First Round of Skullgirls Mystery Character DLC Voting Concludes; Aeon, Annie, Eliza, Isaac, Panzerfaust, Stanley, and More Survive to Top Sixteen

By on April 8, 2013 at 10:14 am

The Skullgirls character wars have begun and everyone who contributed to the Indiegogo is picking up their pitchforks and torches…or, you know, voting in an online survey. Same thing.

The rules of the vote are simple. The voting consists of multiple rounds, each cutting down the playing field by half. The first round included every character on the mystery character list with every voter getting four votes. Now that the list has been reduced to the top sixteen, each voter will only get three. The survivors eligible to vote for in this round are: Aeon, Annie, B. Dahlia, Beowulf, Brain Drain, Eliza, Feng, Isaac, Marie, Minette, Molly, Panzerfaust, Scythana, Stanley, Umbrella, Venus.

Notably, every character that Mike showed off prototype concepts for has remained in the running (Isaac, Scythana, Feng, Molly, and Eliza). In addition, every character that LabZero CEO Peter Barthalow said the team was planning to make anyway (Umbrella, Marie, Annie, and Black Dhalia) has also made the cut. You can read more about these characters on the official mystery character list.

The Skullgirls Indiegogo campaign closed out at a whopping $829,829, and Lab Zero managed to get a lucky $40,000 extra dollars to play with due to one of their line-costs evaporating. That’s enough to get not one, but two mystery characters complete with stage and story. The second mystery character will have its own full set of voting rounds after the first one is chosen.

The full list of new Skullgirls content that was funded by the campaign is as follows:

  • Squigly
  • Squigly’s Stage
  • Squigly’s Music Track
  • Squigly’s Story Mode
  • Big Band
  • Big Band’s Stage
  • Big Band’s Music Track
  • Big Band’s Story Mode
  • Fan-selected Character #1
  • Fan-selected Character #1’s Stage
  • Fan-selected Character #1’s Music Track
  • Fan-selected Character #1’s Story Mode
  • Fan-selected Character #2
  • Fan-selected Character #2’s Stage
  • Fan-selected Character #2’s Music Track
  • Fan-selected Character #2’s Story Mode
  • Robo-Fortune
  • Robo-Fortune’s Stage
  • Robo-Fortune’s Music Track
  • Robo-Fortune’s Story Mode
  • Bonus Stage: River King Casino
  • Bonus Stage: The Glass Canopy
  • “Republican Double” Voice Pack by Kaiji Tang
  • “Female Announcer” Voice Pack by Cristina Vee
  • “Salty Parasoul” Voice Pack by Erin Fitzgerald
  • “Drunk Commentator” Voice Pack by Joshua Tomar
  • “Valley Girl Painwheel” Voice Pack by Danielle McRae
  • “Saxploitation” Voice Pack by Rich Brown
  • “Anime Peacock” Voice Pack by Sarah Williams
  • “Real Soviet Announcer” Voice Pack by Mike Z
  • “New Black Egrets” Voice Pack by Kaiji Tang

In addition, Mike Z and the team is working toward adding expanded online support such as lobbies and spectator mode to the PC version of the game. If these new features get implemented, Lab Zero will attempt to backport them to the console versions.

Source: Indiegogo

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