BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma – More Screenshots of New Characters Kagura Mutsuki and Yuki Terumi Released

By on April 23, 2013 at 3:09 pm

Yesterday, Famitsu released a fresh batch of BlazBlue Chronophantasma screenshots, showcasing the newly announced characters set to appear in the console release, Kagura Mutsuki and Yuki Terumi.

Kagura Mutsuki


CV: Keiji Fujiwara

“I think an organization that can just calmly do that sort of thing is insane. That’s why I’ll overthrow them. That’s why I’ll change things.”

The current head of the Mutsuki Family of the Duodecim, leader of the Imperial Palace Guard and the highest general of the Novus Orbis Librarium. Despite his high position, he plans to revolt against the Imperator, the supreme ruler of the Librarium. This new character at the heart of the quickly unfolding BlazBlue story. Known as “The Black Gale” and “Kagura the Black Knight”, and he is respected for his high combat ability.

Yuki Terumi

CV: Yuichi Nakamura

“Now then, tell me where you want me to start consuming you. I’ll kill you just as you request!”

A mysterious character who suddenly appeared before Ragna and the others as the possessed Hazama. His true identity is as one of the Six Heroes who played a role in The Dark War. With little personal connection to Rachel and the others, he is seen as an extremely dangerous individual. Though he may appear imprudent, he is actually very sly and clever. He revels in destruction, his nature is calm and cruel. He has shown a peek of that brutality in the form of Hazama.

Yuki Terumi to Be Pre-order Bonus Character

Yuki Terumi will be included as a pre-order bonus download. If you reserve BB:CP in Japan, you’ll be able to play as Yuki Terumi from day one. Details on the playable conditions for Kagura Mutsuki are yet to be released. Stay tuned for more information.

Story Mode

BBCP features the high-acclaimed adventure game-style story mode of the previous games. The setting is completely new. The story has three scenarios: Chronophantasma, Six Heroes and Sector Seven. Will the veil of mystery be lifted and the truth of the story be revealed?

Game Modes

BBCP will feature all your favorite modes from previous games in the series. In addition, according to producer Toshimichi Mori, a new glossary mode will be added to the game. The tutorial mode, where Rachel teaches the fundamentals of the game, will feature many more instructors. Stay tuned in the future for more details on the included game modes.

Limited Edition Details

BBCP will come in a 7140 yen standard edition as well as a 10290 Limited Box version. The limited edition includes a Rachel Alucard Nendoroid figure, visual book and soundtrack.

  • Nendoroid Petite Series Rachel Alucard figure


Famitsu has also opened a special BBCP site page. Until the October 24 Japanese release of the game, this site will be updated with the latest information, staff interviews and more. Be on the look out for an interview with producer Mori tomorrow as well as wallpapers in the very near future.

Source: Famitsu