Street Fighter x Tekken PC 1.08 Patch (ver. 2013) Coming April 22

By on April 19, 2013 at 12:28 pm

Today, Capcom announced that the PC version of its newest crossover fighter, Street Fighter x Tekken, will be receiving a patch on April 22, updating the title to ver. 1.08, which is better known as ver. 2013. This patch will bring the PC version to the same balance of the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions of the game.

For those who have been eagerly anticipating an official release of 1.08, that wait ends Monday!

Source: Capcom Fighters

  • tanjil

    how much is the PC version…. does it need high graphics

    • Gailim

      depends on what you call “high”. if you have any sort of dedicated graphics the game will run.

      word of warning though. the netcode for this game on PC is a DISASTER

      if your looking to play online you should probably get AE instead

      • tanjil

        lol i wish, laptop comes with intel integrated 4000 hd

        • Gailim

          well, actually that is the latest from intel and it can play 3d games at medium to low settings.


          according that chart the Intel HD 4000 is two tiers above the minimum specs for SFxT (radeon X1600), but one tier below the recommended specs (Radeon X1950).

          so the game *should* run but don’t expect to max things out

          • tanjil

            awesome, thanks.

          • Yeah without a gfx card you’ll have to drop the GFX settings. Also try lowering the resolution, that makes a big difference

          • tanjil

            are you saying big gain in performance but big drop in graphics? Or good gain in performance and acceptable graphics? I’d be playing on a 15inch screen that has a res of 1366 x 768. Not sure that I need much graphics to be honest since I can’t appreciate it hte way I would on a bigger monitor

          • Skudd Stevens

            Truthfully, you wouldn’t notice too much of a difference on a 15-inch screen even if you dropped the resolution to 848×480, and this would give you the biggest performance increase.

            Beyond that, if SFxT is anything like AE on PC, medium settings shouldn’t look too much worse than the console version.

  • MetalMusicMan

    That came out of nowhere, but I’m glad that it’s finally here 🙂

  • Ja-Kal

    That’s great and all but the netplay is obviously still broken on the pc. This game will still continue to be barren online.

  • DorqueSide

    I like how Capcom always releases these balance patches for PC months after the console updates…just because they can…
    (Talking about SSFIVAE and SFxT)

    Edit: As Gailim pointed out to me, it’s because Capcom outsources their PC work, not “just because they can”. My mistake.

    • Gailim

      capcom doesn’t have an internal PC team. they outsource all thier PC work to a company called QLOC. that is why it takes so long. they have to finish the console patch before they can even START on the PC patch

      • DorqueSide

        Ah I see, thanks for clearing that up. I have the games on console and PC. I started playing on console first, and then bought it for PC because it’s easier to take my laptop than to take the console when I go gaming.

        • SlugNut

          Not to mention that Games for Windows Live works the same lines as consoles in terms of having to get patches approved by Microsoft which can take ridiculous amounts of time.

      • Rohan Mayers

        With the PS4 (and maybe X720) running a closer PC system, do you think Capcom may have an internal PC team and/or the time between updating console and PC will be shorter? Or this will not have any affect at all?

      • Amer1ka

        That is no reason to take 6 months for patches to be released. The code base is almost entirely the same (within 5%) and since they aren’t changing the netcode or the matchmaking infrastructure due to using GFWL there is no reason for it to take the severe amount of time that it does.

        I have some insight on this as I am in software development for a living myself and I know all the issues surrounding porting a 360 game to the PC. Sure, patch certification is ridiculously long at MS and horrendously overpriced but it does not account for the amount of time between console patch release and PC patch even with a late start.

        Not to mention Capcom should be sharing their codebase with the PC team at the same time if they actually cared to be timely.

        • Gailim

          oh I didn’t mean to imply that it was ok for capcom to take months. I was just trying to clarify that there are extra steps involved.

          Capcoms handling of the PC version of SFxT has been very poor

    • Jordan Hoffman

      I like it too. People who are too stuck up to play it on a console don’t deserve the same treatment. You pc losers make me sick.

      • Gailim

        really? people who don’t see the point of buying separate toy to do the job a tool they already own can do are “stuck up”?

        • See, this is why people think PC gamers are “stuck up.” I like using my PC, and I don’t feel the need to shit on anybody for it. Console and PC have their good and bad sides.

        • Louis Lam

          Nothing against PC gaming (almost everyone’s got a decent PC on the side) and totally agree that Capcom should probably step there stuff up when it comes to PC fighting games but lets be honest, most PC gamers on the internet are complete assholes.

          • shotofighter4

            Yeah, because people on console games online are known for their maturity, level-headedness, and good sportsmanship.

        • Jordan Hoffman

          nah, i’m just trollin. I really couldn’t give a crap about u pc guys. I mean, does anyone really give a crap one way or the other about u pc guys?

          • Shaddox

            You seem awfully complexated my friend. Did a mean, bad pc gamer rape your ass online?

          • Jordan Hoffman

            uhhh no? Obviously I’m not a pc player. You must be though. Only pc players are such losers that they feel the need to make up words like complexated.

          • Guest


            This is one of the many benefits of being a pc user. Being able to look up a word instead of making yourself look like an assclown on the internet. If you can’t tell from context what definition I used, it’s noun 2. Want me to look up context and noun for you too?

          • Amer1ka

            You’re trolling and then proceeded to get trolled.

            7/10 would probably read again.

          • DeLuSioNaL29

            Yeah, but you’d probably cry if you saw this machine and then realized that you couldn’t play this game on it due to all of the Capcom bugs… (see link to Marvel v Capcom machine below).


      • DeLuSioNaL29

        I play it on my Arcade machine. PC inside.

  • Dragonfall

    About freaking time.

  • IrregularHunterX

    Now that’s fast.

  • CORN Pinkies Up

    Bout time, Capcom. Now PC players can catch up to the latest version of a good game and drop Unblockable optionselect fighter 4.

  • pootnannies

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too late. for me anyways. bought this stupid fucking shit again when it was like 7 bucks because sven said the extra characters would be hella cheap. turns out only if you waited for the Steam sale could you get that deal and buying it from capcom fucked you over. now that i have xbl again (fucking ripoff) it doesn’t matter. if there’s one thing i’m good at it’s being fucked over by capcom and microsoft.

  • Rohan Mayers

    Would this patch fix the 12 DLC Characters/Gems Pack issue on GFWL? I brought all the gems pack and the 12 DLC characters but for me to use those characters I had to uninstall SF/TK Shared Assist Gem Pack 4, 5, and 6 and TK Boost Gem Pack 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8.

  • Pussycontrol1234

    Capcom needs to throw QLOC in the bin.

    • MichaƂ KryƂowicz

      There is no QLOC’s fault in here. It’s Capcom Japan forbidding them from porting stuff too quickly and fixing the net-code.

      • Pussycontrol1234

        The netcode’s fine and why would capcom japan forbid anything?

        • MichaƂ KryƂowicz

          Because Japan hates computers for some reason. They have that irrational fear that better PC version will make console games sell less. And net-code is NOT fine. If it was, there would be much more people online on PC (including me).

          • Pussycontrol1234

            The netcode is fine!
            People compare the quality between SF4 and SFxT based on what it looks like.

            The difference is only visual.

            SF4 looks fine but it is delaying inputs/frames to keep the gameplay smooth. It’s not accurate.

            That delay smoothing makes online pretty much unplayable for a decent player. [As it throws reactions and footsies out the window in favour of ‘reads’ and mixups]

            SFxT will show you exactly how bad your connection really is and it will keep your inputs. It keeps the play crisp and accurate as best it can.

            If you are finding SFxT netcode terrible over other current gen games i don’t no what else to tell you,

            Also unless you have quality or service settings on your router then your pc could be doing any number of things that put a drain on your connection.
            PC connection is usually a lot shittier then a [wired connected] console for this reason alone.

          • MichaƂ KryƂowicz

            Oh then tell me why I have very good connection in every game I play online (SFIV, LoL, BlazBlue when it was still alive, a couple of shooters) with expection of SFxT that is a walking mess of teleports and I confirmed that it is almost always ONE SIDED (on player has smooth game the other has teleports)? Why DOZENS OF PEOPLE complain at how unplayable it is and why almost no one plays it? Why was it confirmed by CAPCOM ITSELF to be a mess and they said they won’t fix it? I’m glad it plays good for you (some people were lucky) but you should check beyond your own experiences.

          • Pussycontrol1234

            Because you’re all scrubs do I need to spell it out any clearer than that?
            And don’t rock up here talking about connection lag and LoL jesus christ.

  • Amine Nahi


  • The online has still not been fixed. Lag can make the game unplayable (teleports, visual problems) and playing 2v2 still doesn’t work.

  • DeLuSioNaL29

    Does this fix the XP64 bit version save bug? It doesn’t save on XP64 bit. At all…

  • Amer1ka

    Well hell, now I regret not picking this up for 10 bucks when I had the chance. Hopefully they run another sale on it. I would not mind having this on my laptop to play on the go. Now I just need to mod my laptop bag to accommodate a stick too.

    • DeLuSioNaL29

      It’s not worth the headache… They should pay the USER to play it. Buggy as all heck!