Iron Galaxy Studios Submits Divekick to Steam’s Greenlight Program, Release Window Shifted to Summer 2013

By on March 19, 2013 at 2:18 pm

While Steam is a huge platform that currently provides an extensive library of games across all genres, from time to time Valve seeks the help of their community in choosing which games should be made available through the service. That’s where Steam Greenlight comes into play. This program allows developers of all sizes to submit their titles for publishing consideration, and votes from Steam users help Valve make a decision on which to offer. As you can probably guess, this is a great way for indie studios to raise awareness for their games and potentially find a home for them in the Steam store.

So what does this have to do with fighting games? Well, the folks over at Iron Galaxy Studios recently threw the upcoming Divekick into the Greenlight mix, which means you can now visit their official page¬†and offer your opinion by answering one simple question: Would you buy this game if it were available in Steam? If Divekick sees a large positive response, it’s possible Valve will see its promise and move towards providing it a spot in their expansive library.

In addition to the new screenshots (which we’ve included below), you may have noticed a slight change in Divekick’s release window. Though originally scheduled for a tentative spring release, that has now been changed to summer. Creator Adam “Keits” Heart says this will not affect its presence at NorCal Regionals 2013 and that they will be using that event to gather more information from the community to use in the final build, so be sure to check it out and lend the team your thoughts if you plan to attend.

Divekick will also be available for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita within the same timeframe as the PC release, which is still planned whether or not they are accepted through the Greenlight program.

Source: Steam Greenlight

  • Tried to give you guys a tip about this sooner but your tip button is broken.

  • DaRabidDuckie

    The only problem with reading this comment is that you’re reading it and not voting for the game on Steam Greenlight. What is wrong with you? GO VOTE!

    (If you’ve already voted — Bless your face.)

  • NyuBomber

    This would be the first Greenlight game I buy!

    • Johnson Nguyen

      It’s such a coincidence that I bought my first Greenlit game today, and it is also satirical in nature: DLC Quest.

  • 100ctual

    ill def buy it too if it shows up on steam…. gotta support my fellow chicago peoples . maybe i make some DiveKick fan art for UGFT this year.

  • Ramil Garcia Doronio

    I really hope there’s a cross buy option for the PS3/Vita.

  • Gailim

    I’ve done my part

  • TempBast

    Hmm, to get the pc ver. or ps3 ver.

    On a relevant note, I recently played Error1’s pc hack of AE. And I was incredibly surprised that he made Yang into DIve. Punch buttons are N. jump. Kicks are B. jump and on the ground and divekick when in the air. Joystick does nothing. Tons of fun there.

    Error also made C. Viper into the battle style of PSN All-Stars.

  • d3v

    Best fightman gaem evar!!!!1111!1ONE!11!!

    Go vote now!

  • mtbrandao

    It may be good on console, but it will get boring fast. Console is where the big fighting games works well.

    This would be the perfect game for mobile phones.
    You can’t decently play SF on mobile phone because of the controls.

    You can easily emulate the dive and kick button to screen touches.

    No 3D models or shiny graphics makes it run on most phones.

    No complicated motions makes it easy to play on phones.

    All it needs is a online multiplayer and it will be a success.

    • Thanks RTD

      Yep, they’ve mentioned that right now their focus is on the PC, PSN, and PSVita versions and hopefully if it sells well they can then can proceed with going to other versions.

  • genihaniver

    This spam bot knows whats up.