Iron Galaxy Posts Update #3 on Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition Patch

By on May 8, 2013 at 3:08 pm
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It’s been a long time coming, but Iron Galaxy’s planned title update for Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition is nearing completion. Iron Galaxy added a post to its development blog with up-to-date information on the patch.  The update has been sent to Capcom for Q&A testing, after which it will be submitted to Microsoft and Sony for certification.

Iron Galaxy showed off some of the changes in a recent stream (at around 35 minutes), but you can find details on the changes below.

  • We have successfully migrated all the netcode improvements from MvCO and Darkstalkers to 3SOE, and in our tests the game behaves identical to those in the wild.
  • We replaced ping colors with numbers (in milliseconds).
  • Added filters for region (your current region, or all), opponent skill, and ping. It’s worth noting that the game will still return you matches that don’t match this criteria if none matching your criteria are found.
  • When creating a lobby you can make it so only people in your region can join.
  • Fixed the problem with the order of the lobby getting jumbled when people ready up.
  • Can “Mute All” on PS3 now.
  • Rank should, in theory, never get reset to 0. If your rank is currently 0 you will be stuck that way, however.
  • Moved ready/unready to separate buttons.
  • Leaderboards get updated faster/more reliably on PS3.
  • YouTube uploads on 360 will now be at 360p.
  • Defaulted Gill to “banned” in Player Match.

These fixes aren’t online specific, but these are on the list because they were either relatively easy to implement or things we deemed “must fixes” (like the super art meter length).

  • Super Art bars are now the correct length.
  • Can now turn off the Challenge bars on the in-game UI.
  • Added “Disable Stun” to training options.
  • We now remember the super art selected in player select, and default to that selection when you return to player select. It doesn’t auto-pick it, just highlights it.
  • Difficulty now affects Arcade Mode.
  • Fixed visual glitch in Remy’s Stage with scan lines on.
  • Fixed color for Urien’s Reflector (P2).
  • Fixed color for Poison (P2).
  • Made some changes to how Ryu’s bag falls over.
  • Fixed some random locks/hangs.
  • Added color bars by the character portraits on the UI that match the major colors selected by the player.

Iron Galaxy also posted notes on the bug that caused EX moves to drop. This is actually a bug also present in the arcade version, and thus has been left in its original state.

Thanks to some help by telesniper707 we were able to reproduce the “Dropped EX” bug reliably. Here’s the details as he relayed it in his email:

“Easy to confirm/reproduce: Load up training mode with obvious parameters, pick Ken or Ryu, or any character that has an EX move that’s simple, but also doesn’t overlap another move that uses the same input, but an opposite button… (example, Dudley, both Back Swing Blow and Cross Counter have the same input direction wise, so it’s more difficult to reproduce moves of these types), now start normal training. Hold down a normal button that’s of the opposite type than that of the EX, ie. hold down Short if you are going to do an EX Fireball. Input the motion, then release the held button and press the 2 buttons (or 3 button macro) 1 frame later. If inputted correctly, no EX will come out. I guess people experience this effect with cancelling a normal to special, but timing it awkwardly…”

The rub with this is that this repro works on our Arcade unit as well, so we’re not addressing it as it’s in the original version. Mystery solved.

While the exact timing of release is still undetermined, look foward to this long-awaited update in the relatively near feature.

Source: Iron Galaxy

  • Gene Q.

    Ping Numbers….YES! Now I can ignore those that are more than 69.
    Srsly. Even Red colors were playable. Numbers just make it more alienating to causal people. 4 simple COLORS are universal!

    • Tobias Hälinen

      How fucking casual do you have to be if you can’t even understand a ping number?

    • Mash Harder

      I think most people know what ping means these days.

    • Louis Lam

      Why don’t we have both?

    • pootnannies

      red was definitely not playable. you must have had input delay at maximum and gotten used to it because your opponent would be warping everywhere if you had the delay set to 1. ping is incredibly important when it comes to ggpo or else it’s useless to implement it. people will only complain because they do not understand how and why it’s so good for fighting games.

      • $18011339

        Some people set their input delay the OPPOSITE way. I remember playing this autistic clown named Alex3rdStrike aka Louis Cipher who ALWAYS had his input delay set to 0, playing him was a goddamn nightmare and he told me it was my fault. Found out when I saw on SRK that he was arguing against people who told him not to set his delay to 0.

    • You’re worrying about alienating casuals in 3rd Strike? HAAAAHAAAHA oh god, that’s rich.

  • Mr. X

    good job iron galaxy 😀

  • Le Sun


    Exactly what part about all of us, as a collective, bitching and whining about wanting an instant rematch button for online play on the stage screen just like the one we have for offline, over the past 4 years, isn’t clear to developers?

    And meanwhile, “Made some changes to how Ryu’s bag falls over.”

    Priorities, guys, please.

    • Louis Lam

      Instant rematches should be staple by now but to be fair, the Ryu bag glitch was probably a ten minute fix.

  • Mash Harder

    All right, that’s cool.

  • RunningWild1984

    Too bad everyone is gonna just resume playing this on GGPO for free.

    • Rene castaneda

      its no longer there man they removed the game upon the release of 3so

      • pootnannies

        the mexican version is on there now. you’ll see what i mean…

  • Neiman Moore

    3S will definitely see a rise in popularity after this update

  • KubikiriTurkojin

    2 player practice still not in the game

  • now thats how you manage video games.. rats off to you bois

  • Piccoro

    Lots of updates for 3SOE and Resurrection, and not a single update for Origins…

  • Garrett Jones

    Eat a dick you entitled bitches.

  • DanAdamKOF

    Wish they’d give infinite time for character select in local versus…

  • TempBast

    Fuck yeah!

  • How about that PC (or Steam) port since you and Capcom got 3rd Strike banned on GGPO (yeah I know there are workarounds) .

  • Ikki

    2 years since release still no patch.

    • Rock

      4 months since this announcement still no patch.

  • Razor

    Still no original arcade soundtrack option? The game has the arrange tracks from the Dreamcast port but no arcade soundtrack.

    • John Sheppard

      Not to mention the transitions in tracks between rounds are still broken and not continuous.

  • JKY

    I might be wrong… but it looks to me that the YouTube upload has been removed from SF3 on the Xbox. I cant see it anywhere.