Yatagarasu – Crow Basics by AlociJo

By on April 20, 2013 at 1:48 pm

Yatagarasu, a 2D fighter developed in the vein of 3rd Strike and King of Fighters, recently became available to purchase from Rice Digital. If you picked up this enjoyable indie title and want to start learning some of the characters, AlociJo has you covered. This video features Crow, showing off some basic combos and mix-ups. Crow is a pretty simple character and serves as a good place to start if you are still learning the game.

Source: AlociJo

Angelo M. D’Argenio A.K.A. MyLifeIsAnRPG got his start in the fighting game community as a young boy playing Street Fighter II in arcades down at the Jersey Shore. As president of Disorganization XIII, he travels the convention circuit presenting a variety of panels from discussions on gamer culture, to stick modding workshops, to fighting game comedy acts. He has a passion for looking at the fighting game community from an academic standpoint and has completed several studies on effective fighting game learning and the impact fighting games have on social circles. A six year veteran of the gaming industry, he also writes for Cheat Code Central and is a lead game designer for Ember Games. On Tuesdays, you can find him getting bodied by Chris G and getting mistaken for Seth Rogen at The Break.
  • GHNeko

    all those sound effects lol.

  • Novril

    YES!, YES! YES!

  • samirerre

    i love this game.its done right.
    and it reminds me of garou motw which is the best fighting game ever

  • Pironeko


  • BXFenns

    AAAAAAA (this is alocijo)

  • Zidiane

    Why now? This game’s been out for, like, 2 years or some shit.

    • yonkers_bastard

      Cause it just recently got made available to a bigger market with it being released on the 3DS aswell as digitally locally.

      • Zidiane

        Yeah I know… it’s just I like this game, and no one has been having any videos on it for the majority of the time it’s been out. I never see it in combo vids or nothin.

      • Oniros

        It hasn’t been released on the 3DS yet…

  • This must be the Japanese Classic Mortal combat with Uptyyyyy

  • ragnarok954

    Still waiting for the 3DS release. Hopefully that version will have online too.

  • $17468069

    Those pants are a natural wonder. Must get salmon leaping at his crotch all the time.

    • pootnannies

      i guess you prefer the ugly look that “baggy” pants have like in sf4? crotch huggers with bell-botttoms. the clothing is animated very good in this game like in sf3.

      • $17468069

        No I like the wonder pants.

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