Skullgirls DLC Character Voting Round 2 Ends; Aeon, Annie, Beowulf, Eliza, Isaac, Minette, Panzerfaust, and Stanley Remain

By on April 14, 2013 at 10:51 am

The second round of voting for the first fan-chosen Skullgirls character came to a close earlier today, leaving only eight characters in the running for official inclusion in the indie fighter. Aeon, Annie, Beowulf, Eliza, Isaac, Minette, Panzerfaust, and Stanley garnered enough votes to make their way to the third round, where voters will be limited to two choices.

Did your favorites make it through? Let us know what you think of this group of eight and who you will be voting for as we move into the next round.

Source: Skullgirls Indiegogo

  • Leon

    Now the original cast will never be complete.

    • Snow Loss

      It never could have been in the first place.

    • Nevflinn

      What was the original cast meant to be, again?

      • Mwisk

        Everyone in Double’s LV3 super sans Peacock’s minions + Marie. The first 2 DLCs characters were supposed to be Squigly and Umbrella.

      • Cellsai

        Umbrella and possibly Marie. Dahlia is also mentioned as being required for the canon story mode.

  • Pandamanana

    The fact that the big gay wrestler didn’t win makes me so sad.

    • Gailim

      this is only the first vote

      the will be a whole new vote for the second character. so there is still a chance

    • Will Unpronounceable

      ugh dood. i feel your pain. as a old school gief player i really wanted hubrecht to win! he just looks so out there too haha. next vote though!

  • Kenneth Richardson

    Dahlia and Feng are out of the running but Stanley isn’t. Skullgirls Fandom…stahp.

    • ThatKid

      fanboy jimmies will be seriously rustled if Isaac doesn’t make it

    • Courtney Houston

      I Am Stanley, Hear Me Roar!!!

    • Riot

      I was looking forward to Mass Porn Effect too…

  • AlterKot

    So should I vote on Panzerfaust, Aeon or Isaac? Which of them has chance to stop fandom’s Beowulf and Stanley?

    • Gynoid

      Why not Eliza? n_n

    • RobertEspaillat


    • The Me That Believes in You

      Annie or Aeon!

    • Snow Loss

      Of those three, I’d say Panzerfaust.
      He’s been a sleeper hit and now that a lot of competition is gone, he should have some serious momentum.

      • TheAverageGuyTAG


        Dude, Panzerfaust has always been one of the top contenders in the poll.

    • mutantmagnet

      I would say Isaac would force split votes with Beowolf next round. Panzerfaust would create splits for Stanley next round.

      So you have to ask yourself who do you think is more likely to reach top 4 Beowolf or Stanley. You can make up your mind on that.

    • Know_the_ledge

      You should really be worried about Minnette. That character’s following seems the strongest.

    • Thejman

      Panzerfaust, the tank fist alone should be the reason also, giant chainsaws come out of that damn tank.

      Vote Panzerfaust

    • GHNeko

      Vote Isaac. He’s the character we all deserve.

    • Angelo_Sanada

      Definitely Panzerfaust!

    • James Reilly

      Isaac easily. Time glove is good taste.

    • Areksu Hideki

      Panzerfaust will go far but he won’t make it, the game is skullgirls and the original cast is all girls which is to say the people who picked it up are fine with all girl rosters.

      That means that when push comes to shove and it’s down to last 4 he’ll get far, but people displaced from other characters will end up on the girls that remain.

      Besides, Panzerfaust is basically just a Potemkin clone, when push comes to shove his mechanics aren’t interesting enough for him to go the distance.

      • TheAverageGuyTAG

        You have no proof for anything in your post.

        • Areksu Hideki

          I take it you didn’t read the description in the 3rd character descriptions? How exactly does “After any Punch attack, pressing the button a second time will add an additional blast from the tank” sound to you? That sounds a lot like the Potemkin followup from his anti-air.

          Oh, and Potemkin is listed as his first motivation in there, right in front of Tager. Here check it out at If you like

          • TheAverageGuyTAG

            One move, whoopie. Let’s see more of dat oodles of proof you have.

          • Areksu Hideki

            What on earth man, there’s nothing to prove. My first statement is a fairly simple logic item, the second is a conclusion based off that, and my third statement is speculation on a FUTURE EVENT.

            Prove SPECULATION on something that hasn’t happened yet? What on earth are you saying? We’re talking speculation here, and I provided the evidence supporting that, more then one move for that matter. You however, have provided no supporting *anything* except “Nuh uh!” So I don’t see any reason to engage further unless you want to take some more specific umbrage with my points then sticking your fingers in your ears.

          • TheAverageGuyTAG

            “Panzerfaust will go far but he won’t make it…….but people displaced from other characters will end up on the girls that remain.”

            Logic item? Your logic is “People are okay with an all-girls roster, so Panzerfaust doesn’t have a shot because they won’t mind if a girl makes it in, so they’ll definitely default to another girl.” What thought process leads you to believe that being okay with all-girls means that people won’t vote for him because he’s a guy?

            “Besides, Panzerfaust is basically just a Potemkin clone, when push comes to shove his mechanics aren’t interesting enough for him to go the distance.”

            That doesn’t sound like speculation; that sounds like you asserting yourself. If you don’t want to be called out on lack of evidence, then don’t phrase it like you’re certain you’re right. Even then, your claim needs to be grounded in something. What’s yours based on? One move? So? It’s one move. I don’t see people claiming that Charizard is a clone of Bowser in SSBB. The fact that he’s listed as a motivation? I’m guessing all those other people listed as well suddenly don’t matter? Or did you ignore the note at the top that says “Also, the listed gameplay inspirations may range from
            gameplay style to things as minute as a single move or stylistic feel
            from the character- so take all of these notes with a grain of salt.”? Oh! Illeum’s first inspiration is Toxic Seahorse from MMX3, and she has a move where she is all poisonous! I guess she’s going to just be a clone of Toxic Seahorse, eh?

          • Areksu Hideki

            Better I guess, a bit ragey, but what can you do? It’s the internet.

            My logic is that the people who picked up an all girl roster game will be *inclined* towards female characters in the roster.

            If I might make a suggestion instead of asking a weak rhetorical question (which I kinda already addressed(?)) You might instead have pointed out that 4 of the top 8 finalists are guys, and suggested support seems reasonably equal. You could also have pointed out that the net of people who bought the game isn’t necessarily our voting pool. All would have been solid debate decisions.

            You’re right my phrasing could probably use some work on the last point, yet considering what you’ve read, how exactly is it you THINK he’s going to play? It’s not likely Potemkin is first on that list by coincidence…

            Cerabella is already limited mobility and she only has a handful of moves with super armor. How would a character with tons of super armor act? Chances are very good he’ll be nailed to the ground in terms of mobility. Between that a larger character model then the rest, he’ll need big swings to not be immediately underpowered and rushed down forever, (though all big guys are relegated to that status eventually in pixie based fighters) and his tank will add explosions to what punches land, including his anti-air options.

            Why? How do you think he’ll play exactly?

          • TheAverageGuyTAG

            “My logic is that the people who picked up an all girl roster game will be *inclined* towards female characters in the roster”

            I picked up an all-girl roster game because the artstyle was great, the soundtrack was great, and the gameplay looked awesome. Had nothing to do with the fact that it was an all-girls fighter; I would have bought the game either way if the roster was all-dudes fighter called “Skullguys” provided that it had the same quality that “Skullgirls” does. I’m sure the same goes for many people.

            “If I might make a suggestion instead of asking a weak rhetorical question (which I kinda already addressed(?))”

            It wasn’t rhetorical. I was asking because I really wanted to know how you came to your conclusion.

            “You might instead have pointed out that 4 of the top 8 finalists are
            guys, and suggested support seems reasonably equal. You could also have
            pointed out that the net of people who bought the game isn’t necessarily
            our voting pool. All would have been solid debate decisions.”

            I could (would) have, but that would imply that your line of logic was actually sound enough that it merited actual debate as opposed to “Are you serious?”

            “You’re right my phrasing could probably use some work on the last point…How do you think he’ll play exactly?”

            I don’t know for sure how he’s going to play, but as long as he plays like a giant, super muscle-bound beefcake, I’ll be satisfied. I didn’t vote for Panzerfaust because I expected him to have the most original moveset; I voted for him because he looks freaking awesome. To say that he’s going to play exactly like Potemkin, however, is an absurd claim to make because all your evidence is taken from a description that is explicitly said to be taken with a grain of salt and subject to change. We don’t even know if PZ is going to be a DLC character at this point; where are you coming from that we’re going to know that he’s going to be a clone of someone else? You’re asking me how he’s going to play? I’d like to see you answer the question first.

          • Areksu Hideki

            credit for going civil, that’s the best path for reasonable debate.


            I’m not saying no one picked up this game for it’s other merits. However, assuming all other things are equal there will be some players who were either put off because there’s no guys (people are weird about playing as girls sometimes) Anecdotal evidence that there’s people who don’t care enough to buy the game isn’t sufficient to prove that no one considered what I said. Style and roster does affect people’s interest. I’d wager there’s plenty of people who bought Skullgirls but who wouldn’t buy Arcana Hearts 3, regardless of how neat the system is. There’s also people who bought the game because they wanted to support an all female game, or monstergirls or the like. Those people aren’t going to be interested in a giant beefcake soldier, and will vote accordingly. That’s my speculation.

            As for the second point, just because someone says “This is subject to change” There’s no reason to think that with a description that sounds like Potemkin, art that looks like Potemkin, the very first inspiration being listed as Potemkin, and a history of super armor being balanced by limited movement, (which will only be able to be weaker then established characters if he moves like Potemkin)

            I think there’s a pretty good chance he’ll play like Potemkin. Sure there will be differences, his super will probably be different, he’ll have some different ranges on some buttons (6 button vs 4 button game) but frankly, he’s probably going to feel like potemkin

          • TheAverageGuyTAG

            “I’m not saying no one picked up this game for it’s other merits.”

            No, you’re merely implying that the majority picked it up simply because it was an all-girls fighter.

            “However, assuming all other things are equal there will be some players who…that no one considered what I said.”

            I’m not saying that no one bought it because it had all girls; I’m saying that’s not the main reason the majority of the people bought it.

            “There’s also people who bought the game because they wanted to support an all female game, or monstergirls or the like. Those people aren’t going to be interested in a giant beefcake soldier, and will vote

            See above.

            “As for the second point, just because someone says…
            but frankly, he’s probably going to feel like Potemkin.”

            Just because someone says “This is subject to change” totally means that it’s subject to change. Also, you’re not doing a very good job of explaining how he sounds like he’s going to be a clone of Potemkin. You keep saying “but he’s first on the list!” First =/= only. You say “Oh, his description sounds just like Potemkin!” but you never go into detail with how. You say super armor as if Potemkin is the only character who’s ever had it. What you’re doing is taking minor points in your favor and blowing up their importance to make it seem like it’s all but proven that he’ll play just like him.

          • Areksu Hideki

            I wrote a thing and the internet ate it, so I think we’ll agree to disagree.

            Besides, the results of the latest round of voting is plenty of backup, believe me or don’t, It’s not really important.

          • TheAverageGuyTAG

            Nope, it’s not. Correlation does not imply causation. Besides, Beowulf only missed a spot in the finals by nine votes. Also, I only agree to disagree if the person I’m arguing with has a good point. Otherwise, I see it as a cop-out.

          • Areksu Hideki

            Correlation does not imply causation, but it does waggle it’s eyes suggestively and mouth “look over theeeere” Even though arguably this was not assembling correlation. I made some speculations, laid out my evidence and made a prediction. By 9 or by 90 I was still correct in a unanimous fashion. (besides, as far as I know exact numbers aren’t released for the votes, so I’m a bit suspicious even so.)

            I think you’ve had a decent point or two, and after the first few you kept your head pretty well for debate online. Though if you are unwilling to admit I’ve said even one good thing even after all that, then civil or not I suppose I shouldn’t have bothered engaging with you in the first place. That would be a bummer.

          • TheAverageGuyTAG

            1) Not much. There are good reasons why all four characters made it through to the final round (Minette has her cuteness factor, Annie has the cuteness-stoic-badass irony going for her, Eliza has very unique gameplay going for her, and Aeon has her gameplay+design). Also, 9 or 90 makes a difference because 9 means you were probably less than 1% away from not having your correlation case. As for source:

            At most, you proved that Panzerfaust’s beefiness wasn’t enough to get him to the final round. You made a lot of speculation, made really ballsy claims (the fact that the girls had an advantage over guys simply because they were girls and this was an all-girls roster), laid down evidence that was clearly labeled by Lab Zero as shaky and subject to change and exaggerated the impact of your evidence, and made a prediction based on said shaky+exaggerated evidence.

            2) I’m willing to admit that you were right about Panzerfaust not making it (pity for me personally, but I take it with stride and simply eagerly await the winner). And I’m willing to admit that it’s entirely plausible that Panzerfaust and Potemkin could share a few similarities. I’m not going to admit that Panzerfaust is going to be just Potemkin with a tank fist, and I’m certainly not going to admit that your claim regarding the gender advantage has any merit at all.

          • Areksu Hideki

            Alright, well that’s far enough for me, That’s a totally fair point about how I would require a point of their loss being tied to them being male which I didn’t do. It’s entirely plausable that they weren’t able to overcome even stronger appeals from other characters. It’s even likely since we’re so far in the process that this result is a result of strong character design, not weak character elements. (Also +1 for sourcing your information.) I do still think there’s a component of the populous that will vote against any male design, but since I can’t prove whether they’re large enough to be a problem for the characters (especially since they presumably have an alternate group which would vote all men) My remaining argument of the initial sampling size being interested in female designs because of the nature of the game is insufficient to really make much hay of. Credit to your point.

            Since I didn’t exactly come in writing a sociological research paper or anything. I’m fine with “they might share similarities, but won’t be a clone” seems like a good place to leave it.

            Regardless of the harsher words (and presumably you down voting every post I made c_c) This was probably one of the better discussions I’ve had online. Maybe after all this crazyness is over and the characters are in we can have some matches.

            Good luck out there.

  • The Me That Believes in You

    Geez, I’m so tired of the whole, “Science Shark” thing. Give it a rest… he easily seems like one of the most uninteresting characters out of the slew they offered. This is all opinion, but it feels like everyone voting for him is doing it solely because, “Science Shark”.

    I would so much rather any character other than him.

    • MasterScrub

      His playstyle sounds boring as hell, I really hope he doesn’t win.

    • mutantmagnet

      He’s a freaking shark…with laser beams.

      • Attach them to his freaking head and we’re golden.

    • ReddChief78

      I would love any one of those characters but the shark i hope he doesnt win

    • theSN3S

      lmfao. Watch this guy be OP as fuck, and then feel stupid lol

      • The Me That Believes in You

        Just because a character is OP, that automatically means he’s interesting? No thanks. Stanley could just as well be some kind of “Inside joke” for Skullgirls, and I’d be happy.

        This is like if Street Fighter had a limited amount of money for characters, and people chose freaking Dan instead of… lets say Dudley. If you love Skullgirls, or even somewhat enjoy it, do yourself a favor. Vote on actual interest, not just because the whole community is in an uproar of stupid fan hype for a character.

        • TheAverageGuyTAG

          What happens if you want Stanley due to actual interest. >.>

        • theSN3S

          Im interested for myself. I could really careless about what everybody else thinks. Don’t just assume everybody is interested in it only because the whole community is infatuated with a character’s hype. I call them “mindless drones’.

      • BlankUMDsForSale

        I don’t feel stupid when chars are “OP” because I don’t have that scrub mentality.

    • Know_the_ledge

      If it comes down to Minette or Stanley, I’m voting Stanley. He at least can play the part.

    • GO4PRO

      He’s a shark with a labcoat. Your argument is invalid.

    • BlankUMDsForSale

      i voted cause “science shark”

      he’s winning cause “science shark”

      get mad

    • Антон Пятаков

      No. I’m doing it because I’m young scientist who’d like to see a badass character in glasses and labcoat in his fighting game. Also because Stanley was promoted to playable (and kept alive in the first place) sheerly by fan love and support which is for me is greatest symbol of care that L0 shows to their community. I was his fan since that very moment and I’m staying loyal to him. I had number of mystical coincidences tied to him (one of them was using Stan as my alias since 2k4) and I’m not going to withdraw my support to the character I love to jump on every other bandwagon. That being said, I’m okay with any character winning since my love for the game and universe as a whole is bigger then my selfish preferences. So I suggest everyone to be honorable person and support your favorite character in any way you see fit but please refrain from calling other characters awful choices. Please step it up guys. We as a community have more battles to fight in the future. No need to step on each other throats. It’s not what we should do.

    • Sam

      Any game that has a shark scientist or something of equivalent levels of awesome becomes a must have in my library for that alone.

  • RobertEspaillat


  • [ Mauricio ]

    I’m voting Annie/Minette, bring it on!

  • Leonardo Gomes

    Go Annie!

  • Tiso Spencer

    Seriously, the voting has been erratic. Stop voting for these characters. Minette? Really? REALLY? Stop it guys. Now we’ll never get some cohesion of a story.

  • Los Illuminados

    wow really these characters made it from all the rest? heh…o well. i don’t like the Skullgirls fighting video game much ,but this voting on a character caught my interest. outta the characters left the ones i like are Beowulf and Panzerfaust. good luck to 1 of these characters and hope 1 of them wins this whole thing.

  • Mwisk

    Super dissapointed there’s no B.Dahlia, Umbrella or Marie, those character would actually push for a full canon story mode. But it’s okay, there’s at least 2 characters I really like. This week I’m supporting Annie, Eliza and I’m okay with Minette.

    Next voting we’ll be heavy on the Deep Violet propaganda.

    • Who’s to say the other character cannot have a full cannon story? Heck, who’s to say the current stories are even cannon? No one knows which character actually got the Skullheart.

      • Spiku Nightly

        The game creator. Who confirmed that none of the endings are canonical and that the only way we could have the canon ending is for Marie, Dhalia and Umbrella to be in the game. THAT is why we want those three in so much, for the canon story driven ending.

        • Umbrella is such a weak character that, it’s not even worth it. Just wait till Skullgirls 2 to find out how things unraveled. That’s how FG storylines worked in the 90’s.

  • DigiWing

    stanley looks so plain and boring, i hope he doesn’t win

  • OrehRatiug

    Man if Eliza doesn’t win…

  • Chase Flowers


  • Mash Harder

    Minette, Aeon, go.

  • Snow Loss

    So if your character didn’t make it, it’s all Stanleys fault? Not him, plus the other 7 characters that were more popular?
    Stay classy.

    And for all the hate you’re dishing out on him just because he’s popular and “lol science”, you should be splitting it with Minette at the least who seems to have nothing but the moeblob fanbase going for her.

    • Ben Brocka

      MikeZ’s confirmed Minette won’t be a joke character on the last stream, and actually heavily hinted at really liking her potential gameplay: She’s still not one of my picks, but I don’t think she’d be that bad.

  • Joshua McHenry


  • Simply Chun-believeable ^_~ ♥♥

    Aww no Molly?

    • DukeMagus

      i know your pain dood…

    • Know_the_ledge

      Popped a Molly, I’m sweating (Wooh!)

      • chipsndips

        I’m ok with what you did…

  • Gethoff Mahfacebuk

    No Peacock/Big Band/Dahlia team? zzzzzzzz

    Give me Panzerfaust then, voters. I know he doesn’t have anime slut tits hanging out or anything but…….. ok it’ll never be Panzerfaust either =(

  • Dynami

    Extremely disappointed at the lack of B. Dahlia, Brain Drain, and Molly. Oh, well.

  • Nap1400

    The salt is strong with this one.

  • Chad Lake


  • Pooh Hardy

    i haven’t got the game yet
    and i will cancel my plans on getting injustice if stanley wins
    if he doesnt win and another generic girl takes the slot
    skullgirls can go fuck itself

  • thelaughiingman

    No Brain Drain? I’m mad.
    Oh well, all up to Panzerfaust now.

    • Thejman

      good man

  • Pombar

    Feng was my fave, bah. But Isaac is immensely cool looking (scar on his afro!), and his playstyle that they’ve talked about sounds awesome as shit. Would definitely want to try him out.

  • DonaldHoganMark3

    Voting Aeon and Isaac, Will be happy with any of these except Minette.

  • GCBill

    Figures the marine animal would be the one to bring the salt. 😉

    • Roxy

      Guaranteed to win now thank to your comment

  • CAE

    didn’t even know the 2nd round of voting happened

  • Jordan Hoffman

    Why r ppl voting for Aeon. From what I heard she just sorta copies other characters moves. Doesn’t this game already have a character who plays like that?

    • mutantmagnet

      Reread her description. She summons characters from alternate realities and across different timelines.

      So by summoning minions to fight with her she is totally different from Double. She’s more like Parasoul but her attack and defense options are going to be a lot crazier.

      She potentially could have the ultimate reset where you can go back in time to a previous part of the fight where you weren’t losing.

      These two ideas are just the tip of the iceberg for the tool sets they could consider giving her.

      Be very afraid if a character this potentially broken gets voted into the top 4.

    • Ben Brocka

      I doubt they’d do that since they already have Double; and unlike Double she has clearly unique moves listed (using sand and Otaku merchandise . Double’s only unique skills are her supers (and I think some of her normals are slightly different versions of normal moves maybe?)

      • Michał Kryłowicz

        Actually all Double’s specials are scrapped specials from the other characters so she also has those. And yes, her normals have different frame data, hitboxes etc.

  • TheAverageGuyTAG


    Vote Panzerfaust, for he is truly master tier.

    Also, there’s this:

  • SolsticeOfGravity

    Honestly I hope Annie wins out of this list. I love the ironic sound of her move set gestures. A rough and tough, stern lady trapped in a magical girl body? What part of that doesn’t sound interesting? Plus she does have a somewhat interesting connection to the cast as it is. With Parasoul and Peacock being her biggest fans, and the fact she has a connection to the Skull Heart due to her parents wishing her into a child puts her in a pretty good place to be part of the existing cast. She just seems the most interesting in all categories.

    • Jordan Hoffman

      I would rather bore myself to death watching real life Annie than see this stupid character make it into this game

      • If Annie/Shark make it I’m dropping the game like a hot rock. They are that repulsive.

        • Will Unpronounceable

          if your ignorance has so much omnipresence to the point where you would be willing to abandon this project based on such a flimsy pretext im sure the skullgirls community wont really give a shit if you leave .a lot of really cool people worked there damned hardest to make this thing happen keep that in mind.

    • ZigTheHunter

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Johnny Donuts

      that doesnt interest me very much. Its just a cliche young girl fighter. Id rather have some variety in the cast.

  • Motch420

    Annie or Eliza all day, don’t want no Urkel shark, I think Jaleel white even would be offended

  • freezestar

    I really hope they do a second thing like this for the game.
    All of these characters sound so much fun to play! …except maybe Stanley, but still!

    • Cellsai

      There will be two characters voted in! After a character is decided in the next 2 rounds of voting a second character vote will start where we can choose someone else.

  • Thejman

    PANZERFAUST! yusss and funny thing all the 4 i voted for from the beginning have made it in, Panzerfaust, Beowulf, Isaac, Minette. Im like man….it’s gonna be me voting for Panzerfaust and Beowulf.

  • Ravaatu

    Awww Black Dahlia and Brain Drain are out? Those were my favorites 🙁 I like these characters, though. Except Minette.

  • GHNeko



  • Richard Johnson

    the real question is do you want to be a shark a tank or a fish?

  • Austin Davoren

    Feng gone.
    The dream is dead.

    • Gailim

      there is always the second character vote

  • Santinia Tony

    Internet trolls and their persistent desire to put these wacky characters in the roster..then they end up bottom tier and nobody wants anything to do with them..I’ve lost count at this point.

    • Ben Brocka

      Because wacky is totally out of place alongside:
      Circus girl with arms for a hat
      Dismembered immortal cat girl (with puns)
      1940s cartoon character turned living weapon
      Ninja nurse with a rack full of shuriken
      Girl with a legion of undead warriors and also a vacuum…

  • Nick Crowley

    damn B. Dahlia didn’t make it, oh well, can still vote for Stanley and Beowulf

  • Out of these 8 I’d want Isaac and Beowulf.

  • Joseph King


    • TheAverageGuyTAG

      I pity anyone who has to stand up to him when he decides to use Shield Slash with his tank.

  • Vector_C

    C’mon Panzerfaust! I’ve never wanted a character this badly before! Magically take away any character I play in any other game if it’ll get me Panzerfaust! :U

  • The fact that Black Dhalia is out of the running is fucking ridiculous.

    It’s just braindead redditors and moe/loli douchers who don’t even play the fucking game competitively/at all voting for annie/minette and played-out-meme shark/isaac. The poll is a total bust.

    The 7 -worst- characters managed to make it through and on top of that reddit seems to have some huge anti-panzerfaust campaign going on. He’s the only character left that’s remotely interesting.

    • Austin Davoren

      Bro, do you even Skullgirl?

  • Why does it feel like no one is backing Isaac anymore? He feels like the coolest character concept here. I like most of the characters don’t get me wrong (well, except for maybe minette…) But Isaac has been My only real choice since this started. It’s hard to think characters like minette could get picked over him. Come ON Isaac Fans! LETS DOOOOO THIIIIISSS!!!

  • Drago Umeharevich

    i hope Eliza + any male make it in

    if Minette wins the vote.. i’m not gonna buy the game, lol

  • Michał Kryłowicz

    Lol at all people “if XXX makes it in I’m dropping/not buying the game” and then probably you’re gonna go whine how FGC is treated like a bunch of entitled children when all this time you act like one. Oh boo-hoo dropping a perfectly good game cause a certain character made it/didn’t make it in. Cry me a river.

    I already lost my top 2 but I don’t care because I know that my personal taste doesn’t decide whether someone will be good/fun and a lot of things can change. How many of the current cast would people not like if they had just one picture of them and a snippet of how would they play? Parasoul looking generic as fuck, Valentine “oh big titties and nurse outfit, totally for all those stupid fetishists”, Ms Fortune is just a cat girl that can remove her head… yawn, Filia a Ryu with living hair and nothing more, Cerebella “WTF”, Double “another mimic character, who would want someone who plays like others?”. But they are cool because they have awesome gameplay and look great while moving around because you need more than a picture and 3 sentences of info to know for sure how good will anyone be.

    • Ben Brocka

      “I’ll never play a game with that joke character!” *merrily goes to play SF4 alongside Dan* -salt in a nutshell

  • Suspinded

    Why Stanley won’t win : Even though he is a science shark, both time manipulation characters are still in the running (Aeon and Isaac).

    At some point, one is going to get eliminated.

    Do you know what happens when the voting force behind a quarter of the top 8 unify on the same character? It’s not going to be pretty for the rest of the competition.

  • droy900

    Can’t decide Beowulf or Eliza .

  • Shaddox

    Let’s go Stanley!

  • Crevox

    Take note: 4 of the people here are male.

  • interpunct


  • SonOfTheNorthe

    Aeon and Issac sound awesome. But Panzerfaust looks freaking badass too.
    I really don’t get the Stanley hype, but whatever floats your boat.

  • Haze Shouhda

    There’s always a bigger fish, but all I really care for is the little one. Voting for Minette to get people served. Someone ordered pain? ORDER UP!!!

  • TSOV

    Imo Isaac & Beowulf are def, Stanley is GOD tier, panzerfaust is cool and I want a Eliza because her relationship with leviathan and samson (I main filia)

  • Beb0p

    Meh, the most interesting looking one is the top right. The lamest ones would be the two on bottom right and the one on top left. As for guy character I’d go for bottom left.

  • Good lord, I think my blood pressure spiked from all the salt in these comments. There’s nothing quite as intolerable as other people’s opinions, amirite?