Injustice: Gods Among Us – Superman Guide for Beginners by Evil Canadian

By on May 11, 2013 at 9:36 am

Evil Canadian recently uploaded a beginners guide to Superman in Injustice: Gods Among Us. He covers all the basic tools you need to play the Man of Steel, including his normals, notable specials and strings, and trait canceling. He also shows off a few basic combos that are practical, but don’t do near as much damage as the crazy stage hazard combos we have seen.

Source: Evil Canadian

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  • Sir0Slick

    Let me give you the short version: F23 breath

  • fuck his brain dead super

  • bubbaj26

    lol 18 min. The beginner guide for supes should be the same as the expert guide which should take no more than a minute.

  • Ryan Harris

    Me and Evil Canadian had a convo about how amazing Supermans redsun alt is.
    Aside from that, SM is pretty straight forward. Abuse safe frame normals and special cancel. also OPTIC BLAST.

  • Beb0p

    This video is utter cr@p.

    Super Man was the first character I chose to use long enough to combo with. It’s hardly any different than those other idiots showing many different combos with a bunch of terrible ones.

    Few punches, leg grab toss into the air, few more punches then air tackle grab. If you use that ice breath with meter you can freeze them allowing you to wall bounce them so you can continue a juggle into an air tackle.

    Damage wise Batman.

    Jumping Y which can cross over
    Y, Y, A
    Jump into the air Y
    Y, Y, A
    Full meter super

    Max damage you can do is around 40% per combo at this point his super move does very little so you can just swap it for the back for forward A ground tackle kick which is over 35% without any meter without any corners.

    • bonch

      You can’t even write notation correctly. Go back to trolling Skullgirls posts.

    • Julio Rojas

      60% corner combos though and he can carry well if you end combos with super punch. Trick to getting that 60% is String of choice f23 or 223, 3 trait 3 mb breath, heat zap, f2 d1, f2 d1, 3, scoop, 3, breath to keep them in the corner you can end with air grab lazer if you want for the extra damage but you throw them out of the corner and kill a golden opportunity to abuse the shit out of breath since they cant back dash out of pressure. Reminds me kinda of how kyo in kof bullies the shit out of people stuck in the corner

  • Tony Selby

    how do you make an entire video to say “Jump back and eye beam, occasionally use meter burn”

  • Ravaatu

    I’m usually not one to cry for a nerf but Superman is pretty damn powerful. He has so much going for him: Safe strings, strong zoning tools, high damage, airdash, and a lot more. What faults does he actually have?

    • he’s really boring to play

    • Julio Rojas

      His very straight forward meaning his mix up game is not super crazy his just very solid all around. The super is whats more or less broken but he needs meter and trait to do really good damage. Meterless combo damage is low as hell so that’s a fault