Inkblot and Ponder’s Next Big Thing, and How You can Help!

By on April 29, 2013 at 9:16 am

This straight up is not fighting game related, but it’s something that’s close to my heart, so I hope you’ll bear with me.

Over the years, Ponder and I have collaborated on a lot of fighting game projects, including this site, Evo, and GGPO. All of these have been incredibly rewarding experiences for both of us, but we’ve always dreamed of writing a game.

About 18 months ago, we quit our jobs to start our own indie development studio. Our first project is a sandbox strategy game called Stonehearth. We’ve made a lot of progress on our core tech, but to continue on we need to grow the team, so we’re running a Kickstarter.

I’ll keep this short: please check out the video, and if this is something that you’d like to get behind, we would deeply appreciate your support. Even though this isn’t a fighting game, it’s being built on a lot of lessons we’ve learned from the FGC: games are best when they are rallying points for players to meet, share, and grow together.


-inkblot & Ponder, AKA Tom & Tony Cannon

  • Pertho14

    Posting because this is awesome.

  • NyuBomber

    Hmmm… Hmm…Hmm! …Hm? Hmmm… Hm.

    I like it!

  • ProdigousL

    This looks like Zelda+Minecraft

  • ネックロー

    This looks like so much fun. Will be donating to the kickstarter the minute i have some extra money!

  • Shane Guidaboni

    Looks great!

  • J.R.

    I hope this is also Mac compatible.

  • Nick Nobriga

    This looks really interesting; I wish you guys the best of luck on this! My favorite part of this so far: Brewmaster levels up to Physician! LOL

    Question: Are you looking for interns? ehehe

  • lordrockman

    looks very good ill help as soon as i can!!!

  • Kurow Akutenshi

    Oh hi there 3d dot game heroes

  • pootnannies

    well since ponder (i think that’s the one of the twins) came up and maintains GGPO on pc and finally after much begging, put 3S as well as other games we wanted on there in the past, myself as well as others who took advantage of his free time and server space owe him one. i’ll see what i can donate and the game itself looks like lego/minecraft with a softer render and more goal oriented. i’ll see what i can scrounge up to donate but i really hate kickstarter 🙁

  • Youone

    Time to rev up those conspiracy theories James MK.

  • Jelani-Akin

    Heavily considering donating once I get paid. My type of game for sure.

  • Mash Harder

    Already looks better than SimCity 2013!

  • Rahavic

    Any multiplayer?

    • inkblotSRK

      stretch goals, to be announced soon!

      • Rahavic


  • Psylocke Mage

    I would strongly consider investing in this game, but I need to learn more about the combat engine. Coming from two fighting game software veterans I don’t see why they can’t make a real time strategy game with deep action combat mechanics.

    • pootnannies

      just out of curiosity, what fighting games did they make?

  • Mash Harder

    Seems more RPG oriented than strategy / builder, but wow similar indeed.

  • Ja-Kal

    so if I switch the two words around I get… D:

    • Curious.

    • inkblotSRK

      Yeah, hearing about that was a depressing day. We’ve had the name Stonehearth since Nov 2012 =(

    • Rodolfo Camarena

      when I saw the name, the first thing to pop in my head was WoW, as well. Don’t think the name will be a problem though. I like it.

  • Quite scummy to hijack this appeal for funding to promote another game. A quite different game no less but I’m sure you knew that.

  • Louis Lam

    Obligatory Minecraft comment.

    • windsagio

      minecraft nothing, Dwarf Fortress!

      Minecraft is a dumbed down ripoff. This has real content

  • Art Salmons

    Make GGPO work right and I’ll donate plenty.

  • -Drop down arrow to the right of Genesis’ name
    -Flag as Inappropriate

  • I’m not interested in these kind of games at all tbh. That said, I think this guys have provided us with a lot of fun moments, like EVO and in my case GGPO. So now they have this project that’s important for them, and I don’t think it’s a bad idea to support it, if you have an extra buck around.

  • Streye

    I’m definitely going to throw some money at this. The game concept seems fun enough. I’m not too big on creating content, but more power to people that do. Of course, if the tools they make available to the player are deep enough to where I can create two forces of Gi wearing soldiers that can only do shoryukens, I would be down to make the ultimate battle of Daigo vs Valle and pay several tiers higher on the kickstarter.

  • Danny Craig

    ‘Will be donating to the kickstarter the minute i have some extra money!’

    ‘ i’ll see what i can scrounge up to donate’

    ‘Heavily considering donating once I get paid.’

    ‘Make GGPO work right and I’ll donate plenty.’

    If you’re not going to donate, might as well just shut the fuck up. Even a $5 donation means infinately more than your ‘i’ll donate when i get money’ cop-out excuse/promise that will likely never be kept.

    I don’t have an excess interest in this game but I feel that ponder and inkblot deserve something for providing us with this site, evo, and ggpo. I have mad respect for them quiting their job and pursuing their goals on top of what they’ve already done for us, thus donated them $15 (I know not much but imagine if EVERYONE did that)

    good luck Cannons!

    • pootnannies

      how do you know if we won’t donate? you quoted me and yet i donated $20 (just after i posted that too). shut the fuck up.

  • Shaddox

    Can’t wait for Ponder to remove games from GGPO again after I give him my money. KappaRyu

    • TempBast

      Actually, any game emulated on FBA can be played on GGPO. You just need to know how.

      • Shaddox

        True, but having a room makes things so much more organized. I’m tired of asking everytime if anyone wants to play Neo Turf Masters.

  • J.D SRK

    will Stonehearth be at the EVO indie showcase?

  • Suspinded

    Put in $30 on day one. I haven’t KS’ed anything on day one before. I’m shilling to friends too. This looks right up my alley.

  • TwilightInZero

    SRK, please do SOMETHING about these spambots.

  • Garrett Jones

    Give us money to make the game.

    What’s that you say? Oh, well yeah you have to make the game as well.

    Give us money to make the engine.

    What’s that you say? The engine is all borrowed resources or ideas?

    Give us money to be a content aggregate then. Just like your favorite memes on le reddit and huffingtonpost!

  • Jay Robinson

    Good luck cannon brothers! Game looks amazing, I hope everything takes off

  • Mash Harder

    When you open up Paypal donations, will you honour tier rewards for them?

  • Cat Astrophy

    Why didn’t you just make a fighter?

    Also what’s the name of Blizzard’s new card game coming up? Yeah flip those two words around and what do you get? Shameless.

    • they’ve used the name stonehearth for quite some time actually…

  • Auntie Fee

    Yet another Minecraft rip-off

  • Fuzzy Bunny

    I think I voted to Greenlight this.

  • Spam Ftl

    Sorry guys, doing great things for the fighting game community doesnt mean you get to crowdsource your dream project (you QUIT YOUR JOBS? SERIOUSLY?). You are whoring out your status for a chance to live out a fantasy… if it had a tiny bit to do with fighting games perhaps I could understand. Kickstarter itself is a blight on the internet when it is used by guys like yourselves (with internet armies). You have killed any respect I had for you, but thanks for ggpo.

    • Spam Ftl

      I am happy you guys are smart enough to ride the KS bandwagon right now though. It will probably go well. Low move, but I dont wish badly for you.

  • Spam Ftl

    Aaaand naturally, you have already far exceeded your goal. Nice work loyal fighting gamers! Ridiculous.

  • Spam Ftl

    Risk (and expectation) free money, brought to you by internet fame. This must be very healthy for the little guy indeed! I love Kickstarter! So why couldnt you guys just find a normal source of funding for your project? Wait, wait, I know, its because you value the community so damn much.

  • Obanye

    Why are there no black characters?