Divekick Roundup – Dr. Shoals Demonstration, Mad Catz Unveiled Exhibition Footage, and More

By on April 3, 2013 at 5:41 pm

After its amazing showing at PAX East a couple of weekends ago, indie fighter Divekick has been making the rounds in an effort to demonstrate how it has progressed since being picked up by Iron Galaxy Studios. Below, you’ll find a number of videos that showcase the game’s new technique system, characters, interviews, and more.

First off, TotalBiscuit visited the PAX booth and spent some quality time with Iron Galaxy Studios’ CEO Dave Lang. They go over a number of general gameplay mechanics and characters, including newcomer Dr. Shoals.

Next, the folks over at What’s Jump? conducted a quick interview with creator Adam “Keits” Heart regarding the origins of the title. While super brief, this video does contain a small glimpse of Divekick running on the PlayStation Vita.

Divekick was recently featured on Giant Bomb’s live stream, the archive of which you can find below. Lang, Heart, the Giant Bomb crew, and special guest Seth Killian spend a ton of time here playing the game and talking about its gameplay, so definitely check this out if you haven’t seen it since last year.

Watch live video from Giant Bomb Live on TwitchTV

Giant Bomb’s Jeff Gerstmann also stopped by the Iron Galaxy Studios booth at PAX East to get a taste of the Lang Zone for himself. Here, Lang discusses the game’s future and the possibility of official Divekick controllers.

And lastly, Mad Catz Unveiled featured a special Divekick exhibition that included a number of notable players. Curious what MCZ|Daigo Umehara, MCZ|Tokido, and other top competitors look like playing this game? Then give the archive below some love.

Watch live video from madcatz’s channel on TwitchTV

Sources: TotalBiscuit (tip via Gregory H.), What’s Jump?, Giant Bomb, Giant Bomb, Mad Catz

  • $35897352

    What? this shitty game is frontpage news? Please dont tell me it is so just ’cause a crapcom’s employee made it…damn.

    • Greg Pinkney


      • The Me That Believes in You

        Oh yeah, you mean that Capcom employee that’s totally not a Capcom employee?

        • Barlton Canks

          No, he meant the Capcom employee that’s totally not a Capcom employee. Learn the difference.

          • $35897352

            No, I mean the guy that that decide what should be front news in this site and works for Iron Galaxy that works for crapcom. Now you can get his dick out from your ass.

          • Riot

            So if they stopped making Divekick articles, you think news for “real” fighting games would just pop up?

    • Guest

      Oh yeah! You mean that guy who isn’t a Capcom employee at all?

      • $35897352

        hey fanboy, look above, Lol, what a fanboy, I mean the guy that works for Iron Galaxy Studios
        that developed MvC2 origins, SFIII 3S online and Darkstalkers Resurrection. So yeah, a cashcom employee.

        • MasterScrub

          Really now! I didn’t realize that Divekick was a Capcom game.

          Oh wait, it ISN’T, because Iron Galaxy isn’t fucking owned by Capcom.

    • Guest

      Oh yeah! You mean that guy that’s a Capcom employee that’s not at all a Capcom employee?

      • $35897352

        Lol, what a fanboy, I mean the guy that works for Iron Galaxy Studios that developed MvC2 origins, SFIII 3S online and Darkstalkers Resurrection. Hahahaha, poor fanboys.

      • Duck Strong

        Well, the same asshole who tells a bunch of dumbshits what to put on the front page created this piece of shit game so,,,

  • Mike Pureka

    Don’t knock it ’til you’ve played it. It’s hilarious and fun.

  • Riot

    I am loving the fuck out of Dave Lang

  • $17468069

    Don’t see the need for a life bar.
    Apart from that, looks pretty shit.

  • windsagio

    It’s kind of fun to watch Divekick develop, as they work to make it from just a really inside joke into a real game.

    Still, slight quibble, ‘indie’ and ‘picked up’ are mutually exclusive.

    • $35897352

      what real game? It is a joke with fake hype brought to you by the cashcom servants

      • Austin Davoren

        Divekick not a real game ’cause Samakuso says so.

        • $35897352

          Divekick not a real FIGHTING game ’cause Samakuso says so.

          Fixed for you fanboy.

          • Austin Davoren

            I wonder if you are this mad about Divekick in real life or if it’s just the internet getting to you.

  • RichHobo

    Kinda disappointed they changed mr n’s look, but i guess it was needed.

    • Dion Johnson

      I’m also pissed Dustin isn’t a playable character.

  • Pooh Hardy

    this was a joke that was stretched out too long
    it should just be a flash game

    • This ^^

      F*ck Divecack.

    • Cat Astrophy

      Personally I think this would be the best fighter to play drunk.

  • Steven Tyler Parry

    Despite what many people seem to think, this is a good and fun game. Head to the next event you can get to where they are demoing the game and give it a shot. It’s worth it.

    … Oh wait I forgot most of you don’t actually go to real world physical locations. My bad.

    • Oh wait- you thought people would travel to try this game out?

      • Steven Tyler Parry

        No I thought they’d go to a tournament or event to play some games and support shit and maybe they could opt for one that had this as a demo if there were multiple choices. I like your tunnel vision though.

      • Sofia Carter

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    • mutantmagnet

      Personally I don’t see going to events as critical as long as they include online functionality. That was my original concern when they tried kickstarting it and had netplay as a stretch goal instead of included from the very beginning.

      With its very short playtime it would easily become a killer app on mobile devices. It will certainly do very well as a game to pass time with family and friends at home but with online support on a phone or tablet it will crush.

      The game is too much fun to not achieve this.

  • What a load of bollocks.

    Just please hurry up and release this so the rest of us can be spared the wasted time of reading about it.

    I’m really disappointed that experienced US players are getting behind this e.g. Shidosha giving it hype.

    The most racist characters possible? And that’s a ‘joke’??!!

    F*ck Divecack.

    • ReddChief78

      Or you could simply just NOT read it but taking the time to click on it and read it you must be interested nice try but the game will be out soon for you to play no need to get your panties in a bunch

    • Barlton Canks

      What a load of bollocks.

      Just please hurry up and release this so the rest of us can be spared the wasted time of reading complaints about it.

      I’m really disappointed that people are getting mad that people are enjoying games they aren’t e.g. The Slapper.

      Parodies and homages to fighting game characters? And people haven’t actually paid attention to fighting games since 1991??!!

      Fuck you..

      • $35897352

        Fuck you…and stop sucking Keit’s dick.

  • FLStyle

    I can’t wait for this game! Day 1 buy!

  • CompetentFGC

    pretending the game is “deep” that’s a good one, Iron Galaxy. Just goes to show how the 09er crowd reacts to any game that’s pushed by the media. You’ll all eat this shit up, and we’ll see it in tournaments while games that deserved to be played in tournaments like ST, 3s, MvC2, SG and CvS2 get left by the wayside because the influxed majority 09er scrubs can’t play those games if their lives depended on it. What a pathetic excuse for a FGC this has become.

    • Barlton Canks

      What is your definition of “deep”?

  • Cat Astrophy

    We need an old man resembling Alex Valle

  • Garrett Jones

    Is everyone talking shit assuming there is almost no skill gap between a beginner and expert? Or, even if it exists it’s the additional layers of execution and time needed to learn set-ups in a traditional fighter that sets it above this game? Maybe you think it’s too close to Rock-Paper-Scissors in this aspect? I’d like to hear an actual argument, unless you think it’s so painfully obvious it would be insulting to discuss it.

    • Barlton Canks

      I have a friend who merely saw the UFGT8 reveal trailer and wrote it off. He hasn’t followed up on the game’s development and additions to the system and has no interest in giving it a chance. I imagine that there are many others like him. They are only looking at the cover, “a joke fighter”. And when you have the word “joke” it can’t possibly be serious.

      Aside from that, some people have a very conservative definition of “depth” when it comes to fighters. If it doesn’t look or play like this fighter or that and doesn’t fit into this category of fighter or that then it isn’t deep. People call them elitist. Also, some people just plain don’t know what depth is and mimic the opinions of better players without understanding what they mean(people who say VF is deep but can’t explain why). They just want to look like they know what they’re talking about.

      Divekick is a very divisive game. It leaves out the stuff that makes players of some games think they are smart, keeps only the staples of the fighting metagame and makes them the only way to win.

      • mutantmagnet

        “Divekick is a very divisive game.”

        Only for people who haven’t played it. Most people come around after giving it a play through.

  • Jookey

    I don’t understand why everyone’s so angry towards this game.

    “NO FUN ALLOWED” – some faggots.

  • Austin Davoren

    This is the no fun zone, where all the mlg pro get paid players dont want this at their elite gamez tournament finals

  • Art Salmons

    Blizzard 2002: We’re putting pandas in our game. Just kidding April Fools!
    Blizzard 2012: Fuck we’re out of ideas. Put pandas in the game.

    This is Dive Kick.

  • Duck Strong

    “After its amazing showing…”

    Biased much?

    • Riot

      I think they were talking about the people who played it.

  • SonOfTheNorthe

    I don’t get the hype around this game, but whatever floats your boat.

  • PointCtrPoint

    Once u play it you can’t help but love it.