BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Heading to PlayStation 3 in Japan on October 24, Two New Fighters Announced

By on April 16, 2013 at 9:41 pm

While we’ve known for quite some time that BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma will be receiving a console port, developer Arc System Works has been rather quiet regarding a concrete release date. But now, thanks to the latest issue of Famitsu, fans have something to look forward to.

According to Siliconera, Chrono Phantasma is set to release for PlayStation 3 on October 24 in Japan, bringing with it two brand new characters not included in the arcade version: Kagura Mutsuki, who is said to factor heavily into the overall Chrono Phantasma storyline, and Yuki Terumi, the entity that inhabits the character known as Hazama.

UPDATE – More information has surfaced thanks to the Japanese blog Re:Zaregoto (courtesy of translations by USD) and Dustloop.

Chrono Phantasma will cost 7140 yen and features three story scenarios: Chrono Phantasma, The Six Heroes, and Sector Seven. The main storyline will be around 10 hours long, while the other two will clock in at around half that. When combined with the true story path, everything will add up to about 30 hours. Network mode will include a world map feature, allowing you to control your avatar, select a versus machine, and begin an online match, all with chat functionality included.

Kagura Mutsuki will be voiced by Keiji Fujiwara. He is a charge character with only two special moves: a projectile and an anti-air. His appropriately named Drive “Stance” allows him to enter a different stance and utilize other moves.

Hazama’s voice actor, Yuuichi Nakamura, will also fill the role of Yuki Terumi. He is being offered as a special pre-order DLC bonus. Terumi has more Distortion Drives than special moves, and his Drive makes building Heat Gauge easier.

Kagura Bio: Currently the head of the powerful Mutsuki family of the Duodecim, Kagura is the Library’s highest order general. Because of his supreme position as general, he is planning to revolt against the Imperator.

Terumi Bio: Terumi has met Ragna in the past, but only as the alias and disguise Hazama. He also previously played a role in the Dark War as one of the Six Heroes. Cool, cruel, and especially sly, Terumi enjoys destroying and killing anything and everything.

There’s no word yet on a release for the Xbox 360 or North America in general, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated with information regarding these topics, as well as the new characters, as more details become available.

Sources: Famitsu via Siliconera, Re:Zaregoto, and Dustloop, additional scans via Lucifago, tips via Kenneth R. and Hecatom

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      What is this, MBAC?

  • Awesome! 2 more characters. Kagura looks cool. Being a Hazama player I can’t wait to see how Hazama’s ghost plays. Nice to get a release date but man, October!? Marking my calender now.

  • Ryan Harris

    Ill expect mid/end November for us. Cant wait, so hype!!!!!!

  • $19298411

    Between Kagura and Azrael who will I play more ;_; but Kagura seems really interesting with his Drive, can’t wait to see it all in action

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  • Justin Archer

    There has to be a release on XBOX 360 when it comes to north america. right?

    • Glenn Vaughn

      last 3 were

      • Andrew Norris

        All of the other releases had Japanese Xbox releases too though. ArcSys will have to decide if porting the game for the international releases will be worth it.

        • ZenTzen

          yeah but the 360 in japan was pratically discontinued its bad business releasing a new game on that system there, doesnt mean it wont have an international release

  • J0hnick

    I wonder if this will be region locked as well, or if PAL gamers will have to wait until late 2014 … 0_o

    • TokkanRAM

      P4A’s region-lock was a decision by Atlus Japan and their parent company, Index. I find the likelihood of this being region-locked fairly slim.

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    Did I miss their $150,000 per character Kickstarter?

    • No, but you are missing some wit, class, and general likeability.

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        I’m surprised you hand out condescending comments for free instead of holding a funding drive for them. Keyboards aren’t cheap!

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        Well EXCUUUUSE ME Princess.

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      Be glad you get 2 characters instead of just 1 unless of course your smart enough not to buy it untill at least give or take 10 more characters eventually come out.

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        What is wrong with relius?

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      I didn’t know BlazBlue was an independently made fighting game.

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    6 months of waiting just for Japan?

    Poor Europe.

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    kagura = seijiro hiko lol

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    These characters look stupid. And I actually enjoy the character design in this game for the most part. No straight dude is ever going to rock a shirt like what these guys are wearing.

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      Cool. Young American Heteronormativity on display, right here.

      Wait, you mean men in different cultures dress differently then me?! SINCE WHEN. FUCK THEM.

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        Yeah, you tell him. Down with the patriarchy!

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        who in hes right mind dresses like THAT!?

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        dude men of no culture dress like that. just fictional characters from games and anime.

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          to make it clear i think blazeblue has awesome designs,but some dont.the only reason i said that was becouse crow’s argument was awful.

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        I’m a young heterosexual American myself, but they look good enough I’d eat Nutella of their chest. Seriously though, I think they look great, fuck awsumpossum. Also, did they change makotos outfit? Me no likey.

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      So you’re fine with the idea that there’s a blob that can kill you with a swarm of insects or that animal/human hybrids just exist….but the shirts throw you off. Okay?

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      i dont think kagura looks that bad

      terumi on the other hand…
      that is definitely a downgrade from his usual swag self

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        the designs arent so bad its just moris art that makes them look retarded theres art from that terumi that looks pretty good

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    god damn i didnt know he was gay.

  • great now i just pray for an international release or an US at least. I just can’t wait!

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    Early 2015 for Europe?

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    Bring it to Wii U please! That dpad is wonderful, and having supers and stuff listed on the bottom screen like the 3DS version is handy.

  • awful designs, both of them

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    2 guys? I wanted Kokonoe 🙁
    Why you no understand ArcSys?

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      They’re saving her and Jubei for the Extend +R #Reload edition.

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        …capcom joke used on Blazblue. D’hoho

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    “Kagura… He is a charge character with only two special moves: a projectile and an anti-air.”

    That seems cool, familiar? Nah, but he must be cool.

    Also, who’s that girl with Kokonoe? And I want Kokonoe!! DX

    • ZenTzen

      shes from the novels, her names celica, nines sister, kokonoes aunt, the sister that took care of Ragna, Jin and Saiya when they were kids, killed by hazama, the one in there apparently travelled through time, in the novels shes also the romantic interest for Ragna that traveled through time as well

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    is this game region locked?

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    I just want to point that i am also Lucifago

  • Kagura looks awesome! It’s interesting that he follows the Guile archetype, hope he has some good/interesting normals.

    edit: Just read about his drive “stance”. Cool.

  • well i wanta see it on xbox 360

  • Aiddon

    they’d best release this on 360 overseas. BB’s my favorite fighter.

    Anyway, we’re once again trolled from getting Kokonoe, but I’m guessing she’s in the cards for the finale of the series.

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    oh sweeet! ive been waiting for these guys! artistically uninspired generic anime guy with long hair #33543 and #23456.