Injustice: Gods Among Us Roundup – Shazam, Joker, Black Adam and Catwoman

By on April 19, 2013 at 10:39 am

With the launch of a new game, there will always be new tech, meaning everyone wants to show off their stuff. Today, we present you with another great round-up of Injustice: Gods Among Us videos.

First up, we have Dreamking showing us a few combos with Shazam. After watching this video, you may want to incorporate some of this into your bread and butter combos.

Now here’s something interesting: a Joker combo video. Although there’s a Joker player on the top 10 leaderboards of XBL, there aren’t many Joker players out here, at least not yet. If you’ve been thinking about playing the laughing madman of Injustice, Bwcool is here to show you what you need.

Up next we have two videos showing us what Black Adam is capable of. The first one comes from Team IB Gaming, presenting a few combos along with an unblockable setup.

The second video is from ThwompBlock and they’re here to give you guys a few bread and butters of their own, along with some combo concepts to work into your own game.

Last but not least, we have a Catwoman combo video from CrispyTacoz.

Sources: Dreamking, Bwcool, TeamIBGaming, ThwompBlock, CrispyTacoz, tip via Bob H.

  • William H V Pelton Jr.

    YO dat Shazam damage, although a lot of the combos seem meter heavy. Joker does ZERO damage, starting to think hes a bad character. and there are better uses of meter for Catwoman, but i dont play her so i dont know the variations on her combos.

    • Graham Shryock

      My BnB one-meter burn does 43% off of a cross-up jump with Joker. Pretty solid.

      And his mix-up potential with the chattering teeth are gross. You can set up some unblockable wake-up scenarios for the opponent with proper spacing/timing.

      • Not only that, but in the corner you can set up an unblockable that combos into another unblockable as well, they have to super or armor out of it (if the character is even able to). Touch of friggin death.

  • Not to be a total dick, but that joker video is ass, really wish this was linked instead and its 3 days old even:

    Don’t see how a combo video with 31% max off of three meters is remotely useful. Makes him look bad, and he isn’t as bad as people think.

    • Angry Joshua

      IKR…that was so much better…..
      and on the plus side, Joker has these really nasty teeth set-ups on your opponent’s wake-up

    • Kyrie Hartmann

      Le Joker.

  • Donald Koser

    Well if the Joker is the worst character, I know who I’ll be maining.

    • Angry Joshua

      He’s not…those Joker combos were just terrible

      • Donald Koser

        Yeah, I kind of felt he has more to offer than just what was shown. I’m also still waiting for my game to come so I can’t say for sure. Although watching the video below definitely has changed my mind about how he plays.

    • Gethoff Mahfacebuk

      There’s no point in maining who you THINK the worst character is early in the game’s life, or ever really. These games are hard enough as is against good players, nobody’s gonna give you brownie points for playing low tier.

      • Donald Koser

        You’re right. I shouldn’t be picking out mains in the first place especially when I don’t even have the game. I just felt I would spend more time with him and figure out why everyone was claiming he was bad. Of course I hadn’t looked at a lot of data on him so I couldn’t say for sure that he was the worst. Like you said, you can’t really tell when the game has only been out for maybe a week.