NYU Spring Fighter 2013 with Daigo ‘The Beast’ Umehara and Seth Killian. Submit Your Questions!

By on April 2, 2013 at 8:39 am

NYU Game Center has announced it’s third annual Spring Fighter event for April 13th.  The event will feature tournaments, but also a conversation between Seth Killian and Daigo.  If you have a preferred topic for discussion or a question that you’d like Seth to ask Daigo, post it in the comments.

Here’s a little more information about the event

Continuing the NYU Game Center’s mission to support the New York game scene and expose our students to the most interesting and vital portions of the game industry, this year’s Spring Fighter is an even more elaborate event than in the past. First, a tournament featuring three games, Street Fighter 4 AE, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom, and Street Fighter x Tekken, will begin at 10am and go until 6pm. Then, at 7pm the Game Center will present a conversation between legends, with Seth Killian sitting down and talking to Daigo Umehara about his life in and outside the Street Fighter scene.

While the tournament is only for those who want to test their skills in the heat of battle, the evening event with Daigo Umehara and Seth Killian is open to anyone curious and fighting games and life of an e-sports legend.

  • Seth is playing… or just having a chat? 🙁

    • José Ramón Pepino Ojeda

      Just chat, I guess he doesn’t want to do the clothhanded in public ever again 🙂

  • TehTy

    Daigo, what are your thoughts on AE changing again, and are there any changes you really want to see?

  • gourry

    Yay, Daigo going to my old grad school. Will Daigo stop by Next Level in Brooklyn?

    • mozart danno

      Dont think so but that would have been cool

  • chipsndips

    Seeing how Street Fighter X Tekken has a ton of uncharted territory, and a good amount of pro players are trying to take the top spot (seeing how Infiltration isn’t guaranteed 1st place in that game), will Diago try his hand in that game as well? If not, why? If so, what team would he use?

  • Garrett Jones

    How do you decide in which games you want to invest time to learn and how many do you try to learn at once, without spreading yourself too thin?

  • Dectilon

    Any plans to revisit umvc3?

  • Daniel Mangilaya

    Will you, or the japanese community be playing Injustice? What are your thoughts on Injustice and american fighters in general?

    • KubikiriTurkojin

      american fighters suck, period. dont matter if its mk or another dc superhomo whatever game they are working on, they all suck.

      point being, american fighters are for fags. have been for a long time in fact.

  • Wow, that Yun art’s fucking great.

    • Charlotte Preston

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    Daigo already stated that he feels in order to have the best shot at winning he will henceforth only play one game at a time (I think this was spurred on by his loss at evo 2011 when he tried playing Marvel as well). Pretty sure that is why he hasn’t taken up SFxT.

    • chipsndips

      So he’s SF4 4ever? That’s depressing. I wanted him to take that Infiltration rivalry to other games. Q_Q

  • José Ramón Pepino Ojeda

    Being Infiltration the most succesful player these recent years…

    To Daigo: Are you planning on running it back? aren’t you salty the title “The Beast” is slowly getting away into another champion’s hands? … or is the passing of age what’s “taming” you? >:)
    (regular show)

    To Seth: What was Capcom’s views about Korean and the lack of Korean characters? Is there a reason why all over the years they have kept the nationalistic rivalry so tangible in their products?

    • Steven

      Juri han, a character like that is enough at this point

      • José Ramón Pepino Ojeda

        I see your point, even though, considering how close they are and how much they (the Japanese) disregard them, the fact that Juri has emerged only after 22 years of the realease of SFII is quite surprising.

        Street Fighter is a game of world martial arts where most of them are represented, being so close is only startling tae kwon do has just made its appareance recently.

        Similarly happened with KOF franchise, Kim appeared at Fatal Fury 2 and had sticked since then, that’s good, but later, on a “Dan-esque” fashion, 2 very weird and unrepresentative Korean characters made it in… a large, bearded and obese prisoner, and a creepy, short man using shades, claws and hat… what’s that? Korean marial artists??? While the other 50% of the roster is Japanese and shoot plasma looking good at the same time. I’m quite impressed of the nationalism shown and can’t hide my disgust.

        Is true, Juri is quite enough at this point, but leaves some of their developers thoughts behind exposed.

        My question to Seth stays, did you see any of this nationalism between Japanese personnel? or in the better case scenario. Did you ever herar about more Korean inclusion in the game?

        • Steven

          That’s interesting but someone asked Seth why there werent Black characters in MVC3 and he replied something like “we dont determine characters based on that” or somethin. So, thats a heads up I guess (Unless it was becaz they were Black! HAHA) [naw they seem cool]

  • Jubei Q

    What are Daigo’s thoughts on counterpicking in future? Has he watched for example, the match where Kazunoko destroyed Infiltration’s Akuma with Yun?

  • Narutonhia

    Daigo have you been working out lately?

  • Rice Eater

    Two questions, or maybe three

    1. How do you prepare for tournaments nowadays. I remember you saying that you don’t study opponents. Has this mindset changed? Do you go into tournaments preparing for other strong opponents and will you be prepared to counter pick or will you stay with your main character all the way through.

    2. What changes would you like to see to your main character and other characters in this game for the next update?

    • Guest

      Daigo: After all these years, to win tournaments, hype moments, evo, etc. That infiltration has won the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary. Do not you feel that you should go back to being” the beast”, that your career is not over yet? Because personally, I do not see the motivation of the past. And I would love to see a Daigo at Evo 2013, to show them all that still qualifies as a legend.

  • KubikiriTurkojin

    daigo, how does it feel to be infiltraitions bitch? how do you feel after having the US be your bitch for all these years, japan is turning out to be koreas bitch (kof, tekken, sf)?

  • To Daigo: After all these years, to win tournaments, evo, hype moments, etc. That infiltration has won the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary. Do not you feel that you should go back to being” the beast”, that your career is not over yet? Because personally, I do not see the motivation of the past. And I would love to see a Daigo at Evo 2013, to show them all that still qualifies as a legend.
    (Sorry for the replay post)

    • José Ramón Pepino Ojeda

      nice comment 🙂

  • Los Illuminados

    here’s some questions i would like Seth to ask Daigo-san. “When will you pick up KOF XIII and play in a competitive level in tournaments?” “Your fellow MCZ Team members Tokido and Mago play it, why not you?”. The End.

  • Question for Diago:
    In his book, he mentioned that it’s important to not just win, but win impressively to be acknowledge. Now that he’s a pro-gamer and famous, does that philosophy still hold true? What goes through his mind when he is facing an opponent that he may have trouble defeating? Is it more important to play safer and aim for a win or does he still think about winning impressively?