Eliza Chosen for Skullgirls DLC in First Character Vote

By on April 29, 2013 at 10:00 am

The vote for the first fan chosen mystery DLC character in Skullgirls has ended, and the winner is Eliza.

Eliza is a lounge singer with a darker side. By day, she organizes several blood drives for charity. By night, she feeds that blood to her parasite, which keeps her young and immortal. Beneath her beautiful skin she is little more than a living skeleton, wrapping herself in the trappings of youth.

Eliza is one of the many characters that Mike Z provided a mechanics preview for on the Lab Zero stream. When hit, blood (or, due to ratings problems, sand, ooze, or red jelly) flies out of her and sticks to a location on the floor. She can then use this blood to attack the enemy or recover her health.

The next Skullgirls DLC vote is starting today. It is unclear as to whether or not Lab Zero will be keeping the same voting format, or trying a new one. When they asked the fans, most said that they were satisfied with the vote so far, but at the same time also said they would like to change and speed up the voting format.

Source: Skullgirls Facebook, tip by Jeff

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  • Yeah!!! Great choice!

  • YourAshyAss_Elbows

    I think those red ankh symbols in that image should be the visual for the blood on the floor. It would make the blood on the floor easy to find

  • Pandamanana

    Beowolf, Panzerfaust, The big gay wrestler guy… such a waste. Luckily, she’s the coolest of the four finalists.

    • GO4PRO

      yep. I didn’t care for Eliza until she made top 4 and none of my characters were in it so I had to go #TeamNoLolis. I am satisfied with the outcome.

  • Pooh Hardy

    the voting was rigged
    they already started with that character

    • CptPokerface

      Wow that’s funny. She looks SO much different in the game..why, she looks EXACTLY like Ms. Fortune even! She even has the same moves!*

      * This was sarcasm. That is just a prototype of her mechanic. They haven’t really “started” anything.

      • Awsumpossum12345

        To be fair to the moron, its clear that they’ve “started” something. They’ve designed at the least two supers, no?

        * I know, I was talking about the dude above you.

        • CptPokerface

          True, but they don’t even have a in-game model for her yet. Not to mention it will months before she’s in, so her blood power mechanic may very well develop and change drastically between now and her release date.

        • Ben Brocka

          MikeZ spent like 20 minutes on stream throwing together a prototype of the blood and that’s all, nothing else is final. He also did a few other characters with unique mechanics so people could visualize them.

      • windsagio

        they better have started or else you guys are gonna be waiting a long long long long long long time.

        • CptPokerface

          The wait would have been lengthy anyways. Squiggly and Big Band will be released first, and the releases will be spaced out between two months. Probably won’t see Eliza in game until October.

          • windsagio

            Which is why I’m all for most companies starting DLC early for almost immediate release ><

  • Crow Winters

    I’m glad that Monster’s Othello-with-boobs won the vote.

  • Hoshi

    Now we can officially say that comeback mechanics are something that the majority of players want. This is a character that as much of an official designation of comeback mechanics as you will ever find.

    • Ben Brocka

      Oh wow this argument again: MikeZ himself isn’t a fan of comeback mechanics: http://www.destructoid.com/mike-z-talks-comeback-mechanics-in-fighting-games-227106.phtml
      I seriously doubt this would be a comeback mechanic in the standard “I am losing so I will press a button and then win” sense or anything like it. She’ll just have more moves available to her after taking damage.

      Not to mention there are very many reasons to vote for her aside from “officially designating that we want comeback mechanics”. She’s got an interesting story, slow/fast stanced fighting, a unique mechanic, and pretty cool visual design (I’m hoping those henchmen show up in game somehow).

      I could just as easily say clearly this choice means more black female singer characters are exactly what the FGC wants.

      • TheAverageGuyTAG

        The community clearly wants more cleavage and badankhadankh.

    • There’s a big difference between a “comeback mechanic” (generally a bad thing) and a character whose options change — perhaps favorably — as they lose life (not necessarily a bad thing, and well-designed actually a good thing).

  • Beb0p

    Wasn’t really surprised. What I would’ve been surprised at is if the Shark, that Pink hair doll thing or that fat robot won.

    Though this new picture showing the whole blood thing just like that cat seems lame as hell. Should’ve went for a bleach style, the one that has some butterfly power since they look similar. Soi Fon or something.

  • Paul Consiglio

    The game is already filled with enough girl characters for a change of pace throw in a couple male protagonists into the mix to shake up the roster!

  • Cat Astrophy

    Sideboobs. This was an obvious choice.

  • Kenneth Richardson

    Well done Skullgirls fans. Well done. I really wanted Dahlia, but Eliza was also one of my choices from the very beginning. With finalists like Annie and Minette, I’m actually surprised that the grown and sexy Eliza had so many supporters. Too hype.

    • Don’t let your guard down just yet, the Minette train is going full speed toward the second spot! At least I hope we can get her there. :p

      • I_Got_The_Moves_Like_Jaguar

        Not gonna happen; and she has no need to be in the game anyway. What would her attacks be like? What would she do? She looks boring as fuck as a main, playable character. She’s better off serving her purpose as an NPC, much like Ms. Victoria, and Marie.

  • KingofSarus


  • Know_the_ledge

    Geez, all of these music themed characters. Skullgirls is now Dream Girls. In all seriousness though, congrats to Eliza. She was about 6th or 7th down from who I wanted to see in the game…

  • Jason Slade

    I didn’t have a vote open for Eliza until the final 8 knocked out 3 of my 4 faves.

    Still, she’s a solid choice.

  • I just hope Panzerfaust comes next =( wa really hoping to see him in the game

  • quan_the_don

    So with bigband that makes 10…..now do 6 more and then ill buy

    • Kloakenstein

      Your math is pretty amazing.

    • Nyoka2

      Uh… what? The original eight, squiggly, big band, robo fortune, Eliza, and the last character. That makes 13… still not your totally arbitrary 16 but… seriously?

      • Eric Nguyen

        16’s not arbitrary. That’s Super Turbo right there, not counting Akuma! But yeah, the guy’s math needs work.

        • Nyoka2

          Huh, well it’s still kind of arbitrary if you think about it. Why compare it to Super Turbo’s 16. Why not World Warrior’s 8, or championship edition’s 12? Or BB:CT’s 12 or Guilty Gear’s 14, or blah de blah de blah blah. It’s just a game that he randomly decided to compare SG to, a sequel even. It may not be as arbitrary but it’s still somewhat arbitrary.

          • $35897352

            …or the recent Chaos Code’s 14

    • Let’s pretend for a second you aren’t a Samakuso-level idiot. So you need 16+ characters to buy a fighter? Wow. I guess learning the intricacies of 8-13 is just too simple for you, including their matchups, partners, assists, etc. I mean, sure, even high-level players tend to focus on and truly master a select few characters in any given game, but you, man, you’re just so far above fuck this you’re an idiot.

      • $35897352

        Wow, you’re still butthurt…good.

        • Pubes.

          • I_Got_The_Moves_Like_Jaguar


          • Pfft. You wish.

          • I_Got_The_Moves_Like_Jaguar


        • Guest

          You’re retarded.

          • $35897352

            You’re retarded.

      • quan_the_don

        Dont pretend to kno any thing about me cuz of my comments on here….i like fighting games with a large rosters …period….last time i checked that doesn’t make any one an idiot ….but you on the other hand come off like a srtaight ass-in-box.

  • Kaihedgie

    I’d probably a little more than disappointed if I didn’t know about her abilities

    Now that I think about it, she’s more like Melona, Airi ad Menace rolled into one character: Liquid composition from Melona. Scythe and life-stealing abilities from Airi and Egyptian design and status from Menace.

  • Sensationo

    She was one of my first picks, I just hope we can get Beowulf in the game he sound great

  • SolsticeOfGravity

    Sadly I’m disappointed in the fact Eliza won. I was really pulling for Annie. If at least Feng, Umbrella, Venus, Aeon, or even Molly won I would actually be satisfied. I hate to be like one of the few who disagrees with everyone on this character, but I just don’t like Eliza. Congrats to whoever voted for her though. I’m glad at least some of us are happy about the voted DLC character. At least I’ll get another shot on round two.

    My opinion aside, anyone else wondering if Juju will be included in the next round? Or did they completely do away with her?

    • TheAverageGuyTAG

      I read that she won’t be included.

    • Apparently, they figured out all the legalese with her, so apparently she will be included.

      • SolsticeOfGravity

        If this is true, Juju has my vote. A sniper in a 2-D fighter must happen.

        • Cellsai

          Juju will NOT be in the second round. The Skullgirls Facebook page confirmed as much.

    • Alexis A. Rivera-Montalvo

      The Juju dream is dead. Since they never got the contracts back where her “creator” allows them to use her without giving him any sort of compensation, then she wasn’t included in this vote, and since they haven’t received those papers STILL (it’s been a MONTH, you’d think he would try sending those in if he cared to let them use her without compensation), then she won’t be part of the second vote either.

      And after her “creator” (if you can create something with a 7 word description, that is) was a douche to Mike on the IRC chat, you can also guarantee Parasoul will NEVER EVER call Juju anymore!


      Way to go, douche! Could’ve been part of something special, but taking a dump on it is just as good! *clap clap*

      • SolsticeOfGravity

        Orrr they could just as easily redesign her. Lol. But whatevs ya know? I had a ton of good ideas down for Juju gameplay inspirations. Biggest ones were Team Fortress 2 and Chung Seiker from Elsword.

      • Razberryclownsac

        I remember him making Facebook posts asking if he would get any reward, but what else happened? In the chat specifically?

      • windsagio

        That’s… that’s not how trademark/copywrite law works. They need to quit listening to DeviantArt people.

      • I_Got_The_Moves_Like_Jaguar

        You are a complete piece of shit.

    • I_Got_The_Moves_Like_Jaguar

      Yeah, your complete lack of taste has been noted.

  • Makr0ss

    Behold! Beyonzo!

  • Alright! I guess we do have fans with good taste! Now we just need Black Dahlia in there this next round though Panzefaust and Time manipulator guy would be good choices also.

  • Expiriment_Kow

    Really can’t go wrong with anyone getting in since all the characters are fairly interesting and I trust Mike to make them fun to play. Though I did pull for Minette the entire time, it’s great to see one of my other picks get through!

  • KubikiriTurkojin

    milf 4 life

  • Creepy Chris

    Oh man, the comments on Joystiq about this. Too funny. Bunch of self righteous men complaining about her design, thinking that complaining about this portrayal of women in games will somehow make them better people. Then again, you can’t really expect much intelligence there, now can you?

    • spades111

      its called white knighting, people who need a cause bring up womens protrayal on internet all the time, then go jack off to a 3 minute porn the same night

      • I_Got_The_Moves_Like_Jaguar

        Once they realize using chickenshit tactics like that won’t get them laid, and women view them as inferior male chumps, even if they’re not completely conscious of it, then maybe they’ll sing a different tune.

        I heard that Eliza was designed by a feminist, so they can shut up now. Besides, women taking control of their sexuality should go hand-in-hand with TRUE female empowerment, if that’s the ideal feminists hold aloft. And it’s not like men aren’t sexual objects themselves at times. Most of the male heroes in video games are pretty unrealistically strong. Jesus, these Anita Sarkeesian types just make the world a dumber place.

        • spades111

          I genuinely wonder if they think these online tactics will get them laid… I really hope not. Wanna get laid online? There’s dating services and craigslist hookers =S

          I think it’s that these people don’t feel important so they voice a popular opinion regardless of whether they believe it or not so they can get the approval and virtual thumbs up from strangers and feel good about themselves.

          The idea of feminism itself is sometimes ridiculous. I for women equality, but… essentially everything you said. Not like guys have something like manoism…do we?

      • Creepy Chris

        I’ve always had a distaste for white knights, the deal was recently sealed when that whole Dragon’s Crown Sorceress controversy arose. My god…idiots everywhere!

        • spades111

          haha I totally forgot about that, it was indeed lame, though the character did look ridiculous xD All that magics gotta come from somewhere right?

          But yeah crying over large breast animations…. so are actual large chested women in other media offensive to women?

  • fallen

    I wasn’t a huge fan of Eliza’s prototype design, but that new design is FANTASTIC and totally fits in with the theme of the game and the quality of the existing characters. She was a great choice, even if I didn’t vote for her.

  • EA575

    Voting has been delayed for a few days https://twitter.com/Skullgirls/status/328671876702408706

  • SolsticeOfGravity

    You know, this whole DLC character thing reminds me of a topic brought up in the streams about Alex’s choice of a guest character if they ever decide to include one in the future. Hsien Ko I believe was his choice. Considering the position Darkstalkers is in the US fanbase, it isn’t much of a stretch if Skullgirls cross promotes Darkstalkers by including Hsien Ko. I know it is a bit early to be thinking of a guest character, but I think it would benefit both series. US gamers get even more interested in Darkstalkers and JP gamers get more interested in Skullgirls. Though I’m just spitballing a bunch of crap. Ultimately it is up to Mike and Alex if they would want to go through with such madness.

    • windsagio

      yes lets get immediately sued by Capcom and slapped with a Cease and Desist!

      • SolsticeOfGravity

        Sued? By getting permission to use a character? You are a terrible troll.

        • windsagio

          No talk of getting permission there, I notice just ‘they should use’.

          So we’ll go this way. Capcom has ZERO to gain from this. They already think the FG genre is diluted and cannibalizing itself, and they pretty clearly think the darkstalkers license isnt’ very valuable right now. Beyond that, Skullgirls has no marketing value to them.

          • interpunct

            No talk of getting permission? Wow, ever heard of logic?

          • windsagio

            Sorry, all I can hear is bizarre fanboy entitlement.

          • interpunct

            Because of your condescending attitude nobody listens to you opinion on here.


    All that trouble just to end up with this? Isn’t this character already in the game but with a different skin tone and hair color? Or am I thinking of a Queens Blade character, another quality, non-totally-fanservice-driven work of art no doubt only appreciated by the most tasteful of individuals?
    I feel bad for people who are more infatuated with this game than motivated to make it look like a serious fighter, and the former is the majority.

    • Kaihedgie

      It’s actually three Queen’s Blade characters :V

    • Melting Sky

      Why make it look like a generic fighter? Face it, the genre is stale and in need of new blood. The entire fight game scene has been in decline for years with fewer and fewer people interested in the games. Street Fighter has been stagnant and growing stale for a decade and a half. The same is true of most of the other 1990s fight game franchises that are still around making clones of the old originals. -shrug- To each their own.

    • windsagio

      I missed you man ><

    • I_Got_The_Moves_Like_Jaguar

      Stop being a fucking prick. This is not a serious fighter, and doesn’t need to be. It’s niche, and superficial, and fun, and that’s good the way it is. If you weren’t such a pretentious cunt, you’d notice Eliza is an Elizabeth-Taylor-inspired Egyptian character, who’s design is perfectly fucking good for this game. It’s really not a bad design at all. It’s simple, cute, and looks like Cleopatra – it’s the exact kind of character I wanted before I even seen her. What’s this shit about “a serious fighter?” The game mechanics aren’t incredibly innovative, but they’re acceptable. The game is at its worst in the moments it’s trying to be serious. I don’t know what you want from it, but if it’s not up to your naive standards, you’re more than welcome to go play another fucking game

      • WlNBACK

        “This is not a serious fighter. It’s niche and superficial.”

        I definitely can’t argue with this!

        • I_Got_The_Moves_Like_Jaguar

          I just reread that comment I long forgot about and LOL’d at the level of intensity, viciousness, and contempt that is in it which isn’t a required response for the kind of comment you made lmao. All I had to do was call you a prude, and leave it at that.

          I know I wasn’t angry at you at all, but it sure as hell looked like I was mad as hell lol. Not surprised now when kids ask “U MAD?”

  • Kaihedgie

    Seems as though someone’s gone on a dislike spree today. I don’t get that :V

    • Seems to me the thing to do is not give a shit about dislikes — whoops, nvm. Just saw who I was replying to. Carry on giving a shit about what isn’t worth giving a shit about.

  • spades111

    didn’t notice the arms or legs till today, lol all the flesh and fat went straight to the chest

  • Къци Губи

    Personally I would like the Kankuro type guy for some change in the roster.

  • Petran79

    I am more excited about the Egyptian stage and BGM.

    If I were to take also this into consideration, then I guess I’ll vote differently in the second round

  • I_Got_The_Moves_Like_Jaguar

    I can’t believe this happened, and the fans actually chose the right character. I’m so proud of you guys :’D

  • Guest

    I can’t believe this happened, and the fans actually chose the right character. I’m so proud of you guys :’D

  • I_Got_The_Moves_Like_Jaguar

    Want me to say again, you little softies?

    So, yeah, the perfect thing to top this off is if the awesome Black Dahlia makes the second pick, as she is damn well entitled to. She’s one of the best designs that have come from the game (always thought so since I seen her in Peacock’s ending); and just in case anyone else didn’t notice from playing story mode, she plays a pretty significant role in the incredibly shitty story. She also looks like she’d be fun to play, besides looking awesome, and sexy.

    Another great design is Roxie, who I feel really ought to be in the game, too. She’s just too good to pass up, but I think Black Dahlia is a must. Black Dahlia, Roxie, D. Violet, and Annie – I seriously could not give less fucks about the rest. Although, Umbrella is OKAY, but only because she reminds me of “Madeline,” and I suppose if I never seen those other designs, or she was added with them, I’d have no qualms. But if the second DLC character is not one of them, I am not going to be pleased.

  • I_Got_The_Moves_Like_Jaguar

    Nobody knows this, but I inspired this character 🙂