Divekick #eSports Hour #6 Archive – Stream Revealed

By on May 20, 2013 at 7:19 pm

UPDATE – The show has ended for the night, but you can check out Divekick’s brand new character Stream in the archive below.

Watch live video from irongalaxy on TwitchTV

Interested in what else the folks at Iron Galaxy Studios have in store for Divekick? Well, you’re in luck, because tonight they will be streaming another installment of the Divekick #eSports Hour, which is dedicated to doing just that. Tonight’s broadcast will feature first looks at both a new character and a new stage, so be sure to tune in live below to catch it all.

Watch live video from irongalaxy on www.twitch.tv

Source: Iron Galaxy Studios

  • Maxime Gagnon-Chrétien

    This game look like shit..

    • $35897352

      This game IS shit.

    • Graham Shryock

      Comon, kids. Obvious trolls are obvious. Tryharder.

      • FeylandWay

        Every dissenting opinion is now labeled troll. This also applies to you now, smart guy. Every post you made, every comment you have said in real life, every single time you said you disliked something? All of that now falls under you trolling, which then means you should hate yourself since you are what you hate.

        • Graham Shryock

          Every dissenting oppinion that offers nothing to the conversation, which is nothing but unbridled internet rage, which does nothing whatsoever but vent, is trolling.

          So yes, I felt obliged to reply in a medium that OP understood.

          What exactly are you trying to point out?

      • Maxime Gagnon-Chrétien

        Dude.. This game is at best a Game I would play for 10 minute on Miniclip… THIS IS NOT AN ESPORT!

    • IssacAncelotti

      just as Ethel said I’m stunned that a mother able to earn $9740 in one month on the network.

    • IssacAncelotti

      …—goo.gl/N8zaD (Home more information)

  • Gailim

    stream monster too strong

  • Chaan Niccaples Thomas

    I swear you’d think for a game that’s intended to be a joke game that’s got its share of puns they’d be consistent.

    Markman should be Marked Man, and Dr. Shoals should be Dr. Soles.

    • UseProtection

      The name Dr. Shoals is playing off the company Dr. Scholl’s, which makes foot care products.

      • Chaan Niccaples Thomas

        NO SHIT! That’s the point.

  • Guest

    I guess some people commenting here aren’t fans of it, but I for one (and I assume most of the 1k+ others watching right now) really enjoy this stream every week and can’t wait until it comes out!

  • freezestar

    Um…. you guys keep putting up Hour 1 instead of the most recent.

  • magnetoBeast6

    i farted

  • windsagio

    I always end up thinking ‘why wasn’t this game a quickie made in flash or unity?’

    • Joseph King

      I assumed this was Unity?

      • windsagio

        for some reason I don’t think it is. Could be they converted it though.

        The original wasn’t for sure

  • xanderglz

    “stream”… ookaay… so I guess pretty much anyone and anything can be a character now.

    Everyone, make the bets for the next episode. The character that will be announced next week will be:

    1. A Bison Dollar.
    2. The EVO logo.
    3. Triforce (that would be fun. Add him so he lawsuits the shit out of you. Come on 😀 ).
    4. An executive from eSports.

    … that’s all I have for now.

    • Snow Loss

      Black Adam, but with an inverted color scheme and an upside down lightning bolt logo.
      Alliteratively; Wizard

    • Jake Long

      You forgot about Dominion. All-black everything.

    • GrimeDoc

      I’ve personally been expecting a TriForce parody, with his trusty Power Boot and legion of Divekicking followers, for weeks now.

      Keits can’t possibly miss out on an opportunity like that….can he?

  • Art Salmons

    This is amazing. You could have released the game 6 months ago and been fine. Now you’re spending a lot of development money to actually cost yourself sales. Now the game is pointlessly complex as the titles it’s supposed to be making fun of.

    • Chaan Niccaples Thomas


  • CDiggity

    Great, so now we have a stream monster named Stream who’s going to stream monster in a game based on stream monster jokes on a tourney stream while stream monsters stream monster the stream monster named Stream…..i think.

    • Snow Loss

      Yo dawg we herd you like stream, so we put some stream in yo stream so you can stream while you stream. Monster.

  • FeylandWay

    You know what this means?
    More match-up knowledge to learn.

    This has evolved far beyond a parody. It is what it parodies. K.

  • Snow Loss

    The only problem I see here is that Stream Monster is actually participating in the game.

  • Feel free to stop adding unfunny joke characters anytime Keits.

  • Pooh Hardy

    why will people waste their money on this?
    it should be a flash game

  • RiverboatGrambler

    for a game that was made to break down the barriers between fighting pros and fighting newbies, there’s a whole hell of a lot of jokes and characters (and character jokes) that will fly right over the head of the target audience.

  • Barlton Canks

    I still like it Keits. Don’t feel bad!