Its Contest Time! Win SFxT for PC! Version 2013!

By on April 25, 2013 at 6:07 pm

Since version 2013 is out for Street Fighter X Tekken, now is the perfect time for a contest! is holding a contest for three lucky fans of Street Fighter x Tekken. They will each receive a digital copy of Street Fighter x Tekken for PC. You have a origin account to qualify.

All you have to do is post your thoughts about the new balance patch that is out for Street Fighter x Tekken in 2013.

Post your replies in this thread on the SRK forums to be eligible to win. This contest is open to anyone with a US origin account that can redeem codes.

Good luck! The contest ends Saturday, April 27, 2013 at 11:59am PST.

PS. Comments from the front page are ineligible.

  • RobertEspaillat

    I like that the game is not SFxTimeOut anymore

  • Bigg

    I think the balance patch greatly improves the game in just about every way. I wish ver 2013 was the version of SFxT that came out a year ago, because unlike the original it’s leigtimately good.

  • AriesWarlock

    You must have an Origin account, I take it.

    • RobertEspaillat

      I guest you and i are the only ones that use Origin and Steam lol

    • Kevin Wark

      No deal.
      I’d rather buy it at 75% off on sale through.Steam

      • tanjil

        wasn’t that a 1 time thing…

  • ReddChief78

    Lol PC version

  • Darkphyre

    They could at least offer a version that has functional online play…. >.>

  • Skudd Stevens

    Would a Canadian Origin account also work?

  • This game has finally become the dream match fans waited for,with an actually agressive gameplay,which is something the SF series is not truly known for.Tekken characters might be SF-styled but the pace of the game’s Tekken speedy kills all over it.

  • qweasdzse

    I like the changes especially how you can actually punish rolls. I also like Chun Li being top tier lol.

  • Shinabro

    I love SFxT, it’s my favorite game, but SFxT on PC is the worst prize they can ever offer.
    No players, shitty netcode, late updates and so on.

    • Louis Lam

      lol bitching about free games

      • Time and effort have to be expended to post in the forums (and if it’s crap, I’m sure the mods will whack it).

        There’s a cost, it’s just not money.

    • lt mōntℎ my śtêr‘ś bōyḟriênd bicālly ālśō ġōt ā cℎêquê ḟōr $7987 wōrin ā śixtêên ℎōur wêêḱ ḟm ℎōmê ānd tℎêir riênd‘ś śtêpunt`ś nêiġur dōnê tℎiś ḟōr ḟōur mōntℎś ānd ġōt pāid ōr $7987 in tℎêir śrê timê ōn linê. āpply tê ġuidêliś āilāblê āt tℎiś lin,

  • Icy_Black_Deep

    Wait, so they dropped GFWL and are using Origin instead now? Talk about from bad to worse.

    • Nael

      No, it’s just that the code is for a copy of the game from the Origin store. Game still uses GFWL.

  • tanjil

    I wonder how this game would have been received if this was the version that originally came out. People might have been less butt hurt about the DLC as well…. but probably not

  • Ja-Kal

    I’m glad Elena is viable now lol

  • Jordan Hoffman

    I’m going to enter this. If I win I’m going to throw it in the garbage. Just letting all you people know 😛

  • Smang

    how is sfxt a ‘prize’

  • Drago Umeharevich

    SFxT netcode on PC is unplayable and Capcom said it won’t fix it

    best game evar!

    • Nikos Zool

      well actually it was, but 2013 patch made it pretty playable if you have 2 or more bars with most opponents

      • Atlanta_is_Boring

        No it wasn’t fixed at all…

  • rc_on

    No love for Europe 🙁

  • Matthew Holland

    I’m glad timeouts are less frequent in tournaments nowadays.

  • José Ramón Pepino Ojeda

    Sorry to barge in, SFxT is the death of hype. This is a desperate move for a lost title.

  • chipsndips

    Death Stroke spamming projectiles all day: Hype

    The same MorriDoom & Vergil team winning all tourneys: Hype

    SFIV vortexes and unblockables with the same few chars: Hype

    A decently honest game who’s pace is decided by the players playing with no comeback mechancic: Not hype.


    CvS2 sequel: Hype

    Ok…just making sure we know where we’re at. >_>

    • Quan Chi

      No comeback mechanic? What do you think supers and gems are 😛

      Comeback mechanics are not bad. But the game still is broken for other reasons xD

      LoL at honest game. An honest game would be no DLC and if there was DLC, it would deal with online things that don’t affect offline play.

      • Doses that mean that KOF is not honest cause it has DLC. Also what do mean online things affecting offline play.

        • Quan Chi

          Things affecting online play means things like in RE6 when you get an online mode just for multiplayer and it doesn’t allow you to access something extra in the main game. So you can choose not to get it without feeling that you dont have the complete game.
          You tell me about KOFXIII. Does KOF have DLC that makes the whole game $80-$100 like SFxT?

          • chipsndips

            No, but UMVC3 robbed people 40 bucks after the original came out. I spent 100 bucks on that game and it’s still freaking loaded with bugs and glitches and 1-touch-kills. SFIV could possibly run someone 115 bucks just to stay up-to-date. So yea, optional dlc costs beat mandatory paid update, right? RIGHT?

          • Quan Chi

            If you had any sense, you would know that you just agreed with me…
            BTW, neither of those games had paid updates 😛
            Although I still don’t get why you are name dropping games that aren’t the subject matter.

          • chipsndips

            UMVC3 and SSFIV aren’t paid updates? AE isn’t a paid update? Are you just fking retarded? At this point, this is all I can conclude. I’m seriously asking.

          • Quan Chi

            The subject matter was dlc updates. That is what you spoke on. So since you want to include separate games as updates to try to use manipulative wordplay go ahead and do so. But you even still lose at that. They all are made by capcom so thanks for throwing your “honest” fighting game theory out the window. you can stop talking now.

          • chipsndips

            Wrong. You said “the whole game was 80-100 bucks”, right? That’s true in the sense that gaining everything in the game would cost that much, but here’s a few notes you miss:

            1) The game is one purchase. Those games are multiple purchases. Just buying SFIV and SSFIV new when they were current ran me 100 bucks TWICE. SF X TKN was cheaper than both of those games AND I get up-to-date balancing without buying a new game.

            2) Those games also have separate costumes to buy. Even more dough spent.

            It doesn’t matter if they’re made by Capcom. They’re games that are way more accepted, but at the same time, they cost more to keep up with and enjoy 100% of the content in the up-to-date versions of those games than it does in SF X TKN. This also has nothing to do with being an honest fighter. It was about costs of the fighter. You already gave up the “honest fighter” point in that other discussion. The one where you were trolling cause you’re so scrubby you don’t know what a comeback mechanic is.

      • chipsndips

        1) KOF isn’t honest now? Stick to the game play.

        2) If the game’s “broken”, don’t say “other reasons”. Name ’em if you’re confident and we’ll see how they hold up to Marvel’s bs or SFIV constant knockdown > vortex thing it’s going on that people are begging Capcom to nerf to the ground as we speak.

        3) Come back mechanics work solely for the loser. When you do worse, they get stronger to catch you up. Meter (thus, supers) and gems work for those that are losing AND winning. They aren’t come back mechanics.

        I hate how everyone that disses the game are so clueless like this. >_>

        • Quan Chi

          1) nobody mentioned kof in anything.

          2) i didn’t just say “other reason”. I explained the reasons a zillion times around. I thought it would have been redundant to keep saying the same ol thing when you are a user here and can see the same things that i can. 2 combos can kill your character. Combo strings are so long forcing you to just sit back and watch instead of play. You only need that one opening (inb4 your say noob. inb4 you see that no one gets perfects EVERY time). No hitstun deterioration or mega crush to even attempt to counter this. everybody is basically a glass cannon. and then we have auto launching which looks as if it should have been a support gem. auto launching is just as distracting as having to press Kx3 in marvel alternatively just to super jump. When use pandora when you can just use power gems? Not to mention, does this game even have corner pushing? -_-

          3) comeback mechanic is an ability to turn the tables on your opponent. THAT’S IT. btw, your definition explains supers and gems perfectly….

          Then I guess you hate yourself. Sorry bout your luck.

          • chipsndips

            1) Honest fighters are those that stick closer to player skill. Has nothing to do with add-ons, disk-locked content, or anything else outside of game play. Injustice wouldn’t be considered “honest” due to environmental interactions, as an example. SF X TKN and KOF, however, would be considered more honest fighters.

            2) You did say “it’s broken for other reasons”. That’s vague as hell. But now that you’re actually saying things that can be refuted:

            a) 2 combos can end the match, but then again, those are highly optimized combos. That CAN happen, but it’s not something that happens every other match. The game ends in less than 20 seconds almost as much as it ends near the last 10 seconds. It’s a game about momentum.

            b) Long combo strings? Don’t make me laugh. It’s a versus game. Outside of Capcom vs. SNK, there’s ALWAYS been long combos in versus games. These aren’t even that long. You’re just noticing cuase the counts are real seconds.

            c) You only need that one opening? The hell is that a fault for? All fighters need openings. There’s no one-touch-kills in the game. Technically, unless you’re doing an insane Cross Assault with a friend, you HAVE to have at least 2 openings to win. Even then, those Cross Assaults all utilize resets, so they aren’t true one-touch-kills. I’m not going to insult on this though.

            d) No hit-stun deterioration because it isn’t needed. Damage scales well as is. If he combo is too long, damage reduces to single digits. A good confirm gets rewarded with more damage. Links get rewarded with more damage. Not using jabs 24/7 is rewarded with more damage. Sounds pretty fair.

            e) Only those with less than 1k health are glass cannons. Some of those with less than 1k health are naturally hard to get in on anyways.

            f) Not even sure why boost chaining into a launcher is an issue. If it weren’t for that, we’d have to manually press HP + HK to do the exact same damn thing. Would it have been an issue then? Not to mention that in a game like this, some characters would become crap tier if they didn’t have combo options off of their primary footsie tools (Zangief and Abel).

            g) Pandora is situational. All power gems would most likely be used up by the time Pandora could be activated. Also, it’s 3 bars for free AND a power boost, allowing for an instant super art. All at the cost of possibly losing in the next 10 seconds. It’s not something that’s replaced by power gems, since those can’t be activated at will.

            Actually, judging from this…you don’t know what you’re talking about, especially judging from what I’m about to address next.

            3) You don’t know what a comeback mechanic is. Your definition basically allows heavy punch to be a comeback mechanic. Anything that lets you turn the tide? So parries in 3rd Strike are comeback mechanics? Dizzies in SF games are comeback mechanics? No, because they can also benefit the person that’s WINNING. Something that benefits the winning player equally to that of the losing one is not a comeback mechanic. It’s just something to be utilized. One could almost vouch for Pandora being a comeback mechanic, but it also kills the user if they fail to win, so it’s more of a last stand than a pure comeback mechanic, kind of like wagers in Injustice. X-Factor and ultra combos benefit the dude that’s losing more than the winning player (especially ultras). Super moves and gems do not.

            Now seriously, either learn your shiz or keep quiet.

          • Quan Chi

            1) honest fighter is a made up term made up by you. it means the same exact thing as putting honest in front of a regular word.

            2) already explained that. it was supposed to be vague consider the thread’s subject.

            a) it WILL happen. You haven’t been playing good players.

            b) cvs2 and sfxt arent considered vs games. the marvel series nickname is the ‘versus series’.

            c) saying this is like saying you get perfects in every single match. already went over this too. It only takes 2 opens to die. and if you don’t experience it, then you don’t ever fight very experienced players.

            d) letter c is a perfect reason why it IS needed.

            e) false. no matter who you pick, you can always do a combo that takes away at least half of a person’s lifebar. and some half the characters you don’t need to switch out to do so for.

            f) you only need to press another fierce attack one time after already using a fierce normal attack. that causes alot of accidental launcher inputs. HP+HK after a hard attack WOULD be the best option. and since it is that when you do it as a single move, thanks of proving my point of why we DON’T NEED this shortcut.

            g) The power gems last longer than pandora. The requirements for the gems are situational. it is very easy to get 3 attack gems activated at once. whether it’s at once or not, why activate pandora when you can just utilize gems. you’ve proved nothing. wow a free whole super meter that only allows you to use one super and when it is over, pandora is over. yeah, seems legit. hows that make pandora stronger than the gems again? fail.

            I love it how when ppl decide to namecall, they already know they’ve lost. because if they really won, did they really even need to attempt to do it. tsk tsk tsk. just because you yell it, doesn’t make you right.

            3) all i hear is i don’t know what this or that is. sftu and actually realize what you’re explaining is actually the same thing you’re raging against.

            Parries are a comeback mechanic. It allows those who can’t get past fireballs to not be damaged by them.

            Your dizzy comparison is dumb. It is a meter that tells you how much punishment you can take. You can compare that to the lifebar 😛

            By ur logic, X-Factor isn’t even a comeback mechanic because you can use that anytime you want whether winning or losing 😛 See how you fail there. YOU LOSE. Later kid.

          • chipsndips

            1) I heard the term before I started using it. Try harder.

            2) Then don’t get upset when…well…it was vague. Saying “all these other issues” is a cowards method of bashing. If I bash Marvel or any other game, I use something that could be seen as a legitimate fault of the game.

            a) CAN =/= WILL. I’ve done it myself, for crying out loud. I don’t need a SF X TKN hater telling me what’s what in a game I play. Maybe you should learn some of those setups yourself and stop getting hit by them.

            b) Tatsunoko vs. Capcom is similar to MvC. So is that “vs series” or just a vs. game? Regardless, almost all Capcom cross-over games have big combos. It’s not new.

            c) Still wrong. It CAN happen. Doesn’t ALWAYS happen. Those that use proper hit confirms, utilize meter properly, and maximize their combo’s damage will get those 2-combo-wins. Otherwise? 3 minimum. You should seriously stop telling me what’s what. You’re not gonna win.

            d) Did you see LPN lose during NorCal just a bit ago? He lost cause he confirmed his Pandora combo with jabs into launcher, then did the super. The damage got scaled so hard he lost. It’s not needed cause the game rewards smart confirms and combos fairly as is.

            e) Zangief. Poison. Sakura. Blanka. Boxer. Claw. Dictator. Dhalsim. You really don’t know what you’re talking about.

            f) So you’re blaming the game because of your mashing? Press the damn button once. What the hell is this supposed to be?

            g) Seeing how they’re easy to activate, by the time you’re almost down, you’re not gonna say “lemme pop my attack gem now”. Why? Cause they activate as soon as you fulfill the requirements. It’s not something you decide. Pandora is + it gives full meter. Also, Pandora isn’t meant to be purposefully strong. It’s made to finish the match quickly. A gamble. Not an X-Factor.

            3) Ok, just read this. Fk what I said before. You’re the scrubbiest damn player I’ve ever heard of. Parries are a comeback mechanic? A MOVE I CAN DO WITH FULL HEALTH IS A COMEBACK MECHANIC? Hell, can you even read? I said “X-Factor benefits the person who’s losing more than the winning player”. If I have 3 characters, and you have 1, I get X-Factor level 1, but you get the insane level 3 version, which gives more damage, lasts longer, and grants more speed. How is that NOT a comeback mechanic? If I’m winning, I don’t need level 3 X-Factor, so I get level 1. If I’m losing, I need HELP, so I get level 2 or 3. If it was simply one uniform X-Factor regardless of if I’m winning or not, it wouldn’t be a comeback mechanic cause it wouldn’t matter if I was winning or not.

            Look, it’s obvious you don’t know wtf you’re talking about. Just stay off to the side, and don’t call dudes kids when you’re the biggest scrub I ever had the displeasure of arguing with.

          • Quan Chi

            All I hear is butthurt rage with no logical retorts and fanboyism. Cry moar.

          • chipsndips

            Are you fking kidding me or what? Damn, this is exactly why I hate the internet. Guys like you get to spew filth.

          • Quan Chi

            …..Aaaaand he’s still crying. Tsk tsk tsk.

          • chipsndips

            Say what you want. Anyone with half a brain knows three things on the net:

            1) Anyone with an argument worth fleshing out makes points that are possible to refute as well as to prove.

            2) A troll’s gonna say crap that leaves no room to be refuted. Not because it’s right or wrong, but solely because there’s nowhere to go from what they say.

            3) Anyone that has to resort to trolling isn’t worth the time to argue with.

            You know you’re full of bs. I know you’re a scrub. Anyone that reads this will know you’re a scrub. No reason to persist acting like you won something cause you didn’t. Done and done.

  • Joseph

    My favorite game of 2012/2013! The patch is great! Love the roll change (now you have to think about it) and the UI tweak makes it easier to see recoverable health, and the general nerf to safe dp switch cancels is just brilliant. I think the balance changes are good for the most part. Tekken characters got buffed like crazy but the SF characters can still compete. I can see my self playing this game for years to come.

  • Tan Tan

    I was a 100% hater of the original release because it was sooooooooo broken. Now with the 2013 patch in place, I play it quite often. Too bad that the bad release rep still makes a lot of people not play it but I would like to get a pc copy. Free is free.