Capcom Japan’s Street Fighter IV Balance Suggestions Interim Report

By on April 19, 2013 at 5:27 pm

Producer Tomoaki Ayano recently posted an entry on Capcom’s official Super Street Fighter IV blog regarding balance suggestion submissions from Japan for their planned update to Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012. Please note this report is based on submissions from Japan only. For more information on balance suggestions in English, check the Capcom-Unity forum.

Below are the number of submissions up until now, from PCs and smartphones within Japan.

Character Post No.
Other: System, etc. 1,966
Ryu 307
Chun-Li 302
Yang 262
Cammy 256
Akuma 236
Seth 225
Guile 204
Ken 190
Guy 188
Rose 188
Dee Jay 185
Zangief 184
Gouken 181
Sakura 179
Adon 167
Dudley 166
Sagat 163
Vega 158
M.Bison 157
Cody 156
Fei Long 156
Yun 154
Juri 152
El Fuerte 139
Ibuki 134
Oni 130
Blanka 127
Makoto 123
Gen 121
T. Hawk 117
Balrog 115
Evil Ryu 109
Hakan 95
E. Honda 94
Dhalsim 90
Abel 81
Rufus 81
C. Viper 74
Dan 64

The top 4 topics within “Other: System, etc.”:

  • Online training mode
  • Training fight request
  • Additional characters
  • Adjusting ambiguous okizeme

Below are posted suggestions for the characters with the most submissions, in order of number of submissions, and Ayano’s responses.


“While he currently doesn’t have major weak points and isn’t particularly lacking, if anything, I think that Metsu Shoryuken has little utility, making its existence as UC2 meaningless. You should make the move easier to use in combos, or make a new UC2. Please look in to it.”

The number of responses saying that Ryu “isn’t particularly lacking” and “don’t make any major changes” are significant. We’re very glad to hear that players were enjoying the character in SSFIV AE Ver.2012, so we’ll continue to consider what to do with him to make him enjoyable to play.


“Increase her health to 950 and make her jump arc a bit lower. As for other requests, increase the frame advantage of Far Standing LP by 1 on hit. Good luck with the development.”

There were many requests to increase to Chun-Li’s health. This we adjust with consideration of the balance of other characters. Thanks for the encouragement!


“The current Yang lacks damage and ways to break through defense. If you can improve his cross-up Jump MK or increase his damage, I think he’ll become a fun character as a result. Also please increase his vitality to 950.”

We’ve had a number of requests to increase Yang’s damage. He’s a speed-type character so it’s a bit tricky, but we’ll adjust him while looking at the overall game balance.


“Her knockdown to Cannon Strike mix-ups are too strong. On top of being an ambiguous front/back mix-up, even if it’s blocked she’s at advantage, making it an overwhelming disadvantageous situation for characters without invincible moves.”

We’ve received a lot of requests to weaken Cammy’s Cannon Strike. In particular, there is a lot of feedback regarding the EX version on hit and guard.


“Please do something about his jump back Zanku Hado and his Ashura (teleport). For example, force him to use EX Zanku when jumping back, make Ashura costs meter, etc. He may be intended to be a character with strong offense, but his other areas are too strong.”

We’ve had lots of requests to weaken Ashura Senku and back jump Zanku Hadoken. Akuma’s health is low while the utility of his moves are rather high, so we’ll adjust his defensive and escape abilities while considering the overall game balance.


Balance suggestion submissions are open in both Japan and USA until April 30.

Source: Capcom SSFIV Official Blog

  • dantev2

    isnt it 2013 update ?

    • Karl Wilson

      no doubt they will call it ssf4 AE 2013, but i guess it is an update to AE 2012 tho

  • “Thank you for your suggestion. Here’s an ambiguous response that means fuck all.”

    Oh, Japan.

    • StunningBiceps

      You’re an idiot.

      • A cunning retort from no doubt a cunning human being.

        • you cocksucker

          • Abechono Juarez

            you have to say Oh,cocksucker

    • TJCrimson

      Because making a definite solution for one and not considering every other element/character in the game is pretty stupid and often leads to unfair match-ups for no explainable reason because someone decided to rush.

      Oh, America.

      • Because being a delusional fuck means not realizing I wasn’t suggesting Capcom rush but instead commenting on how “feedback” tends to be given in Japan.

        Oh, idiocy.

        • Ndebe

          …so you’re an expert on how “feedback” tends to be given in Japan?

          Just stop trying, the only thing you are doing is making yourself look like an idiot.

          • Jake Long

            You forgot to end with “Oh, ______.”

          • Abechono Juarez

            Yeah , you forgot
            Oh, dummy

          • This just in: observation of corporate feedback is impossible. No examples of Japanese corporate feedback exist with which to form an opinion.

            Breaking news: bunch of imbeciles who don’t know what they’re talking about find comfort in numbers; think a large group of imbeciles is somehow collectively not a giant sack of shit.

            (In case that went over your head, I’m basically calling the lot of you cretins. With little doubt I’m right. Feed me your tears, kiddies; your anger brings me joy.)

        • TJCrimson

          The public speaks for itself; I think we’re done here.

          Let us know when you’ve learned to interpret obvious text like “while considering the overall game balance.” since it’s so vague for you.

          • I *could* take that to heart, but I have to consider that you can’t read and are therefore a giant fucking hypocrite. (That and you think that having the support of a bunch of cretins who similarly can’t read adds credence to your opinion, but we’ll deal with that when you inevitably try to talk to me like you’re at my level again.)

            Original comment I made was on the silliness of the typical vague, inconclusive Japanese game dev response to feedback. Your criticism accused me of not considering game balance. This is sort of like a director explaining a scene, and you getting pissed off at the choice of score… in a different movie. Congratulations, genius.

            We were “done” the moment you thought you could engage me in dialogue. For you to even wipe my ass, much less talk to me, you need to have a basic understanding of, well, understanding.

        • Wulfsten

          LOL Carlos getting exposed again. I wonder how many times this will have to happen to him in comments sections before he finally realises that his paper-thin veneer of affected condescension isn’t actually doing him any favours.

          • There’s a word for describing someone who uses words he doesn’t actually understand. Other than “idiot,” I mean. I’ll admit I don’t remember the word because I’m not what that word means. Nor an idiot.

  • Jintsurikix

    Only EX Zanku Hadouken on back jump?? That’s ridiculous, air fireballs while jumping in ANY direction is what makes Akuma, Akuma. I don’t even play with him, but I really hope that request is ignored, it just seems like unnecessary whining.

  • Steven

    Seems like the ryu,chun li, and yang suggestions were just a good appetizer you were given so u wouldnt complain about the disappointing nerf meal(akuma & cammy)

  • just6822

    … Nerf Akuma’s up-back fireball?

    … Why?

    And why does chun need to be +7 on far jab? She can already combo into fierce, link into super.

    Sounds like the dumb shits are going on hard.

    I’m not expecting much from Unity, though. GameFaqs and Eventhubs and fanboys all in one place, sounds like my personal hell.

    • Yagami Sakazaki

      Know what would be cool?! Button-config while selecting fighters! D:

      • Gary Gipson

        Also config buttons like sf2 and third strike. Press the button for the move, not the move for the button. You can change your buttons instantly that way!

    • StickyStaines

      Shoryuken comment section is a hell onto itself sometimes

  • CORN Pinkies Up

    Why hasn’t SFxT and Injustice killed this 09er-cancer-of-a-game yet?

    • KubikiriTurkojin

      injustice is shit.

    • Hotaka Saika

      Because it’s still a really good game that relies on actual mind games unlike Mahvel? Why hasn’t that gone by the wayside?

      • Strider_SpartAn


        • Christopher Wrightson


    • xelad1

      Because SFxT had a huge launch fiasco and only until recently became competitively interesting (some of the hate has died down as well). Injustice just launched and we don’t know if it will even be good? SF4 like it or not has an arcade scene and much bigger worldwide scene than both those games combined.

    • Because real fighters don’t like dial-a-combo games. Injustice might look good but like MK it’s just as boring.

      Mainstream love cinematic and fatalities.

    • pootnannies

      cancer is hard to defeat. shitty treatments like sfxt and injustice don’t kill enough of the cancer, at best just slows it down. sfxt could have killed it but they rushed it to market and created another cancer.

    • daedae22

      Because SF4 still takes half a brain to play. Believe it or not some people still like to use thought processes while playing. SFxT isn’t so bad but it is not nor will it ever be street fighter. You idiots who think it will replace SF4 are delusional. Most of the rest of the world still doesn’t care about SFxT. As for Injustice all I have to say is really? Just like MK9 98% of the rest of world will never care. Hell, IMO in 6 months over half the US wont care about that game anymore lol. Face it the only things that’s gonna replace SF4 is SF5 and thankfully that’s still a few years off. Same goes for Marvel only in the US is the game THAT popular. Sure other countries are showing some interest and the same goes for the other aforementioned games but they will never replace SF4.

  • Remember everyone, I believe Japan are the real people they are going to listen to. American suggestions are going to be put in the back burner. And a lot of it should honestly. More than 90% of all our suggestions suck. Looking at these Japanese suggestions. They seem great, especially the nerfs. I think they are just trying to nerf akuma’s zoning and runaway game. He should be strictly offensive. We all know what cammy needs. I highly doubt they will give Chun Li that +1 frame on jab. But the health increase sounds ok.

  • pootnannies

    there are certain characters that can punish akuma’s upback fireball but they are far and few and situational. there’s enough escaping in this game let alone akuma’s teleports. i don’t mind nerfs to stupid shit in this game but damn does it get more and more boring with every new iteration. please don’t concentrate on balance so much as making characters interesting and maybe system changes. if this is going to be a paid update then please BUFF characters so the game offers more discovery and strategy, etc…

  • I agree with adding meter cost to Akuma’s teleport, but there’s no need for something like that on his back air fireball.

  • YourAshyAss_Elbows

    I hope my homie Yang gets some more support! He took the nerfs that Yun deserved! guve him more FADC tools because rekka-fadc-mixup/ultra is some bullshit. NO DAMAGE

  • Beb0p

    It amazes me how one character I used purely for looks is considered too strong of a mix up?

    I guess if you get distracted or some shlt it’s really not that complicated. In fact all you have to do is crouch block, that’s it but apparently that’s still too much of a strong mix up.

    Whatever, old news who cares.

  • Joseph King

    Whats the point of updating this game? Just save it for SF5…

    • SFxT was SF5.

      • Strider_SpartAn


  • KBlackNoah

    press 1 if u give a damn

  • Zonder88

    Make Akuma’s teleport EX only?

    These dumbass requests I swear.

    • To be fair, if someone could give a super solid argument for that, that’d be cool.

      Issue is people suggest tweaks without backing, even some high level players, forgetting that being a top player isn’t necessarily having a knack for design.

      • Because it immediately lets him get out of any mix-up without having to pay for it, or in the case of Seth and Dhalsim, a much lower cost than guessing incorrectly within the mix-up.

        I say this as an Akuma player myself.

        It would be just as fruitful to give the teleport a tiny bit more recovery.

        Though, to be fair, some characters with fast projectile Ultras or very fast rushdown like Cammy and Yun can punish the escape very heavily if they guessed it was coming.

        I dunno.

        • Jarkko Oranen

          Dhalsim’s teleport is fine. He has no wakeup options besides teleport and it’s easily optionselected against which puts Dhalsim closer to the corner where he still has to deal with pressure.

          In Seth’s case, the teleport isn’t that great by itself but his other options mean that you can’t put pressure on him without taking a risk, and with two meters he can escape pretty much anything with zero risk because of his OS FADC.

          • I was specifically talking about Dhalsim and Seth’s ability to punish Akuma’s teleport, specifically with standing HP, not their own teleportation abilities.


    people always hate on cammy. but watch they give her back her iacannonstrike then you’ll truly know top tier.

  • J0hnick

    They could change Akuma’s jump back air fireball so that the normal version can only be done at the apex of the Jump, like Cammy’s air Cannon Drill in 2012. They could also make his regular teleport a bit more likes Evil Ryu’s, but not quiet as bad because Evil Ryu’s is almost useless.

  • ssmasters

    i personally would like to see uc2 used more for ryu it is an awesome ultra and pretty much defines the whole game, sho-ryu-ken!