SNK-Playmore Partners with Chinese Developer Tencent Games to Include Terry Bogard and Benimaru in Future Xuan Dou Zhi Wang Update

By on April 18, 2013 at 4:08 pm

It’s been quite some time since we last mentioned Xuan Dou Zhi Wang, the Chinese fighter that shares many similarities with SNK-Playmore’s King of Fighters series. The two are so alike that many took to calling it a straight rip-off of the famous 3-on-3 franchise. Whatever the case may be, the title managed to carve out its own unique niche in the fighting game market.

Over the past week, Xuan Dou Zhi Wang’s website was updated every day with a brand new image. As you can see below, it became pretty obvious what they were hinting at with each addition.

But could it be true? Would the cast actually be graced by two characters of the series it drew so much inspiration from? These questions were answered today by one final image and a brand new trailer announcing a special collaboration between SNK and Xuan Dou Zhi Wang developer Tencent Games.

While all we know at this point in time is that Terry Bogard and Benimaru will be making their way to Xuan Dou Zhi Wang in a future update, it’s possible that we’ll see further cooperation between the two companies should this turn out to be a success. If nothing else, this should definitely add a bit of legitimacy to a title some saw as a mere knock-off.

Feel free to visit the comments below and let us know what you think.

Sources: Tencent Games (images, video), tip via John G.

  • Well, THIS just caught my attention.

  • Lowell Denzel Orlando Richmond

    SMART MOVE SNK…no need for BS from capcom again…and you get to Actually have a Hear say on the system …..I really wanna play this and again SMART MOVE

    *thumbs up*

    • ReddChief78

      WTF this is stupid theres already a character in the game with Benimaru’s exact moveset a smart move would be supporting your own game and not letting it die a smart move would be working with Capcom and making CvS3 they wanna lend out there characters lend them to the right people not a game thats already taken their characters i say *2 THUMBS DOWN*

      • locazo87

        The game is still a beta, anything can change. Thumbs Down to your stupid comment ;).

        • ReddChief78

          And those changes will remain on PC before showing your stupidity how about you go gather some info first because its obvious you know jack about this game or the company theres a search engine called GOOGLE use it

      • samirerre

        f*** NO,cvs2 was horribly unbalanced unplayable from the snk side.
        for us the kof players it was an insult.besides do you want them to make cvs3 with those ugly poligons?.

        • I want it if SNK-P animates it like KOF XIII

        • Los Illuminados

          amen. well said.

      • dejavu2222

        Yeah you are saying that as if Capcom is interested in CvS3. Cashcom or sorry Capcom isn’t interested in what fans want, they only care about what will make them the most money.

        So if Capcom doesn’t want to collaborate again even when SNK has repeatedly made official statements recently on being interested in CvS3, then screw them, and good for SNK on working with other developers that aren’t as greedy as Capcom.

        • “…they only care about what will make them the most money.”

          Which is what the fans want, no?

          • dejavu2222

            What I meant is Capcom is only interested in what has the most casual appeal, meaning a title that mainstream buyers will buy without much thought.

            What fans want and what sells a lot are two separete things.

      • Magegg

        No, it’s a good idea. I imagine they will remove that ugly Benimaru’s
        rip-off and just put good Beni instead. Why having a clone when you can
        have the original? That will do the work in the gameplay department and also remove a controversial aspect by including the character it’s actually supposed to be.

  • Zepht

    PS3 version, please 😀

    • ReddChief78

      I wish but it seems this is gonna be one of those free to play PC games like all their other games the whole beta setup is like one

      • locazo87

        A FACT that you cannot change is. If you want to play Starcraft buy a PC, If I want to play God of War I have to buy a PS3. So this game for sure will be this case.

        • ReddChief78

          OOookay and your point is……dont hurt yourself take your time and what happen to its still in beta anything can change lol please stop your trying to hard

  • BXFenns

    Benimaru is as fabulous as always.

    The question is: Will we ever see this stateside?

  • Carl Andy Nevill

    I’ve been trying to get a working version of this for about 2 weeks. I’m itching to play it so badly

  • Michael Gacillos O’Hair

    I think 10cent Games wanted Bogard and Benimaru in their game because they don’t really have equivalents (read: clones) in Zuan Dozi Wang. Maybe SNK agreed to the character addition rather than suing the Pony pants off of them because cross-promotion is cross-pollination in games, and prevents genetic stagnation (in some cases… CVS). Probably a good choice.

    • RunningWild1984

      There is in fact an extremely fabulous Benimaru wannabe in the game. I haven’t gotten the chance to play the game yet, but I try to keep up with information and reveals about the game.

  • BlackMasamune

    I’m just glad to see some SNK activity outside of Pachinko Machines.

    • locazo87

      There is the rumor of KOF XIII coming to steam, since theres a official group there, that kind of groups can be made only by steam staff. And theres KOF XIII achievements on the Steam database. SO I hope this comes soon, and gives SNK enough money to start making the next title.

    • Pooh Hardy

      i take it that you haven’t heard of lost saga
      they put kyo, iori and mai in that

  • Paul Consiglio

    I had downloaded this game the other day from Tencent’s Games website to my pc hoping to finally play this kick ass game but because its all in Chinese (google translator can only do so much in respects to proper translation) I had to delete it from my pc. I just couldn’t get past the games activation part of the screen! That’s a crucial key to get this game activated but that part doesn’t have any English to it at all. I wish there was an English only download source for this game! Hopefully when SNK literally throws it’s hat into the mix (Terry Bogard’s) there can finally be an English translation. If not maybe an American or British company can translate it and bring this awesome game over from Asia to the Western Hemisphere!

  • Timothy Ian McMillan

    Ian for fuck’s sake – legitmacy doesn’t come from simply tacking on a couple of well known characters. The game itself has to be good to be legit.

  • JohnGrimm

    I like how SRK thinks John Grimm is my real name.

    • RunningWild1984

      Any man would kill for such a cool sounding name.

  • Louis Lam

    Mildly interested now. Where can I get this game?

    • ReddChief78

      You can simply download it from their website but actually playing the game is a little harder than that you gotta get a chinese ID number make a QQ account take a survey force the game to update and hope your one of the very few to get a beta key search the SRK forums theres already a topic about all this good luck

  • Thomaz Barros

    China finally does it
    The Rip Off becomes one with the Original

  • Los Illuminados

    heh…i am amazed that SRK cover this and fairly quickly as well. i am pleased. SNK/KOF fans will find this interesting related about this topic. Viva KOF/SNKP!!!

    • Los Illuminados
      • Los Illuminados

        *Update* rumors say that SNKP got 8 million from this deal. pretty sweet way to go SNKP!!!!

        • Los Illuminados

          *Update* SNK Playmore officially licensed 4 KOF characters for this game. i did a little research and i believe the other 2 SNK Playmore officially licensed KOF characters for this game are Oswald and Gato. beside Terry Bogard and Benimaru.

    • samirerre

      actually the news were on the net 4 days befor shoryuken finally covered it.

  • Rolan Alcantara

    Kinda cool. Just like when Capcom allowed Ken and Chun Li to appear in a 3d Brawler MMO about 5 years ago.

  • martin rush

    ohh shiti nigga. btw lol that benny at the mirror.

  • samirerre

    i can understand them,terry bogard should appear in every fighting game possible.hes the true street fighter

  • dejavu2222

    Very cool news, what a way to make Friday better~!

    Is that Kyo in the frames of the vid??

  • Joseph

    April Fools?

  • J.D SRK

    Can you please update your own damm game SNK????
    KOF XIII is completely dying in the US because of that piece of trash online mode it has.
    This hurts an amazing game A LOT!
    Why wont you take advantage of the momentum gained by KOFXIII, why no announcements on anything?

  • Waltharius Leon

    I had a feeling something like this would happen. Man why can’t SNK do a cross over with one of the top dogs again. I don’t even know how to pronounce this game.

  • dejavu2222

    English version please!!!!

    PS: nice music!!

  • Hey_Sim

    Please make this English!