Mane6 Releases FAQ Regarding Benefits of Skullgirls Engine, Three New Character Concepts Teased

By on March 20, 2013 at 2:04 pm

The folks over at Mane6 recently released a quick FAQ that touches on some of the benefits that will be afforded to them should they be able to utilize Lab Zero Games’ Skullgirls engine. As many of you may remember, Lab Zero has offered to allow Mane6 free use of said engine should their on-going fundraiser reach $725,000. Below, you’ll find two lists of benefits they received from Mike Z that detail how the Skullgirls engine will positively affect both the players and the developers.

So what does the Skullgirls engine give you over FM2K?

MikeZ sent us a nice list of benefits that we can share with you:

For the players:

  • Widescreen and HD resolution support
  • Per-pixel lighting on sprites, a first for ANY 2D engine
  • Real shadows
  • 2D and 3D environment support
  • Camera zooming
  • Negative-edge and multiple-button-input special moves (QCT+PP, etc)
  • No corner problems (rapid sprite-flipping, etc)
  • Continuous collision: characters don’t pass through each other when they shouldn’t, no matter how fast they move
  • Unlimited palettes per character
  • GGPO integration for seamless, non-delay-based online without a separate client
  • Input display, save/load state, dummy record/playback, and all the other Skullgirls training mode features
  • Frameskip that still accepts inputs on skipped frames, eliminating timing-based problems such as unblockables or dropped combos

For the developers:

  • Full source code and any existing development tools; the ability to fix any problems with the engine themselves instead of having to just DealWithIt
  • Tech support
  • Future engine revisions and bugfixes
  • HLSL shader support – any graphical effects your little heart desires can be created
  • In-game palette editor, customizeable debug keys and many other time-saving features
  • A scripting system written in plain English, with move motions written in regular fighting game notation and a robust munge tool
  • The ability for sprites to tell when they have left the screen, rather than just the stage
  • Support for 32-bit (i.e. truecolor, unpalettized) art for sprites when necessary, and mixing of truecolor and palettized frames
  • Support for teams/assists and a console release, if ever desired

So lots of good stuff that we’d love to play with.

In addition to answering some questions, the team also released a teaser image that shows off three silhouettes of character concepts they are currently working on with Lauren Faust. It would appear that losing the My Little Pony concept has helped immensely in regards to design, as all three exude much more character and creativity than the original cast, even as silhouettes.

Their FAQ also touches on what they would like to do in the future with the title should they gain access to this engine and the work that still needs to be done regardless. Make sure to head over to the official Mane6 website to read the entire post and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: Mane6, tip via Julius

  • James Reilly

    That engine is sexy.

  • Kurow Akutenshi

    How much do I donate so the whole thing becomes open source?

  • Disco-lemonade

    Is that an alpaca?

    • Langdon Herrick

      Looks like. Probably a zoning char with lots of different spitting attacks. Obviously pretty OP. The dev team really needs to nerf it so I will donate so that it will exist in the first place.

  • Trollolo You

    The new combatants look like Pokemon.

  • Cris Oro

    Oh I get it… they abandoned the brony exclusive audience and are going after Faust fans and just plain ol’ furries. Interesting move guize.

    • metaxzero

      Abandon? They were forced to thanks to the C&D. Nothing more they can do but make a new IP.

      • Cris Oro

        Well they very easily could have designed a bunch of new ponies that had no relation to the franchise, but they didn’t. They opened it up to a whole bunch of other animals (a llama, a donkey, and a deer from what it looks like thus far).

        • metaxzero

          It would be an entirely new universe with a different style of ponies. That’s not even guaranteed to get the brony audience. Better off further distinguishing yourselves from the shelved project.

          Plus I doubt Lauren Faust just wants to just draw more ponies.

    • Raymond

      And you think people who like pony’s are not plain ol’ furries in some way?

  • NyuBomber


  • Joey T Medina

    I wish this game would just go away.

    • metaxzero

      No you don’t. You clicked on an article and replied to it.

      • Joey T Medina

        It’s because I’m honestly upset that some people are parading this game around and making the FGC look like a bunch of creeps. I’m such an understanding and open person, but I really can’t see this as more than just a way to stunt the FGC’s growth on a mainstream level.

        Everyone make sure to dislike my comment. I’m clearly the crazy ranting one in this conversation.

        • Jake Long

          I think all the other dumb stuff that is prevalent in the FGC do a hell of a lot more to stunt our mainstream growth than anything this game could ever dream of doing.

        • Joel Waldmann

          No problem.

        • metaxzero

          We don’t need this game to look like creeps. Have you seen the FGC?

          And how exactly would this stunt growth?

        • explain how the game has in any way made anyone look like a creep?

          Your whole post is just completely juvenile.

        • Kasuya

          1. How are Bronies creeps? Serious question. If you are looking for the creeps, you’ll find them, but they’re in all fandoms and communities. Even the FGC has some crappy people from what I’ve seen and heard from my friend whose more into the scene than I. He’s told me about some people (I think Flash Metroid and Marn) that rigged tourny’s, did drugs, and were outright assholes at times. I’m sure there’s even worse people that committed crimes, are pedos, or have drawn rule 34 if that’s the kind of thing you label creeps as. I haven’t heard of Bronies doing the first two things, but I’m sure they’re out there and even then, it’s the person to blame, not the entire community. I like the FGC and love watching matches and still enjoy watching those players play in tournys and such.
          2. Calling yourself open yet being so judgmental is silly. I’m extremely open. People do what they do and things happen. I know it’s hard to let things pass, but that comes with being open.
          3. For the game itself, I think it’s pretty rad to have a new fighting game that is fun and well made. If you don’t like ponies, you could look past it and see how the game is played and how nice it looked and how stable it was. More attention is good for indie-type games I think. The more variety, the better. The FGC and fighting games in general are ever-evolving and support is always good, but if you don’t like it, that’s fine too. But rest assured, one game and it’s followers won’t change the look of an entire community except to the ignorant, but if they were that way in the first place, why try to change their minds? In my college class, we just got drilled into our heads that you can’t change others, only yourself. Also, as for the mainstream part, I don’t think this is ever going to grow that big, no matter what. Even PSABR isn’t in most tourny’s and that game has both followers and haters but I don’t see everyone leaving the FGC if it made it big.

          • windsagio

            one of the secrets of (geek) life: All fandoms are really just about the same.

            SF fans, deep down are the same as Trekkies, who are the same as Jem fans who are the same as Bronies who are the same as Furries. It’s only a minor difference of focus.

        • Ben Solem

          “I’m such an understanding and open person”

          Sorry, no, you’re actually spreading hate to a group of people that don’t effect you for made-up reasons you think cover up your bias. That is not understanding, open, or even GOOD, really.

          I’m not downvoting your comment, because everyone is entitled to being wrong. I just hope you apply some UNDERSTANDING to the fact that some people are really looking forward to this, and remain OPEN to the idea that this is bigger then what you think.

        • Castigation

          Yeah because liking ponies is what makes you look like a creep. Not something like say

          • Art Salmons

            Adult men who like women: weird sociopath creepers
            Adult men who like kid’s shows about ponies: perfectly normal healthy citizens.

        • Mr. X

          Being intolerant is a much worse look.

        • Joey T Medina

          All these delicious replies just for me?

          If this game has it’s loyal fans that actually will enjoy the game, then I really am just talking out of my ass. Just know that originally I thought people just liked this game because it was a trolls dream.

          In the end I just want our community to grow. If I’m wrong, then I’d actually be glad.

          • Kasuya

            They were so delicious that you didn’t reply to them specifically or possibly even read them and I’m guessing you just down-voted them thinking they were all hate. Good show sir! Intelligent conversations on the internet don’t exist, right?

        • JohnnyArcade

          Afraid of looking like a creep? Uh, guy, if that’s really your profile pic, WELL I GOT NEWS FOR YOU, BUDDY!

    • windsagio

      now don’t be insecure… what people think about a group kind of associated with a group that you associate with by a product can’t hurt you.

  • Tekknight

    Aw man I HOPE that’s Prince Kuzco in llama form in the first pic! “You’re throwing off my groove!”

    • Joel Waldmann

      If they got C&Ded for using Hasbro characters, somehow I don’t think they’ll get away with using Disney characters.

    • Where’s the connection?

      • I’ve started to notice that an increasing number of front page posts on SRK are doing nothing more than aggregating content wholesale. While citing the original work, it’s still considered a form of plagiarism (there’s a link there to it) to do so when the majority of the article is made up of the quote.

        It’s damaging to the original authors of the work, and is a practice that generally isn’t condoned as it’s a form of plagiarism.

        Original content around the source should be written about and then the original source cited, not copied in its entirety.

        Given SRK’s size and the Google ranking, copying wholesale chunks like this severely damages any benefit the authors of the original work would receive.

        Personally, I’d like to see SRK do better than this, with the expansion that they’ve seen in the past few years, as well as the fact that they have dedicated staff to writing the content on the front page, they should collectively be held to a standard that produces quality content in an ethical way.

        I’ve elaborated a little more in my original comment where I started to notice this (also note, I’m not signaling out this author, Ian is a good guy and I don’t believe he is intentionally doing anything wrong. I’ve noticed this with all the reporters at SRK and give them the benefit of the doubt):

        • Oh ok, you probably should’ve mentioned that you were talking about SRK in the first place.

          It’s too easy to misconstrue your post.

          • Fair enough, and it’s an honest criticism. And of course, I can’t expect everyone to recall every comment on every front page post.

            That’s on me, and I apologize for the ambiguity in the first place. =)

            That said, I might bring this up in a post in the forums under SRK feedback.

        • Kasuya

          Interesting. I never thought of that. I do like when there is a box with content from the other article in a list, especially when it isn’t organized in the original source, but I can see how this can be plagiarism.

  • … I kinda want to play this now.

  • windsagio

    … and no mention of bambi in a boa.

    you guys missed the best part!

  • Ty Arnold

    My Little Llama: Fighting is Groovy

    Suddenly, I’m interested in this.

  • windsagio

    somebody enjoys the new ‘vote up/vote down’ system a little too much.

    • Johnson Nguyen

      Haha I noticed that too. Every recent comment has at least one down-vote. I don’t know what that dude is doing with his time (obviously a male).

      • windsagio

        probably smoking just a totally insane amount of weed.

      • Yours doesn’t. GUYS, IT’S HIM!

  • d3v

    For anyone interested, Mike Z has already demonstrated both beat ’em up and platforming mechanics with his engine on one of their streams. It’s a pretty versatile engine.

    • Louis Lam

      Idea for improved story mode?

    • TheAverageGuyTAG

      It would be awesome if they managed to put this in Skullgirls as an alternate play mode.

  • OMFG Alpacas!

  • BeholdMyPower

    Hope it all comes together for the team. Regardless of whether you liked or disliked their previous effort, you have to appreciate the amount of time and hard work that went into it. Even if the SG fundraiser doesnt quite hit that 725K marker, I hope Mike can sort something out for Mane6.

  • “Per-pixel lighting on sprites, a first for ANY 2D engine”

    Nope, that they would even make a claim like that is silly.

    • Not saying you’re wrong, but usually a claim like that comes with proof, no?

    • Jason Slade

      Are you sure you’re talking about actual environment based lighting and not just per-rendered shadows like KOF13 has?

      • No, I mean per-pixel lighting in a 2D game is in no way a new thing, even Microsoft’s XNA platform (which every single title on XBLAIG is based on) provided reusable code samples for how to do it. Making a claim like that for a game released in 2012 is just stupid because of how completely false it is.

        Even this code sample posted in 2007 uses per-pixel lighting to show off how you can apply a normal map to a 2D image:

  • TheAverageGuyTAG
  • dementus666

    Lab Zero and Mane6 should both start working on a Skullgirls Vs. Friendship game after Friendship is released.