Capcom’s Christian Svensson Disappointed in Misinterpretation of Demand for Darkstalkers Resurrection, Opening Sales Numbers

By on April 11, 2013 at 11:25 am

In a recent post on the Capcom-Unity forums, Senior Vice-President Christian Svensson addressed Darkstalkers Resurrection’s placing on the PlayStation Network’s top ten list for March, which some perceived as a sign the title was selling well. Unfortunately, this doesn’t appear to be the case.

According to Svensson, it would have had to place higher to be considered a success in Capcom’s eyes. While they are currently working on new ways to promote the title and boost those numbers, he also mentions being disappointed by the disparity between demand for the franchise and its subsequent sales figures.

His entire message has been included below.

Sadly, it’s not as high on that list as it really needs to be to be successful. We’re working on promotions and the like to improve the situation. We’ve not given up. But I’m disappointed in the opening sales response relative to any other fighting title we’ve put out on the same platforms given the frequency and urgency of requests we’ve had here over the last several years and the quality of the execution. It is the most fully featured and probably best project of this type we’ve done.

And before people jump to the wrong conclusions, I’m not blaming fans who did buy it and supported the brand. I’m very thankful for those guys (thank you, to all of you). I’m more disappointed by my misread of the information in this particular case.

Though there’s no clear indication that this will affect the possibility of another entry in the Darkstalkers series, producer Tomoaki Ayano has hinted that Capcom was using Resurrection to gauge interest for a new title.

Source: Capcom-Unity via Gamespot

  • Joshua B

    Darkstalkers is a very obscure franchise. I’m not surprised.

    • ZenTzen

      so obscure that not even MvC:origins which is arguably the most popular franchise between the two couldnt even get into the top 10

      • Mike Pureka

        Top ten doesn’t really mean jack though. What was it up against. What games did better/worse than it did. That’s what tells you how well it did. Top ten in a slow month can mean like 15k sales. 😛

    • Ben Brocka

      Obscure franchise hits top 10 sales charts. Publisher says sales were less than expected. I’ve been hearing this too often lately.

  • metroidhunter_x

    To be completely honest, most of the FGC community is spoiled and fickle. Most don’t even know what Darkstalkers is, yet they demand it so vehemently. Capcom. Don’t make Darkstalkers 4. It’s just not worth it for you guys. I think the genre in general needs some down time.

    • theSN3S

      But you also can’t just cast aside the people who actually follow this game, like I. I want a fresh new game entry for this series, so does my best friend and a bunch of others out there who has followed this series since its humble beginnings. Resurrections is a good start to that but I agree though, people who vehemently demand this game not because they remember it back on the PSOne days but duly just for aesthetics, the characters. That’s nice but they should at least put effort into actually playing this game. Idk, there are so many factors involved for Darkstalkers to come back triumphant and one of those factors do not help at all.

    • Ben Brocka

      I’m honestly tired of hearing that anyone in the gaming community is spoiled and fickle. We’re the target market and we spend millions of dollars on single games. We have every right to be fickle. These are not government sponsored games given out to the needy. These are games that gamers spend large amounts of money on. Having high standards in a billion dollar industry is hardly spoiled.

      I do think the *sales* figures companies seem to expect are unrealistic however. I will grant that there’s some disconnect here, but I certainly don’t think that fans wanting a proper sequel 16 years later are being “spoiled and fickle”.

      • Your right. As a matter of fact, it’s really the other way around: much of the FGC treats Capcom like a parent figure and then act like we’re unsupportive asses when we write anything critical. At the end of the day, every single one of us is a customer.

        • chipsndips

          That goes both ways. Some dudes do it right. Some dudes are total pricks and ignorant asses. Just cause you’re a customer, doesn’t mean you’re always right. It just means you’re what companies use to decide on what to sell.

    • $18011339

      Show me someone who doesn’t know what Darkstalkers is and “demands it so vehemently”. That’s the dumbest sentence I’ve ever heard from you. Complete straw man.

  • Tryken

    This is exactly what I feared. There was a ton of push for this game several years ago, then right when it got released, I noticed all these comments of “Look at Cashcom going for the easy remake! This will have no say on whether or not a new Darkstalkers gets released!”

    Actually, yes it does. You have Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting’s digital re-release to thank for Street Fighter IV. You have these remakes thanks to the sales of Third Strike OE. There is a definite correlation that the company has come out and claimed to bluntly, yet some fans still want to say otherwise. It’s completely illogical to think that way.

    I bought this game, because Darkstalkers is a fresh series, and I want to see a completely new one get made. The sales of this game are going to kill a new Darkstalkers and the fan’s voices on websites like Capcom-Unity.

    Your money is your voice in capitalism and to companies in general. Please take that into consideration. It especially hurts the developers when you don’t buy the game for “Why buy this when it’s on GGPO” logic. The creator of GGPO is making money for games using his code officially, as are the American developers behind the project.

    Buy the game, enjoy the game. It’s a good title, and I’ll see anyone who plays it on Xbox Live.

    • theSN3S

      Right on, man. You are completely right.

    • $35897352

      Thats bullshit, people buy a game because it is good, not because other game is good. If a company wants to release a new product on the market they do market research to collect opinions about the new product, it will be stupid to release a new product based on information about other product even if they share some features in common.

      • tanjil

        you’re actually right. but in the case of this of this game… not quite. DS:R is essentially used to gauge how many people are actually serious about wanting a DS. Money talk, hell if I were Capcom I would assume most people saying they’d buy the game would wait for a price drop or try finding it used since Capcom doesn’t do online passes.

        Ryan is mostly right. I think a SF4 would have happened no matter what on console, but the SF2 sales sent a clear message. People want to play Street Fighter on their PS3’s and 360.

        So what message do you think Darkstalkers Resurrection i sending? “Meh we can wait for DS4….if it’s coming…if not whatever”

        • Unreallystic

          I disagree about HF. When HF hit the consoles, what other fighting games were out at the time? DoA4? We had JUST entered a frame of time where people had decent enough connections to play a fighting game remotely, so HF sales weren’t based mostly on nostolgia, they were also predicated on gamers having the ‘new’ ability to play against each other – in a fighting game (that wasn’t a POS).

          On the overall topic, its flawed logic to use this game as a measuring stick. You have a LARGE group of people such as myself who have already bought all things DS. I have virtually this same game on my PS Vita. I’m NOT going to rebuy a DS game, the same way I refused to buy 3S and won’t by any other rehashes in GENERAL. We are past the point were spitting out remakes is going to get tons of dollars. Now we want something that is on par with everything thats out now, not just in features, but in terms of engine and graphics.

          I’m NOT going to pretend like a DS game is going to dethrown a TTT2 or something, but if its an avenue they are thinking about, then they have to realize that a new entry is required. Use an existing engine whether it be UMvC3 or SF4AE or SxT…and take a couple characters like Morrigan (already has models done, and whats a Capcom game without old Morrigan ‘sprites’) and Dimitri (quick easy model) – adopt a few features from the DS series and do some internal playtesting. If it bodes well, clean that up and release it as a freebe demo to gauge response, but come on, be honest about it…you can throw filters on it, but its the same damn game…at least with SFHD they tweaked the engine, characters, and REDREW the characters…not just throw a filter on existing emulated games that have already been ported.

          • tanjil

            I actually agree with your paragraph 2 and 3. I was just saying what I thought Capcom’s reasoning probably is. Personally I think a companies gotta take a risk. Hell like you said no need for a big risk, just recycle some stuff. I LOVE the UMvC3 character models.

            But my 1st point wasn’t about Nostalgia. I said people wanted to play street fighter on their PS3/360’s. New or old, didn’t matter. They just wanted some damn street fighter. No matter what capcom put out, either sf4 or sf2 HD, both would have sold regardless

            I do get not wanting to rebuy remakes. I see it as buying an online pass + $5. . Well I only bring it up because I still think Capcoms the only company doing HD remakes right. Credit where it’s due. Might be a rehash, but a damn good one

        • chipsndips

          Actually, Ono apparently had to beg Capcom to take a chance on SFIV. They thought it wouldn’t sell well, and Ono had to haul ass to get them to trust him. Then it was a hit, and they were immediately ready to keep it fresh with updates, and pretty much start up fighting games again in general.

          • tanjil

            I had no idea Ono had to beg. If it’s true, I guess I’ll take
            back some of what I said. Lol Capcom not seeing a good idea unless it
            kicked them in the face.

      • $18011339

        Can I also say I’m sorry about my assumption that you think your high school economics textbook makes you think you can predict a company’s marketing strategy – maybe you actually do market research for a video game company for a living. If so pardon my rush judgment

        • $35897352

          Apology aceppted.

      • Mar Star

        I agree. They just need to man up and pick a game to take a risk on. Note: A Mega Man game isn’t a risk, just saying.

    • SpiderDan

      We have HDR to thank for… SF4?

      HDR release date: 11/25/08
      SF4 release date: 7/18/08

      Apparently, HDR was so successful that Capcom decided to go back in time 2 years and start developing SF4.

      • Tryken

        Whoops. You’re right. It was Street Fighter II Hyper’s re-release on 360 that sparked interest in both according to what I read in the past.

      • daedae22

        It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to deduce he was talking about SF HF……

  • Its a game that everyone already owns, probably multiple times across different consoles plus its not a very well known franchise. Its given that sales would have reached whatever their high expectations were aiming for.

  • I honestly don’t think the FGC was clamoring for a re-release of the previous Darkstalkers. Despite the fact that Resurrection is a good package with nice features, the games simply don’t hold up in the current market. I believe, a brand new Darkstalkers game would muster far more support.

    • the7k

      Play Vampire Savior and then say that.

      Vampire Hunter? Yeah, that game doesn’t hold up, but Vampire Savior holds up better than most current generation games.

      • Timothy Ian McMillan

        You say that…..but next to nobody plays VS anymore.

        • the7k

          Doesn’t mean that the game has nothing for them. It means that they haven’t given the game a chance.

          If they’d give the game a chance, I think they’d be surprised how much better the experience is than at least half the games that are currently taken seriously.

  • Mihail Palov

    So hes not blaming the fans and at the same time he is? Come out and say it already stop acting like a business woman. Oh yeah and while your at it instead of taking ideas off of forum posts why not hire someone that can actually make fighting games?

    • Gary A.

      Actually he’s blaming the non-fans for not purchasing it. What??
      No, in reality, he’s kinda blaming himself for being an overpaid executive that doesn’t really know what the FGC wants…. I’m sure you missed your bonus on this one, eh Svenssy?

      • chipsndips

        Almost got it. He’s saying he’s disappointed in misinterpreting fan demands.

        • Gary A.

          “he’s kinda blaming himself for being an overpaid executive that doesn’t really know what the FGC wants”

          I believe we said the same thing with different words.

  • Rafael Martines

    Because Capcom didn’t this right 🙁 What people wanted is something like Darkstalkers Collection for PS2 (or Darkstalkers The Chaos Tower) with online, trophies… in the end we got two games and most of the people prefer the last one. I only played Vampire Hunter only to try that sick, useless and horrible challenges.

    Ono-san hinted that something about Alpha series will be in E3 this year, I’m afraid that if they make the same thing porting A2 and A3 from Arcade and not the awesome PSP version

    • I hope your fucking kidding! The psp version is the retarded lame dog version of alpha 3. You either port the arcade version or nothing at all. I seriously hope you were trolling. Its disgusting that anyone could seriously believe the psp version is the best

      • Gary A.

        You’re the one trolling son… the PSP version has the most (and exclusive) fighters. What was wrong with it (other than PSP’s controls)? Was Eagle not finely-tuned enough for you or something?? Pfft…

        • PointCtrPoint

          Different hitboxes and removed crouch cancel infinites that 30somethings like myself were accustomed to. You know, things that affect sales 😛

          • juggernaut1981

            A3 is my favorite SF of all time, brokenness and all. Removing CC infs will not hurt sales.

          • Gary A.

            So, they fixed the glitches that broke the game at competitive levels? How dare they!

  • just6822

    The “sales numbers” being a green light for the new game was a load of bullshit to squeeze a few extra dollars with their port anyway, they’ve been using this strategy for a long time now. Shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody.

    Why not try something new, with decent quality control and effort, instead of the usual shitfest and remakes?

    Not gonna lie though, I’m a teensy bit excited for Ducktales.

    • Gary A.

      Woo-hoo! Me too!!

      And don’t forget those D&D arcade remakes either…

  • The big problem here is the fact that everybody knows that they are making a reboot, they just want to milk the cow like they did with MvC2, and then released 3, I mean c’mon. Just do the god damn reboot. Nobody will judge you.

  • Marc Xiong

    This is what Capcom gets for rehashing! puahahah they deserve this… Until SF5 really comes out… it will just be another rehashfest! Finally caught onto your retarded schemes Cashcom!

  • $35897352

    So Cashcom’s vice-president crying because his rip-off game didnt sell well is frontpaged news now? If they wanted to get more money then they should have invested for a remake (like what HD Remix was to Super street fighter II turbo) and not to those little upgrades that they sell for fucking $15.

    • theSN3S

      See, its people like you that doesn’t get this game the credit it deserves. This is exactly what Ryan Tullis (guy who commented below) was talking about.

  • NyuBomber

    On the one hand, it’s a re-release of a decades old obscure fighting series, what kind of expectations did they have even with community support?

    On the other hand, in a day and age where the latest Tomb Raider can certifiably be called the best-selling entry in the franchise and STILL be called a failure by its publisher, and all this talk of DLC and microtransactions and Kickstarters and etc., one has to wonder if the cost of producing games is just too damn high.

    • Travis Hughes

      Pisses me off, about Tomb Raider. It was given 21 days and then declared a sales failure, even though it beat every record imaginable for the series, selling over 3 million copies in those 21 days. What were they expecting? CoD-level sales?

      • Wulfsten

        Yeah, it really pisses me off, especially as I love that game, and it pretty much has made me a fan of the Tomb Raider series overnight. I was not one of those fans who would have bought the game just on the strength of its title, I was genuinely bowled over by the trailer, then bought the game and loved it.

        • Katherine M. Schneider

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      • juggernaut1981

        Don’t hate on them having sales predictions. The unfortunate truth of the mater is that Capcom was right to probe the market to gauge interest. And the abysmal sales number is a correct indicator that now (if ever) is not the time for DS 4.

        Bottom line folks is that Dark-stalkers is a niche franchise in the niche FGC community that mostly consist of 09ers, and this is a 16 year old game. Evo’s line up this year is 7 +1 games out of almost 2 dozen. The market is over saturated with legitimate fighters. Given all that; production on a DS4 will be way more expensive to it was on SF4. All the bulging and shape shifting limbs is more costly to render and animate. After the flop of RE6 (where they actually were expecting COD numbers) and SFxT not being well received you can’t expect them to spend more money on making a product they know won’t sell as well as the less expensive to make SF4 series. Capcom should be happy the got the numbers that they did get, we essentially gave them our answer for a new DS update.

        • Joseph King

          Thats bullshit. Interest in a rereleased game from decades ago does not correlate AT ALL to interest in a brand spanking new next gen entry in the series. Look at Mario for example. Nintendo doesn’t just rerelease Super Mario, they do a complete overhaul and make New Super Mario. You can’t expect just rerelease the game and tack on some extra features and expect to generate huge sales.

          • Amer1ka

            Apparently you haven’t played the new Mario games. They might as well be HD re-releases.

          • juggernaut1981

            Yeah it is BS, didn’t say I agree with it or that they are right, but Capcom has made numerous public statements to the effect that this is their approach. It is what it is. Now weather or not that was a scare tactic to get people to buy more dsr downloads when a 2.5D SF4 style new coat of paint would have fared much better sales wise. Capcom is to scared to find out.

    • Art Salmons

      3 million IS a failure if you forecast 5 million. They spent a lot to make it and spent a lot more to market it. It was probably still profitable but not as much as they wanted.

      • NyuBomber

        If that’s the case, it goes directly into my second point, and something needs to be managed better somewhere.

    • daedae22

      I agree I think their expectations were way too high on this one. Especially considering the subject matter. Dark stalkers Resurrection is an awesome title for the hardcore fighting game fans. But for casual fighting game players and potential new customers to the genre its a hard sell. I still think it was a success for the fans of the series and for fighting game enthusiasts which in my opinion should have been Capcom’s aim on this one. If they want a HD remake of an older fighting game to hit record breaking sales they better do whatever it is they gotta do to make CvS2 HD. That is the last fighting game in Capcom’s library that could make a big impact.

    • Amer1ka

      Kickstarter has nothing to do with those things. It actually lowers the cost of development dramatically because most Kickstarters are typically a group of people who want to ensure that they get paid a salary for their work and have enough funds to make the game they want to make. They do not have to meet the demands of a publisher and ensure that they are still profitable after the publisher has taken it’s share. Then they also do not have to answer to shareholders either.

      • NyuBomber

        Kickstarter has everything to do with these things for two reasons:

        — Because it’s a tool for developers to pitch their idea/alphas/near-finished projects to the paying public directly, chiefly because big publishers are businesses first and foremost, decreasing the chance they would back these risky project for fear of not turning a profit, and they don’t turn a profit because of production and marketing costs.

        –Like you said, by lowering the cost of production, it’s intrinsically involved in the conversation about the production costs of video games. I never attached value judgements of positive or negative to microtransations, DLC, or Kickstarter. I simply stated that they’re rising to prominence because of the rising cost of producing video games.

        • Amer1ka

          I think I actually misread the last line of your post and thought you said that the cost was too high. My apologies and you are correct.

  • windsagio

    What, despite hipster community hype it didn’t perform well?

    Color me massively surprised.

    • $18011339

      What is a hipster to you? Why even ask. Here I’ll tell you. It’s someone who engages in detailed hobbies just to make themselves feel like a better person, and it’s associated with Beatnik fashion and indie music. It’s not just a slang term for someone you don’t like. There aren’t kids in Joy Division tshirts in skinny jeans and thick glasses smoking Newports requesting Darkstalkers. I just double checked to be sure.

      Don’t use words if you don’t know what they mean. I understand that over time the meaning of words changes, that’s just how language naturally evolves, but I’m here to prevent you from doing that.

      • windsagio

        in this case it’s people who want to pretend they’re cool by carrying on about a game they pretend to love but never actually saw in its native state.

        “Wanna be all cool and oldschool? Better say you like VS!”

        • $18011339

          I don’t think there are that many people. SRK comments section and Capcom Unity doesn’t really represent a demographic too well, don’t let a few people in the comments section throw you off. The dumbest people speak the loudest sometimes, but in a more optimistic way I think there are always people who get excited about things just because they heard somebody else say good things about it. Especially in fighting game communities.

          There are streaming tournaments of VS via GGPO on a regular basis, plus Japanese arcades still have people who play it. There is definitely reason for Capcom to believe the game has authentic fans.

          • windsagio

            I can put it a more friendly way: “A good number of the people talking about how much they loved and wanted to play the game simply didn’t buy”

  • shinrahunter

    What do they expect really?
    I loved Darkstalkers in the arcade and it was one of my favourite capcom fighters but they surpassed it with SF: Alpha 2 and it never really advanced after that.

    We haven’t had a NEW Darkstalkers game since 1997…………1997!!!!! that’s 16 years.
    I’m certainly not in the habbit of going out and buying a game I already own (for multiple consoles) all over again without any advancement.

    Now, Darkstalkers 4 will be a day one purchase, don’t get me wrong, I’m just saying capcom deluded themselves with this.

    • Thesimpleway

      I already bought 2 Darkstalkers rereleases Resurrection and on the PSP. How much more money do they need to make of a 16 year old title before making D4?

  • So they’re disappointed in themselves for thinking we wanted it more? What kind of a fucking public statement is that?

    • Emezie Okorafor

      Uh…an accurate, honest one?

      Y’all want honesty from Capcom? You got it.

    • Troy Dalton

      It’s fan-shaming. It placates gaming Uncle Toms like Emezie there, and nobody else.

  • Remster

    I just don’t think it’s fair to judge interest in a new game by re-releases of the old one. SF4s success was from bringing a lot of new players into the genre.

    Those same type of new players will be interested in a new Darkstalkers without purchasing the old ones.

  • the7k

    People HATE good games. It’s as simple as that.

    Would have helped if you had promoted the game a bit, but it doesn’t really matter. You can lead a scrub to a good game, but you can’t make them think.

    • windsagio

      maybe alternatively marketing a game that only really appealed to a small fraction of a small fraction of gamers (ie a fairly small part of FG players) wasn’t a recipe for success 😛

      • the7k

        The only reason it doesn’t appeal to more FG players is because they haven’t given the game a fair shake. It’s “different,” and people want the same old crap they’ve been playing more than anything in this world.

        Maybe folks don’t hate good games, but they do hate honest ones. They hate honest games because they require mental ability. You can’t just hide behind absolutely absurd hitboxes that lead into ToD combos with this game, and that scares people more than any vampire possibly could.

        • windsagio

          yeah no. The truth is, for all the chatter it’s gotten, simply not enough people care… and Capcom spent what marketing and support budget they had marketing to people who were either already guaranteed sales or weren’t gonna buy anyways.

          All those people who didn’t buy? They’re not bad people because they don’t like a game that you do. They just have different taste.


          It’s one of the reasons that fans make *terrible* game designers out of the box. They’re utterly incapable of getting out of their own heads and seeing games from other perspectives.

          • the7k

            … nah, not buying it.

            All the people who didn’t buy it? They’re only not bad people if they didn’t at least give the game a shot before declaring they don’t like it.

            If you played the demo and decided, for whatever stupid reason you could cook up, the game wasn’t good, then fine.

            However, most of these people haven’t even given the game that much. They’d rather play a game they complain about all the friggin’ time.

            Anyway, I think we all know this game would have done incredibly if it had traditional characters in it. There’s nothing about the actual gameplay that people can’t love if these are the types of people who complain about Marvel being too braindead or SF4/SFxT being too slow. However, vampires and werewolves are a much harder sell than generic karate guy and generic chinese lady.

          • windsagio

            Of the people who might have bought it, many of them are playing it pirated on GGPO.

            You’re wrong anyways, 3SO which had traditional characters, did pretty poorly too.

    • $18011339

      Scrubs, huh. Yeah that just don’t know good games like the7k.

      I think you live in self delusion, a world where you are better or smarter than a lot of people, when in reality you’re just a doofus with a superiority complex. Oh no, I’m wrong, you just broke down the entire economic demand system for modern fighting games in two sentences, you’re so brilliant.

      • the7k

        Dude, it’s called salt. We all get it sometime.

        VSav is a game I love. Compared to the games out these days, which focus on long as hell combos over footsies, this game is a God send. It’s just a shame people would rather play Guitar Hero on a controller instead of, you know, a fighting game, where fast-paced mind games are constantly happening. Where it’s more about the match itself and not just getting a hit confirm into ToD.

        And you say I’m the one with a superiority complex. Look at your fucking post. When you get done worshiping yourself, come down here with the rest of us commoners and try to engage in intelligent conversation.

  • welp, there goes DS4 -_-

  • plsburydoughboy

    I dunno how the comment monsters will reply to this one but… how about a Wii U port?

    • Ryan ♡( •ॢ◡-ॢ)✧˖° ♡

      Good one. But seriously, that wouldn’t help things.

      • plsburydoughboy

        The way Capcom has been releasing their fighters, you’d think Nintendo fans aren’t interested in them, but I don’t think that’s the case.

        Would you object to this if it meant Capcom would see more interest in a new DarkStalkers title? Maybe a truly multiplat approach would be best.

        • Jaden

          I actually agree with this.^_^

  • Ravaatu

    Capcom must have very unrealistic sales expectations if they thought a relatively obscure franchise could beat big names like Journey, MLB, Bioshock, and The Walking Dead.

    • Travis Hughes

      “Relatively obscure?” Man, you must not have grown up in the 90s.

      • Timothy Ian McMillan

        Ask anyone born from 1983-1990 who doesn’t play fighters, what Darkstalkers is.

        I dare you.

      • GO4PRO

        I’m a “90s kid”

        I played the shit out of some super turbo (and Breaker’s Revenge lol) and was a pretty big fan of capcom.

        I didn’t hear about darkstalkers until like 2004. It’s REALLY obscure, sorry guy.

        • Petran79

          me too wouldnt have heard about it if it werent for CPS2 emulation on computers in early 2000. Even then I didnt play it that much. Only the last 2 years did I spend some time on the franchise (VS only) and this only thanks to GGPO.

      • TempBast

        I went to the arcades in the 90’s and my region of arcades never had Darkstalkers. I only knew Darkstalkers as a PS1 title from game magazines. I don’t even recall Darkstalkers being in Reno hotel arcades, and those were big.

      • spades111

        nah it was obscure, not that it makes me happy, but it was. But regardless isn’t Capcoms problem not only low sales, but that say using the above example, 10K was sold but over 30K requested (which I doubt). It basically the requested part upsetting them

    • Mike Pureka

      Do we all understand how top ten charts WORK? The top ten could have looked like:

      MLB 13 The Show – 2.5m sold
      Journey – 750k sold
      The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct – 500k sold
      Terraria – 300k sold
      Tomb Raider – 200k sold
      BioShock Infinite – 150k sold
      Darkstalkers Resurrection – 10k sold
      Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Decade Duels Plus – 9k sold
      Call of Duty: Black Ops II – 8.7k sold
      I Am Alive – 5k sold.

      The fact that it “came in seventh” seems to be impressing a lot of people, but the three games it BEAT in the top ten were a Yu-Gi-Oh spinoff game, a game that is in it’s 5th month of release and… I don’t even KNOW what “I Am Alive” so apparently that one made all kinds of marketing waves.

  • John Doe

    Yeah, well.. I’d have actually bought it if you weren’t trying to scam me out of my money, you know, Capcom? I’m NOT going to pay you $24 for what is otherwise a $15 title it just because I don’t live where you want me to.

  • Cephrien

    I’d rather have a new Darkstalkers than a re-released Darkstalkers with pretty lipstick. :I

    • Gary A.

      Change “Darkstalkers” to “hoe” and that’s exactly how I feel everyday…

  • Mika Scaare

    Wow, I am super sad to hear this. Especially after me and my friends were super hype for the game when it came out and talked about nothing else for days. I really wanted it to be the success it deserves to be.

    • Oniros

      I feel ya. This has been my first DS I’ve played, and the gameplay blows many current-gen games out of the water.

  • Santiago Herrera

    Capcom: people was expecting a new game, not a rerelease

  • Michael Gacillos O’Hair

    I think the big hats at Capcom, and other developers, need to really think about what their customers are asking for, and what they want, versus what is proposed or provided.

    Personally, I can only play so many HD Remixes before saying to myself “I’ve already played this before, and that’s a problem.” When the majority of product releases are homogenized or digital download remakes, there’s a problem. Big publishers and developers are very risk-averse, but they only way they can break into bigger sales number is to more take risks. Either that or further refine and tweak their current products, which will eventually get stale, which is what we may be seeing right now.

    I think players need new games once in a while. Gauging interest through online re-releases is fine if it’s done cheap and well (yeah, I know, cheap or good, pick one). But Capcom is a bit too optimistic if they think they’re going to make loads of revenue just by repackaging old games with online multiplayer functions. It’s not going to be enough.

    To put the inordinately high sales expectations in perspective, here’s an article about the most recent Tomb Raider’s sale numbers:
    3.4 million units sold… but didn’t meet sales expectations.
    3,400,000. At $60 a pop, that’s $204,000,000 in sales.
    The original Street Fighter 4 sold 3.1 million.
    I understand making games is expensive as hell, but damn, sometimes too much is too much.

    • JELIFISH19

      I think Capcom’s expectations are justified. People have been saying how much they love DS for years. But if you really like a game, why not get it? $15 for two games with additional features. It’s a fun game and it’s cheap. I have trouble of thinking of reasons not to get it when it’s the price of a movie ticket that lasts 2 hours.

      I think Capcom is afraid of the people with “fighting game of the week” mentalities. Many people just want something new to play for two weeks, then they drop it. Well that’s fine for initial sales, but what happens when the small hardcore crowd wants more support. The “fighting game of the week” people are not going to pay money for it even though they’re working on the game post-release. So the amount of post-release work done on the game often doesn’t pay off in the long run. And the hardcore crowd expect the companies to support the games. Fighting games are a niche genre and people expect post-release work. I don’t think they want to risk it.

      • E_Tap

        “But if you really like a game, why not get it? $15 for two games with
        additional features. It’s a fun game and it’s cheap. I have trouble of
        thinking of reasons not to get it when it’s the price of a movie ticket
        that lasts 2 hours.”

        Maybe because, at least for me, I already bought Skullgirls with my $15 for a fresh new take on a fighting game that wasn’t already part of a nearly 20 year old game series. And after having done so, had enough fun with it being new that I would rather save my next $15 for new games from other studios that don’t blame their fans for “poor sales”.

        • Michael Gacillos O’Hair

          Capcom isn’t so much blaming their customers this time, but more blaming themselves for misinterpreting what the customers wanted.

          Their customers said “A new Darkstalkers game might be cool.”
          But they heard “Give us a Darkstalkers game. Any one will do.”

          The initial release for Skullgirls was $15, but take into account anything given to the Indiegogo campaign for extra stuff and add that to the $15. If someone is still (still?) playing Skullgirls, they wouldn’t be thinking about saving $15 for the next game-of-the-week because they’re perfectly fine with playing Skullgirls until they die of old age. I imagine that’s not the case.

      • Unreallystic

        It’s been said, but I’ll re-iterate.

        “But if you really like a game, why not get it? $15 for two games with additional features”

        Because most of us who already liked DS, own it elsewhere legally (and some illegally). Again, my Vita has DS1 2 AND 3 on it. Its a 15+ year old game…the same game.. As E_Tap brought up, I got Skullgirls – a BRAND NEW game for $15. A fake HD re-release of a game shouldn’t be expected to blow the doors off the hinges. If you catch lightening with one GREAT, but don’t expect it to be the norm.

  • Evan Little

    I didn’t buy because of the high price tag and I don’t see the point in doing two games. It just splits up the online community. Shame I wanted another Darkstalkers.

  • Joel Waldmann

    Capcom should release DLC for UMVC3. I’ll bet that would bring in some sales.

  • Antonio Medina Jr.

    Pretty sick of capcom needing money on titles they don’t work on expecting a million for a game made in 1996 too greedy maybe capcom should listen to their fans insteadof doing what they feel is good

    • Oniros

      I agree, Capcom is so fucking greedy. Specially since the challenges, online play, leaderboards, training mode, spectator
      mode, and native youtube uploads were in the original release of the PS2 version. Am I right?

      • Troy Dalton

        No, but I’m right when I tell you that nobody cares about that gimmicky bullshit. GGPO gave us netplay years ago for free. We want a sequel, not an incomplete rehash.

      • Art Salmons

        Leader boards! Can’t have a fighting game without leader boards! Take all my dollars capcom!

  • Cylith

    This is as bad as Square-Enix saying that Tomb Raider, and its studio Eidos, is a failure. When considering that Tomb Raider already sold over 3 million units within the first month and that Eidos games for the past 4(ish) years are selling better than Final Fantasy. What do Japanese companies think is a success then?

    • Gary A.

      Anything with school girls in bunny outfits and tentacle porn, from what I hear…

    • Troy Dalton

      Dragon Quest / Final Fantasy numbers, or in the west, COD numbers. Japanese have a problematic “Asian parent” mentality, where there are only two outcomes: A+ or FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

  • Kenneth Richardson

    I’m not sure what kind of sales they were expecting, but as a thrown together re-release of two games from the early 90s – and in a day and time when a totally new game selling nearly five million copies at the full $60 and in only one month is still falling short of publisher expectations – I’m pretty sure it did well to land in the top 10.

    “given the frequency and urgency of requests we’ve had here over the last several years”

    Really? Most of the requests I heard were for an altogether new Darkstalkers game. I’ve heard “Please develop Darkstalkers 4” several times. I don’t think I’ve ever heard “Please re-release Darkstalkers 2 and 3”.

    • Emezie Okorafor

      “I’m not sure what kind of sales they were expecting, but as a thrown together re-release of two games from the early 90s ”

      Have you actually played DS:R? It’s not just “thrown together”. It’s an extremely high quality rerelease of TWO games, adding online and well made teaching tools. It’s not just a matter of copying and pasting old files into a new computer and slapping a new label on it.

      A lot of effort was put into the game to try to teach people how to actually play the game. The practice/training modes actually explain how a character’s specials are meant to be used. This is the type of stuff people have been begging for for years, and HERE IT IS.

      The online is great.

      The training modes are extensive.

      The game is colorful and fun.

      And, I repeat, why the hell would Capcom believe that people who won’t spend money on the original games would suddenly come out in droves to buy a brand new game? A brand new game that is BASED ON THOSE ORIGINAL GAMES THAT YOU WON’T BUY? 90 percent of you people never bought or played a DS game in your lives…but, Capcom should believe you when you say you’ll buy DS4?


      And, yes, that $ was intentional. Put your money where your mouth is, FGC. Otherwise close your mouths.

      • Kenneth Richardson

        What an entertainingly ridiculous response.

        Who exactly has been begging for a Darkstalkers 2 re-release for years? Have you? I haven’t. I never said anything was wrong with the game essentially – it’s at least as good as it’s always been – but as several players have pointed out, they already have both of the included games.

        Most of the hardcore players who may have been interested in this have already been playing it – DS3 has been a GGPO mainstay for years now, why would those players suddenly stop playing it to buy Darkstalkers Resurrection? For the online? They already have online. For the training mode? I doubt it because most of them either already know how to play or are very good at the game.

        “why the hell would Capcom believe that people who won’t spend money on the original games would suddenly come out in droves to buy a brand new game”

        This is the silliest part of your response. Because new games pull in new players. Some people who’d never played a Street Fighter game in their lives bought Street Fighter IV. Just because people don’t want play extremely old games, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be interested in a new game in the franchise. Do you think everybody who bought the new Tomb Raider would go back and buy the first Tomb Raider? Do you think everybody who bought Tekken Tag Tournament 2 would buy a re-release of Tekken 2? You’re ridiculous.

        And yes, I actually did buy Darkstalkers Resurrection, so if you intended on telling the whole FGC to step up and buy it, then you probably shouldn’t have responded directly to my comment.

        • just6822

          Everything Emezie says is retarded, it’s better to ignore him.

        • Yes, in fact, the GGPO players did buy the game for online and training mode. 90% of us did. It’s nice to have a tournament standard that doesn’t rely on IS SOMEONE BRINGING A SUPERGUN? Good players and players who know how to play the game very well still use training mode 😛

      • $35897352

        The Cashcom fanboy has spoken

      • Unreallystic

        Those are features we want yes. But its not the game we want them in. I wanted Apple to make an iPad with a large storage capacity. I don’t buy a new one every year and hope my money drives them to do so. I voice my interest in 128GB or larger storage capacity everytime I can and hopefully (well its out now) they will (did) do it.

        I want hte Jordan 15s, one the most unpopular shoes of his entire line-up. I can buy all the retros I can get my hands on, it doesn’t mean Jordan will ever retro them.

        The FGC DOES put its money where its mouth is. I’m sure MAdcatz made money hands over fist with at least the first couple of joystick releases tied to SF4. They weren’t cheap at all, they were expensive for joysticks, but we snapped them up to the point that other companies started doing the same thing.

  • Forrest Casarez

    Someone needs to make Christian aware. I want darkstalkers very bad. However im done buying games for my 360 officially. I’m playing Wii u now. I understand the game was already in progress of being made before the system was given the option to be put on. But i think it’s time now to bring it over. The wii u is still in a rough patch and Capcom’s Monster hunter was easily the most successful thing other than the releases my boys at Ubisoft put out. You wouldn’t need much promotion neither. The wii u eshop is dead and empty. I’m a die hard Darkstalkers fan. Street fighter to me is sweet…but this is my thing. Bring it over to the wii u.

    • Gary A.

      Yep, I’ll make sure to let him know you’re only playing your Wii U now… got it.

    • ReddChief78

      You would be taken more seriously if you didnt use the Wii U in your request most devs laugh when Wii U is mentioned you cant expect to get the big boy games using a kiddie console get back to the 360 and scrap your pennies together for the upcoming 720 but would be smarter is getting the PS4 let that marinate

  • Samuel Ryder

    RIP DS4. Shoulda rereleased Chronicle instead.

  • Disco-lemonade

    Fact remains that it’s just another over-priced rerelease.

  • This whole article is strange. Honestly, everything about the DSR marketing is strange. “If you don’t buy this game we made in the 90s, then you must also not want Darkstalkers 4.” What kind of logic is that? Imagine if Nintendo tried pulling this shit. So because I don’t want to buy a gameboy Metroid 2 re-release, I guess that means I don’t want a current-gen Metroid sequel?

    No, Capcom. It does NOT work like that. They are two separate demands. You can want one without giving a crap about the other.

    • windsagio

      they never intended to do DS4, it was just a sop to the community.

      • E_Tap

        Honestly after they shit they pulled with Megaman Legends 3, I’m surprised there are people that didn’t see this coming a mile away.

        “Hey, thanks for the $15! Oh, uh yeah we can’t make the new one because not enough people bought this 20 year old game, yeah that’s it” *Stuffs money in every coat pocket frantically, runs to bank*

    • Gary A.

      You had me at Metroid 2 re-release….

    • E_Tap

      Leave it to Capcom to charge people $15 to “show support” for a decades old game franchise and have the balls to give them the finger when they don’t meet their imaginary arbitrary sales goal.

    • chipsndips

      Metroid is established though. Nintendo KNOWS that if they make a Metroid game, it’ll sell millions. Same for Zelda. Same for Mario. They don’t even have to bend over backwards to fund the production of the game (unlike some other games…like Tomb Raider). Dark Stalkers has NEVER been established in that fashion. Morrigan has, so she’s featured in cross-overs. Felicia and Hsien-Ko have also seen a bit of action here and there. HOWEVER, the game as a whole was a niche in a niche. You think that with today’s standards on making video games, they’d want to make a leap of faith with their money in hopes of you catching them with yours, knowing full well that you could turn around and say “WHY ISN’T THIS CVS3!?!??” or some crap? Yea, it’s totally different.

  • Gary A.

    Hate to say it, Cappie, but I told ya so…. At least, those 20 or so people that make up the vocal minority should finally stop bitching and begging for Capcom to make DS4….

    • ZenTzen

      why exactly, the decision to rerelease this was capcoms, the DS fanbase never asked for this, but they did ask for a proper sequel, when the CG trailer was revealed people were expecting DS4 not DSR

  • martin rush

    “BAwwwwww” – capcom

    • Emezie Okorafor

      Capcom bawws, and YOU pay the price, when they stop listening to the FGC altogether.

      Haha, so funny, AMIRITE?

  • IamTetsuo

    Is he some kind of moron?

    “given the frequency and urgency of requests we’ve had here over the last several years…”
    Nobody was asking for a re-release of these games. I bought these games in 1990-whatever. You know what people were asking for, if you decide to make it and people like the look of it and feel it is good quality they might buy it. Just because I love Darkstalkers doesn’t mean I’ll lap up any crumbs you throw my way.

    ” I’m not blaming fans who did buy it and supported the brand”

    WTF?!! Who could possibly jump to that conclusion, that would make no sense. It *seems* as though you’re blaming people who are interested in DS but didn’t buy it and ‘support the brand’.

    I love Capcom fighters. I love Darkstalkers. I love all the new stuff (SF4, MVC3, SFxT). I’m 99% that I’ll love any NEW DS games. Capcom’s PR and marketing strategies are however a bit harder to love :

    • Richard N

      “Nobody was asking for a re-release of these games.”

      What? This and Capcom vs SNK 2 was one of the games people cry for all the time in the last couple of years when re-releasing started becoming a trend.

  • Nada Nuff

    Lemme get this straight: Capcom releases a port of a game that was released 16 years ago (18 for Nightwarriors) and expects it to blow minds? Let’s not forget that the series has been dormant in the U.S. since Vampire Savior/Darkstalkers 3, and Resurrection is not even the greatest incarnation of Darkstalkers (that honor goes to the Japan-only Darkstalkers Collection). I’m disappointed in Svensson.

    • windsagio

      No, they had some kind of sales projection.

      It might not have been that high by the standards of a company of Capcom’s size.

      The game did not meet expectations, I’d guess that expectations were actually fairly low.

  • mozart danno

    Not that many bought it to support the franchise because since it’s free on GGPO they want the game for $00.76 on XBL/PSN instead of 7 bucks per game in the release

  • Nickolej Villiger

    Let’s be real for a second here Capcom. VS is one of my favorite fighters of all time. I play games that are over 20 years of age on a regular basis and more often than not VS is played weekly.

    Let’s not even factor in the poor claims about 3SOE being arcade perfect, the patch that seems to be delayed for what seems like a eternity. You have let down and hurt many long time fans of your games and believe it or not, we all don’t love SF4, SFXT and MVC3. But after countless versions of the same game, repackaged and prettied up (which is stretching it). We are expected to buy yet another version of the game that is indeed the same fucking version. But you base your low sales on people not having an interest in the game because you want us to by yet another version of the same game that I already own for multiple consoles?

    It’s clear to me money is the only thing you care about and it is becoming more apparent that my wavering faith for a one time infallible company has fallen down a more than few rungs. I did not buy your “new” game because I don’t care about Darkstalkers. I chose not to buy your “new” game because I don’t trust your company anymore. Plain and simple. Give me a new game that shows you care and I will reciprocate those feelings.

    • daedae22

      “We are expected to buy yet another version of the game that is indeed the same fucking version. But you base your low sales on people not having an interest in the game because you want us to by yet another version of the same game that I already own for multiple consoles?”

      Do you own a two for the price of one current gen HD copy with online access, trophies/achievements, a vault, integrated tutorials etc etc?

    • juggernaut1981

      Yes Capcom has done things that warrant distrust, but dear God it’s a company people. Don’t hate on a company for caring only about money. That’s the point of a company, offering services for payment, it’s their job.

      If you want X company to offer X services, (in this case DS4) then vote with you money so that said X company feel like theres a profit to be made.

    • spades111

      I’d have to disagree with you. On wanting new versions of fighting games. Fighting games in a sense or just like RTS games like starcraft. You play them competitively. No one a completely new game every year. However expansions are always welcome. They add new units, maps, and balances. You get to keep playing the game you love and it stays fresh.

      I personally believe that it should be 1 game per generation, then expansions if the company wants to do it, with at least 1 year apart.

      About the HD remakes. 1st, I could care less for arcade perfect. Like if the ps2 version had more characters, give me that version. nd no I don’t need the same aracde balances, bugs, sounds, etc. If they can improve any aspect, then go for it.

      Anyways, I don’t know if you realize but Capcom is the only company who’s HD remakes, came with new features and good online for the same price or cheaper than other companies like Namco and Arc System.

  • badjab326

    This is retarded. It failed because they catered to the idiots whining for Arcade perfection which is impossible on any console other than an Arcade machine. Instead of porting a far superior console version (Vampire Chronicle For Matching Service), or making the game over (HDR).

    They did the same thing with MvC:O in giving us a barebones piece of crap when the DC version has 4-player mode and the PSX version has a cool sprite viewer for assists.

    Capcom is doing stupid shit then blaming and punishing us for it. I’m not a fan.

  • Meh could not careless about this. I have my game and the Japanese are coming to EVO again just to play us. We are running a major for the game in a couple of months. Shit is looking real nice for us. If you don’t want to support two good games well don’t know what to tell you.

  • Epsilon Karamazov

    I feel this problem is becoming an industry wide epidemic. Publishers really need to understand that not every game can sell a million damn copies. I love DS, but I never planned on buying DR, because it’s 15 damn dollars for what I can achieve for free on PC, and against much stiffer competition. At least try to rebalance the game or something. I’d love to see Anakaris not be useless.

  • Richard N

    “What’s that FGC? You want Darkstalkers? Okay, here you go.”

    No one buys it.

    • OrehRatiug

      A lot of people bought it, it just wasn’t insane amounts like they wanted.

    • Troy Dalton

      Nobody wanted an incomplete port of VS1, kthxbai

      • Kaihedgie

        Incomplete as in you’ve never played the arcade version of a fighting game?

        The whole point was to provide an arcade experience, hence, “arcade-perfect”. Console ports always add extra stuff to compensate for the shortcomings of wherever the game was ported on.

        You’d think after all this time people would stop asking where Rain and Noob Saibot are in UMK3 in the various arcade collections it’s featured, or if MK4 ever made it to an arcade collection, where Goro is.

        • Troy Dalton

          Incomplete as in I’ve played the Japanese VS2 and that shit is missing things.

          • Kaihedgie

            That’s the thing, VS2 was Japanese exclusive. You’re not in Japan :V.

            You didn’t pay for a region-exclusive Saturn port. All you paid for what was exactly on the download page: Darkstalkers 1 and 3; two arcade games.

    • Zonder88

      People wanted DS4, not another rehash/port of a 20 year old game thats anyone can play on GGPO.

  • KubikiriTurkojin

    if they wanted higher sales on this old game they should have asked a 5 or 10 dollar asking price max and added more content like the extra characters in vs. just give lots of extras and a cheap asking price because you are selling a game thats already been made and sold on multiple platforms already. people can already play it for free, make it worth it for everybody and cheap enough that even random people that dont even play fighters might buy it.

  • $39334650

    I already have this game on psp (chaos Tower), psn (Darkstalkers 3), and ps1 (Darkstalkers 3). why would I buy it a fourth time, for the same console? this port makes more sense for x-box, but darkstalkers has been re-released ad nauseum. and it was a niche game too. I’m a big fan, but all the big fans have already bought this particular game. what the big fans want is DS4.

  • Re-releasing this old title is not good enough. Big surprise there.

  • Capcom pisses me off. We are not going to buy an old title to inspire you to make a new title. Somebody’s mad that this emulated port with achievements and “HD upgrades” isn’t selling.

    How about making a new good fighting game and not rehashing the past to rake in lazy dollars.

    They did this with Megaman in a different way, and it proved more successful, yet we don’t have another “LEGIT” Megaman game.

  • ReoAyanami

    What happened to all the people who said DS4 was already in the works?

    Like many said, it’s a 16 year old niche game. There is no proof that a sequel would sell well in the first place.

  • More than a little relieved. Darkstalkers in 3D would have removed much of the charm the animation provided in 2D. Here’s hoping Ono’s shot at Alpha works out better.

  • RobertEspaillat

    I sorry that the game is not selling well but what people want is call “CvS2 Online Edition”

  • $18011339

    I think the game is fun, but I would’ve liked a very slight patch (more glitches than balance issues) and the Night Warriors characters, instead of just Night Warriors. Yeah include regular Vampire Savior for arcade perfection too though.

    The coding of the game is not complicated enough for Capcom to say why they didn’t do this. It was just easier to copy and paste the ROMs than get people to try and understand the coding of a 15-20 year old game in order to alter it and they made a quick, lazy decision. Tutorials and trials (of which each game only has one of those, uh okay?) are a nice addition. The achievements are pointless I think. But there just isn’t a new element to really make the game feel fresh.

  • RichHobo

    Does anyone know if the “sales” are referring to American sales or global?

    Lots of businesses have to cut back on their risk because of the economy. As much as I’d like to see darkstalkers do well (and receive a new title), you can’t really blame Capcom for wanting outrageously good sales to invest in a new title, which hasn’t been confirmed/not confirmed in any way, I might add.

    • ZenTzen

      its american sales

  • tgm_Zeej

    Capcom are professional milkers, guys. Monthly Top 10 for their 10 year old ports just isn’t good enough.

  • d3v

    Instead of posting and complaining in the comments, the proper reaction to this would be to go and actually buy the game.

    • Troy Dalton

      Oh rly?

      Hey guys, let’s all go reward ass-backwards business practices and idiotic COD-level sales projections! If we’re good boys and girls, they’ll give us a pat on the head!

      Fuck that noise. If they’re not going to give us what we want, let them fail. You have fun petitioning Coke to bring back “cherry vanilla” by slurping down their new “cat piss” flavor, I’m good.

    • windsagio

      you think the people bitching DIDN’T buy it?

      That would be insane at the very very very very very least.

  • Miguel Robb

    they should have released an HD remix of street fighter alpha 3 with tacked on online features but NOOO. alpha 3 was one of the most underrated sf games out there. it had it all. great fighter selection, awesome music, and a fast pace gameplay. what the hell were capcom thinking by not remixing alpha 3?

    • $18011339

      Alpha 3 was broken by just a few small things. Mostly crouch cancelling infinites. That’s exactly why it needs an actual HD remix or at least some kind of patch. But redrawing HD sprites is very expensive, whereas making an “online version” like 3SO, MvCO, Darkstalkers, is not so much.

      • Miguel Robb

        i could probably live with that. in some ways, 3rdstrike isn’t any better in the balance department either. it would def be pricey as hell, but damn just imagine how the game would look. sf2hd remix was soo sexy looking lol but yeah you’re right…which means that apha 3 will never see the light of day ever again. oh well. a guy can only dream.

      • Miguel Robb

        but honestly though, i think it’s about time capcom releases a new street fighter game. it would really be cool if they make a street fighter game that takes place a few months before the events of the final fight games. here we get to see cody’s true fighting skills before he had the cuffs slapped on. im not talking about walking around beating weak thugs, but being pushed in an actual 1vs1 fight with other street fighters. i want to get to see more of maki, that ninja in the blue, that black guy with those sticks, never-before-seen fighters that the street fighters we know has encountered during this prequal street fighter game. hell. chun li might have had a younger, cocky sister beating everyones ass back then for crying out loud. maybe sagat has a rival before he became “the king” how about we get to see dan’s father in action. i mean come on! the guy dugged sagats eye out for goodness sakes. i would be great to see go-hibiki in action before “the king” beat the crap out of him to death. i know my ideas are not the greatest, but come on capcom. i’m giving you some ideas here. go with a street fighter game that takes place before the final fight games. i want to see more back stories, because we can agree on one thing….you guys sure as heck are not going very far with the current story right now.

  • Troy Dalton

    Most fully featured? It’s missing features from VS2. Learn about your own goddamned games, Capcom. Also, NOBODY ASKED FOR THIS. We want DS4, not DS rehash edition. The only reason anyone bought Marvel 2 or SF3 was because they’re rare and Marvel wasn’t on GGPO. You overestimated the demand for ALL your re-released crap.

  • locazo87

    Even this game is playable on android, PC, LINUX, MAC, PS2, XBOX360, iphone, MS-DOS, actually capcom should be happy for selling a old game. I was expecting a new game on this franchise not a game that Ive been playing on kaillera for a long while.

  • CompetentFGC

    Stop messing around and release a CvS2 Online Edition. You owe it to the OGs.

    • ReoAyanami


      • windsagio

        no he just likes messing with people, its different :p

  • daedae22

    Dear Capcom,

    I’m sorry but I’d estimate that 90% of the real FGC members bought and supported this title. I know myself and 90% of my friends list did. It’s those precious CASUAL PLAYERS who you and most other gaming companies are so eager to please that didn’t buy this game. Why would they? It’s old, its not flashy, and it takes half a brain to play well. So in my honest opinionyou should really keep this in mind when it comes to future fighting game releases. I know sales influence the QUANTITY of titles we’ll see in the future and that’s fine. But hows about making the fewer titles you do release QUALITY and aimed for the people who TRULY support and embrace your products.

    p.s. Those same casual players will also more than likely never see this article too busy playing the new thing this week.

    • ReoAyanami

      Unless you you have tens of thousand of friends, your sample size is too small to represent the entire FGC,

      • daedae22

        WTG ReoAyanami CONGRATULATIONS for adding another short sighted comment to SRK. You’ve managed to completely disregard the subject at hand and chose instead to waste your time typing something that lends nothing to the discussion GREAT JOB. I suppose I’ll do the same for a moment by addressing your nonsensical comment. My sample size may be a small one but it still represents a group of dedicated fighting game fans who support the companies that make the games they love. Also they see the importance of supporting said products. In my opinion these types of people are the “real FGC members” I was speaking of. In future comments you should really try harder to come up with intelligent responses.

    • windsagio

      lol @ true scotsmen.

      You don’t get to define what ‘a real FGC member’ is, friend 😛

      But wait, it gets grimmer! If you were the arbiter, and that 90% is true? … then the smart thing to do would be to ignore the REALFGCMEMBERS anyways. That’s not a big enough market to cover their development costs…. as DSR shows.

      • daedae22

        I never said I get to determine who’s a real member and who’s not. Now as for defining what one is I’m entirely entitled to do so. Because its my opinion as to what defines one for me. As you are able to define what you believe.a person should do or not do. Doesn’t mean said person has to listen. Sure casual Randy’s and short sighted people like yourself may make up a large portion of INITIAL sales. But who buys all the updates? Who buys all the little DLC items? Who builds communities and holds events that bring new players year after year to the fighting game genre and give the titles continued exposure? Who shells out 150 to 200 dollars for peripherals keeping that industry alive in order for fighting game companies to make a buck by stamping there chars on it? It certainly isn’t the casual jack off that buys a $60 dollar fighting game day one plays it for a week till hes sick of getting his ass beat online then goes and trades it in and never looks back. The “real FGC members” do. The people who would by Darkstalkers even if they don’t love it because it supports the genre as a whole. I’m sure these people supply more revenue overtime. If it was so easy to ignore the FGC they would’ve done it along time ago. Now I’ll let you get back to posting retarded comments.

        • windsagio

          You’re not doing anybody any favors if you buy a game you don’t like to ‘support the scene’.

          Buy games and peripherals you like because you like them. Don’t encourage developers to make things you DON’T like with your money.

          • daedae22

            I’m starting to doubt your level of reading skills at this point. I never said I don’t like the things I buy or you should by things you don’t like. I’m a fan of fighting games so I get them all regardless even If i don’t play all of em much. It’s more to collect I suppose.Also I never mentioned “supporting the scene”. Although of course I believe everyone who claims to be a member of the FGC should. I said supporting the genre. Thus an intelligent FGC member would make a 15 dollar purchase for the greater good in this situation considering Capcom made it clear sales on DSR would affect decisions on future titles. So not only are you getting a great game your helping to secure more fighting games. Also if your part of a local scene and you supply your set up to an event of any kind you have it on there. As for peripherals and all other fighting game related purchase once again never said you should buy em if you don’t like em. I said If you add all the things that a dedicated fighting game fan is likely to buy, in the long run I believe it’ll an equate to more than a casual player who just buys the disc and that’s it. Hence my point that they cant ignore us. There are a lot of ways you can help support the FGC and the fighting game genre. This is something I think your failing to grasp but given the level of forward thinking you’ve exhibited so far I doubt your capable of understanding anything more than I LIKE, I DON’T LIKE, I WANT, I BUY, I COMMENT DU HUH HUH(Slobber). Your choice in profile pic is starting to make more and more sense.

          • windsagio

            If I were a person who hated games like VS (I’m not, but lets say I am), I would, by buying this title, encouraging Capcom to make more games like VS… which I don’t like.

            On the second point, all those companies that supply the scene don’t share profits… it’s very (maybe prohibitively) likely that casual players made way more money for Capcom than ‘dedicated I’m buying a stick’ players.

          • daedae22

            No by supporting DSR in THIS CASE which is the game we are discussing you support FUTURE HD REMAKES. As for your second retarded statement your suggesting that Capcom makes nothing off their licensed sticks? Also last time I checked Madcatz sponsors players and helps fund events so they do help the FGC. SOOOO therefore supporting Madcatz = supporting Capcom = supporting the FGC. The FGC and these companies form a symbiotic relationship helping one helps the collective.I tried to make this statement simple for you but I know I used a lot of big words here and all this is going way over your head. But hey ignorance is bliss right?

          • windsagio

            supply proof and we can talk. I have no interest in feeding off of your suppositions.

          • daedae22

            Provide proof of what? DSR having an affect on future titles?

            OR Madcatz sponors players?

            OR one of the hundreds of tourneys they’ve help sponsor?

            And I hope even you can grasp the concept of property licenses and copyright laws therefore its a no brainer that any stick with licenses chars or logos on it the owner of said rights will be making profit in one way or another. Is this enough info to satisfy your idiocy?

          • windsagio

            gotta admit, I was drunk last night when I posted that and replied to the wrong post. Not asking you to prove anything, sorry ><

  • Lane1

    The fighting game genre is extremely susceptible to over-saturation.

    It’s a niche genre to begin with (thus the casual market is relatively small), and it’s incredibly time consuming to reach a high level in a single game (thus the hardcore market is small). Only a few titles are going to generate significant sales, that’s just reality.

    Personally, I’ll buy a fighting game I know I don’t realistically have time to play just to try it out and to support the genre, but I recognize that this sort of behavior isn’t common enough to make a game profitable.

  • MisterNefarious

    I know why I didn’t buy it: they expressed that if it did well they wanted to rerelease VSav2… Unless that’s not what they said, but that’s what I recall.

    Vsav2 is clearly what everybody wanted/expected and then they gave us two games, neither of which can use the full roster, and then they said they wanted to do that. Why not just do it in the first place? Or put all three in there?
    That just irked me.

  • I did not buy this. Not because I dont like the franchise, but because I refuse to be coerced to buy a 20 year old game JUST so Capcom will make DS4.

    That fact that Capcom had the gall to even proclaim “we will use this to measure interest for DS4” did more harm than good. If you want people to buy your games, make a good NEW game. Stop treating your fans like shit and walking money bags, and more like consumers.

  • Darrell Seven

    I somewhat understand Cap’s dissappointment, because from all the “Revive Darkstalkers” stuff I joined I would have thought this would have had better sales. I felt rather lonely playing it week 1.
    But, I’d say they cant be too hung up over his since it is a re-release. Some people just don’t like re-releases. Some people don’t like paying $15 bucks for a re-release. Some people were strictly looking for a new Vampire, especially since a game like Chaos Tower already exist. Only re-release they can really expect to do remarkably well at this point is CVS2 (since SFII was already done).

  • Pussycontrol1234

    Jesus this is just one of the things wrong with the fgc.

    The biggest weeklies get 5k viewers [wnf and nlbc].
    Majors get 10k -15k viewers.


    Why is this a surprise?

  • Troy White

    I’m going to agree with the community on this one. I did not hear a single person say they wanted Night Warriors, or Vampire Savior version1. I heard specifically everybody, including myself, wanting a full reboot of the series, like they did with KOF 13.

    It’s like Capcom saying “We’re not going to make KOF 13, because KOF 12 didn’t sell in the US”. We’re fanboys Capcom, but we’re not idiots.

  • blackavengre

    Hey, Capcom. I’m willing to bet 6 months of paychecks this wouldn’t be a problem with a Project Justice re-release, so whats the hold-up?

  • KBlackNoah

    What was he expecting.if u went on ggpo on VS room there were always a handful of japanese players and time to time 2-3 americans or europeans.On the console version is the same – most of the players i get matches with are japanese because the rest of the world hates good games.Also these games got a lot of releases over the years … and in 2013 they were expecting high sells by adding online to it? i bought the game …but that also doesn t mean that everybody should get a copy just because capcom is teasing us with a possibly new VS game, a franchise that has no strong following except japan.

    • KubikiriTurkojin

      yo wassup man, still playing cod with my lil bro man? ;), peace the big M.

      so, still kausing more damage?

      • KBlackNoah

        no damage no buy lol.come and play some VS!

        • KubikiriTurkojin

          i dont have the game, i got sf3tsoe and was pretty disapointed with it even though i got it for free. ill get vs when its on sale, maybe.

  • I find it hilarious that in this day and age, Capcom is stupid enough to judge the sales of a brand new game by the sales of a re-release… Of course a re-release is gonna sell less… people have seen it already. It’s called… common sense. The funniest part, by far though, is that Capcom could have done something SUPER easy to determine interest in a DS4 that would have cost them very little(admittedly it would cost them a little). A Kickstarter with a 50$ reward of, “you get a free copy of the game on release”. I’m guessing they would have made their goal(assuming their goal wasn’t really really ridiculous) in under one week. Then we’d get a new Darkstalkers, Capcom wouldn’t have to shame its fans in an absolutely brilliant PR stunt by them and they wouldn’t have even had to MAKE the re-release if they didn’t want too. Capcom is wayy to smart for that though, they decided it’d be best to ask fans to pay for another game, just so the fans could have the privilege of paying MORE for a DS 4 if they ever made it.

    Eh… just my two cents

  • Marc Xiong

    Been saying all along… OVERSATURATION!!

  • KubikiriTurkojin

    its good to see most people getting that cashcum dick outta there mouths. the “real” fgc seems to like that dick clinched tight between their buttcheeks. keep guzzling that cahsum.

    • Kaihedgie

      For someone who hates Capcom so much, you sure do spend your time going to every article monitoring their actions and those who care about them. I must ask, what do YOU want from them?

  • I am not sure that a person purchasing DS:RE would be an accurate predictor of that same person buying DS4 in the future. I bought Turbo HD Remix but I did not buy vanilla SF4. I knew 110% that Capcom was going to release an Turbo/Hyper/Chamionship/Super version of SF4.

    I’m sure it would help to give an over all idea of demand from a key demographic but not an accurate picture.

  • GC001

    There have been re-releases of Darkstalkers games previous to Resurrection. The Dreamcast and PSP had their ports (same basic game on both systems) in the style of Hyper-Street Fighter II Anniversary. The most recent system arcade-faithful ports were in the Vampire Collection exclusive to the Japanese PS2. That is perhaps the finest Darkstalkers game series port disc, PERIOD…

    There was PLENTY of time and opportunity for re-introduction to the Darkstalkers series… Most people didn’t care to look up from their latest round of SF or had “retired” from fighting games (outside of Tekken or VF) in the meantime. The Darkstalkers port to the PSP (Chaos Tower), in particular, was one of the early best-sellers on that system.

    Darkstalkers has always been a tough sell outside of Japanese where it was the number one fighting game for TWO YEARS in a row… Despite this, it was also the TOP-SELLING IMPORT GAME SERIES for several North American-based game importers, too. Let me reiterate — the TOP TWO selling import games in North America, PERIOD, for the mid-1990s era were Darkstalkers titles. This was on the Sega Saturn, one of the home consoles that “failed.” The Saturn ports were of the same two titles ported in Darkstalkers Resurrection — Nighwarriors and Vampire Savior.

    I don’t expect tastes of the North American FGC to change much over time. The group, in general, has unfortunately proven resistant to new ideas and character styles… Video game fans really aren’t that different from movie series and TV series fans in that aspect of general behavior. They’re far too predisposed to the familiar and don’t encourage innovations and significant change. The makers of Mortal Kombat and SF are right in that the FGC crowd is pre-disposed to some gore, martial arts backgrounds, and the same-old/same-old character types at the expense of variety. There have been plenty of good fighting games that were NOT SF/MK sequels or remakes, based in the Marvel Universe, or based on Dragon Ball Z.

    Sales figures, unfortunately, back up this perception much as those of us who look and play beyond SF and MK on a regular basis would otherwise like…

    • windsagio

      would like to see the import sales numbers you reference.

      • GC001

        I can’t give you numbers… NCS and Tronix would have them for their stores… I don’t know about the other stores and I’m aware that a few have gone out of business. I wouldn’t be surprised if between them, NCS and Tronix sold several thousand copies of the games. The import game market isn’t THAT big in the US. I usually only get the stuff that doesn’t make it to the US.

        One consequence of the success in sales for the Darkstalkers games was the GameStop’s predecessors EBGames/Software Etc/Babbages carried at least two of the 4MB RAM expansion games AFTER Sega killed Saturn development for the US market. I remember seeing X-Men Vs Street Fighter and (probably) Vampire Savior in US stores. They couldn’t carry Marvel Supeheroes Vs Street Fighter because of a legal issue. Didn’t stop pre-order importers (like me) from getting their hands on the game.

        The MSHvsSF issue was mainly over the Norimaru character exclusive to the Japanese/Asian version of the game; I guess Marvel considered it racist which is funny seeing as how the character originated. The character was developed AND animated by Japanese artists. (Norimaru is actually a great character. His moves are surprisingly sneaky and effective and it’s just hilarious to see the guy move and speak! Dan’s the annoying character, IMHO.) The caricature was approved by the comedian whose act it was based on! I remember a similar issue with the Captain America mini-series, “Truth.” Bunch of overly tightly-wad fanboys got upset over how Blacks were drawn in the comic. They shut up after they realized the characters were designed and drawn by a Black cartoonist (Kyle Baker)! Another case of people interpreting racism where it wasn’t intended…

        • windsagio

          That… kind of wandered off track there at the bottom.

          Short version: You don’t actually know what the sales were and are building an anecdotal case for this being true.

          • GC001

            You little conceited, dickless, mannerless prick…!

            Talk to the companies before you imply someone is lying… Do something called RESEARCH and double-check FACT on your own!!!

            Why don’t you ask them before acting like a little shit to someone you don’t know???

            It’s true these were best sellers — at least for import companies. NCS or Tronix don’t have to tell me or you their EXACT sales figures because they’re privately owned. You probably weren’t even sperm in your dad’s cum in 1996/1997…!

            THINK before you post — what good does it do any company to lie about this stuff??? Are you that obtuse or just retarded????

            Know something about what you’re talking about before you say something really stupid and show how little you know.

            I hate your kind the most because you have such an entitlement mentality and have to have everything handed to you on a silver platter. You NEVER bother to do any work on your own and expect someone else to do the work like a pack mule.

            Short version: You’re a silly little ass who doesn’t know shit, period so do everybody else a favor and STFU.

          • windsagio

            Good lord dude, chill out.

            Listen people make stuff like that up all the time. The burdon of proof is on the person making the claim…. in this case, you.

            So you’re claiming something, I don’t think you’re right. Convince me. It’s not actually my job to convince myself that you’re right.

            In general, I’d have thought that the Versus games sold better than the vampire games. There has simply never been that big a demand in the US.


            In essence, if you make an unsubstantiated claim expect to get called out. That’s like internet 98.

  • Amer1ka

    They are helping to flood the market with the same games that flooded the market back in the 90’s and they expect something different to happen this time? Darkstalkers is a pretty cool game but it’s hardly a game that people would have honestly said they would like to purchase if it was released. Design new games with new IP’s and stop monetizing the hell out of them and Capcom will suddenly find more success I’d wager.

  • Cat Astrophy

    Should have added the missing characters. Would have gotten my money.

  • Know_the_ledge

    I wonder how they’ll guage the interest for new IPs… If they decide to make them. Seems like they’re scared to be innovative or creative now.

  • chipsndips

    Just checked If what they say is true, the game didn’t even break 30k sales on both consoles. Then again, I feel like the sales numbers are skewed. Still, it doesn’t look like it sold that much at all…

  • Mr. X

    Who would’ve thought the people saying people only care about Street Fighter and Marvel series were right?

    • windsagio

      everyone paying attention?

      Edit: Except, hilariously, Capcom

  • Will Unpronounceable

    ugh. im usually one to keep a sense of self containment and not fly off the handle in these types of situations i try to remain as objective as possible. and i even defend capcom a majority of the time but im afraid my love for darkstalkers will get the best of me and i might be gradually turning into one of the many “capcom haters” out there. but does capcom just get some sick sense of satisfaction from alienating there fans and kicking them when there down? i mean is the problem the sales? or is it the expectation set forth by the company? i thoroughly believe capcom still makes good games. monster hunter 3 ultimate is a master piece! but why are they so bad at handling community and fan related problems!? they even have a website dedicated to that very thing and they still suck ass at it!….i mean its there franchise. if it doesnt meet there expectations and if they dont wanna make it thats there inclination to do so. but it doesnt mean i have to like it!

  • Andy D

    How is this a shock? As cool as the series is, the PSP and PS1 releases have been in the store for years. Resurrection isn’t exactly fresh content. I think a full retail Darkstalkers 4 would’ve sold better.

  • Daniel Jones

    how many times does capcom expect people to buy the same god damn game

  • Setsu Oh

    darks is 2d i doubt kids are into it now like we did.

  • Loghorn

    Did Capcom truly expect to make a ton of profit off of two games that are both 16 & 17 years old? C’mon, now.

  • James

    Greedy son of a bitch. Either make new games or non at all. Don’t make excuses after the fans spent their hard earned cash.