Mad Catz Announces Partnership with Team Spooky

By on March 23, 2013 at 4:55 pm

Today during the fighting game community panel at PAX East, Mad Catz’ Mark “MarkMan” Julio announced that they will be sponsoring the popular streaming group Team Sp00ky. Several weeks ago at Next Level Battle Circuit, Sp00ky himself hinted that the group would be receiving some sort of sponsorship in the near future. Team Sp00ky has also been at the helm of the Mad Catz Unveiled/PAX East live stream coverage this weekend.

We’ve contacted MarkMan regarding their future plans, so expect more details on the partnership sometime soon.

Source: Offcast via MarkMan

  • oh wow, congrats guys!

  • RobertEspaillat

    Fuck ye MCZ TS Sp00ky 🙂

  • sibarraz

  • witebuddha

    sp00ky deserves it

  • Remzi

    finally gettin’ that 8.95.

  • Jason Slade

    Now Sp00ky will have those e-sports dollars.

    • TempBast

      He will be paid in fight sticks.

  • FLStyle

    One of my big fears after some hardships Spooky has gone through, from his equipment being snatched up by the US government to some of 2012’s events not living up to their Road to EVO billing and causing Spooky to need to step back for a while, was that Team Spooky would one day not be able to continue to do what it does best.

    Thankfully it’s gone in the opposite direction and things are looking up, shout-out to MarkMan and Mad Catz, 2013 is continuing to look like a banner year for the FGC.

  • Skogens

    Spooky finally making that tricaster money.

  • heatEXTEND


  • sb

    Combofiend & Haunts picked up by Capcom now Spooky hooking up with Madcatz good to hear stuff like this congrats to Spooky and the team

  • Congrats Sp00ky! Well deserved. Hope to see more great streams from you in the future.

  • SpecDotSign

    Like no one saw this coming. lol. Either way, I’m super happy for the Team Sp00ky guys. Can’t wait to congratulate them at Next Level.

  • BoozerX

    So MCZ Spooby was not trolling LOL

  • Mr. X


  • Best stream in the FGC well deserved. Held the east coast down like a champ.

  • Gethoff Mahfacebuk

    Fight money.

  • Austin Davoren

    Damn, if there was one man who deserved getting paid for his work in this scene, it’s him.
    That nigga has been putting work since I was in the single digits.

  • pootnannies

    he deserves it. he’s got what it takes to run a near flawless stream and he doesn’t get any real props for that. good shit. get dat money

  • Jacob Tjolsen

    He made it to the big leagues!

  • S’bout time..

  • PJ

    Spooky has pretty much set the bar for today’s FGC streams. Glad to see Madcatz is recognizing the FGC is also more than just the players. A well deserved “sponsorship” indeed.

  • Sir0Slick

    Yo Spooky, AAAAAaaaaaaAAAAAA

  • Long fucking overdue. Excellent news for Vic and all of teamsp00ky.