King of Fighters XIII – Hwa Jai Double Stun Combo by KenshinTL

By on April 11, 2013 at 2:45 pm

KenshinTL of Team Lago recently uploaded a video demonstrating one doozy of a Hwa Jai combo in King of Fighters XIII. The combo requires him to have his drunk buff active with a full drive bar and one meter handy. It will take him clear through to stun on the opposing character and then loop in on itself, earning back the meter spent (and then some) and building back the drive bar as well!

Source: Team Lago Videos

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  • neroiscariot

    Sexiest thing I have seen all day.

    • Katherine M. Schneider

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  • RenaTurnip

    Damn it, Hwa. You were already powerful enough!

  • Ryan Osindele

    He’s got a non drunk stun combo for 1 bar 2 drive

    • OFC Salty Santa

      I think the point was how meter efficient this one was

      • JohnGrimm

        There is no such thing as meter inefficient with Drunk Hwa. You can roll your dick all over your stick and have a 200% meter positive combo.

        • gigantor21

          ROFLMAO oh, God… XD

  • Hwa Jai is one motherfucker.

  • RunningWild1984

    the motherfuggin hwa jai

  • Los Illuminados


  • technical_boom

    HOLY SHIT MAN!!!!!!! 😀