[UPDATE] Skullgirls Indiegogo Campaign Surpasses $750,000, Robo-Fortune Joins the Playable Cast

By on March 27, 2013 at 4:50 pm

UPDATE 5 – The success of Lab Zero Games’ Skullgirls fundraiser is beyond explanation at this point. The latest goal of $750,000 was just met, which means Mane6 will be granted free use of the Skullgirls engine and Robo-Fortune will be joining the playable cast with her very own stage and story mode. This brings total donations to just over three-quarters of a million dollars at this point in time, and there’s still seven hours left in the campaign.

Remember, in order to vote on the third DLC character, you must donate at least $1.

  • $175,000: Squigly Stage and Story Mode
  • $375,000: Big Band
  • $400,000: Big Band Stage and Story Mode
  • $600,000: Mysterious Character By Fan Vote
  • $625,000: Mysterious Character Stage and Story Mode
  • $725,000: Free License Granted to Mane6, Robo-Fortune Playable
  • $750,000: Robo-Fortune Stage and Story Mode

UPDATE 4 – And now, the third character will be joined by their very own stage and story mode. Congratulations to the Skullgirls team and major shout outs to everyone who contributed. Mane6 will be given use of the Skullgirls engine for free should this fundraiser reach $725,000, but Lab Zero also announced that if they reach that lofty stretch goal Robo-Fortune will be added to the roster as a playable character. That means four additional cast members, so keep on donating!

UPDATE 3 – Thanks to a consistent flow of donations, the Skullgirls fundraiser has officially reached the second to last stretch goal, meaning one of the mysterious DLC characters featured below will be joining the indie fighter’s roster with Squigly and Big Band. If you would like to participate in the third character poll, be sure to donate at least $1 to the Indiegogo campaign.

As always, we’ve included images of the characters that have been revealed since our last update as well as a look at the Glass Canopy stage, so be sure to check them out and let us know what you think. Make sure to visit the Lab Zero Games website for a ton of information regarding the history and possible playstyle for each character, which is sure to help you make your decisions. They’ve also provided a rundown of how the voting will work.

Anyone who contributes at least $1 will be eligible to vote for the 3rd DLC character, so be sure to tell your friends to contribute before the campaign ends on March 27th!

Voting will go as follows:

  • Four rounds of voting
  • 1st round: All characters, 3 votes
  • 2nd round: Top 16 from 1st round, 3 votes
  • 3rd round: Top 8 from 2nd round, 3 votes
  • 4th round: Top 3 from 3rd round, 1 vote

Polls will be e-mailed directly to all contributors.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for suspicious votes. Any votes deemed suspicious will be thrown out, and will not count toward the results of the poll.

One more goal to go!

UPDATE 2 – And just like that, Big Band’s story mode and stage have been funded! We would like to congratulate the folks over at Lab Zero Games for the continued success of their fundraising campaign and give a big shout out to all those who have contributed. Now it’s only a matter of raising $200,000 more for the third DLC character with just twelve days left!

Feel free to visit the official Indiegogo page to see how you can continue to help the Skullgirls team. The single mystery character revealed between the last update and now has been added below.

UPDATE – The donations have continued to pour in for the Skullgirls team, and the very first stretch goal for Big Band was just recently met. This means that in addition to Squigly, the indie fighter will also see its very first male fighter join the roster. They’ve released a bit of information regarding how Big Band will play over the past few weeks, so be sure to follow the links below to read all about his background and check out how he will sound.

If the next stretch goal of $400,000 is met, he will be accompanied by a full-fledged story mode and stage, so keep on donating!

They have also continued to update the fundraiser page with images of characters who will be included in the voting for the third DLC fighter should they reach the higher stretch goals. The first few were posted in the original article further down the page, and we’ve included those that followed, along with rough images of the River King Casino stage, right here:

In an amazing show of support for the continued development of Lab Zero Games’ indie fighter, the fighting game community and fans abroad have donated $176,992 to the Skullgirls fundraiser at the time of writing, passing the original $150,000 goal and the first stretch goal by a nice margin. This sets the project well on its way towards further milestones after being open for only a single day.

At this point in time, Squigly is guaranteed to make an appearance in the title after development is completed, along with her story mode and stage. While the next stretch goal to develop the roster’s first male character, Big Band, is still $100,000 from becoming a reality, it’s certainly in reach thanks to the fundraiser’s ridiculously successful opening day. Make sure to visit the official Indiegogo page for a current tally of donations and more information on how you can help the development team make their goals a reality.

We would like to congratulate Lab Zero Games on this momentous occasion and give shout-outs to the 2,823 backers who have provided their support. This article will keep track of stretch goal completions and character art revelations as they develop, so keep checking back for more news!

Source: Indiegogo, tip via Nick D.