“Elizabeth Kills Everyone,” a Persona 4 Arena Combo Video by Bace

By on March 28, 2013 at 10:12 am

Persona 4 Arena’s Elizabeth is one of those characters that can top the damage ranks if a little bit of effort is put into her, and Bace is here to show us how. Practically every combo in this video is a one touch kill. If she isn’t killing due to her massive damage output, she is killing due to her Hamaon and Mudoon skills. Of course, few of these combos are actually practical as you’ll see One More Bursts just about everywhere.

Source: Bace

Angelo M. D’Argenio A.K.A. MyLifeIsAnRPG got his start in the fighting game community as a young boy playing Street Fighter II in arcades down at the Jersey Shore. As president of Disorganization XIII, he travels the convention circuit presenting a variety of panels from discussions on gamer culture, to stick modding workshops, to fighting game comedy acts. He has a passion for looking at the fighting game community from an academic standpoint and has completed several studies on effective fighting game learning and the impact fighting games have on social circles. A six year veteran of the gaming industry, he also writes for Cheat Code Central and is a lead game designer for Ember Games. On Tuesdays, you can find him getting bodied by Chris G and getting mistaken for Seth Rogen at The Break.
  • Doc_Unco

    Is the game still update by Arc System ? Because i don’t understand the interest of 100% combo in a fighting game.

    • This is a complicated issue, kinda-sorta maybe. If it’s tough to do consistently and/or requires an opponent to seriously fuck up, it’s not too problematic. Same if it’s very meter dependent.

    • Lazy_Alchemist

      These sort of combos require specific starters, meter, possibly low health, bursts, etc. They’re mostly a nonissue.

      And even in this case, it’s a bunch of combos from a character who has issues with dying quickly to begin with thanks to her low health.

      • Doc_Unco

        Look at the combo which start at 00:27… The opponent is just in the corner. He can burst one time but Elizabeth can restart the combo… The game is probably fun (didn’t play because i’m european -_-“) but i can’t take it seriously in high level because of that.

        • Ryan

          This character is fucking bad so who cares.

        • Mike Pureka

          Well, I wouldn’t get too worked up over that one considering that it has a throw reset in the middle. You’ll notice that at 37 seconds, right before the Persona runs up and bites Labrys, the combo stops at 52 hits. The opponent just needed to jump out of that command throw to avoid it. Is that easy? Well, it’s a pretty crucial skill against Elizabeth or she’ll just reset you with it all day.

          • datagram

            The character is paralyzed when the reset happens, so you’d actually need to do a mini jump (2AC) to get out of it. Quick escape (5AC) probably wouldn’t work, since I think you can get thrown out of it.

            A pretty sick reset, but probably still the sort of thing that’ll only work on someone once.