Team NINJA Announces New Dead or Alive 5 Title for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Teaser Trailer Reveals Ninja Gaiden Character Momiji to Appear

By on April 28, 2013 at 12:28 pm

Last night at the Dead or Alive 5 and SoulCalibur V tournament “TGN Playse #1”, Team NINJA Producer Yosuke Hayashi announced that team is currently developing a new Dead or Alive 5 title. The brief teaser shown at the event, viewable below, shows a peek of Momiji, a character from Team NINJA’s Ninja Gaiden Series. Hayashi stated that other new characters will also appear in the next title.

In addition, Team NINJA will be hosting the last official tournament for the current DOA5 in July 2013.

Source: TGN Playse, diablodoc d

  • Jahmere Durham


  • shion16

    HYPE B*NER!!


    Hopefully we get Ein, Leon, and Tengu back as well

  • tanjil

    hmmm, feels worse than umvc3. In MvC3 we got barebones but we knew what we were getting. In doa5 we got lies… like broken game features but never fixing them.

    like selling someone a 5 speed fan but only 4 of the speeds work. In the case of DOA5 it was arcade/training fight request. The mode was there, but never worked.

    In the case of the fan I could have asked for a refund, but not for DOA5. I assume it’s legit otherwise someone in the US would have already tried to sue xD

    • spades111

      There are dislikes…so people are denying Throwdown Mode is broken? That’s taking fanboyism to the next level -_-

  • RunningWild1984

    Moar VF characters pls.

    But seriously, announcing a new title update this soon? C’mon…

  • tanjil

    so we might get the removed DOA characters… some NG characters Momiji, Irene, Rachel, MURAMASA! some VF characters and I suppose some new to the series characters

  • Zonder88

    They BETTER have a DLC title update for DOA5 owners and not force us to buy a new disc. Also the old DLC better work with this.

    As far as characters, hope Irene is, with her NG3:RE outfit and NG2 outfit. Bring back Ein and Leon. Add more VF characters.

    • Victor Thammavong

      Nah, they’re gonna make you pay $60 again ’cause they want your money.

      • Zonder88

        I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt for now. If anything it’ll be 40$, if NG3:RE was any indication.

    • Tim Young

      I’d be okay with Leon alone.

    • Pooh Hardy

      like JACKY AND GOH

  • Beb0p

    Not a big deal but it’s pretty much the only fighting game that can keep my attention over a month.

  • eilegz

    this its going to the path of blazblue…. i guess i made he right decision when i didnt buy doa5 i wait for the ultra super plus version

    • Caleb Scottie Spicer

      same path as blazblue?ASW havent done anything wrong with BB

      • RunningWild1984

        Remember CS1/CS2, then CS2 Extend? Yeah. Big series of rip offs right there. They gave you three DLC characters, then release another disc based update that includes the 3 DLC characters people paid for plus 1 new character and an expanded story mode. That’s nonsense.

        • Caleb Scottie Spicer

          cs2 was free and a patch to cs1,if they did that it wouldnt be bad

        • spades111

          Considering CS2 was free, but yeah 1.5 years later CSX came out, with hardly anything to show, they just took what existed for the PSP version and added it to the PS3 plus a couple of other extras.

          At $8 per DLC character, people were better off never buying the DLC unless they actually frequently used that character. I felt ripped off, $24 on DLC characters only to have the game come out with all of them and me paying $40 when I only used Makoto

  • Beb0p

    They better not have that lame ass online lobby music or I’ll just end up only using offline.

  • Victor Thammavong

    That was one of the most hypest trailers I’ve ever seen in my life. Super Dead or Alive 5, let’s go!

  • Rohan Mayers

    Yeah DOA is following in the footsteps of Capcom. Come on, milk your fans.

    On a side note, it is interesting that DOA like VF and dislike Tekken. They are even willing to make a game with them. And even Tekken is willing to make a game with VF. We may get DOA x VF and Tekken x VF one day but no DOA x Tekken ever 🙁

    • DOATEC T.V

      Well you’d have to understand everything pertaining to stories and game play engine is very identical with VF and DOA so it would make more since. Honestly, DOA is just VF with (more) stuns, unbreakable throws, and interactive stages.

    • Zonder88

      Im pretty sure its just Itagaki that hates Tekken, not sure about the current Team Ninja with Hayashi.

  • I’m a DOA5 fan, and even I have no intention buying this. Did the first version sell enough to justify an add-on?

    • DOATEC T.V

      No, but there was extreme displeasure from the casual fan base pertaining to the lack of offline content that made playing it by yourself rather boring. DOA4 was terrible competitively but had more content. Fans displayed their displeasure on TN’s twitter and they listened. Unlike Capcom, this title update isn’t about juicing all the money they can out the game, it’s about satisfying their customers. Most likely bringing in characters fans asked for. Alot of fans asked for Mommiji, and the return of characters from DOA4 (Ein, Leon, and Tengu.) Fans also asked for more stages which was seen, more modes, more costumes, and music from previous DOA’s (which is what they included with DOA5+). So before anyone else compares them to Capcom, and at least Team Ninja gives their fans what they want.

      • RunningWild1984

        Those are all trivial demands though.

        Do we really need another ninja, another Bayman and Hayate swapped with Hitomi’s movelist? And Tengu is one of the silliest characters ever.

        And I say this being a big supporter of Leon too.

        The game is still young and has time to flourish. Save it all for DOA6 in a few years.

        • DOATEC T.V

          wow… Mommiji’s a shrine maiden not a ninja. Bayman to Leon and Hitomi to Ein isn’t even a comparison. Like Devil Jin, and normal Jin they’re the same exact characters but overall different personalities and play styles. Those characters may use the same style but their play styles are different. In Dead or Alive 4 Ein was a high tier character who had better damage output and spacing. Same With Leon and Bayman. Leon had a better rush down game, and more frame traps while Bayman was more defensive. You may not like Tengu but he still had his fan base. To call yourself and a Leon fan a say he’s Bayman with swapped movesets is silly.

          These character are not like TTT2 DLC characters which features the same play styles as other characters or personalities/counter parts (Xiaoyu/Miharu), (Lee/Violet)..

          • Keaneth Jefferson

            At least the tt2 dlc was free. C’mon give it a break lol

      • Emezie Okorafor

        “Unlike Capcom, this title update isn’t about juicing all the money they can out the game, it’s about satisfying their customers.”

        Umm…how much did SFxT 2013 cost again? Oh yeah, it was free.

        And, the 12 DLC characters cost me nothing, because Capcom paid for mine (I entered EVO last year).

        Someday, you all will realize that every company is motivated by the same thing. It’s you guys who try to act like one is more noble than another. The reality is that all of them are trying to make money, and all of them are also comprised of human beings who also want to satisfy their costumers. This includes Capcom, Tecmo, Namco, Arcsys, Sega, NRS, etc.

        They’re all the same.

        • KubikiriTurkojin

          meaning they are all trying to fuck you over as much as possible to see how far they can go. after they reach it they might start a giving a fuck again, who knows.

          all i know is namco (and sega to a degree) so far has been the only ones not trying to fuck over the fgc. not saying that namco bandai are saints, they do like to fuck over their japanese consumers though. at least from what ive seen from their rpg dlc retardedness.

          youre right in the sense that they would like to fuck you over for as much as possible for giving as little as possible. basically what people are prepared to pay for their product. and people are prepared to pay too damn much for far too little.

  • d3v

    Just make it play like the E3 build of vanilla (Critical Blows come faster, more unholdable stuns, harder to slow escape) and this’ll be the best thing.since 3.1.

  • Beb0p

    Making Street Fighter and Blaze Blue seem generous… this is like what, the 5th remake?

    • Johnson Nguyen

      What the hell are you talking about?

  • Nicholai55 .

    I’m all for this. With updates they did doa5 I don’t even play it anymore. Now I can start from scratch. I’m excited.

  • Cylith

    If they add more VF characters, the only ones that make sense TO ME, are:
    Aoi-All counter/holds anyways(my main in VF so I’m bias)
    Jacky- Who has the stronger JKD style
    Jean Kujo-Leave Ein out, he doesn’t exist in the story anymore
    Wolf-Need another grappler

    Still excited for this though, I’ve played every DOA and loved all of them, for their time. My favorite 3D fighter next to VF. Weird since DOA came about because of VF, but I feel that DOA is more “fluid”. At least personally it is. Oh and that terrible rap song needs to go in the online menus.

  • Chaan Niccaples Thomas

    You’re all going to shit yourselves when this turns out to be DOA Beach Volleyball 3.

    • Dhruv Rajyagor

      That’s impossible bro. THEY ALREADY MADE THAT!

    • UseProtection

      That game already exists.

  • martin rush

    man… good thing i paid doa 5 for 30.

    but i still have not fully played it for what its worth; to soon. slow down. i am slowpoke.

  • Jacob Paul Schmidt

    Be cool to see a 2d DOA title

  • I hope they’ve been watching all the level interactions of Injustice and try to top them over a crazy but more realistic approach with the level designs

  • Hayashi wanted to include Ryo Hazuki from Shenmue, Hope it’ll happen.

  • Beb0p

    I don’t know what everyone is spazing on about. Out of all the fighting games this is the only one that’s worth considering getting if every other fighting game came out at the same time.

  • JbstormburstADV

    I believe Team Ninja said once that they would have not preferred to copy Capcom, so seeing this kinda has me on nerves. I will withhold judgement for a later date.

    On an unrelated note… DOA x VF! DO IT!

  • xtriker360

    No pc version? 🙁 🙁

  • People that should be added to this New Version:

    Returning: Ein, Leon, Tengu, Raidou, Genra, Shiden,

    Possible DLC or Unlockable: Goh, Jacky, Ryo Hazuki, Jean, and Maybe Lion or Wolf.


    I saw a bunch of posts about this from people that I thought just had bad typing skills and were trying to say “Momochi is going to join DoA” but it ended up being “Momiji joins the cast of DoA”. There goes the half-excitement.
    Also wow, these asian kats really like their vague DoA trailers. Anyone who actually finished DoA5’s crap story mode will see how mediocre and expected this “announcement” really is…like this game really needs another female ninja with an uninspired, dragged-out Shonen-tier storyline.

    I was hoping the announcement was that they were getting started on DoA6 after firing everyone involved with DoA1 thru DoA5. Now that would’ve been great news.

  • kinv


  • me