BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma – More Screenshots of New Characters Kagura Mutsuki and Yuki Terumi Released

By on April 23, 2013 at 3:09 pm

Yesterday, Famitsu released a fresh batch of BlazBlue Chronophantasma screenshots, showcasing the newly announced characters set to appear in the console release, Kagura Mutsuki and Yuki Terumi.

Kagura Mutsuki


CV: Keiji Fujiwara

“I think an organization that can just calmly do that sort of thing is insane. That’s why I’ll overthrow them. That’s why I’ll change things.”

The current head of the Mutsuki Family of the Duodecim, leader of the Imperial Palace Guard and the highest general of the Novus Orbis Librarium. Despite his high position, he plans to revolt against the Imperator, the supreme ruler of the Librarium. This new character at the heart of the quickly unfolding BlazBlue story. Known as “The Black Gale” and “Kagura the Black Knight”, and he is respected for his high combat ability.

Yuki Terumi

CV: Yuichi Nakamura

“Now then, tell me where you want me to start consuming you. I’ll kill you just as you request!”

A mysterious character who suddenly appeared before Ragna and the others as the possessed Hazama. His true identity is as one of the Six Heroes who played a role in The Dark War. With little personal connection to Rachel and the others, he is seen as an extremely dangerous individual. Though he may appear imprudent, he is actually very sly and clever. He revels in destruction, his nature is calm and cruel. He has shown a peek of that brutality in the form of Hazama.

Yuki Terumi to Be Pre-order Bonus Character

Yuki Terumi will be included as a pre-order bonus download. If you reserve BB:CP in Japan, you’ll be able to play as Yuki Terumi from day one. Details on the playable conditions for Kagura Mutsuki are yet to be released. Stay tuned for more information.

Story Mode

BBCP features the high-acclaimed adventure game-style story mode of the previous games. The setting is completely new. The story has three scenarios: Chronophantasma, Six Heroes and Sector Seven. Will the veil of mystery be lifted and the truth of the story be revealed?

Game Modes

BBCP will feature all your favorite modes from previous games in the series. In addition, according to producer Toshimichi Mori, a new glossary mode will be added to the game. The tutorial mode, where Rachel teaches the fundamentals of the game, will feature many more instructors. Stay tuned in the future for more details on the included game modes.

Limited Edition Details

BBCP will come in a 7140 yen standard edition as well as a 10290 Limited Box version. The limited edition includes a Rachel Alucard Nendoroid figure, visual book and soundtrack.

  • Nendoroid Petite Series Rachel Alucard figure


Famitsu has also opened a special BBCP site page. Until the October 24 Japanese release of the game, this site will be updated with the latest information, staff interviews and more. Be on the look out for an interview with producer Mori tomorrow as well as wallpapers in the very near future.

Source: Famitsu

  • samirerre

    i hope they did better job with balancing

    • Caleb Scottie Spicer

      i thought extend was fine,they shouldnt of nerfed makoto so bad and tsubaki could be better,i just wish blazblue was popular 🙁

      • $19298411

        EX was fine idk what OP is talking about, and BB is hella popular….IN JAPAN /Kappa

      • Milton Martinez

        blazblue it’s popular, more popular than many other fighting games. like kof,
        garou, arcana heart.

        • chipsndips

          More popular than KOF13…

          Man you funny. That’s why KOF gets in the big tourneys, and I hardly see any Arcs games around period.

          • Caleb Scottie Spicer

            even though,im not a big fan of is quite popular and it gets numbers at tournaments

          • ReddChief78

            Your funnier nobody plays KOF that game been dead and 10 entrants and 30 minutes on stream isnt making IN at the big tournaments

          • chipsndips

            At least it’s freaking there. >_>

        • samirerre

          compering bb to old snk games aint a good example.

        • Caleb Scottie Spicer

          its not more popular than kof >.> bb didnt get 1000 participants at the 1 evo it was in…bb isnt even at majors

  • godisdead

    Nendoroid Rachel? Yeah, I’m importing this, since the US version isn’t going to get that in their limited edition…

  • Hotaka Saika


  • Milton Martinez

    i really want the rachel alucard miniture.


    SWEET! More stuff that people will get over in a month after the game’s release and then be forgotten forever in the archives of mediocrity! Another consistent entry to a fresh, amazing, ground-breaking series!

    • MashingShoryuken

      I don’t get it? Why did you post if you think the game is mediocre and/or that you don’t like it all together, when you could of post on many of the other games that this site features that you do like. That like if you had a choice between your favorite food and one that you think is mediocre or just nasty all together but you choice the one you think is mediocre or nasty instead of the one you like when you didn’t have to.

      • chipsndips

        He does have a point though. Instead of keeping their flagship game going strong (Guilty Gear back in the day), they somehow lost their precious ip, coughed this series up, failed to get it back to G. Gear status, and then regained G. Gear when hardly anybody really cares for it anymore. They literally replaced their flagship series with something similar, but just overall worse.

        In the end, the series may be doing ok in Japan, but in its lifetime (we can say BB is done now that they announced that BB is “PS3’s game”), it never filled G. Gear’s shoes that it left behind. Maybe their next ip can put them on the map, but right now, Blaz is just…”meh”. >_>

        • “Meh?” Last I checked, so was Guilty Gear up until X2 Slash. GG’s always been hella fun… but before that iteration, the game was a broken mess (The plot, despite being decently-written, was never very compelling either tbh). And even then it still took yet another update (Accent Core) before it became anything truly decent.
          Despite that, it still apparently needed two more updates (AC+R > the update to AC+R that’s currently in Japanese arcades), because let’s face it – competitive GG still has a lot of issues.
          Honestly, the only reason why ArcSys hasn’t been doing much GG stuff lately is because they don’t want to fall into the same trap Capcom dug for themselves (focused too much on Street Fighter 2 > tried to advance the series via sequels > but the fanbase was so stuck on SF2 by then, that they didn’t want anything else).

          • It’s why people bitched when SF Alpha came out, and why SF3 was considered a flop until Daigo vs. Justin Wong. Nobody wanted change, because the fanbase was lulled by Capcom (via SF2 updates/re-releases) into thinking the franchise would never change.
            Meanwhile Ishiwatari wasn’t about to make the same mistake, hence why Arc is focusing on wrapping up BB for now, and why he trolled the GG fanbase with Overture.

        • Narcowski

          The mistake is in assuming that Blazblue is trying to be Guilty Gear. It’s not; the two are very different games. Complaining that BB isn’t GG is like complaining that SFxT isn’t XvSF.

  • lets wait for U.S. release

  • RunningWild1984

    Is ASW gonna make us pay out the ass for DLC characters again, then do another disc based update that includes them along with another arcade balance patch and story mode summing up the events of the previous games?

    I ain’t giving ASW a penny more after the shit they pulled with Continuum Shift. They are no better than Capcom really.

    • DukeMagus

      Still better than capcom’s policy

      • Austin Davoren

        Honestly, it’s just as bad.

        • ReddChief78

          Who cares they both make good games and nobody is forcing you to buy just pick which version you want and go with that these updates seems to be the new trend and im liking it

          • Austin Davoren

            No, no, a character that is put in a tournament should either be free dlc or put in the initial game.
            Paying for a character or pre order players getting like a month in advance with a character is messed up.

          • Narcowski

            > a character that is put in a tournament should either be free dlc or put in the initial game.

            Paid DLC characters are pretty much the norm; Capcom’s done it with their last three games, Netherrealm with both of their recent fighters, and SNK did it with KoF. Hating on Blazblue’s DLC alone is unwarranted. If you’re instead saying that AE, UMvC3, SFxT, MK9, Injustice, and KoF XIII should all be dropped from tournaments… well good luck with that.

          • Austin Davoren

            I never said that…….Actually I hate all those games so meh.

            But no, having to accept the reality of a practice and not liking the practice is what I’m doing.

            Also I never hated on BB alone, every single time someone does it it’s kind of a shitty move.

  • tanjil

    terumi being a pre-order character… well if he’s released for free that would be cool, but i doubt it. in that case he’s no different from capcom’s sf x t on disc dlc characters….whether the data is on disc or not is irrelevant…

    ah if only more people were like namco’s harada and be against paid dlc characters

    • ZenTzen

      or maybe its just an early unlock code, like mu-12 in BBCS

      • tanjil

        snap I totally forgot about that. good call, hopefully you’re right

    • ArmoredBoar

      That’s a bad example since the SFxT characters weren’t even finished. Fuck, SFxT itself wasn’t even finished. lol

      • tanjil

        Don’t get me wrong I never once bashed SF x T for having on disc DLC, It’s just the popular example.

        I’ve come to the point where I know that every company has pre planed DLC and accept it, You learn that when you work at game QA testing. Companies have a blue print, DLC is part of it. We would test stuff that could have been included but released 4 months down the line.

        Capcom just wanted to dodge some sony/microsoft server fees, and they got screwed. Now the only benefit we have is we get to be ignorant to what companies will be screwing us with and we have to waste bandwidth on DLC’s. YAY…. I wish people weren’t so stupid -_-

    • ReddChief78

      Its TTT2 they had no choice but to give it away free the game was a flop so who in the hell would buy clone DLC characters that game needed all the help it could get and Capcom does it right by doing on disc DLC i like having a good online experience with my games

      • tanjil

        TTT2 was a flop? I’m genuinely asking. I loved the game, it really was just T6 with tag mechanics. I guess the online was fail. All I heard was it’s arcade scene dominates it’s console.

    • DOATEC T.V

      But those TTT2 dlc characters were nothing special; in some cases they were nothing more than just alternate persona’s for characters already on the game with “slightly” different movesets (and I emphasize the slightly). Although movesets were slightly altered, play styles weren’t so different from original counter parts. Lee – Violet; Xiaoyu – Miharu, and Jaycee/Julia – Michelle are examples.

      I’d say the only real DLC character that I can call DLC is Kunimitsu as her playstyle and moveset was unique. A few of the same attacks as yoshi but overall play style and moveset was different.

      • tanjil

        yeah you’re right, that’s how i felt about most the cast. Like why bother with clone characters? I preferred it Tekken 5 style when the clones were just alternate skins. With less characters you have better balance and more budget for other things.

        but as far as original DLC characters go… there is kuni, ogre, Dr.B and I suppose Unkown (haven’t tried her). That’s 3 to 4 original free characters,which would have cost $22.50-30 if it was up to arc system.

        • Narcowski

          Arc charged $5 per character in CS, so $15 or $20.

          • tanjil

            I know I paid $7.49 each, at some point they had either a sale or a price drop to $5, but from release and a long time after the characters were $7.49

            EDIT: Looks like I was wrong, they’re $7.99 each

            Meaning the TTT2 characters by arc standards would have been, $24-$32

  • Narcowski

    I might just not be seeing it, but there’s some more information of interest not mentioned in this article – Kagura is supposedly a charge character. It’s about time Blazblue had one.

    • ZenTzen

      it was already stated in the previous one

    • That plus his stance-based Drive ability is what makes him so interesting. Depending on how his gameplay turns out, I just might end up subbing Kagura.

  • $39334650

    off topic; but what’s going on with modern anime? all the women are little girls and all the men look like women. They should try like a ninja scroll fighter or anything less androgynous. it just fells so thematically unbalanced, especially in fighters. but that’s just the old school in me.

    • Austin Davoren

      I am confused, all?

      Tager,Bang, Haku,Azarel,Ragna, and Valk are obviously men.

      And Bullet,Makoto,Litchi,Noel, and Tsubaki are all of age last time I checked.

      But eh.

      • Pooh Hardy

        modern anime in general i think he means

        • $39334650

          yea, that’s what I meant. none of the newer protagonists are masculine (naruto, that deathnote dude, the bleach guy ichigo. etc. only the supporting guys look tough. but in the more old school stuff you had Kenshiro, Jubei, even Goku was ripped. but anyway i’m not a hardcore fan, was just wondering what seems to be a newer trend.

          • David Cunningham

            often Japanese say the same about the west and beefy over masculine men(gear of war, skyrim). japan is in the moe faze right now. it may change soon after someone releases next big manga.

    • Awsumpossum12345

      In the last thread concerning this game I mentioned the (in my opinion) terrible design for the two new characters, making the mistake of questioning a straight man’s desire to wear such clothing. I mentioned that I truly like the character design in the series as a whole, but that these two new characters look pretty awful. In my opinion of course.
      Which was a huge mistake. As a gay guy man I can’t tell you how infuriating it is to make such a comment and then get a response soliciting over 20 “likes” that basically consists of “I’m sorry that these characters can’t fit into your hetero-centric view of society”, completely ignoring of course the character design of Amane.
      I fucking hate the internet

    • luizfals

      I’ve been thinking this for quite a while too. In the movies it’s just the same, just take the example of that vampire guy from Twilight. Depending on the script it all looks very unconvincing, like with some kids, looking like ballerinas, killing zombies from outerspace with machine guns. How can anyone take this seriously?

    • “Ninja Scroll fighter”, eh?
      Already been done. In fact, you may have already heard of it – it’s called Samurai Shodown.

  • FGCLove

    Yes, a bit too late but I will import it and play some Sasuke (Mutsuki), I can’t wait!!!

  • KubikiriTurkojin

    i still havent got a bb game to date (only the free one on pc).

    this might just be the one i buy, if it included all characters and no dlc bs characters i might just buy it. this is hopefully the last bb game as i wont buy it otherwise. (fuck paying for a game that will be outdated by a year where i have the rebuy a new game or extra dlc characters).

    biggest change why i might just buy this, the game is supposedly not as slow as it used to be. if its gg speed or faster, it could actually be good (but can the netcode support that speed?).

    im glad im not one of these suckers that has bought them all with all the dlc, lol. (sorry runningwold ;p)

    • ARMs7777

      Keep on waiting man. Maybe 5 more years and the sereies might be finish because this one is not rapping up the story and new characters will be added as dlc and a balance patch next year.

  • Ace

    Question, aren’t Terumi and Hazama one and the same? What’s the difference again?

    • different persona, fighting style. Same person though.

      • samirerre

        “different persona,same person”..


    • Narcowski

      Terumi is the spirit, Hazama is the vessel he is inhabiting.

      With regards to gameplay, they will probably be at least as different from one another as the other characters that are the “same” character, with those pairs being Noel+Mu, Jin+Hakumen, and Tsubaki+Izayoi.

      • Based on what little info was revealed about Terumi, I think we can assume that his general playstyle will be very similar to that of Guilty Gear. It’s very meter-centric; he has more supers than special moves, and his Drive ability will apparently help him to build meter more quickly. Plus he doesn’t seem to have any snake chain moves, but instead has a lot more close range aggro-type stuff. Right off the bat, that already sounds very Guilty Gear-ish…

      • Ace

        Ah. Thanks for the explanation.