Skullgirls 1.01: Slightly Different Edition Patch Finally Arrives on Xbox 360

By on May 14, 2013 at 9:26 am

It took an extra six months, but the Skullgirls: Slightly Different Edition patch has finally arrived on Xbox 360. The update hit PlayStation 3 last November, but due to an issue with Microsoft’s file size limit for Xbox Live Arcade, the Xbox 360 update was indefinitely delayed. Those issues have been resolved, bringing the Xbox 360 version up to par with the PS3.

Two downloads are required to update to the new version. A prompt for a 7 MB title update download will appear upon loading the game, but that won’t fully bring the game to 1.01. If you start-up the game without the other download, you’ll be greeted with this message:

“Sorry, you need the latest content to play online. Please download the latest content update!”

The other download must be initiated through the Xbox Dashboard, weighing in at 273.14 MB. After downloading this update, a “Download Content” section is added to the in-game menu, so you won’t have to go through this hassle for future updates.

For Xbox 360 owners who have been eagerly awaiting the release of this patch, the wait is finally over!

Sources: Lab Zero Games, tip via Jonny N.

  • About time, but awesome!

  • J.D SRK

    Been waiting for this for too long.

  • Gene Q.

    PS3 Players are gonna have a HUGE advantage in tournaments.

    • Sure, if the 360 players who enter haven’t played the game at all.

      I understand that a lot of things have changed but anyone who was skilled at the pre-patch version will be fine in post-patch.

    • David Wilson

      if you train smart then 2 months is a reasonable amount of time to prepare for evo. in the short term though things will be a bit more one sided.

    • That’s not how skill works. Time invested doesn’t directly equate to ability to win. It can help, to an extent determined entirely by the individual. I might need a year’s worth of practice to stand a chance at Evo, which I’m attending. Or I might need a month.

    • 1tuffhombrey

      lol. Skull Girls Tournaments.

  • Jahmere Durham


  • TheAverageGuyTAG

    JESUS CHRIST, finally.

  • UseProtection
    • Steven Hunt


  • David

    Is this the same version of the game that they’re playing on the Skull Girls weekly stream, or are they playing on a patch beyond this one?

    • Jake Long

      No, it’s different. The ones they’ve been showing on Salty Cupcakes are versions they’re playtesting for future updates that they’re planning to release along with the DLC characters.

    • Skudd Stevens

      This is the same revision that the PS3 version got updated to in November. The builds played at Salty Cupcakes are essentially test builds and are changed weekly. Once a final set of changes has been made, a new patch will roll out along with the launch of the PC version of the game.

  • Jake Long

    Re-launch Party Errday.

  • Disco-lemonade

    The patch…it’s beautiful…

  • CptPokerface

    Miracles do exist..

    What’s been particularly difficult is that everytime I check XBLA for games, Skullgirls is ALWAYS the first recommendation. It’s been a long six months.

  • interpunct

    Kudos to Lab Zero!

    • windsagio

      per agreement

      • Zidiane

        You know we can’t get enough of your trolling. And it occasionally calls out Mike, to correct any mistakes in your claims. Which is always awesome.

        • windsagio

          I dunno about that man :p

          I’d imagine Zaimont for one would rather I quit posting.

          I’d take issue with ‘trolling’ though, divergent views aren’t the same as trolling, even negative divergent views.

          • Jake Long

            I think you do bring some valid points to the discussion, but I think you go beyond that sometimes. The biggest issue I’ve had was your blog post where you dismiss Seth’s defense of the IGG amount because he only worked with huge projects, ignoring Dave Lang’s defense while he worked on the relatively-similar-in-scope Divekick.

          • windsagio

            Let’s not get in specific cases right now, everybody seems to be in a good mood for once, and I could totally argue my point ><

    • windsagio

      It has got to be a relief to folks, I’d bet 😀

      • interpunct

        Not sure if you are trolling, but hey, whatever, Edited.

  • Shinabro

    Super street fighter 4 : Arcade edition
    Street fighter x Tekken ver.2013
    Tekken tag tournament 2 Unlimited

    Skullgirls : Slightly Different Edition
    For some reason this cracks me up.

    • Zidiane

      It originally wasn’t even gonna have a title change, SDE is just what Mike called the patch notes. People liked it, though, and it stuck.

    • When the new PC version drops with changes that will be applied to consoles we should call it “Skullgirls: Master Race Edition”.

  • Been a long time coming. Grats to Lab Zero for finally making it work.

  • Beb0p

    Any jack as can figure out how all this crud works out in a minutes. Not a big deal but when are the new characters coming out?

    • Michał Kryłowicz

      First one on mid-June on PC for beta-testing and mid-July for everyone else. After that, one character should come out every 3 months.

  • Tuen

    So… will character DLC be “Skullgirls: More Different Edition”?

  • Mike Jones

    Hell yes! Happy for those guys that were sitting on a older version for all this time. You`ll love it!

  • I don’t believe you

  • xMJx

    too late?

  • Tan Tan

    Damn, freaking finally. I ended up buying it again on the PS3 cause it took too damn long.

    • fallen

      Me too. Ended up noticing all the little things the PS3 does better than the 360 and now totally prefer the system overall. Bad move, Microsoft!

      • Tan Tan

        Agreed. Wait til they go through this hell again with the next update.

  • Kelohmello


  • cool!