Beowulf Chosen in Skullgirls’ Second DLC Character Vote

By on May 16, 2013 at 8:54 pm

During tonight’s Salty Cupcakes stream, it was revealed that Beowulf garnered enough support from fans to be made the second backer-chosen Skullgirls DLC character. He will be joining Squigly, Big Band, Eliza, and Robo-Fortune in the indie fighter’s roster expansion, bringing all sorts of new playstyles to an already interesting cast of characters.

Be sure to visit the comments below and let us know what you think.

Source: Salty Cupcakes

  • Hawkrider

    That was quick. Cool.

  • Gailim

    that was fast SRK

  • Adeel Siddiqui


  • Guest

  • Damn so fast

  • Guest

    Beo Fucking Beowulf!
    Stay Salty!

  • UseProtection


  • Hato

    Beo Fucking Wulf!
    Stay Salty!

  • UseProtection

    Also, congratulations to SRK for being on time with a story for once.

    Also, it’s Robo-Fortune, not Mecha-Fortune.

  • Gene Q.

    ANYONE but Stanley and Im happy!

  • Matt

    I actually really wanted to see Minette

  • RAB

    Fuckin finally. I think I’m actually gonna pick this game up now.

  • Kenneth Richardson

    Boo! I wanted Dahlia and expected Annie to win otherwise. Don’t really have anything for or against Beowulf, though I did kinda want Big Band to be the only playable male in the game. IDK maybe I’ll feel better about him once they flesh him out.

  • congolike


    • Riot


  • Kloakenstein

    Hype! Thank you voters!

  • a real ghost

    all those down votes taste delicious

    • Lucian Kara

      Tastes like RISING TACO!!

    • CptPokerface

      What I find hilarious is that everyone was crying for a male character, since Skullgirls was too “kawaii” apparently, they have one, STILL not satisfied. Eh. That’s the internet.

      • Lucian Kara

        Indeed, it’s funny since originally we weren’t getting ANY new characters and yet here we are bitching about freebies.

  • woopsMashDP

    I still think Panzerfaust is probably the best concept they’ve come up with. I realize this game is going to be nothing but waifus and one studly white dude who every guy playing wishes he actually was, but it’s a shame.

    • TheAverageGuyTAG

      Big Band?

    • ReddChief78

      Nah that would be Big Band the ladies man

    • Justin Archer

      Are you stupid?

  • Beowulf? is there something about his playstyle i don’t know? cause he has got to be the least interesting looking character out of all of them

    • Joshua Rodriguez

      You seen this?

      “Classic pro wrestling, including violence with his favorite folding
      chair. Dubbed The Hurting, the legendary piece of furniture could
      supposedly support a Gigan if one could fit on it.
      Beowulf can set his chair on the stage for various effects. He can
      knock opponents into it, do elevated slams off of it, or just stand on
      it as a platform to alter the height of his ground attacks. It could
      also be like Captain America’s shield in that he can throw it, but it
      needs to be recovered to be used again. In addition to standard
      pro-wrestling moves like dropkicks and powerbombs, souvenirs from past
      victories may aid him in battle – after all, it’s only illegal if
      there’s a referee”

      Was also mentioned he might have unique tag mechanics due to being a pro-wrestler. His Gameplay inspirations also help your imagination fill in the blanks. Overall I’m pretty damn excited to see what we get, especially since it’s been confirmed they would like to utilise trophies like that gigan arm in his image.

  • Kufuu

    So will there be no more DLC characters after this? I was kinda hoping for Feng but I’m cool with this guy.

    • SolsticeOfGravity

      Yeah that is the end of the DLC. Gotta wait for Skullgirls 2 for the rest of the goodies.

    • Joshua Rodriguez

      Who knows. If after the year or so it will take for them to make all these characters they dont manage to secure any funding then yeah, this will be it. Maybe I’m optimistic but I find that scenario hard to imagine. Also the CEO had dinner with a “potential investor” a few days ago, so who knows what the future has in store for SG and LZ.


  • Quique

    hahaha wasn’t the point of this game for all the characters to be females?? Skull Girls?? ok whatever… he looks cool…

    • Ashilyn

      “Skullgirls” has nothing to do with the cast, it’s the concept behind the story for the game. King of Fighters doesn’t actually have any kings in it, does it?

      • the7k

        The “Skullgirls” name references more than just the Skullgirl – otherwise it would be called Skullgirl instead of Skullgirls.

        It references what was, at least in the beginning, the common thing between all these girls – that something was weird about their skulls. Where is Samson located? On Filia’s skull. Where is Vice Versa? On Cerebella’s skull. What does Ms.Fortune toss about? Her skull.

        It obviously deviated from that original premise. Regardless, it seems strange for there to be male characters going after the Skull Heart when only females can use it.

        As for “King of Fighters,” that’s a straw-man argument right there. It’s not meant to imply actual royalty. Also, THERE IS a King in King of Fighters. She’s a chick, though.

        • SolsticeOfGravity

          If you keep your attention close to the story, the guys usually are involved in manipulating girls into getting the Skull Heart for their own devious use or destroying it.

          • the7k

            I dunno, I can understand males like Adam and Panzerfaust going after the Skull Heart because it’s obviously in the service of Parasoul. Beowulf, on the other hand… he’s just a restless wrestler who is trying to get back in the spotlight.

          • SolsticeOfGravity

            Chances are he is likely trying to earn his fame back by destroying it, which goes back to my earlier statement.

          • the7k

            The last known Skullgirl was Parasoul’s mother, though. The current Skullgirl is unknown by most people outside the playable cast.

            That’s probably the angle they’ll go with but it’s a bit ironic to chase fame by defeating somebody that people don’t even knows exists.

            I’d assume his story is probably going to involve going after a higher profile target like either the Canopy Kingdom or Medici Family, and maybe then he’ll get involved in the Skull Heart business.

          • Guest

            But how could the people not know if the entire cast, including Parasoul and her army, knew of the Skull Heart’s second coming? That kind of information would seem to be more of a spreading rumor in the kingdom. I can see your angle working just as well though.

          • the7k

            Been awhile since I played the story mode, but I thought I remembered even people within Parasoul’s army thinking they were on a wild goose hunt.

            I think having him rival Cerebella would be the way to go. Not only would he be taking on a very well known and much maligned target (the Medici Family) he’d also be proving his superiority over a popular performer who obviously has the arms for a wrestler.

          • SolsticeOfGravity

            Doesn’t sound like a bad idea. It connects pretty well to some of the old sports being tied to the mafia shtick. Either way I’ll try all the new characters stories, but I’m going to be stuck with Fortune and likely Robo-Fortune as my mains.

        • MashingShoryuken

          “Those judged impure are transformed into the fearful instrument of their twisted wish… a pale and lovely tempest,a beautiful nightmare- the Skullgirl!” As was said earlier the game name is base off the story. Queen Nancy was the first skullgirl that the story mention and she was killed.The 2nd one we know about is Marie which is the final boss.There where others to come as the story hinted to.that is why The Anti-Skullgirls lab was created to fight against the skullgirls that would come in the future.Mike z has also stated that it was a coincidence that the first two characters Filia and Cerebella had things on there heads which has nothing to do with the name of the game.Other wise why doesn’t Marie have something that she fights with on the top of her head cause she is the skullgirl. And yes i know Marie has a bonnet on her head, but that has nothing to do with the name of the game and it is not a weapon.

        • Alexis A. Rivera-Montalvo

          That would be because every time a Skullgirl is destroyed, another one will show up sooner or later. Thus, more than one Skullgirl.


      • YourAshyAss_Elbows

        Image that! That shit would be dope if King Jesus was in KOF13

      • Andre Theriault

        No but how they started the game with all female characters strongly implied that they wanted an all female cast…Since the game is gaining popularity due to charity and funds, they think by putting some male characters, people will pick up the game more. They’re desperate now and decide to steer away from their original idea. It’s a shame really…

        • OrehRatiug

          Except these characters were around and intended to be in the game long before the charity drive. Don’t be retarded. Original idea? You mean like 100 other female only animu games before it?

          • Joshua Rodriguez

            He didn’t mean original as in novel or unique, but “initial”.

          • woopsMashDP

            I think people are underestimating the potential for Beowulf bodypillows.

        • they have repeatedly said that male characters were planned since before launch

        • Keith_e

          except all these characters were designed before the game even came out…

        • Joshua Rodriguez

          It was never going to be all female, it was just going to have an inverted male to female ratio compared to other fighting games. The first arc of the story was going to be based entirely around girls though.

          Of course they certainly did fast track a dude into the game in the form of Big Band, and now another male has been chosen by the public (after voting in a female it should be noted). Given that a canon story mode can’t really happen unless they secure a long term source of income there’s no reason for them to stick closely to the original vision for now.

          Hopefully they’ll get back on track with that though due to the popularity SG gained through this whole event.

        • Ashilyn

          You might be right if you weren’t completely wrong. Like others have said, those male characters have been planned since long before the game came out and many of them were always intended to be part of the game eventually.

          Skullgirls started with an all female cast because, coincidentally, the most important characters (i.e. the ones Alex Ahad picked to initially start the series story moving) are all female. Limited resources and staff kept them from even getting all of them into the initial game (it still needs Umbrella, Marie, and Black Dahlia as playable characters before it gets a canon story mode), much less any of the planned male characters.

          So, your assertion that it was always meant to be all female and they’re adding males because they’re desperate and trying to get people to pick up the game again is, at best, patently false.

      • windsagio

        I wouldn’t want to be talking about a storyline that was directly stolen from a T&A anime.

        Nothing good can come from that.

      • Pooh Hardy

        but theres a character in king of fighters called king
        so close enough

        • Ashilyn

          Not even remotely.

    • 0bscura

      how about X-MEN, there’s women in there

    • TempBast

      At least the X-Men are all males… wait a second… Beast is an animal not an animale.

  • Have to roll with the hateful on this one…I mean didn’t they just have a fighting game character who wielded a chair as a weapon?!! So many more original characters to choose from and you picked beokanji (might as well get used to it cause its coming).

    I’m definitely disappointed but I’m sure the other characters will make it to the next gen version..that is if they are planning to make another skull girls available for the next gen version.

    • The chair, apparently, will be used more as a way to change the field, i.e. you set it up so you can jump off of it and whatnot.

      • Mash Harder

        Sounds like shit, but ok.

    • SolsticeOfGravity

      I have to agree on this one. I’m sure my friends will be pleased, but that strikes me out 4 times. I’m not at all interested in playing as Squigly, Big Band, Eliza, or Beowulf. I mean we get Robo-Fortune too…but she will be a semi-clone of Ms.Fortune. That doesn’t really give me the new character feeling I had been hoping for. They are nice characters, but just not my taste. I’m not really upset, but I don’t feel like I will fully enjoy this game until the next installment now. Congrats to the Eliza and Beowulf fans~!

      • 0bscura

        Robo fortune won’t be a clone at all

    • Kloakenstein

      It’s not a primary weapon, do your research before you go off.

  • Shinabro

    Maximilian is pleased

  • congolike

    Before anyone says the whole “It’s Skull-GIRLS-! This game shouldnt have male characters!” Guilty-GEAR- only had 4 Gears as playable characters (not sure if I-no was one). KING of fighters has female characters…and not a word was said. Final Fantasy was far from the last game in the series. Remeber Kids, Don’t take things so literally.

    • Lucian Kara

      Guilty Gear DOES contain the titular subject(Sol) so that part’s invalid, also KoF does contain King.

      • KubikiriTurkojin

        but the king is a queen….? traps everywhere, i see kayo partying it up with bao.

        i probably just thought of a new erotic novel, unless it already exists…

        • Lucian Kara

          This is the Internet, it exists and IT. IS. GLORIOUS!!

          • gigantor21

            …was that a Mortal Kombat Annihilation reference!?

            *gets soap to wash Lucian’s mouth out*

    • Joshua Rodriguez

      A better comparison would be that X-Men does not feature entirely MEN.

      Skullgirls refers to the monsters created by the Skullheart, and the primary antagonists of this part of the story.

      Side note: I’m okay with Beowulf and Big Band being the Chun and Cammy of SG.

  • Mash Harder

    Seems fraudulent.

    • SolsticeOfGravity

      If only it were.

      • Mash Harder

        If only it weren’t.

        • SolsticeOfGravity

          But it isn’t.

          • Mash Harder

            But it seem.

          • SolsticeOfGravity

            Though it seems, it really is, and always will be.

          • Mash Harder

            So it seems, and it is, and it really seems did?

          • SolsticeOfGravity

            Really for real

          • Mash Harder

            Glad that’s outta the way.

          • SolsticeOfGravity

            Who put this damn chair here?

          • Lucian Kara

            My bad, I was too busy jumping off it for elbow drops and hurricaranas.

          • SolsticeOfGravity

            That will be an uncomfortable fight for anyone fighting the Ms.Fortune, Robo-Fortune, and Beowulf team. Two heads, One Chair.

          • Lucian Kara

            It’s a good thing that everyone’s insurance is paid up then other than Painwheel’s. I am so not paying for that!

          • SolsticeOfGravity

            I wonder if Beowulf was taught the art of Death Kwon Do.

          • Lucian Kara

            If I remember properly he learned Hokuto Shinken from Kenshiro, but found that chair shots and powerbombs didn’t take as long to use and thus dropped it to instead learn ‘King of the Iron Stool’.

          • SolsticeOfGravity

            Oh, so modified Death Kwon Do.

          • Know_the_ledge

            that made me retard laugh.

        • Lucian Kara

          To partially quote William Murferface: “Suggest all you want! It won’t make your *expletive deleted* any bigger…” It is what it is, best to move on.

  • Lucian Kara

    Awesome, looks like the Hype-Train for Minette derailed into the Municipal Dump of Broken Dreams and Disappointment.

    • the7k

      Gotta love these sore winners.

      • SolsticeOfGravity

        Meanwhile Juju is burning in hell.

      • windsagio

        These guys have shown they’ve got a real corner on class the last few weeks.

        • OrehRatiug

          No one mentioned you, why’d you show up? Ah right you can’t play any of these games so you just troll in the comments. 🙂

          • windsagio

            Given the whiny-bitchiness of skullgirls fandom over the last day/week over Evo stuff, you might want to just take your lumps, rather than going in for particularly antique disses :p

          • Michael Zaimont

            Anytime anyone says “Oh hey the drive was supposed to be the final game” that doesn’t make ’em a salty SG fan. It’s pretty shady-looking even if you don’t like SG.

          • woopsMashDP

            There’s nothing particularly shady about it. The only thing I would have preferred is if Injustice had not been included in the drive initially (it raised $77.00 so it’s really more semantics than anything), and instead been set aside to see how the game fleshed out in its first few months. Injustice has more business being part of the Evo roster than Skullgirls (for the sake of argument), MK9 or Persona (and probably SFxT), and even though I don’t care for Injustice much as a game it has had mass appeal to the FGC. Just because I don’t like Injustice I can’t pretend like it doesn’t belong on the Evo roster, and neither should anyone else. Now if you’re worried about it drawing what little potential spotlight might have been on Skullgirls, you’re justified. It will. Most of the FGC doesn’t care about Skullgirls, even if you do.

          • TheAverageGuyTAG

            “it raised $77.00 so it’s really more semantics than anything”

            Isn’t that the whole problem? At this point, it’s clear that Injustice is a good choice for EVO. The issue is purely semantics.

          • windsagio

            I get why folks could get annoyed, but seriously.

            The absurd amount of crying and the smokescreen concern-trolling (“Smash players must be mad too!!!”) especially combined with the fact that the game is getting a ‘might as well be an official tournament’ side tournament makes the whole thing really awful.

            The fact is, your game is lucky to even keep the side tournament considering the absolutely atrocious numbers it pulls. They should be more worried about getting cut from CEO than they should about another game getting a more prestigious slot at Evo.

          • Yxiade

            It’s not shady at all unless you believe that the outcome would’ve been different if they had said, “These are the games we are announcing at this point, and (games from the drive) did not make the cut”.

            If there was no donation drive and there was an extra slot, do you believe that slot would’ve gone to Skullgirls rather than Injustice? Even if the timing and wording was different, the results would be the same. Skullgirls had no chance of making the official lineup other than through an exception to the normal criteria, which is turnout.

            What makes this conversation especially puzzling is the accusation that a payout was necessary for the inclusion of Injustice. Injustice gets turnout and is riding high. The same people who are most vocal about the payoff theory propose that Skullgirls should get the slot because of the money they raised. So, it’s okay for one game to pay their way into Evo when it is not otherwise worthy of inclusion, but a game that does have a tournament presence shouldn’t be permitted to buy their way in.

          • TheAverageGuyTAG

            If there was no donation drive and there was an extra slot, none of this would be an issue. Yeah, there would still be a few people complaining that Skullgirls didn’t get in, but people wouldn’t be calling foul.

          • Lucian Kara

            Here’s a question for you if that’s your opinion: Why do you even care? If you’ve got issues with the fanbase, ignore it rather than posting such meaningless drivel, Trottel.

        • 0bscura

          This douche just looks for every excuse he can to shit on SG and Arcana heart, he’s an insecure dickhead.

    • I’m pretty sure the Minette hype-train was as strong as ever. But there were also a lot of people trying to stop that train and in this voting style it actually makes an impact for the final result.

      • Mr. X

        Uh, Instant Runoff Voting isn’t an average. Having Minette #2 or #30 is the same if your #1 is never eliminated.

        • But not being eliminated implies being the generally most favorable candidate. It’s possible that for example Beowulf was ranked 8th on the first tallying of 1st place votes. However, if he was in a lot of 2nd and 3rd place votes, then in subsequent recursions of the algorithm his points would tally up to a higher amount than other candidates who initially had more 1st place votes than him.

          As this video explains , even though Owl initially was in 2nd/3rd place, he was favored by the other voters and ended up with a higher point count than Lion.

          So essentially, even if Minette had a lot of 1st place votes, if the people who don’t like her put her near the end of their lists then it’s gonna hurt her chances of getting through later into the calculation. So yes, Minette being #2 or #30 in people’s lists makes a huge difference.

          Unless I got the algorithm off.

  • Chooch

    I ain’t even mad. Might be my new favorite character.

  • Errr….not something I wanted to be informed of while at work on my iPad. I would have thought Feng or Panzerfaust would have won but this is a rather unlikely turnabout if any. Oh well….just one out of five new characters I wont be using due to aesthetic reasons.

    Congrats to those who wanted this.

  • Conway Obleman
  • Ryan Harris

    Not being a fan of this character may result in high cholesterol. lmfao

    He looks awesome, who cares. 😀

  • CptPokerface

    It’s funny how fast things change. Just a few weeks back, everyone was crying ” TOO MANY FEMALES, ANY MALE WILL DO”

    We get Beowulf, and now it’s ” UGH WHY BEOWULF”. Oh well. Hold that salt deep in your hearts. At the end of the day it’s more to love about Skullgirls, which SHOULD be more important. Most certainly looking forward to Eliza, Beowulf, and the rest of the DLC gang.

  • Tuen

    Cool stuff. He was in my top 3. I wonder what the vote ranking for the top 10 characters was. Kinda curious!

  • Beb0p

    I guess it’s not that surprising. Venus looked pretty ghetto and I guess people are not into cute characters. Makes you wonder though, did Beowulf sell because of the art or the name?

    • No, a big portion of the community *is* into the cute characters. But remember that this is a different type of voting from the first round. There’s no doubt that there were a ton of 1st place votes for Annie and Minette, but they were also likely in the bottom spots of a lot of people, and this devalues the favorable votes.

  • Wow, out of all the character they’re adding the only one I don’t hate is Eliza and she was still a fairly low tier choice for me, whatever I didn’t donate so it’s just free characters.

  • FeylandWay

    Anyone who thinks that this is a bad addition is extremely short sighted in their views. This addition makes the game far more “accessible” to people.

    This is about GROWTH. Him winning is a good thing and a sign that he was definitely needed.

    I am not understanding how this is lost on so many people. Do you want this game to remain small? I know Mike Z doesn’t.

    • It’s not so much a sign that he was needed but that he just wasn’t a controversial character. He was likable to the burly dudes crowd and the girly girls crowd, and this format of voting favors that.

      If I had to guess I’d wager Feng was close to taking it. I don’t recall there being any distaste for her from any crowd, and she was generally likeable.

  • I wanna Stone Cold Stunner the shit out of Filia.

  • Exy

  • Snow Loss

    Team Anyone But Minette or Feng won and I am STOKED.

  • I like this character. Heck, I like anny character in this game that will add to the currently too small roster. We need a little more variety in play style and character selection. I’ll be glad when the debate ends and the characters are released this games progress moves slower than molasses. Lets get on with the releases, because that is kind of the point.

  • Zonder88

    Thank God. Finally a male, thats not Stanley.

  • Jason DonkeyKong Budzi

    When will these characters be available?

  • heatEXTEND

    Panzerfaust ;_;

  • Petran79

    Hope this is the last time we’ll ever see a fan vote for characters. So many good characters wasted, Like we’d care if those were designed in secret, like the original SG characters.

    • Originally I took this as a slight to Eliza and Beowulf, until I realized you meant that there’s just too much good to lock away like that. Lesson learned on my part! And yes, I see your point, though I did appreciate the look at upcoming characters.

  • Know_the_ledge

    why haven’t they put up the top 10 ranking yet? im curious.

  • Gethoff Mahfacebuk





  • Koricthegreat

    Damnit…’s a dude……….

  • Tyranitar

    Looks like he’ll be a brawler/grappler similar to Alex in 3rd Strike

  • Kuukuu Omoi

    sooooo just for your info:

    Character Vote 2: Aggregate Character Ranking
    ( in order)
    B. Dahlia
    Brain Drain
    D. Violet
    Mrs. Victoria
    Top 3 Characters
    11038 votes : Beowulf
    9439 votes: Minette
    9415 votes: Annie

    in another dimension we just got Minette.