with more and more people learning how to approach him is only going to result in a strong well rounded character getting nerfed into the low spot on the tier rankings.

    • Kevin Geoffroy

      I was thinking his charge, while moving, would have hyper armor on it (but not during the “wind up” animation”) or projectile invulnerability or something, but make it neutral or a bit negative on block and enough pushback so you can’t spam a grab or d1 afterwards for hits. Gives him a way in but nothing abusive aka not killer frosts slide.

      • RiverboatGrambler

        Bane’s charge is projectile invincible at Venom 3. my personal wishlist is projectile invincibility at Venom 2 to help him get in on zoners and a MB groundbounce for his Double-Punch to open up combo damage potential. this patch is good; the dash is a big help and so are the debuff times, but most of Bane’s major problems are still there. i don’t expect all this shit in an early patch, but it’s encouraging that NRS recognizes Banes needs in a game with crazy zoners

        • Kevin Geoffroy

          is it invincible? I thought it was just 3 hits of armor, 1 per venom. And me and my bro just tested the venom times, it looks like it’s the same: 6sec for lvl2 and 9 sec for lvl 3. maybe an error?

  • No Lex Luthor changes? Sadpanda

  • Kevin Geoffroy

    can anyone explain what “normalized” means on the various changes? damage, damage scaling, reaction time, ect.

  • GrimeDoc

    Selina’s F+1 is an overhead now? I didn’t think she needed anything else for her mix-up department, but I’ll take it.

  • TheAverageGuyTAG

    No buffs to Harley’s Character Trait? ;~;

  • Serhend Adil Sirkecioglu

    Liking those shazam buffs.