[UPDATE] Capcom Announces New Update to Street Fighter IV During Panel at PAX East, Looking for Character Balance Suggestions from the Community

By on March 22, 2013 at 9:41 am

UPDATE – A new video from Combofiend on Capcom-Unity has been uploaded asking the community for character balance suggestions for this update. While they can’t reveal any more information about this new installment, they are making a conscious effort to open up dialogue with the players to hear what they want out of this new version.

For the next few weeks, Capcom will be opening threads for ten characters at a time, so be sure to visit the Capcom-Unity forums and provide your opinions on changes they should make. The characters included in this first week are M. Bison, Balrog, Guile, Ryu, E. Honda, Sakura, Sagat, Ken, Makoto, and Dudley. We’ve included links below for each thread. Remember, thought-out and detailed suggestions are more likely to be acknowledged by the team.

M. Bison | Balrog | Guile | Ryu | E. Honda
Sakura | Sagat | Ken | Makoto | Dudley

Combofiend also released a quick schedule for when character threads will be open.

  • Week 1 (3/22-3/28) – Balrog, M. Bison, E. Honda, Ken, Sagat, Sakura, Makoto, Dudley, Guile, Ryu
  • Week 2 (3/29-4/4) – T. Hawk, Zangief, Dhalsim, Chun-Li, Blanka, Gouken, Dan, Rufus, Cody, Vega
  • Week 3 (4/5-4/11) – Juri, Evil Ryu, Yun, Yang, Abel, Dee Jay, Hakan, Rose, Guy, Gen
  • Week 4 (4/12-4/18) – Cammy, Seth, Akuma, C. Viper, Adon, Ibuki, El Fuerte, Fei Long, Oni
  • Week 5 (4/19-4/25) – System and additional character changes
  • Additional time (4/26-4/30) – Additional changes

Like many companies this weekend, Capcom has a big presence at PAX East, and announced something very special during their panel this afternoon. According to Alex Jebailey, organizer of Community Effort Orlando in Florida, they revealed that development has begun on a brand new Street Fighter IV update.



What this update entails has yet to be divulged, but feel free to let your imaginations and opinions run wild in the comments below. Are you happy about this news? Is another update what the title needs to remain relevant on the tournament circuit?

Source: Alex Jebailey, Capcom-Unity

  • d3v

    Here’s hoping it actually fixes the things that are wrong with the engine/system and doesn’t just end up being a series of further nerfs.

    • pressstart

      Week 5 (4/19-4/25) – System and additional character changes

      • GO4PRO

        I’m sure the only “major” system changes that will be made will be the removal of the hard-to-blockables.

        One can dream they take out FADC on block

  • Froinlaven

    Capcom goes in for the community.

  • Hope this can revive my interest in the game! I kind of miss playing it!

  • AriesWarlock

    Buffs for Juri please

    • Triox

      It would be nice, but what exactly would you change though? I don’t see anything that could change that would suddenly make her a strong tournament character that people will start picking up.

      • AriesWarlock

        Here’s some ideas we have for changes

        More possibilities for combos and/or links wouldn’t hurt either.

        • Triox

          Found your post. So yeah, you have some of the same changes that I say would be cool (better hitboxes on u2, make EX pinwheel better, ease up on the 1fs like st.lk to cr.mp/mk). But my thing is….do you really think those changes would make Juri a viable character tournament wise? Even with those changes I don’t see a bunch of people flocking to her.

          • AriesWarlock

            We want some of those changes not so that people will flock to her but so she can become a better character, and those who play her can benefit. If people flock to her that would just be a bonus, in my opinion.

      • JasonWalraven

        air fireballs or air pinwheels

      • Timothy Ian McMillan

        SFXT Walk Speed
        reduce the start up of all her mediums and heavies by 1 frame
        Give her more normals that are + on block instead of even or –
        A useful target combo could be cool too
        Pinwheel FADC Ultra 2 should work and not require 1-frame link from EX Pinwheel FADC

        Nobody gives a fuck how many people play her, as long as she’s strong.

      • Brendon Love

        Is it too much to ask for her Command overhead (f+mk) to be changed to df+mk so that she can use her good pokes (mk specifically) while walking and also so that she can mix low to overhead without a fireball coming out.

  • shion16

    The legendary 40th character……….Rolento

  • NickLeake

    Championship Edition plz

  • Alex Cintron


    • Ryan Marsh Thunder Fairweather

      I also want TURBO! I was dreaming about it earlier this week while playing Darkstalkers 3! This needs to be in there.

      • Sunny Srivastava

        huh , Turbo , It’s just for noobs -_-

        • They meant turbo speed, not the turbo button on controllers.

        • OrehRatiug

          Lmao. Wow.

        • El Don

          noob lol

  • Jeremiah Parker

    “Source: Alex Jebailey” – I ain’t believing anything….

    • “Better on his knees on the west coast than on his feet on the east coast.”-Triforce

  • Sadly, I was hoping for a UMVC3 update….I guess not 🙁

    • Phoenix FalconPunch OchocincoW

      thats never happening

    • SpecDotSign

      Ten more years, no patch!

  • pyromonki12 .

    Time for Guy to rise and reign supreme

  • SF4 version 5.

  • MetalMusicMan


  • SF4 parry edition.

    • Guest


    • Dave Passmore JR

      I’d be in there like motha f*ckin SWIMWEAR, B!

  • Malcolm Neill

    Wait..SF AE2012 was the very last update…WTH

    • Gailim

      original AE was supposed to be the last version but the fans wanted more. now again the fans want more. so capcom gives them more.

      this is a good thing

    • Sunny Srivastava

      This update is for SF 4 not SSF 4

  • put a youtube upload feature in

    • As long as it’s not like the one in 3SO, I’d be happy with that. Namely:

      – Do not upload to a single account run by Capcom. Allow the user to enter their account credentials and upload to their account.

      – Do not rely on my console to render the video and upload it. Capcom already has all of the match details (the video replay doesn’t store video, it stores all the inputs/moves and then basically runs those through the engine again), so send those from the console to a server which would then run the match details through the engine and produce the video/output.

  • Go go gadget 3-frame link buffer at the end of moves please.

    • Garrett Jones

      lol, scrub

      • If joking: yes yes, very good. If not: you don’t know what “scrub” means.

        • Bill Cosby

          It sounds like you’re asking for links to be WAY easier, in which case yes you are definitely a scrub.

          • If you’re an imbecile, yes, asking for something to be easier is scrubby.

            If you have a brain, asking for something to be easier is just a tad more complicated, and involves some level of intellect to ask “will making this feature easier lead to an overall better, deeper game?”

            Can I assume the former?

          • Bill Cosby

            If you check urban dictionary, asking for a fighting game to become stupidly easy hits every definition of scrub not associated with tlc. No, I don’t think making links so easy you could mash them would add depth. Yes, yes, everyone who disagrees with you is an imbecile. Execution is a part of fighting games. If you need four frames minimum to link you need to be doing something else. Also if you’d want this to apply in such a way to make new links possible it would completely break the game. Now get angry, call me stupid again, while all the while hating yourself and cursing your fat, slow fingers.

            You have my sincere pity

          • “If you check urban dictionary”

            We got a fucking winner here folks. Oh shit, wait, I better check urban dictionary… yeah, “winner.” Checks out. Good thing too; I’d hate to look like a fucking idiot who doesn’t check urban dictionary.

            Disagreeing with me doesn’t make one an imbecile, nor did I claim as such. Had you the capability to actually comprehend words — a skill I’d expect someone who advocates checking dictionaries to possess — you’d see I associated “imbecile” with a) you (verifiably accurate) and b) associating the simple act of asking for something to be easier with being a scrub (also verifiably accurate).

            Execution is part of fighting games. Congratulations Nancy Drew, you’ve a clear knack for both the pathetically obvious and the wholly irrelevant. Execution is part of most games, actually, as is designing any particular action’s dexterity requirements with an eye for both accessibility and game balance. That’s why I phrased the non-imbecile if/then in my last post in the form of a question.

            I’ll respond to you like a human being again when you post something worthwhile. Until that happens (likely never), I’ll be using the handy placeholder “Scrotum.” You’re just barely — barely — intelligent enough to know what it stands for.

          • Bill Cosby

            Please suggest a different source where one may find a definition of scrub. Go on, I’ll wait.

            You have a serious inferiority complex dude. I don’t know why you feel the need to hurl insults at those you’ve never met. Are you angry because you’re gross and no one will touch you? Did your mother just do a terrible job? Whatever it is, MY life is great, unlike yours, so I won’t sink down to your level. Have fun playing games and insulting annonymous strangers online all night!

            You’re ~30 and act like a complete child. I really pity you. Seek professional help or just hurry up and kill yourself. We both know you’ve thought about it.

          • 1. Proclaim urban dictionary dogmatic source of a word’s definition.
            2. Get called a fucking idiot for making such a proclamation.
            3. Actually stick to it and demand a better source.


            1. Start flame war.
            2. Get called a fucking idiot for being a fucking idiot.
            3. Actually say “I won’t sink down to your level.”
            4. Follow it up with sad sack of shit passive-aggressive flame.


            Please donate blood to science. It’s the least you could do for the human race in the unlikely but worrisome chance your severe case of numbskullery is the result of some infectious disease.

            Anywho I should be using that word, I guess:


          • Guest

            Please suggest a different source where one may find a definition of scrub. No, go ahead, I’ll wait.

            You have a serious inferiority complex dude, among other issues. You’re ~30 and act like a complete child. I really pity you, get help.

  • Troy Dalton

    Poison, Hugo, Rolento and Elena ported from SFxT. Balance tweaks. Toggle to put “Indestructible” back into the game. New characters: Oro, King Cobra, Zubaz, Skullomania, Haggar, Sodom.

    I’d pay for it again.

    • ghostbody

      ZUBAZZZZZ! I would throw the money at Capcom to make that a reality.

    • Yes, I miss that song so badly! At first at thought it was the gayest thing ever, but damn that shit was catchy.

      • pootnannies


    • gigantor21


      I would love to see Skullomania, but I doubt we’ll see any EX characters in a Capcom fighter again. 🙁

    • Tokido


    • TheAverageGuyTAG


      I’d do anything for that.

    • AriesWarlock

      I only disagree with bringing back the song. I think fighting games are better served with instrumental music, no vocals please.

      • Narcowski

        I WANNA TAKE YOU FOR A RIDE~~… disagrees with you.

        • NyuBomber


    • chipsndips

      I say DON’T do that. That’ll just ruin anything they had going for SF X TKN. I say they should rather put in characters like Eagle and Birdie.

    • Riot

      Can you feel the storm, is coming?

    • Skullo,Skullo,Skullo,Skullo,Skullo,Skullo,Skullo, oh yeah and Skullo.

    • Matthew Lindsay


  • Cheesaurus

    Are you seriously trusting Jebailey with news like this again? Remember last time?

  • Hope we’re not getting Jebaited!

  • Yeah I like the idea of a new update but it has to be a big update that changes and fixes a lot and not just a few things here and there to make me excited about it

  • I wanted to say LOL CRAPCOM MILKING THAT CASH COW AGAIN LULZ but sorry to disappoint: I’m actually hyped. Now lets update Marvel too.

  • Fellow Cammy players, prepare for the nerf train. This is gonna hurt more than Yang.

    • First thing I thought…

    • SpecDotSign

      My thoughts exactly. And because the community is putting input, you can rest assured people are going to bitch about her. >_<

      • Brett Gathings

        I will do what I can ^_^

    • FakMeLaterally

      It might not be too bad. I mean, Yun dominated the game in 2011, and somehow Yang ended up worse off. :

  • YourAshyAss_Elbows

    I want to see Yang get a buff or two in the new update

  • NyuBomber

    Headshot unblockables.
    Make it free.
    I’m in.

  • MasterChibi


    • Riot

      Keep hope alive.

    • Austin Davoren



    • Anthony Johnson

      Ahmen brother

  • – Buff most characters with minimal to no nerfs (Vega PLEASE)
    – Remove unblockables
    – New stages with the option of selecting stages in training mode
    – Add in SF roster from SFxT
    – New BGM would be nice, but not necessary

    If all that was added, I would easily pay full retail price again.

    • Bad move asking for buffs for Vega, man. Everytime us claw players do that they hit him with the nerf bat harder or troll us with “LOL WE DIDN’T THINK YOU WANTED ANYTHING.”

      • lol Well next week I will be suggesting reasonable buffs for Vega and other characters in the Capcomunity forums and you should too!. They seem a lot more open this time around.

        • RaiiN

          Make Scarlett Terror a true reversal, and add a little bit more forward momentum to it, say like ST.

          Make either his standing roundhouse, or his crouching fierce a reliable anti-air.

          Un-nerf the start up of U2.

          He should only be able to lose his mask by getting hit, not from blocking.

  • Ryan Harris

    Have yalls wallets going “EWAH, EWAH, EWAH” -Capcom

  • Rosterbators rejoice! Time to dream up every obscure and negelcted character that couldn’t possibly be put the game and hammer Ono’s twitter with your wishlist.

  • If we do get new characters, I’m sure we will see another patch afterwards mainly because they might be too broken at first.

  • meowklaski

    To save everyone some time:

    -There is no way they are changing anything with the game engine. That includes “removing” unblockables.

    -There wont be any new new characters. Maybe just clones of current ones with new skins and tweaked move sets (e.g. E.Ryu and Oni)

    -No new stages

    -Expect AE-2012 esque changes: tweaked frame data, fix moves so they don’t wiff when they shouldn’t, nerf “OP” characters

    Just leave the game alone, Capcom…

    • Obanye

      Going to have to disagree.

      1. there will be game engine changes and removal of unblockables. You can tell because they already did this with sfxt.

      2. There will probably be “new” characters, since they did the work on a bunch already in sfxt and they need a way to monetize this.

      • It’s way too late for them to be adding “new” characters. Most of their potential buyers are gone and they know they’ll lose money if they were to release them.

        • Obanye

          By “new” characters, I mean the Capcom characters added in SFxTK. They have already done all the work necessary. In fact PC modders have shown how easy it is to even hack the sfxt characters into ssf4ae2012, much less add them by the actual developers.

          No one is going to pay for a character balance patch. If you understand the console industry, the amount of money it takes to develop, test, and get Sony/MS approval on an update is huge. They can’t make money by putting out a free patch as it would mean very little actual copy sales.

          The only thing that makes financial sense is to add a few characters they already did the work for(hugo, poison, elena), charge for them and use that money for the balance changes.


    Why won’t they just start on another new SF….?

    • I’m sure they are waiting for the next gen consoles to roll out before announcing anything about SF5.

  • ReoAyanami

    I doubt it would be free since that would be pointless. So, I guess enough fans wanted to be milked again.

    Seriously though, I don’t want new characters, stages, music or even a rebalance. I wished Capcom would look at how other companies are building a rich online experience in their games and implement some of those ideas.

    Stuff like clans, community channels, tournament center and etc.

  • Diogo Simões

    Aleluiaaaa!!!! Até que enfim!!!!

  • More costumes and more environments

  • J.D SRK

    Why does Capcom allow the SF4 players to not have to deal with OP Yun for more than 6 months yet in Marvel we are stuck with fucking Vergil and Zero 🙁

    • Sojutsu

      Youre forgetting Doom Dormamu Magneto and Doctor Strange as part of that list

    • Amer1ka

      What has Zero won?

      • $18011339

        This is the part where you take a select few majors to support your personal views, and start an irrelevant OVERDONE UMvC3 tier discussion in the middle of a thread that doesn’t need it. GTFO now.

        • Amer1ka

          You should seriously check your anger issues at the door before you post on the internet. Raging is so CoD. I have never even played Zero but I don’t get the hatred for him since everyone drops his combos and fails long before the finals of just about every major tournament. He’s also a non-factor online due to latency issues.

          Comments like your own are non-constructive and based on anger and idiocy so perhaps you should apply the recommendation you gave me to yourself instead.

          GL with life BROHARDRAGEBRO.

          • GrimeDoc

            In all fairness, I used to hear the whole “Zero has never won a tournament” argument last year. Except it was about Cammy. Then KBrad and Chi Rithy proved everyone why that was a weak argument to uphold.

            Point being, you shouldn’t say a character isn’t that good when no one is unlocking their full potential and optimizing with them yet. You even said in your own comment that partly why he isn’t a problem is because everyone is failing to complete his combos, which implies he hasn’t been mastered by anyone yet.

            I agree he’s not living up to people’s expectations yet, but if someone ends up using him with no executional errors like some players do with Vergil and Doom, then he’ll be a bigger issue than either of them, and that’s a troubling thought.

          • Amer1ka

            Flocker is the only person I’ve seen that can use Zero to his full effect but it’s not consistent. If you run everything perfect, the game is in your favor. The problem is, it’s almost impossible to run everything perfect and you need a backup plan. In Flocker’s case he ran Phoenix in MvC3 as his backup plan and he did VERY well. Then UMvC3 comes out and suddenly Zero is the character that has to be the lifeblood of the team and due to insane execution and low HP (and the fact that everyone fears Zero) he gets knocked out quickly.

            There is such a thing as execution barrier being too high…especially when you are talking about a volatile game like Marvel that constantly evolves and is a bit random by design. Also, terrible low tier characters can touch of death you in a lot of cases due to HP.

          • GrimeDoc

            You’re completely right about Zero being the total focus of a team, which causes negligence on the the other two characters. Most Zero players lose Zero, and cannot rely on the rest of their team to make a comeback, because they don’t practice with them. That’s a player issue. Chris G has lost his Morrigan countless times, and still won, because he can use his remaining two characters at a level that is still extremely threatening. Zero players can’t say that. I can’t even think of one that has pairs him with Dante, and said Dante is half-decent, besides Richard Nyugen. If people could use their whole team well, and not just their star character, then Zero players would do better, just like Chris does.

            i agree that sometimes an execution barrier can be too high. That’s why Sako is such a notable player, because that barrier doesn’t seem to exist for him lol. But I believe it’s widely acknowledged that Zero doesn’t have this. Everything he has is perfectly possible for a tournament player to execute, people just don’t yet. His loops really aren’t THAT hard, people just need to stop dropping them, just like other players need to stop dropping their TAC infinites.
            But, once again, this is just an executional problem. People WILL eventually land this stuff flawlessly, it just needs time. Just seeing the amount of times a Magneto has “jogged” a character to death in MvC2 is a testament to that hurdle eventually being jumped.

            I think it’s worth noting that there are players that CAN bring out the best in Zero. But some of these players refuse to use him, like Justin Wong and other established players. Also, these already established players are the ones that are getting Top 8 and/or winning majors. The players that use Zero simply aren’t as good as these players and are losing because of this, not because their character limits them.

            Low tiers can TOD characters, but they are low tier because they have other issues, like poor mix-ups, weak mobility,or bad conversions. Zero is S Tier because he can TOD you, but he doesn’t have these issues. He has arguably the best mix-ups in the game, and he has low HP, but that’s because he’s hard to hit in the first place. A well played Zero is incredibly difficult to attack, great zoning, great backwards plink/wavedash, airborne options, and can switch between offense and defense in an instant. And he has no problem converting a random hit from any point on the screen into a full combo. His tools altogether are insane, and once the optimum Zero is being played, he’ll be near unstoppable.

            But it’s all potential, and that’s what people worry about, and they don’t want to see it possibly happen in the future, which is why they complain about it. I see where you’re coming from, but the basis of your argument is essentially “the weakness of the player makes Zero tolerable”. Which has never been a factor in how good an actual character is. He can quite possibly completely outclass other characters in every aspect. Some people just don’t want to see someone prove it.

          • Amer1ka

            Sako is a notable player, like Marlin Pie, for doing crazy combos others can’t do. He’s not notable for winning major tournaments consistently (and neither is Marlin Pie). Also, tournaments and the practice room are completely different. How you sit is different, the fact that a player is hitting back is different. In many cases you may be playing on a ps3 instead of a 360 or vice versa. Zero players, thus far, simply can’t overcome that and probably won’t ever be able to consistently. It’s not about winning one tournament, it’s about winning them consistently (ala ChrisG).

            I just don’t feel Zero should be nerfed. It’s almost impossible for players to be consistent with him and you really can’t play with him very well online. So he’s sort of a non-issue. And players like Jwong or even ChrisG aren’t exactly known for their execution. I’ve seen Jwong drop the Rufus Ultra so many times it’s unreal. Even guys like PR Balrog who are good at execution tried and dropped Zero. Who would try to go for a skill cap that high when you can mostly just do a Vergil based team who is just as potent but relies on less player input for success.

          • GrimeDoc

            People pick Zero over Vergil because he has arguably better tools overall, and believe they can reach that skill cap. Vergil’s winning now, but people are playing Zero because they believe, as the game evolves, he’ll be an overall stronger character. Vergil is easier, but easier doesn’t mean better. He just has different tools. Who’s better really is just a matter of opinion. Zero’s are in it for the long run, in a sense.

            I’m pretty sure JWong isn’t avoiding Zero because he doubts his own execution lol. I assume he just doesn’t like him. I didn’t know Rog tried out Zero, maybe he did drop Zero because his execution wasn’t good enough. I doubt it, since he hits Doom infinites consistently. Maybe he just didn’t like Zero after trying him out, or learning him was too daunting, but I can bet he didn’t drop him because he thought Zero wasn’t strong enough.

            Maybe MarlinPie and Sako don’t win consistently, but they’ve won before. No one wins consistently, besides Chris G and Infiltration, and it’s a truly a unique thing. It’s why Justin and Daigo were so special, and are the respected players they are now. I never saw Sako’s BBHood back in the days, so I can’t comment on his tournament prowess in VS, but I’ve seen him 1 frame link and Jump-cancel his Ibuki to tournament victory. The point is, no matter how hard something is to do, people will learn and use it if they are serious about winning.

            I think you underestimate some Zero players though. Saying it’s near impossible to be consistent with him is something I can’t agree on, considering how there have been much more difficult characters to use in fighting games that have been played optimally on a tournament level. On the grand scheme of overall fighting games, Zero isn’t hard to use. I voice that opinion, as do others, but some disagree, so it’s debatable. But characters like Zero don’t win much early on, they flourish in time, like C.Viper and Sakura in SSF4. Players WILL get there eventually, and shit won’t be pretty when they do.
            Plus, being effective online is a non-issue. No cares about “God-like” online players (sadly), so how usable online he is isn’t a factor.

            But 99% of people argue about Zero, and match him up against Vergil when they talk about how good/bad he is. Surely that says enough about the character. I just think, like many other people, don’t need to see him win a tourney to understand he’s pretty cheap.

          • Amer1ka

            You make too many leaps in logic. You also put emphasis on certain players doing something really crazy once or twice in a real match out of the many many tournaments held throughout the year.

            I am not underestimating Zero players. He’s just not worth the risk. UMvC3 is risk vs. reward. He’s just not worth it compared to the rest of the cast which is why all of the players who ditch him end up winning. The odds are on their side more than a Zero players.

          • Christopher Wrightson

            No disrespect but in all the listing of negatives against nerfing zero, not one of those negatives were because of the character’s tools or lack there of but because of the lack of skill and practice of the player using him…

            … Not the strongest argument when the only flaw a character has is the person in control.

          • Amer1ka

            Actually, that was discussed and at length. Sometimes the skill ceiling is just too high. There is a limit as to what humans can do and even if you want to dedicate a huge amount of time to overcoming that skill barrier the risk/reward may not be good enough as you could still easily drop combos. Especially when you factor in things like people reacting differently daily, different venues, different controls, 360 vs. PS3, no crowds, extremely large crowds etc.

            So no, it was not left out of the discussion. Also, other characters have a lot of similar tools. But what separates Zero is Lightning Loops. You hit them, you win. But how hard it is to do consistently is on par with playing Phoenix right now. It’s a pretty huge gamble and the risk vs. reward is just too high in my perspective.

    • JasonWalraven

      Marval didn’t sell as well.

    • Timothy Ian McMillan

      Capcom doesn’t care about Marvel. Plus they’ve lost the Marvel licence, so they can’t make changes to the game (even though those two characters belong to Capcom).

    • sb

      Because Capcom OWNS SF they dont OWN Marvel

  • disqus_WsKKWn1ttA

    2nd Supers plz

    • OmNiExiZt

      Oh God yes. I hate only having one super/ultra to use. Having more than one would really open up knew playstyles and might even shift the tiers a little. When my friends and I use to play SF3S on the DC, we’d change that option in the system direction. It made the game a lot more fun.

  • Garrett Jones

    I’m assuming Capcom won’t release this until after EVO or at least close enough to EVO so that there are no complaints from either side (play new patch or old one). Will be nice to see it at the majors following EVO.

  • awkwardscrub

    Wow, wasn’t expecting this. Wonder if it’ll be a tweak patch more along the lines of what Ryan said or if it’ll have a lot of newness.

    Personally I’d like to see a few new characters/stages and more costumes. Would love to see Hugo, Poison, and Alex. In a perfect world, there’d also be a vita release so I could practice when I’m supposed to be holding office hours.

  • Brad Chanley


  • Steven Hunt

    Please, for the love of God, Capcom, let us watch the intros and endings without having to play arcade mode each time. How did vanilla SF4 have a gallery mode but NOT SSF4!?

    • Chris Angelo

      AMEN for Intros/Endings gallery!! So fucking tired of going through Arcade for a 10 seconds ending!!

      • Duck Strong

        Go to youtube

        • Petran79

          on the PC version you can play them with any media player. you just have to add the audio stream (either Japanese or English), that is on a different folder.

    • Jacob Tjolsen

      I wish you could also choose the victory taunts to be the ones that have to do with the character they beat.

  • Cue Vega getting the nerf bat *rolls eyes*

  • NickLeake

    Link to where they are taking character balance suggestions in the forums: http://www.capcom-unity.com/street_fighter/go/forum/view/7411/241285/sf-character-balance-suggestions

  • Gailim

    what I expect

    at least: balance adjustments

    probably: new SF characters from SFxT (elena, hugo, poison, rolento)

    would be nice: fixing unblockables

  • Sunny Srivastava

    What’s so difficult that dumb people don’t understand in ” STREET FIGHTER 4 ” Update , Not ” SSF 4 AE ” -_-

    I’d like if they add the Endless Match System from SSF 4 in SF 4 and remove that Player Match where only 2 people can join at once. and a little change to decrease the online lag , just like in SSF4
    Yeah damage nerfs will be good and some Hitbox size reduction for Cammy with Cannon Spike please.

    • Justin Archer

      “I have an I.Q. of 48! That is what most people consider to be MENTALLY RETARDED!!”

  • Sunny Srivastava

    If You guys plan to make updates for SSF 4 AE in the future too , then please add Time Trials and Survival Mode 🙂 I’d love it.


    dark sakura

    • Narcowski

      Sakura with Raging Demon again? Yes please.

    • Jake Long

      Somebody beat Capcom to it.

      • FOHBUS

        that is awesome. sakura is my favourite character.

  • Mwisk

    Wow! People list the stupidest shit to nerf/change about the characters in the Capcom Unity forums with no high-level experience. This is a bad idea. I don’t think opening to the public for suggestions to the SF4
    rebalancing is a good idea. Most people don’t know what they’re talking

    There’s a high change of this game dying if this isn’t handled properly.
    Very few, I repeat, very few things need to be fixed in SF4. Considering that the core systems won’t change. Asides from the obvious
    unblockable fix, few characters need significant changes.

    Please Combofiend, handle this well and don’t let things get out of hand. Don’t let tournament salt influence things in a wrong way.

    • Timothy Ian McMillan

      Here’s the thing – Capcom itself doesn’t know what it’s talking about with balance. They hold location tests and disregard basically everything that is raised as a possible concern.

      Players are the ONLY people who actually know what’s wrong with the game. We play it, they don’t.

      • ReoAyanami

        Unfortunately, everyone has widely different and narrow experience with the game even if they don’t admit.

        For example, people are asking to make shoryuken less safe in the Ryu thread and scarlet terror more safe in the Vega thread. It would be silly if both these things were implemented.

        • Art Salmons

          That makes perfect sense to me. Do it.

      • bavobbr

        yet they managed to make one of the most balanced and played fighting games ever. They must be really lucky.


  • a real ghost

    “buff my main, nerf his/her bad matchups” <- community input! gonna be great!

    • James Lyons

      Or we could have a more robust Tekken Tag esque training mode, and online options with an updated net code. Everyone knows Cammy will get nerfed but with all the vaginal bleeding we might get a Karin or R.Mika out of all this who knows.

  • Special pre-game interaction sequences based on the opponents! Come on!

  • Raymond

    Wow capcom wants help from the community? I can’t believe that…XD

  • I want cody’s moves faster !

  • Spider Fan

    Make Juri a decent character in this game. That is all I ask.

  • You R. Velez


  • Ren Warren Francis


    • Timothy Ian McMillan

      what recovery? They’re all punishable on whiff or block.

    • Steven

      Whaaat nerf Ken!? Also, he is a specialist at shoryukens just like Gouken is a wise master of hadoukens. They both recover quick during these moves because of their skill. Dont forget the story

    • Mike

      Learn how to punish

    • Adrian Denton

      I’d be more than happy if they just removed Ryu and Ken…Some people may have to then use their brains and imagination instead of using a character thats 25 years old!

  • James

    People still play this game?

    • sb

      Must of been lonely living under that rock all this time

      • Justin Archer

        Must have* been.

  • Evil_Toaster


  • new chars like karin, new stages, new music..kinda like wat they did with sf3ts

    • Adrian Denton

      That would be fine by me…Maki 🙂

  • LoseMoney808

    announcement: every character will now have a third ultra. no further changes are made.

  • DERP

    Stop updating the same game. Start working on SF5.

    Hows that for an update?!

  • f00had

    make the game a lil faster e.g. Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Turbo

  • pootnannies

    -fix the weird wake up glitch that moves your character before he/she gets up and leads to these ridiculous super ambiguous crossups/unblockables.

    -faster walk speeds or dash speeds. why have dashes if most characters can walk faster than they dash? you can keep them slow like they are for FADC but for closing in quickly after a random footsie is what they’re made for.

    -NO FADC ON BLOCK IN REVERSAL SITUATIONS!!! like oni. no need for unblockables now to keep the game aggressive. you wanna stop your opponent’s rushdown pressure you take a risk. and damn, the point of invincible reversals isn’t so you can FADC just in case you guessed wrong and be safe. it’s a balance between risk and reward like you know, half your opponents life if you were right and absolutely nothing but two missing bars if you were wrong. fucking extreme. also messes with character archetypes. they finally get past your fireballs and now they have to start all over again because you backdashed a grapplers command grab or reversal FADC backdash. starts the match all over again. sheesh.
    -meaties are ass for some reason other than 5f reversal windows. they aren’t active long enough or there is some kind of invincibility on wake up throws. or is it just me? works in the old sf games.
    -don’t make invincible backdashes universal. give them only to characters with shitty defense. don’t need more brainless OS shit in case they backdash. should have GUESSES AND READS! there are barely any in this game.
    -stop nerfing shit. that’s too easy. interesting stuff disappears with every update this game gets.
    -no new characters. fuck karin.
    -focus shouldn’t be canceled if it didn’t absorb something. only pokes with OS special cancels are being used. yo fuck dat.

  • flashheart

    When will it end? You can never totally balance a large roster like SSF4s

  • sb

    Dont care what they do just add the remaining characters from SFIII and a few more stages would be nice

  • Dave Passmore JR

    Wishful thinking, and probably harder to implement more than not:

    Training Room [Online]
    Makoto “Abare Tosanami” followup opportunity.

    I don’t play AE, but would be much more inclined to after this update. I’m also expecting all my fellow MAKOTO players to chime in with great feedback on my behalf, LOL.

    • Adrian Denton

      Wakeup Tsurugi and PLEEASE PLEEASE faster walk speed!..More frames after the neck grab thingy, Karakusa..Fukiage to be a lot better AA….And a move that knocks the oponent out completely…Am I being spoilt?

  • Norman Maglaya

    when’s marvel

    • Know_the_ledge

      I chuckled.

  • Ryu Apprentice

    funny enough, I hope that capcom doesnt rely heavily on what the community wants. most just wishes for their character to be made top tier. Capcom you have your stats man and your online matchup data. GET TO WORK!!!

  • Guilherme

    HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! I hope they nerf Cammy and Akuma to fucking shit, I’d pay full retail for that.

    • ReoAyanami

      Lol, watch how people complain about them being nerfed too much and then pay full retail for them to be buffed again. Hilarious.

  • Garrett M. DeCrosta

    Wow. People still care about this game?

    We’ve been playing this game for over four years now and it hasn’t gotten any better since SSF4. IMO, i still think SF4 Vanilla was the best version over all….but i do realize a majority of the community thinks SSF4 was the best.

    Anyway, We live in an era now where fighting games are coming out SO FAST (too fast, actually) and we have ADD and can’t stick to one thing and dedicate ourselves. This game should not be updated. It’s not going to revive the intensity this game once had. I’m sorry Capcom, but please, start focusing on NEW and GOOD ideas and stop beating a dead horse.

  • Now we’ll see how good Infiltration is without his precious Akuma power.

    • ReoAyanami

      Depends on how much they buff Hakan, Gouken and Ryu which I’m quite sure that everyone will be asking for.

  • Jason Slade

    So how long are PC players going to have to wait for this update THIS TIME?

    My bet is this will be live on consoles before we even get the damn SFxT 2013 update.

    • sb

      PC really just give it up im pretty sure Capcom wont be making that mistake again releasing fighting games for PC lol

    • ReoAyanami

      At least pc is going to get an update. It doesn’t seem that the arcade is getting any. And yes, there are scenes in the world that still rely on arcade.

  • iambuttmustard

    Ughh, this is why I stopped playing SFIV, after the original AE. What happened to the days when people just played video games and didn’t rely on the companies for hand outs to make up for their lack of dedication to learning the game and the characters?

    SF’s starting to become really lame. If they keep this nonsense up, no way is SF gonna have rested long enough for SFV to be hype at all.

    • Timothy Ian McMillan

      Lack of dedication? Even the Japanese are bored with SF4 now. The game has become stale at all levels of play.

      • iambuttmustard

        Those people didn’t like the game enough to begin with. That’s why Tekken and Persona lead in arcades, over there.

        • Soggytoast

          The success of AE in Japanese Arcades is the whole reason that this game is still around. They weren’t even going to port AE to consoles if it wasn’t a success.

  • Nullspace

    Forget balance updates for a second, give us the old ST stages using the AE graphics.

  • Karl Wilson

    I’m sick of them patching this game, stop nerfing characters, cammy doesn’t need to be nerfed, other characters need to be buffed. There is no point of a additional patch, unless they give the cast another ultra, since the last patch the basis of this patch will be to hit cammy with the nerf hammer and make her unuesable like yang. I would pay for additional characters and ultras, but other wise don’t do it capcom, Leave the unblockables in the game they make it interesting.

    • ReoAyanami

      Technically, if you nerf cammy, everyone else is buffed by default. Guess which one is easier?

      • Karl Wilson

        The cast just needs to be buffed back to super and that will be better than just nerfing cammy there balancing the game right?

        • Justin Archer

          I’m on your side dude

    • Jarkko Oranen

      To be honest, I’d be okay if the only thing they did to the game was remove the unblockables. Safe 50/50 mixups are kind of dumb already, but at least you can guess/read your way out of them. When those are paired with potential unblockables leading back to the same situation over and over again, the game becomes completely stupid.

      • Karl Wilson

        What if the whole cast had unblockables heheh lol

  • Mabans

    Who the fuck is nora?

    • Dectilon

      It’s a bot.

    • Note that Disqus allows you to enter an Akismet API key to filter all comments through Akismet.

      If SRK did this, you’d almost never see this on the front page.

      There is a cost associated with it, but it’s trivial for SRK (the enterprise version at $50/month) all things considered.

  • HeyyZeus

    I hope they make it an all new release and not an update. With Sony leaving the fate of DLC (add-ons and full games) up in the air for the PS4; it would be preferable to have a full release.

  • BoozerX


  • BoozerX

    Uber Evil Ryu PLZ

  • Chris Bristol

    WONDERFUL NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Bristol

    I love Bison, he’s my main, but I want more than anything to see Rolento added!

  • heatEXTEND

    MCZ.Spooky ?

  • grezex29

    All I ask is that they buff Juri and make Sakura more like her Alpha series and CVS2 counterparts. She needs her choke throw and divekick back or something.

    • ReoAyanami

      Sakura needs more sho sho sho sho sho sho sho sho

  • Crow Winters

    Please buff capcom so that they can come up with a new IP.

    • CptPokerface

      Remember Me, Deep Down, Dragon’s Dogma.

      • Kaihedgie

        Apparently new IPs don’t even exist to some Capcom fans.

        Isn’t it funny that years ago that people were complaining about Capcom not making any new IPs and milking the same stuff over and over again and now people beg for them to go back to those same franchises they complained about.

      • Crow Winters

        I will think of you next time I go to a Remember Me tournament, thank you. <3

  • Steven

    I was just thinking about this recently. Can Guile grab an opponent in the air and do a back breaker after a FADC flash kick? Sounds cool to me.

  • Mike

    No nerfs learn the match ups scrubs

    • Art Salmons

      So developers can just make whatever dumb mistakes they like, because pseudo tough-guy posers just call you a scrub if you want it fixed.

  • Mike


  • Cla

    I just want the name of the game to be longer. And more awkward. Because that’s what Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Version Two Thousand Twelve needs more than anything.

    Super Street Fighter 4 Turbo Arcade Edition Version Two Thousand Thirteen Alpha Zero New World Challengers EX Plus A Impact Strike Edition Edition: Revenge Of S.I.N And Seth And Friends Edition Revision B

    • Justin Archer

      i thought it was funny.

  • ReoAyanami

    Seems like the majority of the request is to make the game easier for them. None of it is actually balance request.

  • Steven

    I went and thought about this and U know is it really necessary? Street Fighter IV is good this isnt SFXT i’m not sweatin system changes for this game. Its been out since 2009. I’m lookin for a new Darkstalkers or somethin. What about Street Fighter V in some time? Some try to act like SFIV is loosing “enthusiam” Fuck dat I’m sure not bored of it or looking forward to nerfs. People are still discoverin stuff like Infiltration beatin people with Hakan who was supposed to be weak. These nerfs and “balances” are sounding like cop outs for discovering new things. 3 updates were cool but sheesh.

  • CrazyMobius

    For a start make Hakan oiled permanently. Then make his heavy punch an overhead.

  • Super Street Fighter IV Turbo Arcade Edition Version EX Alpha 2013

  • how bout more backgrounds sound tracks and sf1 characters!!!

  • ScorpiusJones

    Please, please, PLEASE add Karin and Q.

  • $21192153

    Super Street Fighter IV Community Edition

  • rootbeer1

    I don’t know, AE 2012 is sooo balanced it’s ‘almost’ perfect. I’d rather have new characters and 3rd Ultras. that would be cool.

    Deejay = Secret Top Tier

    Also buff Makoto and add Sean, Sodom, Geki, Twelve, Alex, Juli/Juni, and maybe some brand new characters

  • Dr. Claw

    Eh. If they add more characters, that would be cool.
    But as far as balance? I don’t really care to see a lot of buffs and nerfs from AE.

    Except, I’d like to see Capcom actually make a competitive (even if he is mid-tier at best) Dan. Stop hosing his normals and give him some dumb stupid stuff that isn’t a link. I guess that is a buff, but not enough to make him OP.

  • oni challenge mode please? show that character more love..

  • well i gotta wait till week 4 for el fuerte, i dont think my opinion is gonnachange anything for my character, unless its like ken or ryu they wont change shit, elf needs a few buffs but wont get them

  • John Barber

    new version for xbox720 / PS4

  • Soggytoast

    Nerf throws like they are in SFxT 2013. This game has always been way too much about getting in and making them guess between throw/tech trap. Throws should be a viable option for beating turtles, but not an all-purpose threat.

  • Please if anything, put in trials for the 4 AE characters

  • FakMeLaterally

    Please give Yang’s divekicks more BLOCKstun.

    Right now they are just not worth the risk, because catching your
    opponent at their toes still results in you getting countered :…..

    The hitstun isn’t too great either, but it will be more than bearable if his divekicks are safer on block

  • Austin Davoren

    Kill all the music.

    Hire Hideki Okugawa, Satoshi Ise or the OCremix guys.

  • pootnannies

    i really hope this isn’t just character balance. i mean it’s important, super OP characters compared to everyone else is ass but having underdogs is fine. no perfect balance is possible and please don’t nerf shit. but most importantly this game needs a serious facelift with it’s fundamentals system wise. PLEASE DON’T PASS UP THIS OPPORTUNITY CAPCOM!

  • Mash Harder

    Here’s a suggestion: don’t ask Capcom-Unity forums for balance suggestions.
    You’d be better off just changing shit at random.

  • KARIN. ROLENTO ALEX!! 3rd set of ultras for all characters. new move sets./animations

  • Letting the community have direct influence… /doubleedgedsword

  • I swear to god, as soon as they open up the Abel thread on 4/5, I’m spamming that shit with “Make cl. Fierce hit all characters crouching.”

  • how about fixing that horrible soundtrack? especially that freakin 4-bar trance loop from the training stage

  • $39334650

    A) Just add the SF chars from SFxT, along with everyone else’s new moves (Abel Shoulder Tackle, Ryu Donkey Kick, etc.) which is probably both the cheap and profitable thing to do.
    B) Rebalance it back to original Super SF4.
    C) whatever the Hell they do, just for God’s sake make it a ONE TIME purchase thing, no more friggin cash grabbing through extended DLC crap, junk, and garbage.

  • Marko Valdez

    Vega!!!! just needs a few things…. hit box change on his C.Fp so it hits crouching also make it a decent anti air like on cap vs snk but not so OP. Improve his EX scarlet terror instead of one shitty frame of “invincibility”. and his U1 needs a tweek somehow =D. My gamer tag is Rustymarko

  • JaBKeY James B. Kirby

    Re add the adventure mode that was originally supposed to be in the game! It’s one of the few things they’ve never done, that most fans would love! Walk streets of the world as Ryu, or chun li, or even akuma… Play out there stories! At least go into the true capcom style start it with a little adventure fiture then release an intire game so they can milk more money!

  • JaBKeY James B. Kirby

    Or better yet! Add few other characters like from the EX series! Alex, kiari, hakuto, Pullum, blair, cracker jack, garuda… And the true for of ryu!!!
    We see it in the street fighter IV movie where he’s able to control his full power after overcoming the dark hado, but never get to play it threw capcoms eyes! Only on mugen… I would love to see ryu of light full powered from capcom! And I’m sure other fans would too!

  • Damn-Deal-Done

    Anyone know where to download the official ‘version 2013’ patch for SSF IV AE on PC. Capcom’s websites are a complete mess.