AirBehr Dojo Episode 10 – How to Be a Good Cammy Player feat. CCG|Chi-Rithy

By on May 20, 2013 at 1:27 pm

Air recently uploaded a brand new episode of AirBehr Dojo, the series he produces in cooperation with Behrudy that explores tech and strategies in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012. In this latest installment, Air welcomes his Canada Cup Gaming teammate Chi-Rithy onto the program to discuss Cammy, more specifically the tools you need to master in order to excel with her.

Generally accepted as one of the game’s best characters, Cammy has a ton of weapons at her disposal, so do yourself a favor and check this out if you’re looking to learn fundamentals for this specific fighter.

Source: Air, tip via Ryu Apprentice

  • Jmeks

    in before this gets flamed for being about Cammy… Caaammmmmy Strrrrrriiiike. Was hoping for some tech sigh…>_<

  • Beb0p

    Unbelievable, these guys are so stupid the first two minutes goes but without them so much as saying something, it’s just constant derping.

    All they have to say is cross up with light kick or dive kick. But no, they are too fking stupid. It makes my head hurt listening to this shlt and I’m pretty sure I just got dumber for doing so.

    After that they just cover a simply combo and saying the character has a good reversal. Can you believe these guys?

    Of course shlt players wouldn’t be able to comprehend or make use of anything and in the end they’ll just eat shlt all day but I’d rather see them use the character next time instead of being bitches about it.

    • woopsMashDP

      It’s almost as if Cammy caters to the braindead.

  • Le Sun

    I appreciate the free content, Air.
    But be honest guys, do questions like “Do you always maximize your damage?” belong in any of these videos?
    In those 10 minutes, you guys placed emphasis on her vortex game and devalued her ground game, mentioned how being successful her requires match-up knowledge then goes on to not demonstrate any character specific setups.
    I don’t think anyone expects either of the hosts to be great orators, and the accent is totally understandable. But I think everyone will agree that regardless of the info being presented, speaking with this much stammering and verbalized pauses is very frustrating to listen to.
    Air has earned my respect ever since that crosscounter tutorial from ages ago, but this here is leagues below the bar.

  • meowklaski

    Chi Rithy got the shoto unblockable wrong…If you hit on the first frame its just a crossup safe jump. You have to wait 3 frames after the backthrow for the unblockable.

    THE MORE YOU KNOW*******************************~~~~~~~~~~~cammy

    That was basically the only useful piece of info in the video, and it was wrong 🙁

    Summary of episode:
    -Here is a divekick setup (the timing shown in the video results in a blocked, punishable divekick)
    -bnb into crosses all opponents up. (No it doesn’t, it whiffs on ibuki, dictator, etc)
    -Do you need a good ground game? No, but yes…if you want. She has good normals.
    -What do you do when you get knocked down? Oh, well cammy has a dp
    -Do you crouch tech or stand tech? It depends on how I feel.
    -Do you maximize damage? You can, or you can not. If you drop a combo you can be punished.

    Really ground breaking stuff