Official Patch Notes Released for Injustice: Gods Among Us

By on May 10, 2013 at 3:58 pm

The folks behind Injustice: Gods Among Us updated the official website today with a list of changes that were made in the game’s latest patch, which was released earlier this week alongside Lobo. As promised, nothing substantial was tweaked balance-wise, though quite a few of the changes have to do with stage interactables.

Check out the full list below and let us know what you think.

Code fixes

  • Added Lobo Gameplay Functionality.
  • Strengthened the stability of online connections between different connections, resulting in less de-synchronizations.
  • Added the ability to initiate a transition attack when the defender is at an elevated position.
  • Removed the ability for two gadget characters to both place bombs at the same time on some Interactive Objects.

Balance tweaks

  • Increased overall combo damage scaling after a knockdown from Interactive Objects.
  • Increased overall combo damage scaling on planted sticky bombs (Down + Interact button) pop-up combos.
  • You can no longer initiate a clash on Killer Frost’s Ice Spike outside of a combo.
  • The hitsphere on Doomsday’s jumping splash was adjusted to be slightly smaller and more in line with the original intention.
  • Players land slightly further apart after Arkham/Joker Asylum and Insurgency transitions to make it easier to avoid the ability to use an Interactive Object immediately after landing.

Source: Injustice via Test Your Might

  • drekerr


    • badjab326

      Your comment combined with the profile pic is so much win.

  • Gene Q.

    How about you buff Lobo’s finger during his super and get rid of that Mosaic!

  • NyuBomber

    Onyxia Deep Breaths more.

  • Alucard Violandi

    OMFG they need to make Doomdays supernova Blockable it’s fucking ridiculous.

    • Gethoff Mahfacebuk

      Armor B3 or F3
      dash out from under

      All characters can use those two methods. Many characters have specific counters as well. All Doomsday does is exploit a lack of character knowledge, and try to win as many coin flips as possible.

      • Alucard Violandi

        what about his meter burn supernova it seems like it follows you everywhere

        • JayFingas

          Then, again, armor B3 or F3 and dash out from under.

          Go into training mode, set Doomsday to perform that move constantly, and work on avoiding it. 🙂

        • Joey T Medina

          Non Meter Burn:
          It always goes the same distance, so just avoid it.
          If you are right in his face then dash forward, if you are back then stay back. Then full punish.

          Meter burn version(tracks location):
          Always Dash forward because it tracks. Full punish.

          And like Gethoff said you could armorF3 or armorB3 instead for a full combo.

          It’s a gimmick that is just used to catch an opponent off guard or against people who don’t know better. It’s actually not a very good move at all.

          There is always an answer. Instead of wishing for nerfs, find an answer.

          • Jake Klippert

            Is there really an answer for Chris G’s Morri/Doom/Vergil in Marvel? Or just an answer to Vergil and Doom?

            Not saying Injustice is broken crazy like some Marvel stuff but sometimes adjustments are required.

          • In good games, there is always an answer. If there is a strategy that is so strong it’s the only viable tactic, then the game is in trouble.

            In Doomsday case, the answer is easy. make him whiff and full combo punish. He only hits you if he made a smart read and you pushed a button, or did a projectile. He guesses right, he gets about 10% damage, if he guesses wrong, you can deal 35% or higher.

          • Wrong. His move tracks and is only avoidable by absorbing the hit which costs a full bar of meter. Play against some top level DD players and get back at me.

          • bullshit. doomsday is the most overpowered character in the game. Your telling me to block one move I have to use a full bar of meter??? Ya that’s realistic. Not to mention everything he has is full of armor, ridiculously fast and hard to punish. If u do get lucky and avoid the super nova he just bulrushes u with his charge move. Such a broken character its not even funny.

    • Yes it is ridiculous. There’s a reason he was the only character nerfed (his jumping splash had the hitbox reduced). Hes an overpowered joke.

  • That hardly seems worth the price of a patch. Why not wait until the game has stabilized before seeing what you’d like to fix?

    • Johnson Nguyen

      Agreed. It seems to be a trend now, with games like Soul Calibur V, Dead or Alive 5, and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (among others) having had so many “fixes” to their still undeveloped and green metagame. Imagine if patches were around in the days of SSBM, a game whose metagame kept changing so much and so often throughout the years even when no new changes were being made to the game.

      In retrospect, Capcom handles their patches very well.

      • Jake Klippert

        Except when they refuse to patch Marvel… Patch a game so you can unlock characters on your disc, after you pay them an additional 20 dollars…. or spend time making a balance patch for a game that is already probably the most balanced fighter their is.

        Aside from that though, Capcom does handle their patches well.

        • Lorenzo Timothy Whittley

          The only reason Capcom hasn’t patched Marvel is because they can’t without getting more licensing from Marvel, which they seem unwilling to do. So it’s not that Capcom doesn’t want to patch it. They just can’t patch it without permission from Marvel to adjust the Marvel characters. Otherwise, I’m sure it would have been patched already, given all of the crazy bugs and glitches that are being found on a regular basis.

          • Jake Klippert

            No way Marvel would even care if they changed the engine to remove infinites and a couple of glitches, nerfed Morrigan’s Astral Vision, nerfed Zero a bit, and nerfed Vergil. I mean if they can’t nerf Doom missiles, so be it. Nothing else is really that broken.

            I’m just asking for a simple little patch here, not a entire game re-balancing update like Street Fighter and SFxT. Just 3 characters on Capcom’s side of the roster and a couple of glitches.

          • windsagio

            its not worth the $40k to them.

          • SpiderDan

            How is this anything but speculation? Did they have to get “more licensing from Marvel” to issue the patch for X360 MVC2 that fixed the unblockable AHVBs?

            Funny how when players were accessing DLC costumes for free, Capcom got the necessary patch “licenses” with blinding speed.

        • kenja0

          Rolento’s knife comes to mind.

        • windsagio

          when they decide to patch at all anyways. As marvel shows they can be pretty ugly about the ‘this isnt’ making us any more money, why bother?’

      • ProzacStylings

        Why would you wait?

        The most successful competitive video games, are patched very often. RTSes, MLG rules for FPSes, etc.

        The FGC is the only community that is so against patching, and only due to traditionally being unable to do so, and bickering mentalities on “dealing with imbalance” being some kind of honorable and rewarding path.

        If patching creates a problem bigger than what it was trying to solve, it can always be unpatched/patched-again to fix it. In the meantime, patching can curb current metagame imbalances, creating more varied, and as such, more entertaining gameplay. Especially when supplemented by the sort of raw telemetry data that injustice collects, regarding how often characters are used and what their win percentages are.

        Capcom is terrible with their patching.

        • I’m against it because patching on consoles is a much longer and more nebulous process than for PC games (which are most of the examples that you are referring to). It would be reckless to start putting in a patch for a game without fully realizing what it would do. It could result in a patch that adversely affects the game and would be very difficult to patch back quickly.

        • Johnson Nguyen

          That’s a fair argument. Looking back on my argument, perhaps I’m stuck in the older age of non-patchable games, and my argument will reflect this bias.

          I would argue that developers (and anyone, really) don’t have the foresight to know if a new “technology” is broken, fair, or would lead to great advancement in the metagame.

          Animation cancelling leading to combos in Street Fighter II.

          Whether it was unintentional, or intentional but thought as impractical, this changed the game completely. All it would take is for the developers to decide it’s overpowered right after it’s discovered and the whole legacy that exists behind SF II would be greatly diminished, and fighting game development would not have gotten that explosion that it did, when it did. We’re talking a patch within a few weeks to 3 months by today’s standards to bring about this change.

          A recent example would be: what if the developers of PSASBR decided to remove Dante’s empty cancel a few months into the game, like they did with Nathan Drake’s AK47 Run loop? Who’s to truly know how gameplay in the game’s future would become when the game is still new and no one has seen the long-term effects? What if Capcom decided that “Nope: safe-jumps/unblockables/option selects/plinking/jump cancel command grabs/EX super armour cancel need to be patched out.”? Of course, I’d like a few of these removed, but that’s after having given it a chance to run its course and having seen the effects these caused over a long time and it wouldn’t be fair if I wanted to remove these things so soon after its discovery.

          Likewise, Z/L/R-cancelling in SSB, wavedashing in SSBM.

          In DoA 5, some people liked the reduced stagger escape “bug” introduced in one patch because it allowed for more guaranteed combo opportunities, but the game wasn’t allowed to be played with this for long until it was patched out. This is a good example of what I’m afraid of with the recent patching trends.

          Bunny-hopping in Quake Engine games. AWSM/AWM/AWP quickswitching, “sky” flasbanging, crouch-hopping, in Counter-Strike. K-Style in GunZ.

          Though I wasn’t into the community at the time, I’m positive when StarCraft I was growing and at its zenith in popularity that the game was being discovered and many people thought changes should be made to curb the new advantages these discoveries created. Yet inevitably, even more discoveries were being made that countered the old discovery, and the community learned to play around these collective discoveries, developing the genre in ways no one could have envisioned. I am very much of the opinion that the fact that these games had very few patches helped greatly to further future game design in every way, and these games were all fun and greatly successful to boot, so it wasn’t like they needed patches to “save the game”.

          Of course, this is mostly on the topic of patches that change gameplay mechanics, and not things like network stability and high score bugs, etc.

          • SpiderDan

            You’re presuming that “patch frequently” means the same thing as “have no tolerance for creativity.” There is plenty of unexpected player tech that is encouraged in revisions/sequels (e.g. Marvel wavedashing).

    • Luckily this patch didn’t cost NRS anything. they buried it in the Lobo DLC compatability patch. They already said they’ll have a patch included with Batgirl.

    • Because they need to update the game when they are releasing a DLC character anyway, why not use that opportunity to fix bugs that require a direct patch? Patch doesn’t always have to mean “balance changes and herp derp, buffs and nerfs”, they can release a patch to refine the game experience to fix bugs and other things that aren’t important to players but important to them as a game developer. Why is everyone’s mentality of a patch always to assume they’re going to balance tweak via nerf/buff. Even then, they don’t need to release a patch to stabilize the game, NRS has a tweak variable system where they can adjust damage values, frames, hitstun, recovery, etc etc, w/o a patch.

  • Michael Tarantella


    • Michael Adamson

      Fix her? She is pretty good. Murders Killer Frost and goes pretty much even with Superman and Black Adam

  • Cylith

    This is funny to me: “Strengthened the stability of online connections between different connections, resulting in less de-synchronizations.” This is funny to me because, since the Lobo DLC came out, I can’t play ranked because of the de-synchronizations. Never had them before this patch.


    Another fail. They didn’t patch when a opponent backs out of a player match it stops your win streak. What a joke.

    • RiverboatGrambler

      if you quit, it should count as a loss for you and a win for the other person. this was a big issue in MK9 that was eventually patched, i’m at a loss for why it’s the same fucking issue with this new game

  • So they still haven’t removed the automatic loss when two players dsiconnect from each other

    • I got a win in KOTH when the current king ragequit 1/4 into his second health bar.