Tougeki Executive Committee Announces Temporary Suspension of National Competition

By on March 27, 2013 at 9:00 pm

Since it began in 2003, the Japanese national tournament series Tougeki (Super Battle Opera) has provided a number of exciting events, allowing some of the world’s best fighting game players a platform to showcase their skills. Despite numerous issues in recent years, they were seen as one of our scene’s strongest pillars of global competition.

Unfortunately, it appears that this annual tournament will be taking a bit of a hiatus. Earlier today, the Tougeki Executive Committee updated the event’s official website with a short message detailing their intentions to temporarily suspend their national competition, citing a “tumultuous” entry into the 2010s.

Their entire message has been included below. This announcement comes only a year after accepting console-exclusive titles for the first time. We would like to wish them all the luck in the world as they move ahead and look forward to their possible return in 2014.

Source: Tougeki

  • Jano Torres

    Justin Wong won in Marvel and Tougeki goes into hiatus… Good Job Justin, you made Tougeki lose the bet!…

    • lol, you do realize that americans were smashed in every single year in all SBO’s, right?

      • Does his post not imply that?

      • SpiderDan

        Of course, last year was the first year SBO had Marvel, so…

    • Traci George

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  • Tokido

    Evo is better anyway. I’m only sad to see Aqua Pizza go.

    • Hecatom

      Evo is “better” produced but their line up is mostly shit with all the crapcom nut hugging all the time, the fact that they give sfxt a second chance in the line up show how much of a joke are they now, lus the level of gameplay still i not on par with evo unless the game is mvc3

      • JnKzm

        Just better produced? Give me a break here, even the International players prefer Evolution over their own FG tournaments. The Japanese players have even noted this many times before already, because of the crowd and what it has to offer.

        Evolution was produced on the majority by players who started PLAYING Street Fighter games, so of course Capcom FG’s are going to get more of the limelight, for crying out loud, should say it all to you.

        Street Fighter x Tekken is getting a shot again is because it just recently got patched and updated so of course it’s going to see competition.

        You need to stop complaining about gameplay, when the gameplay for Evo is very high already. Firstly they don’t have Single Elimination like the majority of Japans tournaments (which is One of the reasons why many japanese players prefer Evo formats over their very own) so having the ability to adapt and learn is huge.

        Also, ask players like Daigo, Mago, Fuudo, Tokido or the rest if USA has “stale level of gameplay” lolz.

        Your statements is an obvious bias and a bandwagon to say the least.

        • $35897352

          quote: “Street Fighter x Tekken is getting a shot again is because it just recently got patched and updated so of course it’s going to see
          competition.” /quote

          False. It is because Evo is paid by Cashcom. There isn’t a Fighting game community here like in Japan, here we have the capcommunity.

          • Carlos Alvarez Bailleres

            I wish “Cashcom” was paying the EVO committee, if somebody deserves to get money is the Cannon Bros. and Mr Wizard.

            …so basically you’re saying that even though the organizers are making a tremendous effort to have 8 games (2 more than last year) in order to give presence to other scenes like Tekken, MK, KOF and the ArcSys/anime scene the EVO organizers care only about “Crapcom” games…

            Do you yourself a favor and get your head out of your ass before you post.

          • $35897352

            Dont be stupid, when I said Evo is paid by cashcom is because it happens that people involved in this “fighting community” events works or worked for crapcom as community managers and other shitty jobs. And dont tell me about “tremendous efforts” ’cause we know they are not doing it for free, they’re getting money. they could include a more popular game than that fiasco of StreetxTekken. Last evo your friend Mr Wizar said that game will be no part of EVO 2013, but I already knew that was a lie. So keep the hype fanboy.

          • SohoX

            First off, do you realize just about everything you wrote is wrong?

            Second, why wouldn’t they put SFxTekken back in 2013? Yeah, people ragged on it a lot last year. People hated it. He had no idea the lengths Capcom was going to go to fix the game. They fixed a gigantic portion of the problems and a lot of players genuinely like the game now. It would make zero sense not to put it on now because, opposed to last year, a lot of people actually want to see it.

          • $35897352

            quote:”First off, do you realize just about everything you wrote is wrong?”/quote

            With that sentence I already know you are a sad crapcom fanboy. Dont be butthurt fanboy.

            quote:”They fixed a gigantic portion of the problems and a lot of players genuinely like the game now”/quote

            Please stop talking shit you liar, the game isn’t alive, they put that shit in EVO to artificially revive that trash, you know it, I know it, everybody know it… poor fanboy.

          • SohoX

            hahahaha Crapcom fanboy? Yeah right. Considering I mainly play KoF and arcsys games these past few months, I find that hilarious. But whatever, your past posts clearly indicate you’re a downie incapable of grasping reason and logic so I’m obviously wasting my time.

          • $35897352

            Yeah fanboy, you’re wasting your time when you haven’t any valid argument, gtfo son.

        • Emilkof

          No…The first thing is that the vast majority of the BEST players in the world, are unable to attend Evo. SBO has qualifiers of the very best players in the world, so every single player you are playing against is about equal or better than you. At Evo, anyone can join and a large majority of the players are at a subpar level. Evo is mainly hard to win because the bracket is huge, not because the level is high (until maybe the end of the brackets).

          SBO’s average level is higher than Evo and it’s not going to change until Evo holds qualifiers and finds some way to pay for the trips of the best players.

          • JnKzm

            Majority of the “best” players aren’t able to attend Evolution? What manner of universe do you live in. Xian, Infiltration, Poongko, Daigo, Sako, Fuudo, Mago, XiaHai, Gamerbee, Justin Wong, etc, etc are arguably some of the most Elite Players AROUND THE WORLD, with some of them being the very best of their nations.

            All of them I mentioned attended Evolution for the past 2 years already. Their is no LACK of high quality competition, just only in the eyes of those who like to “think” otherwise.

            Even the Best of the Euro players make it Evo as well. So the idea that Evolution lacks competitive quality is a load of crap. The “only” reason why SBO looks higher quality is because it only caters to a small group of players.

            Evolution follows a different format in that you’ll have accessibility to ALL players so long as you want to enter and compete, however it does not, I repeat, does NOT lack in quality of great players.

          • Emilkof

            You seem new and unaware of the scene…and you seem to have trouble misunderstanding what I said.

            There are TONS of players on the level of the ones you listed (or better) that are unable to attend Evo because it takes place in the US.

            In addition, since this tournament takes place in the US(which lacks high quality competition in comparison to other countries like Japan), you have many international players unable to attend and MANY lower level US players, able to attend. The result is a tournament with many low to medium players, with some good/grandmaster players sprinkled throughout.

            Compare this to tournaments similar to SBO (or better yet, Arc Revolution Cup just recently) where each spot requires winning a qualifier, a qualifier that itself contains a ton of top/grandmaster players. You get a tournament with a smaller bracket but everyone is as good or better than you and everyone is a top level.

            Edit: Wait a second, I already said this all in the comment you replied to…so why are you replying as if you didn’t read the comment. It was very clear.

          • JnKzm

            You clearly are not READING RIGHT THEN.

            How does having more low-mid tier players dilute the concept of the Tournament when the BEST PLAYERS will be fighting and placing in the Top-8 regardless of that fact? So in turn, every single player that you’ll be contending against will be a Killer no matter where you try to go.

            SBO follows a different format that by the time that tournament is up and about it’s literally the “Best Players Remaining”. That’s equivalent to Evo’s remaining Top-16 or Top-8 final players.

            So in one corner, you showcase only the Top Remaining Teams, while in Evolution you showcase ALL gameplays leading to the top remaining players.

            I’m also tired of the same dumb statements that the “best” players don’t show up for Evolution when its like that on any COUNTRY THAT HOST w/ others come from around the world.

            Not to mention even at SBO not all of the best players can make it there from outside of Japan. Where was Xian at SBO2k12? Infiltration? No where to be found. Their was also many more, My goodness, the hypocrisy you spew.

            SBO mainly caters to Japanese players, with only small “invitations” to outside players. Theirs a reason why countries like S.K., Taiwan, USA, Euro can’t send more then one team.

            Even players as great as Tokido, Fuudo were bounced out before even reaching Top-8 at Evolution 2012, so where is the so called “bad” competition that you complain about then?

            The other part about SBO that even their own players don’t like is the Single Elimination Mentality. The 3v3 teams can easily be random w/ single set matches. Even terrible rule sets where in one incident they had already played up to 2-2 however “due” to a faulty stick, they did the WHOLE sets over…wtf?

            Ask how many people complained about SBO2012…..ALOT!!!! Numerous people were making complaints about how poor SBO2012 really was. Don’t even get me started about their terrible streams either…

            Yeah, SBO is “soooooo” much more superior then Evo *sarcasm*.

            You need to stop thinking that Evolution is diluted when it CLEARLY follows a different format that the quality when at the cream of the crop no random scrub is going to make top-8 or top-16 at Evo.

            Considering both tournaments showcase similar ladder status its just that Evolution in its entirety happens over a weekend where as it’s different for SBO. Their is no “lack” of quality players.

          • Emilkof

            Still can’t believe you don’t get it.

            What happens to your top 32 when you have a tournament full of low to mid tier players, with some top tier players sprinkled throughout? You get a top 32 where there are many players that don’t deserve to be there and would absolutely never make it into a qualifier tournament like SBO. You also get some top players eliminating themselves early on in the bracket, which happened a number of times last year (players like Xian didn’t even make top 32). The top 32 of Evo will definitely never ever be as good as a top 32 of a tournament like SBO, Arc Revolution, Godsgarden, etc.

            Lol what does the complaints about SBO2012 have to do with the quality of the players? SBO2012 was a disaster FINANCIALLY but the quality of the top players was as good as any other SBO. Bad argument.

            The quality of the players at Evo is more similar to a Japanese SBO QUALIFIER rather than the final SBO tournament…the main difference is that that Evo is far larger. In fact, even at an SBO qualifier, I would say the top player to low/mid tier player ratio is better than Evo is.

          • JnKzm

            At Evo 2k13 name off one Mid-Level player that was in Top-8? Or Top-16 that didn’t deserve to be there?

            Name off one “mid-tier” player at UMvC3 at Evo 2k13? Which one didn’t deserve to be there? How about TTT2? Nin? Knee? Bronson? Please stop your nonsense.

            Evo 2k13 had arguably the Best Players from their representing countries to show up. Their was 70+ Japanese players that showed up in this years tournament alone. So what lack of “great” players were we still missing?

            The ignorance you keep spewing is atrocious with your assumption that Evolution Top-32 isn’t as quality built when the real factor falls in that when you reach the Top-8 their are no longer scrub players whom are playing. Once again, try to not compare a 3 day tournament which is Evo to a months format tournament that results into SBO.

            PR Rog, Daigo, Infiltration, Sako, Haitani, Xian, Tokido, Gamerbee…Last I check those guys were some of the Best Representatives of their country with some of them being the absolute Best.

            Yeah, an “almost” lack of Great Players their. The Bias you spew is atrocious when the Best Representatives of players from their country have been consistent at Evo.

            Winning Best out of 3 at Evo makes it less random than Single Elimination (once again shitty SBO format), so the excuse that great players can get random out doesn’t hold as much water when you have to lose 6 sets before being knocked out completely.

            Not to mention BECAUSE of how Evo is set up its supposed to be a battle of attrition and endurance. Once again, you can’t Read Right.

            #1 Their is NO LACK OF GREAT PLAYERS FROM AROUND THE WORLD AT EVO. That much is a Fact.

            #2 Evo is a Larger Tournament is because it isn’t excluded too nor limited to the people participating. That’s SBO’s fault to following their format style and not changing it to cater to more International Players.

            Imagined if they followed Evolutions Format, their would be just as many Low-Mid Tier Players attending however the RESULTS would be the same as Evo in that once you got to the Top-8 they’re nothing but killers.

            #3 Just noticed the name, it’s Emil, the Japanese Rider, no wonder I’m not surprised.

          • Emilkof

            Lol you are a noob…

            1. DM|Xian (Gen)

            2. MCZ|Tokido (Akuma)

            3. Infiltration (Akuma, Hakan)

            4. EG|PR Balrog (Balrog)

            5. Haitani (Makoto)

            5. HORI|Sako (Ibuki, Evil Ryu)

            7. AvM|GamerBee (Adon)

            7. MCZ|Daigo (Ryu)

            9. Laugh (Ryu)

            9. Qanba|Dakou (Cammy, Gen, Others)

            9. CafeID|Poongko (Seth)

            9. AGE|SnakeEyez (Zangief)

            13. RZR|Latif (C. Viper)

            13. EG|Justin Wong (Rufus)

            13. Kazunoko (Yun)

            13. AGE|Wolfkrone (C. Viper)

            Of these players, Laugh, Snakeyes, Latif (maybe), Wong(probably), Wolfkrone and perhaps even Poongko, would probably not deserve to make a top 32 line up of a tournament like SBO. The problem is clearly in what you just said –

            “Evo 2k13 had arguably the Best Players from their representing countries to show up.”

            The problem is that the majority of the best players in the world are not from those other countries.

            The Evo top 32 is not even close to the caliber of the 32 man SBO brackets.

          • JnKzm

            Lol, Justin not making SBO? Are you kidding me? He had a 67% win ratio at Topanga playing all of the japanese players…so almost 7 out of 10 matches he won, hmm, so bad. Latif was the American at SBO 2012 that was the most successful player on his team.

            SnakeEyez made Top-8 at 25th Anniversary, so I seriously don’t know what you are smoking. Wolfkrone was in Top-16 at 25th Anniversary.

            It’s just atrocious the garbage you keep spewing, and btw, we were talking about Top-8. Once again, Name me the Top-8 players at Evolution 2018 and see if they were scrubs.

            Top Players from all over the world have come to represent at Evolution, the fact that Daigo, Infiltration, Xian, Mago, Fuudo, Momochi, the Best Euro players, Gamerbee, Xiao Hai etc, etc have all come shows how hypocritical your statements of “Top players from around the world don’t show up to Evo” nonsense comments.

            Cream rises to the top, and it’s been proven on EVERY tournament, you may have your random showing up, even at SBO were we’ve seen a Q player showing up in the Grand Finals before.

            However they are a TEAM TOURNAMENT involving SF4, not a single tournament. If that was the case, you’d see a lot more upsets as with the case with Evolution.

            Once again, I’m done with your stupid bias Japanese self (You can’t think objectively unless it all for Japanese) because you can’t even grasped the concept of the different tournament lay outs of both and why SBO looks the way it does vs how Evolution looks the way it does.

            Like I said even majority of the Japanese players Prefer Evolution Formats over SBO and for obvious reasons.

            Go back to your Japanese worshiping like you always do.

          • Emilkof

            Latif was an American at SBO only because America got an SBO qualifier…I don’t think they really deserve it in the grand scheme of things, even though I think America is pretty good actually.

            So what if Snakeeyez made top 8 at 25th? So what if Wolfkrone got top 16 in a 32 man bracket.

            I didn’t say top players around the world don’t show up at Evo, I said there are a ton of players (about 99% of them?) that do not show up…and those players would most likely be there if Evo took place in Japan.

            Lol @ calling Kuroda’s Q a random at SBO. Kuroda is like, the best 3S player in the world? Or atleast was, maybe not now.

            The Japanese players prefer Evolution over SBO for things that are irrelevant to what I’m talking about. They like the hype, they like to be able to play people from around the world and to see what the competition is like in other countries.

            Your arguments continue to fall short.

          • Emilkof

            Don’t forget that this argument occurred because Hecatom mentioned that the level of play at Evo is not on par with SBO, and then you came in with your lack of education and not only thinking that it is on par, but then bringing up irrelevant reasons why some Japanese players prefer Evo over SBO.

      • JasonWalraven


      • Deemo Kun

        As a 3rd Strike fan, EVO is pretty boring for me, Super Turbo was great last year but SBO all the way 🙁

      • TwitchyGuy

        It’s not EVO’s fault that 2 of the most popular and played fighting games around the world are Capcom games, and why are you so butthurt about it anyway?

        • $35897352

          Dont be butthurt man, it is just that some people aren’t crapcom fanboys like you.

    • Evo has greater numbers, but it lacks the excitment and top players per square meter that SBO has. Not to mention SBO seems more professional, as they play on original cabinets and on head-to-head setups. Seeing players in Evo sitting on the floor in order to play seems very unprofessional to me. Not to mention some players like MadKOF needing to put some crazy improvised stuff in order to try to simulate a head-to-head setup.

      • Top tier analysis folks: SBO is more professional because of arcade cabinets and not sitting on the floor.

        • Mr. Warzard

          It’s a valid point. Each player having their own cabinet to play on is more professional-looking (more professional period, honestly) than making people bring equipment from home, sit on the floor, and jury-rig some shit to feel comfortable.

          • I don’t think you understand what the word “valid” means.

          • SpiderDan

            Set aside, for the moment, the fact that fully half of the games in Evo2013 (and 3/5 of the games in Evo2012) have no arcade release to speak of. Outside of SSF4AE, the last Evo game that actually received an official North American arcade release was Tekken 5:DR in 2006.

            To complain about Evo not using arcade machines when the arcade manufacturers themselves have completely abandoned North America is, in a word, absurd.

  • Carlo Dela Cruz

    DA BEACH TriHard > Japan

    • Michael Gacillos O’Hair

      Oh no! Da beech is outside! Not outside!
      Anything but outside!

  • Nathan Havasy

    I guess the same cicadas crawling through their outdoor setup were not done with their destruction? That outdoor tourney last year = worst idea ever.

    • Snow Loss

      What? Insects can’t get hype now?

  • Azrael VG

    This vague press statements is just going to lead to ignorant speculations.

  • GCBill

    And just like that, hundreds of cicadas lost their homes. :'(

  • PointCtrPoint

    One thing I love about SBO is how they do their opening theme/video. I anticipate it like the 007 openings honestly.

  • Considering their idiotic single elimination format among other shady issues in the past, I can honestly say I wont miss them.

  • syrup16g

    Enter Brain just announced they would be merged into their parent company Kadokawa, it no doubt had something to do with this. They are trying to reorganize the company.