Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 patch announced

By on April 1, 2013 at 10:47 am

Nitsuma has announced this morning from Japan, that Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 will be receiving a balance update/patch in the near future. He is citing recent tournaments where players are abusing stuff that wasn’t intended in the “spirit of the game”. Some of the items on the short list to be fixed are allowing meter gain during Morrigan’s illusion super, and fixing the infinites with the TAC system. No date was given for the patch.

What would you guys like to see patched?

  • Carlo Dela Cruz


  • t0fu

    april fools?

  • Kenny Sulaimon

    April fools. . . . .

    • mozart danno


  • Dectilon

    Aw, come on man. I was hoping for a list of outrageous patch notes at least 🙁

  • Kenny Sulaimon

    April Fools. . . . .

  • Xiang Asheサイレントシャドウく

    A very shitty april fools joke

  • Skelephant

    revive she-hulk…

  • donald mcronald


  • Fleet of Foot

    I got really excited for this until I realized what today is.

  • BlackClouds

    Chris G your days are numbered, can’t wait!

    • thelaughiingman

      You poor soul.

  • axi0m

    I hate you with every fiber of my being.

    • aerA_sllaBssA_yM_ssiK


  • i want cyclops back but he must wear galactus’s outfit 😀 lol

  • axi0m

    Did I mention I still hate you with every fiber of my being? Because I do.

  • Adam LaRusso

    not sure if serious

  • I fucking hate April Fools.

  • Guest

    i wouldnt trust it. its the 1st april, after all

  • This is the most horrible joke I have ever read…

    Why MrWizard, why!!!?!?! /BibleThump

  • Patch this shitty day.

  • NyuBomber

    Yuh huh. 😐

  • Guest

    why don’t you just go play hide and go fuck yourself :/

  • this better not be an april fools joke! please nurf ZERO.. biblethump

    • Ricardo Medero

      nerf zero lol cry babies? why not nerf morrigan and vergil? they are in every team and they win tournaments zero doesnt win tournaments

      • Im pretty sure if this is legit that they are absolutely going to nerf morrigan and vergil but I’m just asking for a nerf of Zero because he’s so broken. i mean come on lighting loops isnt even hard as long as you have good timing and can play with a finger holding a button.

        • Ricardo Medero

          do it without dropping them in both sides….and really you complain about lightnining loops when that’s all he has to do dmg? he requires assist not like Vergil or Doom

          • chipsndips

            It’s still a 1-touch-kill. I thought fighting gamers didn’t like that type of crap…

          • Ricardo Medero

            kid every game has TODs MvC2,MK9,P4A,TTT2,UMvC3….basically every game and you just complaining about UMvC3….really?

      • David Cox

        Zero’s don’t win tournaments because they make bad decisions like walking backwards against morrigan at the start of a match >____>

        • Ricardo Medero

          try going forward against Chris G and you’re getting grabbed

          Doom is the problem not Morrigan kill his assist and she is not that big of a problem…and Zero doesnt wins tournament because of the player and because he needs an assist not like Vergil or Doom

  • Krakenstein

    Next up, New Rival School and Darkstalker games announced…..RAAWWRRR!!!!

  • neroiscariot

    You should have at least said they are adding Megaman…

  • Dave Passmore JR

    So obvious. Good attempt though

  • Joshua Rodriguez

    April fools isn’t about pranks anymore, it’s now “Let’s lie about stuff” day.

  • David Cox

    Will they finally buff Zero so he can keep buster charged the same way vergil can with RT glitch? I feel he never has it primed enough to be effective.

  • FGCLove

    This is a really bad joke!!!!!

  • Gailim

    but does it have a “Duper” meter?

  • technical_boom

    this better be a god damn april fools joke -_-

  • General_Awesomo

    LOL. I just told this joke to my friends. Then I find it here. Well played.

  • Grimbear13

    hrm…that’s poor taste…

  • Austin Davoren

    This troll is too deep.
    The butthurt in these comments are the best.

  • just_steve

    whoever came up with it should be sentenced to death… yes, i am serious!

  • eilegz

    nice aprils fool 😀 capcom forgot UMVC3 exists give up already

  • disqus_nwmrTV7mDN

    This isnt funny after what happened yesterday…


    0/10. Jimmies not rustled in the slightest.

  • David Wilson

    this is the shittiest april fools joke ever if it is one.

  • Beb0p

    I thought the game being full of bull shlt was the point.

  • RichHobo

    sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mad

  • Corporate_Marth

    Please, try harder.

  • Yo Vergil

  • iambuttmustard


  • Keon Misterr

    My heart skipped a beat for a second, than I laughed.

  • John Syers

    The Capcom vs. SNK was kinda funny, but this…man, I’m not looking at SRK again today.

  • Don’t play games with my heart, then again today is the start of the Japanese Fiscal year.

  • Devil Jin


  • Steven C Carefelle

    This seems like a pathetic way to complain about Morrigan. Why wouldn’t you want a succubus dominating male characters?

  • Crushed.

  • commanderpepper

    Make everyone into Phoenix Wright.

  • Jose Carlos Pinheiro Junior

    chupem apelões!

  • Dat fools joke hurt my soul…

  • That’s cold, Joey. Cold.

  • Cat Astrophy

    No source tag gave it away

  • Somethings should not be joked about -_-

  • Yea this was indeed a kick in the Dick….Low blow

  • Alan Silva

    Make Dr Doom’s missiles disapear if he gets hit! Sentinel drones go away, why not Doom’s too?
    Edit: Wow, nvm, I went full retard. 🙁

  • Guest

    what ever

  • RobertEspaillat

    MrWizard think he is funny lol

  • Fkin April’s Fool day!

  • chipsndips

    This is what happens when you overhype a broken game. Welp…


    Chris G wins! So much skills! So many reads!

    • Ricardo Medero

      as much as i hate the soul fist spam i dare you to challenge chris g in a money match and beat him free

      • chipsndips

        A match up where all he has to do is avoid me and spam projectiles, while I would have to dodge through a bullet hell just to touch him? That’s the strat of a top player? This isn’t about how good he is. It’s about the pure bs that was left in the game that he decided to pick up. It’s a scrub tactic that works too well. You know that if they ever did nerf Astral Vision Soul Fist spam, he’d drop Morrigan in a heart beat.

        The only reason he uses that team is because it’s cheap as fk.

        • Girish Narayanan

          Actually that’s rubbish. As much as I hate the bullet hell, it is not easy to do. Sure ball fly ball unfly spamming is easy. But to do it safely, with the movement and spacing that he has, is really really hard. And it takes intelligent play. How can we tell? If it was as random as soul fist spamming, others (like jrosa and dieminion) would be just as successful. But they aren’t. Because whether or not we like it, (and I certainly don’t), Chris G is actually a very good player, and deserves his wins.

          • chipsndips

            No one said he’s bad. It’s still scrub shiz. Fill the entire screen with projectiles so that your opponent is basically shut down until your buff fades, while you fly around doing nothing but shoot the same move over and over. Then it gives meter so you can do it some more. No one’s saying he’s bad. I’m saying that bs like that shouldn’t be in the game to be exploited by good players. It’s not dynamic. It puts too much responsibility of “wtf do I do to stop this” on the opponent without enough responsibility of “wtf do I do to sustain this” on the user. Keep away is ok, but that Morridoom is ridiculous.

            Like I said: Less about reads and reactions. More about picking resources.

          • Ricardo Medero

            chris g wont let you breathe with a rushdown team because he will underestimate you and pick some joke team against you and still win

          • chipsndips

            I said this has nothing to do with him being good or bad. It’s about what’s in the game that he’s using.

          • blackavengre

            Somebody wasn’t watching FR finals, wen Flocker almost delivered Paaty Weipu using MorriDoom in much the same fashion. I’d not sooner wish for another decent MorriDoom player, but if anything it just proves that if another high-level competitor with execution like Flockers comes along and uses them, they can be just as evil

        • Thesimpleway

          Like Flocker did to ChrisG when everyone cheered, Combofiend saying he is tasting his own medicine?

          Oh wait Chrisg switches to Vergil puts his belt on an bodies morrigan.

          • chipsndips

            So to counter top tier MorriDoom, he uses top tier Vergil? I already made a statement about this somewhere in this blog about the game degrading to MorriDoom and MorriDoom counters. Sounds like that’s what happened.

          • Thesimpleway

            No, I mean most other Morrigan players are not even near his level. Look at what he does when fighting teleporting characters. He even rushed down DF XF3. Pull that off and tell me how easy it is, how you don’t have to act dynamic or you don’t need reactions.

          • chipsndips

            1) You didn’t just say that. You said that he used Vergil to beat another MorriDoom user. Top tier to beat top tier.

            2) As for what you’re saying now: I said the main MorriDoom strategy isn’t dynamic. He could occassionaly go in with Morrigan instead of spamming projectiles, but that doesn’t mean that the main MorriDoom isn’t Soul Fists laced with H. Missles. Also, there’s hardly any reactions in this game regardless. It’s too fast and random for you to say “I saw that coming and laid out this whole counter-offensive due to xyz”. It kind of resembles guess work. Things convert into favorable scenarios because of how the game works, but it’s not like you see something coming, so you prep up a max damage punish. The game relies heavily on converting a lucky hit or throw into a 1-touch-kill. There’s skill involved, as well as reactions involved for those on defense, but I wouldn’t say offensive reads are nearly as legit as SFIV or SF X TKN.

          • Thesimpleway

            1) Sorry I didn’t outright say it, I thought it was implied enough. Vergil works against Moridoom, Vergil does not work against ChrisG’s Morrigan. It is not a counter. Vergil works against all players other than 2 (see 5vs5 NYC vs Norcal CM match, FChamp blocked everything thrown at him with vergil even though he was lik 20sec in blockstun.)

            2) Occassionaly? Watch the top 8 again and every time he tries to rush down with Morrigan take a shot, you won’t be able to stand after his second match.

            Also standing behind and casting SF won’t help you. People who play that kind of Morrigan are easily beaten today. Well just read Viscants post:


        • Zonder88

          Im pretty sure Chris G can beat your ass free without Morrigan OR Doom in his team.

          • chipsndips

            I DID say it has nothing to do with how good he is at the game, but rather what options are left to good players. That Astral Soul Fist hell shouldn’t be so rewarding. It’s a hype killer.

    • Cat Astrophy

      I’ve seen a plethora of people body ChrisG…that strat is only good against certain teams

      • Herbert Jones Rovbinson

        Morridoom is too good against most teams. Problem is not enough players have back up teams designed to take the slut down.

  • BoozerX

    LMAO so much butthurt people.
    Stay broken piece of s… game.

  • $19298411

    Lol all the Marvel heads so upset….COME ON GUYS THIS IS THE GAME YOU WANTED! Remember!?!? When’s Mahvel BABEH!!!???

  • Damon Barlow

    This and that rehashed CvS3 joke was obvious…come up with something original please. kthxbai.

  • bigtaz504

    Poor time since capcom just sayed they wasnt. Try again wizard.

  • SohoX

    FUCK! I thought this was real. I completely forgot today was April Fools. The capcom vs SNK3 got me too. Shame on me.

  • nomercymexican

    Lmfao this is a rehashed april fools

    But if capcom were to release capcom vs snk 3 on ps4, they without a doubt dominate the next gen console war.

  • nomercymexican

    No megaman still no buy.

    fack crapcom

    • Ricardo Medero

      awwww cry baby not getting a game because mega spam is not in the game aaaww im gonna cry lol jump and shoot pick Arthur

      • FOHBUS

        come on man. its obvious umvc3 was a fail. stop sticking up for a fake ass game..

        • john doe

          kinda sad and pathetic the shittiest nobody marvel 2 players can’t shut the fuck up about this game… 🙁

          • FOHBUS

            sorry but even tho us mvc2 players hate umvc3, we dont not troll your community we are to busy kicking ass or having our asses kicked. umvc3 is full of scrubs (attitude and skill).

          • Ricardo Medero

            you complain about umvc3 but love mvc2?

            as much as i love that game cuz i grew up in the arcades playing mvc2 i have to say that the only way to be good in the game is pick the same 6 characters and mash assist and do infinites….mvc2 hate umvc3 but they still play it and in umvc3 there’s more viable characters not just the same 6 even though people pick them easy mode scrubby characters (Vergil)

          • FOHBUS

            you have no idea what your talking about. you dont have to play top tier to enjoy mvc2. stop talking about a couple youtube videos you saw a few years back.

          • john doe

            Nice grammar there genius. I love when you 09er Marvel 2 ‘tards try to put on airs. It couldn’t make me laugh harder!

  • Nevflinn

    They need to patch Dhalsim, it’s like he isn’t even in the game.

    • Alex Minton

      whats really bad, is that i actually had to go check really quick if he was or not.

  • UseProtection


  • bartonzok

    Damn it, its fking April fools day. This shit better be real.

  • This would be a better troll if it were actually real.

  • Rahavic

    All this news! My mind is not in my head! Blown!!

  • Adam J Tokarsky

    I can’t tell whether this is more disdainful of the readership or of Capcom.

  • I hate this joke… We should start petition to make them update marvel for real or RIOT!

  • Simply Chun-believeable ^_~ ♥♥

    Wow you guys spared no expense in trolling.
    Its not really fun when the troll is also the one with the power. >.<"
    You guys could have done a better job with this though, a list maybe to raise the hopes, so they can have a larger fall? Maybe?? No???

  • Natat

    I’m glad this is an April’s Fools joke, this shitty game deserves no further life. If anything, I hope Morridoom dominates EVO and everyone gets tired of playing this.

    Yes, you may start the flaming now,if you so wish.

    • chipsndips

      Nah, man. I agree 100%. After what the Marvel junkies did during Final Round, invading other streams that had nothing to do with the game and demanding that it be put on (amongst a ton of other crap), they can now sit and stew in what the future holds: A steady decline of top level play until the game is nothing but Morridoom and Morridoom-specific counters. All that foolishness for a game that’s beyond broken.

      • FOHBUS

        marvel 3 junkies correct? us mvc2 would never..

        • chipsndips

          Yea, the MVC3 junkies. Not you MVC2 guys. Sorry about that. >_>

      • Ricardo Medero

        morridoom broken
        plays mvc2 lol
        where’s the logic in that?

        • chipsndips

          Funny cause I don’t play MVC2…

      • Thesimpleway

        Sorry but I’m not interested in watching Tekken, I play it myself but watching? No. JDCR was even more dominating than Chris.

    • JasinWalraven

      not worth flaming

    • Jebril

      Lol cuz MoriDoom is SOOOOOOOOO Dominating that there was only one MoriDoom team in Top 16, named Chris G. Chris G is the only player who has consistently made that team successful J-Rosa is the second most notable player who uses that team and he’s barely had any real success with that team.

      • Natat

        Did I ever say Morridoom has dominated any tourney? I only hope it DOES on EVO because that’s what gets most Marvel monsters ridiculously salty, and I love seeing people complain about zoning.

    • john doe

      Sorry. Can’t take anything you say seriously with that shitty anime avatar…

      • Natat

        As if yours was any better. Marvel 3 is an anime game anyway, so what’s the point?

        Saying that because of a mere avatar you won’t take someone seriously? Well, you ARE Marvel 3 players, so I guess I can’t say much. But that DOES say a lot about you. Maybe you could try doing some more Helm Breakers instead of being here right now.

    • $18011339

      “Yes, you may start the flaming now,if you so wish.”


      • aerA_sllaBssA_yM_ssiK


      • Natat

        No, it was more like, since it’s so easy to get the Marvel 3 kids on edge, I might as well invite them into flaming. So when’s Mahvel guys?

        • john doe

          “So when’s Mahvel guys?”

          I don’t know what’s sadder: The fact that mongoloids like you take ANYTHING stream monsters say seriously, or the fact the ENTIRE… FUCKING.. COMMUNITY take everything stream monsters say seriously and get supremely butthurt about it 🙁

          This fucking fanbase…

          • Natat

            I don’t think anyone takes stream monsters seriously, but it’s amusing to make fun of them, since they get angry and defensive so easily. It’s not exclusive to Marvel though, but it’s the easiest on them and MK monsters.

          • Raynard

            lol… The troll got trolled

  • H_Magnus

    Now THIS is how you make an April’s Fools joke.

  • Mar Star

    THe 2nd time today. I hate this day so much.

  • rezo

    This is a sick joke, m v c been broken, it will stay broken, there is no fixing it

  • xanderglz

    But the Astral Illusion super builds meter already ):

  • I hope a better Iron Man great assit But single he is the worst character and Ghost Rider

  • Gethoff Mahfacebuk

    Chris G would body all you haters for any amount of money WITHOUT playing Morridoom.

  • JasinWalraven

    the announcers voice should be patched, replaced with CORN’s Chris “MR. ALLCAPS” Carey.

  • BlankUMDsForSale

    Definitely need increased durability on Morrigan’s fireballs. Double the length of astral vision. Give Doom’s missile assist super armor. Give the low tier heroes a chance for once.

  • spades111

    what happened to april fools actually being about pranks. If April fools was tomorrow and Capcom released UMvC3 DLC characters on PSN which ends Rick Rolling me… I would go buy a costume pack out of respect.

    But these lis that all these companies are doing aren’t funny. Like is there anyone who comes out and says “Got you!”

  • Raiichu

    No one here’s gonna mention the Philippines flag in the thumbnail?
    I was hoping for a special UMVC3: Filipino Edition. This includes FChamp yelling at you as you play and fried spring roll DLC.

  • Jebril

    So many Chris G haters even though he’s a top player not only in Marvel but Street Fighter and KoF as well yet people still like to hate the guy, that guy’s Morigan is legit some of the things he’s done with that character I guarantee no one would’ve been able to figure out on their own. And the other hilarious thing is people thing MoriDoom or Morrigan is a problem when Morrigan by herself is less played than characters like Doom, Vergil, Wolverine, Magneto, Zero, etc yet alone MoriDoom. Final Round was hype and Marvel was the highlight with some of the stuff that Moonz was throwing out there. I thoroughly enjoyed streaming the tournament, and the stream had 20K+ something viewers when Marvel was on. I hope most of these comments are trolling but I’m sure some of them are not so I felt it necessary to write this. 🙂

  • Snow Loss

    April 1st is the worst day.

  • Robbie J


  • well lets see buff doom vergil zero give them all 1.1 mil health zero gets hyper armor dooms only unsafe move needs to be whiffed level 3 and vergil needs to build meter faster and a beam attack

  • You guys are looking for a excuse for me to teabag you on sight. That is, once I made you trip over.

  • Oh and yeah, I could care less about this game.

  • Andre Theriault

    omg leave Morrigan alone. It’s only 1 guy that does her spam thing. She’s fine.

  • salindy13

    This post is cancer.

  • Gordon

    So no mention that it’s an actual April Fool’s day? Just going to pollute search results with false information?

    • Guest

      Yea, the title needs to have itself be fixed

  • Hiya_tiger


  • August K Ahuna Jr.

    Cruel…….. not even funny haha…. okay kinda funny

  • Legion

    wow shittiest april fools joke ever….

  • chm1er

    no not the tac infinite as long is it took to learn dooms tact infinite now they want to take it out noooooooo

  • thegoldencat

    Boooo. Lazy April fool.

  • commanderpepper

    An ingame selection for ub and uf 😛