KVO 2013 x GODSGARDEN x a-cho (KGA 2013) Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Player Vote Opens

By on April 11, 2013 at 1:43 pm

Earlier today, GODSGARDEN opened the fan vote for the KVO 2013 x GODSGARDEN x a-cho (KGA 2013) Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 singles tournament. The top three players with the highest overall voting score will earn an invitation to the KGA 2013 UMvC3 32-player main tournament. KGA 2013 is scheduled for Saturday, April 27 to Sunday, April 28 at neo amusement space a-cho in Kyoto, Japan.

How to Vote

KGA 2013 Vote Page

The voting works just like previous GODSGARDEN events. Each day, voters are given 5 up-votes and 1 down-vote. To up-vote, click the right button (賛成); to down-vote, click the left button (反対). Be sure to wait for the page to load after each vote. Votes can be spread or stacked as desired, and are refreshed after one day, so you can vote everyday.

The voting period is open until April 19 at 11:59PM JST (10:59AM EDT, 7:59AM PDT), so get in as many votes as you can!

ARCANA HEART 3 LOVE MAX!!!!! 3on3 Tournament Cancellation and Replacements

In other news, due the lack of a release date for ARCANA HEART 3 LOVE MAX!!!!!, the planned April 28 tournament has been cancelled. In its place, there will be tournaments for Sengoku BASARA X, Hokuto no Ken, Magical Beat and Battle Fantasia. The UMvC3 random team 3on3 tournament will be included on the second day of KGA 2013.

Voting Candidates

1. Mabushin まぶしん
2. Tanukikk たぬきっく
3. Taitsu たいつ
4. go-sh
5. Gure ぐれ
6. Dea であ
7. NKen エヌケン
8. Tonbo とんぼ
9. niceboy
10. NKN
11. Mittsu みっつ
12. Kentarosu けんたろス
13. Hiroshi G ひろしG
14. Yousuke よーすけ
15. OGTY
16. Hayabusa 隼
17. Rottomen ロットメン
18. Gilliam ギリアム
19. R aki Rアキ
20. Grander グランダー
21. Aian あいあん
22. P_Sisters
23. vairos
24. Sunahebi 砂蛇
25. Chanshii@Fukuii Jinrui ちゃんしー@福井人類
26. Pacp
27. BzGaga
28. Tofu Mental-Zei dp 豆腐メンタル勢dp
29. RF
30. tenboss てんぼす
31. Comtemps こんてんぷす
32. Bonchuu ボンチュー
33. Gottsu ごっつ
34. Orumen オルメン
35. YSK
36. Shichou 市長
37. Genbaku Doom 原爆ドゥーム
38. Hikuichi ひくいち
39. Manjuu 饅頭
40. Kuruga くるが
41. Keisuke けーすけ
42. Chikku to Waccho de Chikuwaccho! チックとワッチョでちくわっちょ!
44. Yaku-chan ヤクちゃん
45. Kuda くだ
46. Wakame くだ
47. Fast ファスト
48. Dejiro でじろ
49. Tokumitsu Bomber 徳光ボンバー
50. Here へれ
51. Haido ハイド
52. Shimada しまだ
53. Jun’ya じゅんや
54. Itoto いとと
55. Potenhitto ぽてんひっと
56. Hathia ハーティア
57. AFM
58. Shun 瞬
59. Ryosef リョセフ
60. DraSpi
62. professor
63. IRIS
64. Nomu Yogurt 飲むヨーグルト
65. Asagiri Konayama 朝霧粉山
66. Kei けい
67. MJima エムジマ
68. Aji Kachou あじ課長
69. Rakushumi らくしゅみ

Qualified Players

Below is a list of players who have already qualified for the tournament, including special invitations.

  • Shio
  • VX
  • Taketani
  • Yokohama_MODOK
  • Chou
  • Banbaban
  • Kyamei
  • Emumaki
  • Mamespider
  • kubo
  • G.X
  • Masashi
  • Udaterasu

Special Invites

  • Nemo
  • Frieda
  • Kusoru

Sources: GODSGARDEN, a-cho Staff, Web Sta

  • eilegz

    they are all FREEE, any random american would body those guys…marvel its an american game those scrubby japanese need to step the game up. they need to pick TOP TIER and stop using weak low tiers sure its hype to look at mamen spider with its spiderman but after it gets downloaded its pure rape

    • Banzboy

      Yes I agree wit u bruddy dem spida legs be trippy on dat get dem high wit ye all people’s know that mericans to be beating best player all y’all be running dividing this turning point so we can be besting at that top playing game

    • u mad bro?

    • xceliency

      I used to think that way until kusoru purely raped everyone at final round… o_0