SNK Playmore Posts Job Listings for 3D King of Fighters and Samurai Shodown Titles

By on May 17, 2013 at 5:46 pm

The employment section of SNK Playmore’s website was recently updated with some interesting job listings that may hint at the direction their future projects will take. According to MMCafe’s chazumaru, they’ve put out a call for game designers, CG artists, and programmers for new 3D installments of King of Fighters and Samurai Spirits (known as Samurai Shodown outside of Japan), two of the company’s most well-known fighting series.

Some of you may remember that both franchises have made the leap to 3D graphics before with KOF: Maximum Impact (and its eventual sequel) and Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage, though neither were able to live up to the legacy of their 2D brethren.

The listing was accompanied by an image of a very upset individual who has yet to be identified with any certainty. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

At this point, very few specific details are known, but they are asking for experience with current generation consoles. The large call probably means that very little work has been done on these titles so far, so it may be some time before they release any official information for fans.

Some have also pointed out that this doesn’t necessarily mean they are working on full-fledged 3D fighters, as recent King of Fighters titles have used 3D models as bases for their 2D sprite artwork and nothing about their genre is specifically mentioned.

In any case, this bit of news should definitely give folks something to discuss while waiting for new installments of their favorite SNK fighters. Feel free to visit the comments and offer your opinion on what these developments may mean.

Sources: SNK Playmore, MMCafe via NeoGAF

  • kinda looks like an older Rock Howard

    • Rob Toohey

      Looks like he’s wearing Terry’s aviator jacket.

    • Adeel Siddiqui

      Holy shit doesn’t it?!

      If they are working on a new KoF with Rock as a protagonist…. TAKE ALL MY MONEY SNK!

      • Los Illuminados

        likewise on Rock as a protagonist.

    • gigantor21

      That’s what I thought, too.

    • RunningWild1984

      It’s not Rock, Rock has red eyes.

      • Los Illuminados


      • maybe something happened

    • Guest

      Rock has red eyes though…

  • Zepht

    I want Rock Howard, Hokutomaru and Hotaru Futaba back 🙂

    • ReddChief78

      With Kane, Grant and Kushnood Butt my main man

  • Tsukaku Sakurazuka

    I want my Max Impact 3. Ity was suppose to be a launch title for the 360 back in the day.

    • Ronldbx6

      I feel you on that one. Back in the day I gave up my dream of seeing a maximum impact 3 after they cancelled it. I’m glad they’re finally considering 3D again. :)!

  • SoBa Baiken

    Don’t forget Samurai Shodown 64 😛

    Also Maximum Impact 2 (and especially Regulation A) are highly received entries in that series. I’ve been waiting for Maximum Impact 3 for sometime, but making a new series would be fine too (maybe we can loose Falcoon as lead artist then :P)

  • $19298411

    SamSho vs KoF, that’s the project calling it.

  • IsshunSengeki

    I would be happy if we got another 3D KOF game, as long as it improved upon Maximum Impact Regulation A (which was easily the best of the MI games).

    • ReddChief78

      As long as its SSF4 3D and not TTT2 3D if so RIP KOF

      • ZenTzen

        KOF MI werent really related to main KOF series it was basically a different universe

        • SoBa Baiken

          Actually Reg A pulled it back around since the Ash saga began to bleed into it and was originally planned to finish out the saga (“Claw” Iori was even conceptualized for MI3 before cancellation)

          • ZenTzen

            yes but at this point they have nothing to do with each other

  • Vector_C

    As much as I love SNK, I would much rather have a 3D model on 2D plane fighter than another attempt at 3D fighter from them. Wasn’t a big fan of the KOF ones and we really shouldn’t speak of Samurai Shodown’s last 3D attempt.

    • True that, although in their defense the KOF MI games were WAY better than the SF EX series when they first released. Samurai Shodown? Not so much…

      • $19298411

        first 3d SamSho’s were good rest were ass

      • ZenTzen

        KOF MI were way better but they werent something to talk about either, they were just there, but do take notice they are asking for 3d cg artists which is a little bit different and it seems to me they are looking to do something similar to that chinese FG XDZW

  • the7k

    As long as they keep whatever this is going to be separate from the main KOF and SamSho series, I’m A-Okay with it.

    KOF:MI and SS64 were fine and dandy, but they weren’t main entry caliber.

  • ReddChief78

    Garou MOTW 2 make it happen SNK

    • ZenTzen

      while MOTW2 is one of my most expected FGs ever, i hope they dont do it in 3d

    • Los Illuminados

      it’s about time for Garou MOTW 2 to be made. we need it.

  • Christopher Kelly

    I think that’s Terry in the picture.

    • Los Illuminados

      i agree as well. Garou MOTW Terry Bogard version that is.

  • Beb0p

    Not bad.

  • Personally I only want to see Samsho make a return to 2D at this point, I never played the last one on 360, since it looked so terrible and after I heard what people had to say about how bad it was, that was all I needed,furthermore, I really think KOF should stick to the 2D plane as well. I never really got into the Maximum KOF’s so I can’t say they were bad or whatever, it just seems dumb to make a 3D KOF when KOF13 was so well received. Don’t get me wrong KOF13 wasn’t exactly a blockbuster sales wise, but it was DEFINITELY a game that fans like myself love, and I would hate to see them depart from that path when I know it can get so much better if they keep down it.

    I’m glad to see that they have something in the works, but if it’s a 3D fighter I’m not very excited; right now 2D is the only kind of fighter that SNKPlaymore needs to be working on.

    • Gethoff Mahfacebuk

      I think you nailed it though, wasn’t a blockbuster sales wise. They’re probably willing to try 3D again for that reason.

      The 3d KoF games were not that bad though, much better than Street Fighter in 3d.

  • Webster Snow Jr.

    Please Lord….PLEASE let it be a Maximum Impact 3. :*(


    I’d even be grateful if they re-released MIRA on PS3 with netcode. ^__^

    • locazo87

      That game was KOF for dummies.

      • Ronldbx6

        Yup, I guess that would make me a KOF dummy. I never played any other KOF games except the Maximum Impact Series and loved it because I’ve always been into 3D fighters and never 2D. I guess that’s why it appealed to me. I always waited for them to make a Maximum Impact 3. Can’t wait.

  • ZenTzen

    Hey SNK, just an idea here but how about Garou:Mark of the Wolves 2

    its hightime for that game to be announced, preferably in 2d with my boy, uncle Terry

    • SgtKardashian

      Dear SNK,
      If you do make Garou:Mark of the Wolves 2.
      Please fix the throw glitch and give Tizoc an anti-air.

      Every Tizocc Player Ever

  • RunningWild1984

    They are just pachislot games, no need to get excited. SNK did a Fatal Fury pachislot game not long ago and it used 3D models.

  • pootnannies

    as long as samsho is finished unlike sen (which isn’t as bad as you’d expect) it should be a good game but there’s about a 80% it’s going to be shit.

  • locazo87

    I played samurai spirits sen on my PC, the worst lame game of the canon.But it seems SNK wants to repeat the same mistakes again.

  • Jordan Hoffman

    I got a fever for more Samurai Shodown

    • Los Illuminados

      likewise. a new samurai spirits will be awesome!

  • Oniros

    KOF on 3DS nao!

  • Pretty sure the top of the picture says “game & pachi-slot” It’s entirely possible (and likely) this is just looking for people to work on another pachinko game.

  • I loved KOF:MI I felt it was underrated honestly and no one gave it a chance because they didnt like change. The first MI I didnt care about, but KOF:MI2 and Reg A were really good and was far superior to games such as Fatal Fury:WA and SamSho:Sen. MI2 had so much fan service, only thing was was really lacking was English Dub in which after one sentence you’ll be forced to turn it to Japanese voice. But I’m al ffor a new 3D KOF and SamSho

  • Tan Tan

    Hmm…let me see if there are any technical positions opened.

  • chipsndips

    3D models are ass right guys? 😀

    • ZenTzen

      3d cg is different story, which is what they are asking

  • rootbeer1

    Hopefully it’s 2.5D and they use the models with Capcom a for CvS3

    • samirerre


    • Los Illuminados

      along with many of SNK fans. i don’t care for and Fuck the CvS series.

  • VMK1991

    Well, I really liked MI2 (my first KoF game) and I would really like to see 3rd part, if they will keep all existing chars and add Blue Mary and Vanessa.

    • Lorance Carroll

      Blue Mary was in KOF MIRA but that didn’t get a US release. She was nice though

  • martin rush

    3d Ash crimson..

  • Los Illuminados

    this is great news from SNKP. just hope this turn out to be video games and not more damn pachislo slot machines games . if they turn out to pachislo slot machines games i will be very sad. no mames SNK. 🙁

    • ZenTzen

      but it his for pachinko

  • Pooh Hardy

    oh god if that angry tough looking guy is terry then cancel it right away
    god knows what would happen if they make everyone look that tough and mad

    • samirerre

      unlike capcom and thiere cartoonish face’s.

  • J.D SRK

    WHAT? 3D KOF and no KOFXIV?????
    Does SNK realize that the atrocious online gameplay in KOFXIII will end up killing it for good? even though it’s a great game, those who like it and want to learn it can’t.

    Your community needs you SNK!
    KOFXIV with superb gameplay like XIII but GOOD ONLINE MODE.
    The last thing we need is a 3d KOF for reals………..

  • 3D models + 2D fight would be perfect.



  • bigtaz504

    Terry looks like joe done pissed in his cereal.

  • bigtaz504

    Are you ok???

  • If they’re doing a 3D KoF I hope they get rid of the dial combos that were in MI and keep the fighting system similar to the 2D games, just like how SF4 did it. Thats all it needs really.

  • Los Illuminados

    great written article on this one by the way. i have to admit that. good job iantothemax.

  • Ian Kirk

    pachisuro? pachi-slot? and if the AND is included then it may be for both. I just hope that they do 2d sprites cuz kof xiii was SUPER dope. Would love to see sam sho with hi-res sprites. Wouldn complain if we got a cvs/svc series update either at this point. haters, go ahead.