WW.MCZ|Ryan Hart vs. VxG.EMP|Sanford Kelly AE 2012 Sagat Mirror Match Exhibition from Pre-Final Round 16 Casuals

By on March 29, 2013 at 10:42 am

While Final Round 16 officially begins later today, early arrivals got together in Atlanta yesterday to play some casuals in preparation for the tournament proper. As always, Arturo Sanchez was on hand to capture footage, and he recently uploaded a video showcasing a Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012 mirror match between two of the world’s best Sagat players: WW.MCZ|Ryan Hart and VxG.EMP|Sanford Kelly.

This intense set goes right down to the wire, and provides a great exhibition of each player’s skills. The discussion captured afterwards has stirred a bit of conversation online, so be sure to check this out and let us know what you think.

Source: Arturo Sanchez

  • Froinlaven

    I don’t think so either. lol Good matches though.

  • D Major

    Aw man Sanford. Close match during the game, not so much after. GGs.

    • KubikiriTurkojin

      educated black man vs salty dumb nigga, you do the math.

      • D Major

        Wait what? Nah.

        • KubikiriTurkojin

          just saying what it sounded like, maybe kelly has a master degree but just doesnt have social skills, and ryan is a dumb ass who just has a smooth talk. but i dont think so, ryan seems like a knowledgable person who even though salty at times can at least hold his own in a conversation. kelly sounds like one of these new era rappers i that i just wanna punch their teeth out.

          nothing against kelly, but everything about bitchmade dumbass rappers.

          • Crotin

            A black dude from the UK that speaks fluent Japanese is a dumbass?

  • eilegz

    leslie and bonchan would beat down those two 😀

  • Pussycontrol1234

    That end discussion was dead ass.

    But I don’t think enough is being said about Ryan’s Starsky and Hutch cardigan.