First Round of Voting for Second Skullgirls DLC Character Concludes – Beowulf, Feng, Stanley Survive; Leduc, Hubrecht, Yu-Wan Eliminated

By on May 10, 2013 at 9:01 am

After adhering to a shorter voting period for the second Skullgirls DLC character, the Lab Zero team recently released information regarding who made it out of the first stage. Unlike the previous voting process, which allowed choosing fewer and fewer characters as the campaign whittled down the candidates, this time around fans were asked to rank every character from most to least popular in order to give a clearer look at how they stack up to each other.

This first round has cut the stable of characters from thirty to twenty. They are, in alphabetical order: Aeon, Annie, Beatrix, Beowulf, B. Dahlia, Brain Drain, D. Violet, Feng, Ileum, Isaac, Marie, Minette, Molly, Panzerfaust, Roxie, Scythana, Stanley, Taliesin, Umbrella, and Venus.

While the surviving cast wasn’t ranked, we’re now able to keep a running tally of the eliminated fighters and their overall placings.

21. Mrs. Victoria
22. Leduc
23. Adam
24. Hubrecht
25. Andy
26. Hive
27. Ottomo
28. Samson
29. Yu-Wan
30. Regina

So, what do you think? One interesting thing to note is that all the characters that made it through the first round last time have done so again, with five new characters (Beatrix, D. Violet, Ileum, Roxie, Taliesin) thrown into the mix. Will we see the voting play out similarly this time around, or will their presence be enough to shake things up a bit? In any case, be sure to keep campaigning for your favorites!

Source: Ravidrath