Skullgirls PC Beta Expected Mid-June, Slacker Backer Donations Being Accepted, Second DLC Character to Be Revealed at Salty Cupcakes Tonight

By on May 16, 2013 at 3:47 pm

Lab Zero recently announced on the official Skullgirls Twitter that the beta version of the game’s PC port should be available mid-June, with a full release coming later in July. The release of the PC version is supposedly going to coincide with the release of the game’s first DLC character, Squigly.

Only donators to the Indiegogo campaign will get beta keys for the game, which will allow them to test out Squiggly as well as the game’s new balance changes and network capabilities before it officially releases. However, if you missed the IGG campaign, you aren’t totally out of luck. Lab Zero has opened up a page in partnership with Humble Bundle that allows you to donate late as a slacker backer. Though the reward tiers are limited, any donation over $36 gets you a Skullgirls beta key.

The team also announced that the second DLC character has been chosen, though the big reveal will take place at Salty Cupcakes tonight. They also briefly mentioned that they are hoping by the time they implement all 5 new characters, Autumn Games will have gotten past their legal troubles and will allow them to begin work on a Skullgirls 2.

Source: Skullgirls Twitter

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  • Gene Q.

    cmon Stanley!
    Y? I have no idea

  • Abelardo Rodriguez

    all of us know that venus 3rd dlc

    • SolsticeOfGravity

      As much as I love Venus, she is not going to win this. She will likely be set aside for Skullgirls 2…..or 3

  • Kenneth Richardson

    It’s Annie, no doubt about it. But wouldn’t Dahlia be amazing?

    • SolsticeOfGravity

      Watch out, this guy doesn’t know Minette exists….jk, but thanks for the vote of confidence in Annie. B. Dhalia would be pretty nice too.

      • Kenneth Richardson

        I honestly don’t have a huge problem with Annie like a lot of fans here do (I actually think she’s pretty cool), but I’d personally prefer Dahlia and if not Feng. But whatever happens, I got Eliza, so I can’t help but be grateful.

        • ReddChief78

          Im all for getting more guys in this game but i would be just as happy with Annie over a guy character that Sol Blade and undead rabbit i would like to see that in action cant wait for Skullgirls 2 i want them all in the game

        • SolsticeOfGravity

          I actually love Annie to bits. Straightforward in her case is a very good thing. As long as anyone but Stanley or Minette wins I’ll be fine. With Squigly, Big Band, Eliza, Robo-Fortune, and our Mystery DLC tonight, I’m beyond content. It will be nice to have new characters to play as or fight against.

  • Beb0p

    I’d bet on one of the three being picked: Venus, Annie, Minette.

  • UseProtection