Injustice: Gods Among Us Character Select Screen Image Leaked

By on April 4, 2013 at 4:32 pm

Thanks to what may be the most superfluous leak in fighting game history, we now have confirmation that villains Killer Frost and Ares will be rounding out the 24-character roster of NetherRealm Studio’s upcoming DC Comics fighter, Injustice: Gods Among Us. This information comes courtesy of an image tweeted out by Warner Bros. Interactive employee Brandon Alexander depicting the game’s full character select screen.

Check it out below and let us know what you think of this final roster.

Source: Brandon Alexander via Original Gamer

  • Richard Johnson

    whose that character right above senestro?

    • Zepht


    • Colton Mason


  • Starrich55

    Pretty small roster if you asked me

    • Exy

      24 is a small roster? Persona 4 Arena has fewer.

      • Zepht

        for a 2013 fighting game, yes, it’s small 😀

        • Snow Loss

          Because more characters totally means a better fighter.

          • Zepht

            quantity is not quality 🙂

          • Zeramir

            I got your sarcasm don’t worry.

        • Zeramir

          I’m with Excel on this one. 24 is pretty big in comparison with most japanese games. BB came out with like 9 and it had more hype than this. SFXTK came out with more and flopped.

          • Kazin

            BB’s whole business model was to rip you off with $60 content patches disguised as full games. Not sure how it even got the hype it did.

          • TempBast

            Cuz Guilty Gear was the shit and BB was thought to be the successor.

        • Frank Bivens

          Its not a small roster at all, people like you are just spoiled and think you’re entitled. Get Capcom’s dick out of your ass.

          • Asaid AieezyOle Falah

            i bet you wouldnt be so ignorant in real life, dont do it with the protection of a computer.

          • Frank Bivens

            You’d be wrong. I see no ignorance in my statements. In fact, I am the type of person that will say what I mean regardless of how others feel about it, and I’m the type that’s willing to do whatever it takes to make that point clear.

            Now I may not be an openly hostile person in regards to people, but I also do not take shit off of people either. I question whether you would have what it takes to tell me that statement in person, because I sure as hell would have no problem telling you.

          • Ben Solem

            Your first statement in this comment thread was telling someone to “Get Capcom’s dick out of your ass”.

            How is that not openly hostile? What shit were you not taking, with your first comment when nobody was talking to you? Why do you feel the need to qualify your statement with yet another personal attack against someone who was (nicely) asking you to grow up?

          • Frank Bivens

            Well they weren’t asking me to grow up, they were implying that I shouldn’t say things to people that I am not prepared to say in person. Me being the guy I am sought to rectify their concerns.

            As for my first comment, yeah that’s what I said and I stick by it. 24 characters is not enough? A statement like that screams UMVC3,SF4, SFxT etc to me. Tekken and KOF may have more characters than that, but some of those characters are just skin overlays. Either way 24 is plenty, and people have a habit of comparing every good fighter out there to Capcom’s fighters. Most are not fighting game fans at all just Capcom fans.

            Either way, you may not like it, but that is your problem friend. I would suggest that you grow some thicker skin and learn to deal.

        • MasterScrub

          For a new IP it’s not. Persona 4 Arena had 13, PSASBR had 20 (24 with DLC) and Skullgirls had EIGHT. (13 if you count the 5 DLC characters that just got funded.) 24 is -not- small.

          • k.b.a.

            HOW manyother games are looked at from the possible roster of hundreds? This is the nature of such games and the same reason dlc is being done. Id wanna see the creeper but that’s not happening and a lot of the more esoteric guys would be perfect picks

            . Tldr DC pool too big, game will always bee mathematically small and at the same time great job nrs

        • I’d love for you to name 2 games that had more than 24 NEW characters.

    • Justin Richardson

      A roster of 15 to 20 or so characters is actually pretty dang good for a sweet spot when it comes to balance and variety. You can have a big roster, but if there’s overlap in character roles or playstyles, then you won’t even see a lot of that roster anyway. It’s like how Marvel 2 has so many characters that are next to useless because they are poorly designed or there’s someone else who does the same thing but better. I’d rather have about 20 good characters and see most of the roster used than a game like SSF4AE that has 39, but if you’re not playing top 10-15 characters you get blown up by everyone that does and the majority of the roster is laid to rest.

      • Zepht

        This is a development problem and not a problem related to the amount of characters.
        We can have 10 characters and all are horrible or 30 and all are great.
        It is the ability of the developer to do a good job or not. 🙂

    • ReddChief78

      4 DLC characters already confirmed thats 28 and im pretty sure there not done

    • CrimsonMoonMist

      Not for a first outing, it isn’t.

    • $39334650

      ino right? cuz skullgirls has like 8 chars……wait.

    • Morta89

      Skullgirls would like to have a word with you.

    • Were just gonna play a top 5 anyways

  • Zepht

    Poison Ivy? Martian? Dr. Fate? Darkseid? Lobo? Ice? Fire? Blue Beetle? Booster Gold?
    Only 24?

    • Langdon Herrick

      Swamp Thing? Animal Man? Wolverine? Jaws? Lawyer? Toaster?
      Not a prime number?

    • CptPokerface

      -Only- 24? Let me ask you something. How many characters do they need to add before a roster is good? If you really think they would have the time and resources to include every known and obscure DC character in the game, you’re kidding yourself.

      • Zepht

        The characters that I want it is a good starting. Then If the roster is good enough, why on twitter, foruns and others sites are always guys asking about a lot of others characters? Maybe something is not pleasing. I am doing what any person is doing too. And if they don’t have time and resources to do, the problem is not mine. Satisfied? 🙂

        • CptPokerface

          People are always going to ask for more, regardless of how good the roster is. These same people often don’t take into consideration things like balance, popularity of the character, relevance, etc. Saying that the roster isn’t good enough because other people say it isn’t good enough is a very weak argument.

          • Zepht

            Yes, baby! As I said: Quality is not quantity. If the characters aren’t balanced then it’s a developer fault not the size of roster. And I don’t say that roster isn’t enough because other people ask about other characters. I am asking, doing an observation about other guys. Did you not see “?” ? 🙂

          • CptPokerface

            First you say ” Only 24″. Then it’s ” Quality is not Quantity”. Okay, so which is it? You speak as if balancing a fighting game is easy and can be done by the flip of a switch. I shouldn’t even have to explain this but these things take time and careful consideration.

            Look at how long it took for Skullgirls to get it’s patch out, and it’s roster only has 8 characters to date. Try a patch of that magnitude with a game the roster size of Injustice and you may as well just make a sequel.

            Look at what happened with Sfxt. Even before the 12 characters were released the roster was a good size, yet with some very noticeable balance issues, and the meta game never really developed properly for months. The reality of balancing a fighter, any fighter, is difficult and takes time, something people often forget.

          • Zepht

            Am I speaking as if balancing is easy? I didn’t say that is easy or hard. You are thinking that I speak. Don’t use your thinking to change my speaking. And I understand that is hard, easy, fast, slow, whatever.

            But they are paid for this, they are paid to do them work. If they are not competent enough then go to do something else.

            Before you say something. I am not being rude with you. I like our chatting 🙂

          • CptPokerface

            That would be the implication being given. Of course it’s their job to do so but the reality of doing that job just isn’t so simple. They have to balance every character against every other character, test for bugs in as many places as possible with as many characters as possible. They have a lot to account for, all in a certain time frame, to boot.

            For them it isn’t a question of ” Can we do this?” but rather” Can we do this in the time we’re given?”. That’s the point im trying to get across.

        • Just because every shitty character you wanted isn’t in doesn’t make the roster bad.

          • Zepht

            Shitty character? Reclaim to creator, not with me. Be educated or back to school 🙂

        • TempBast

          Just donate $1 million and you’ll get your character, no problem.

          • Антон Пятаков

            ^that. go Skullgirls route lol

          • Zepht

            First, it’s not MY character. Second, it’s not my problem if they don’t want to do. I don’t work for them 🙂

    • Banzboy

      They’re saving it for DLC or the sequel. Don’t put all your chips on the table at one go, milk people for all their worth.

      – Capcom

    • Oniros

      Poison Ivy would’ve been a good one.

      • Snow Loss

        Why would you want Poison Ivy when you could have the same thing with Swamp Thing, but better?

      • Thomaz Barros

        Why do you want MORE batman characters

        Stop with that

  • Richard Johnson

    whose that character above senestro?

    • Snow Loss

      Ares, god of war; constant thorn in Wonder Woman’s side.

    • Zeramir

      Ares. Diana’s Brother and god of war.

      • Timothy Ian McMillan

        No. Ares is Cassandra Sandsmark’s brother. Diana’s father is not confirmed.

        • Karanov

          In her original origin Diana had no biological parents because she was magically created out of clay. In the current run (and thus the current canon) Diana is the illegitimate child of Zeus and Hippolyta. Ares, being Zeus and Hera’s son is thus her half brother.

          • Zeramir

            Boom. Headshot.

  • Zeramir

    Killer frost and Ares….Thats gotta be the dumbest casting call in the history of gaming. Why not Firestorm and Captain Cold if they were gonna go that road? This is absurd…

  • This really sucks. With this and the demo, this game just lost my pre-order. I’m gonna wait for the price to drop on this one.

  • Snow Loss

    A surprise to absolutely no-one.

  • samirerre

    i dont mind 24 characters,its not small and not big .its just in the middle .dlc is a no brainer but i secretly hope that they will add someone from mortal kombat.
    i just LOVED the mkvsdc story as subpar as it was .

  • this is a good amount plus the dlc characters/skins/missions and a cheap season pass, still buying this game as a fan of mk9 and mkvsdc(despite the flaws)

  • Brandon Alexander

    I got this pic from, So I cant take Credit for this greatness. But Thanks For Trying To Make Me Famous lol

  • Peter Osterweil

    Is anyone else bugged by the fact the characters are not grouped in any particular order? It’s not alphabetical, or by affiliation like in MVC3. It’s just a little thing but I think it’s pretty silly not to. I think it should look like this:

    Batman, Nightwing, Green Arrow Joker, Harley Quinn, Bane
    Superman, Aquaman, Flash, Lex, Doomsday, Solomon
    Green Lantern, Wonder, Shazam Sinestro, Ares, Adam
    Cyborg, Raven, Hawkgirl, Deathstroke, Catwoman, Killer frost

    • Ryan Harris

      If you look they are grouped by franchises they are associated with. For the most part.

      • Peter Osterweil

        For the most part yes, but why not make it for the whole part. Raven and cyborg aren’t grouped, classic justice leaguers aren’t together. Why is Flash with the Batman franchise and Raven with the other justice leaguers? Why is doomsday across from raven and not more tied in with superman. It could’ve been done better is all I’m saying.

    • It seems that most slots have a character that corresponds to that character’s franchise on the other side of the select screen.

    • It seems like they’re divided into a good guy and bad guy kinda theme….you fucking idiot.

      • Peter Osterweil

        I get that. Fucking obvious, as I did with my chart. But there’s no other correlation other than that. No alphabetical order, no franchise order (i.e. justice leaguers together). My comment clearly shows that knowledge. Dickmunch

  • Ares

    Who’s the guy above Sinestro?

    • Kenneth J. Pettigrew Jr.

      *looks at username*
      I don’t know, man. Maybe Rygar.

  • Martini Whoelse

    Even with 1 million unique characters tier whores mean no more than 6 characters will matter in the end.
    Let’s even assume the entire cast is viable, you will not practice more than 4 characters.
    Roster size is not the issue.
    I’m mainly disappointed in the absence of some very good characters than anything else.

  • Guest

    I know Marvel. I know gaming. I don’t quite know DC, but my ex used to read it, so, my guess at who these characters are…I got this!

    Also, if you don’t get “jingly keys.”

    • ReddChief78

      Not too bright are ya

      • Kenneth J. Pettigrew Jr.

        Sometimes, people make jokes on the internet.

        • Frank Bivens

          That Cyrax bit was pretty funny, not gonna lie lol

    • Morta89

      Jim Raynor did it for me.Well done. *clap*

      • Teresa Phillip

        before I saw the draft which had said $9775, I didnt believe that my mother in law woz truley erning money part time at their laptop.. there neighbor has been doing this 4 only about a year and resently repaid the debts on their mini mansion and purchased a top of the range Fiat Multipla. go to, .

    • Pooh Hardy

      did you just call raven subzero?

      raven from teen titans?


  • Ryan Harris

    And people are irritated why? This was leaked a long time ago. YOU SHOULD OF KNOWN THIS BY NOW. Half of you will be online day 1 and you will enjoy it. So, pashush.

    • Oniros

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      • Mash Harder

        should have

  • Mash Harder

    I think I got this.

    From left to right in the picture (going across both sides):

    ?? (can’t see), Robin, Batman, Joker, Harley Quinn, Nemesis.
    Jax, Dr. Doom, Superman, Master Chief, Cat Woman, Deadpool
    Raven, Aqua Man, Wonder woman, Nightmare, Storm, Beast
    Hawk Girl, The Flash, Green lantern, (old) Dr. Strange, ??, El Fuerte.

    • Kenneth J. Pettigrew Jr.

      JAX!? El Fue…0_o, MASTER CHIEF!!
      You’re silly.

      Here’s my guesses!

      • Mash Harder

        I’m pretty sure we both got Dr. Doom right.
        *fingers crossed*

  • Maniak

    not complete. flash isnt even there.

    • ReddChief78

      If flash is the only one missing then shouldnt that be him up in the corner cut off dont worry it will catch on

    • xanderglz

      Flash is there, just not visible in the screenshot. What are you talking about?

  • Craig Baker

    I just want to play….. i struggled with the demo but who cares. I want to get in that practice mode i hear so much about and get a character down. Plus the story in the comic has been really good and how that goes is gonna be interesting. All the crazy shit in the Star Labs, then go Online which hopefully is better than MK was at launch but MK did improve. No matter if you hate NRS or not, you have to admit, they put an absurd amount of content into their games compared to the other fighting game developers. I mean $60 for Soul Caliber 5 was a joke. I liked that game it was fun but their was literally nothing there in terms of cool shit to do.

    • Yeah I agree. SCV does have superb online play/features though, which is enough for me to pay full retail price for a fighting game. I’m always down to support developers that deliver an enjoyable online experience.

      • Craig Baker

        i liked online too. but damn that story was the most corny poorly written excuse for a campaign of all time. It was just terrible. I did enjoy playing the game as a fighting game. Buy content wise it was nothing. Same can be said for MvC3, like the game is super fun love the fighting. Content for a marvel fan? Nothing, shit ladder arcade single player. Shit combo training. These other franchises should take what NRS does concerning the Single Player experience and add that to their games

  • Beb0p

    Just pointing out but Raven and WW look butt ugly.

    • Snow Loss

      No way.
      You are literally the first person to say that.

    • Hella ugly but Raven will be OD!!

  • Asaid AieezyOle Falah

    Im pretty sure other chars will be DLC, i said i would only get the game if i get 3 out of the 4 i Asked for: Blue Beetle,Shazaam,Beast Boy,Black Adam.


    It’s only 24 so they can charge us $5 per DLC character later. No worries, they probably have like 30ish characters planned out.

    They have season pass for like an initial 4-5 characters and then there will be even more after that as time goes on.

  • spades111

    Am I the only one who’s upset that the right side middle row messed up… all women going down until the last row

  • Leonardo Gomes

    Very few female characters. >(
    Anyways, Imma wait for the price to go down a bit, because I really liked the demo.

    • Awsumpossum12345

      6 females.
      1/4 of the cast isn’t enough?

      • Snow Loss

        Some people just want a wider verity of women and minorities to beat up.

    • the7k

      While I’m scratching my head as to why Power Girl, Starfire, Zatanna and other extremely popular and iconic characters got left out…

      … when I look at the female characters that did get in, and how hideous they look, I’m honestly a bit relieved that these girls didn’t suffer a similar Injustice.

      • Go check out Killer Frost’s face. Blows Capcom female faces out of the water.

  • Ace

    I definitely like the roster. Was kind of hoping for more womenz, but this is a good sized roster.

    • Jason Knapich

      yeah people love women characters, skullgirls sold well

  • $17468069

    Don’t care about the characters too much, I’m not knowledgeable on comics, so I wouldn’t know what characters I’m missing out on.
    I was really looking forward to this game but after playing the demo, I have to cancel pre order, the gameplay is so sluggish and feels so unresponsive.
    Looks like NR studios has taken a step back, plays more like MK deception that MK 9. Really disappointed.

  • Trish confirmed

  • Amadeus Alexander

    People complain about 24 characters not being enough…..but no one wants to play Tekken Tag 2.

    shoot yourself.

  • Dan Hodges

    Sweet, Ares and Killer Frost are playable, and from where they are on the select screen, I’m GUESSING they’ll most likely be unlockable

  • Jason Knapich

    Why people always leak shit? Kinda wish I didn’t click the link but I did. Anyway, roster looks solid. People really are complaining about the roster? I think 24 is damn good for the start and 4 DLC characters are already planned. Also it’s NetherRealm people, they will most likely listen to what people want and deliver.

  • KubikiriTurkojin

    how can you faggots compare the 24 bitchmade ugly ass character models of this bs game to pixel art characters that actually take a whole lot more to creat. games like sg and bb can get away with less characters because it actually takes a whole ordeal to make said characters. games like sfxt and especially this aids infested faggot ass dump of a game has simple, ugly ass character models that look shitty and are easy to create as well. its not a comparison.

    also this game sucks, demo was fucking bitch shit. add the superhomo characters and you got 1 huge faggot of a game. ready to buttfuck you homos neatherrealm style with a bestiality up your ass, faggots.

    • Snow Loss

      Thanks for sharing this well put together critical analysis of Injustice. I greatly enjoyed the time and effort you took to describe why you passionately felt the game was lacking and went so far as to describe where and why.
      You’re an inspiration to reviewers and journalists alike.

      • KubikiriTurkojin

        wasting more time on this bs game than i already did? you can do that for yourself. the games flaws are very appearant, if you need a reviewer to see that you need more than just my well put critical analysis.

  • rootbeer1

    Eh the roster is okay but pretty disappointing, i mean out of all the characters in the DC universe they could have done better and if they were gonna put Batman villains why Harley AND The Joker. Poison Ivy, Man-Bat, Clayface, Scarecrow, Firefly even Mr Freeze would have been more interesting. Hell they could put other characters like Martian Manhunter, Beast Boy, Red Hood, Blue Beetle, Steel, Darksied, Azrael or Static Shock to make lesser known characters more popular, UMvC3 did it with people like Nova and Rocket Racoon

    • Snow Loss

      “They could put…to make lesser known characters more popular”
      Do you honestly think non-comic readers know who Nightwing is? Let alone Killer Frost, Black Adam, Sinestro, and about half of the Injustice roster? This game is about a 50/50 split of characters mostly only comic fans know about and ones “casuals” know about.