Lab Zero Games Release Skullgirls Character Concept Details for Mysterious 3rd DLC Candidates

By on March 17, 2013 at 3:19 pm

UPDATE – This article has been edited to reflect the changes made by the Lab Zero staff.

Now that Big Band has been fully funded through the tremendously successful Skullgirls fundraiser campaign, the folks over at Lab Zero Games have released a ton of information on the fighters who have been revealed as candidates for the third DLC character spot. While some of these background details may be common knowledge to those who have been following the project and its universe since it was conceptualized, this information also provides us a basic idea of how each potential cast members will play should the $600,000 goal be reached and they are voted in by the fans.

We’ve included the entire round of information below, and more will be added as further characters are revealed, so keep checking back for more! But as it stands, which fighters stick out as your favorites? I’m partial to Eliza and, of course, Stanley, but feel free to jump to the comments below and let us know what you think.

As the younger princess of the Canopy Kingdom, Umbrella is drawn into the current conflict by a familiar presence. Umbrella has grown up sheltered from the full circumstances surrounding her mother’s death. What effect will the truth have on her?

Playstyle Speculation

Umbrella’s living weapon, Hungern, has an insatiable appetite. Choose between using Hungern to end special moves for extra advantage throughout the match, or let his hunger build up for more damage later!

The current Skullgirl who rose from the ashes of the Grand War. Her country of Rommelgrad fell into anarchy, becoming part of the growing No Man’s Land. As she focuses her wrath on those who prey on its victims, the full extent of her power remains unknown…

Playstyle Speculation

Summons undead minions, and can vacuuming up the corpses of enemies to refill her own life.

Lorenzo Medici’s right hand hitwoman who takes thorough enjoyment in her work. Little is known about her outside the carnage left in her wake, which has spanned decades without slowing down. Only two of her targets have walked away so far, which she plans to rectify soon.

Playstyle Speculation

Grenade launchers, tear gas, hidden knives, and giant screen-filling doilies – Black Dahlia isn’t She ain’t goin’ down without a fight… or two!

A strict but caring teacher at St. Theresa High School. When one of her students goes missing under violent circumstances, she takes it upon herself to find her. Most would call such an act reckless, but she seems to know an awful lot about fighting, and old instincts die hard.

Playstyle Speculation

As a teacher, she prides herself on knowing all there is to know about fighting games, and adopts techniques from many of them while adding her own special flair.

A former crime fighter pulled into the web of intrigue woven around the latest Skullgirl. Deciding it was too much for her stuffy civilian identity, she takes up her Living Weapon, the Pazuzu Whip, and dons her alter ego to enter the fray once more.

Playstyle Speculation

She doesn’t just want to win, she wants to be in control. Lick those boots!

As popular figures in nationwide folktales, a children’s television adaptation of Annie and Sagan’s adventures was inevitable. The show’s success lies in its pair of live action hosts, who are as convincing as their cartoon counterparts. Though what the public learns about the real Annie might surprise them.

Playstyle Speculation

Fiercer than she looks, braver than anyone, it’s ANNIE OF THE STARS! Now where’s my cigarette?

The Dagonian scientist prefers to fade into the background at work, not that he is always successful. Following the surprise attack on Lab 8, it becomes clear the ASG needs all the manpower it can afford. Stanley originally helped develop weapons in the now defunct Lab 4. He brings them in to fight alongside the soldiers, as quiet scientists are wont to do.

Playstyle Speculation

Uses a variety of shark-themed attacks and high-tech weaponry. Shark Dive! Shark Knuckle! Science Upper! FEEDING FRENZY! Be sure to check your work.

A flight-capable ASG Soldier implanted with the amorphous Synthetic Parasite, Beezle Bomb. A younger member, she can be brash and irritable at times but has the team’s best interests at heart. After all, they are the family she always wanted.

Playstyle Speculation

Lots of crazy wall dives and weird movement options, stingers. Heavily rushdown-based pixie.

Leduc is a young ASG soldier who joined Lab 8 after the war. Having yet to learn the details of Lab 0’s transgressions, his idealistic image of their organization will be challenged soon. The electricity his body channels is generated by his Synthetic Parasite, the Taranis Generator, which he can use to disable or destroy targets.

Playstyle Speculation

He electrifies you with his electricity and his angst. Wahoo.

The mother figure of Lab 8, she was disfigured during the war before agreeing to be grafted with the Synthetic Parasite, Salamander Shell. Able to squeeze through tight spaces, secrete acid, and wield drills, she is brilliant at infiltration and sabotage. However, the nature of her abilities makes them cruel to use on other human beings. She avoids confrontation when possible, but if pushed to fight she is the scariest member of her team.

Playstyle Speculation

Ranged, poison and area-damage strategic play. Toxic to the touch during her Lv3.

Lab 7’s only successful psychic experiment, most of Brain Drain’s body was destroyed in the disaster which consumed the facility. Soured by the experience and towards human reliability, he has grown into the ruthless and controlling second in command of Lab 0. As far as he is concerned, anybody who falls short of his expectations is to be replaced.

Playstyle Speculation

Stop hitting yourself! No, wait, keep going.

A figment of Peacock’s warped imagination made flesh… or at least something close. One of the unexpected results from Patricia’s use of the Avery Unit, Andy and his buddies are based on her favorite cartoons. What they do when their creator is not around remains a mystery.

Playstyle Speculation

Close-range fighter with some tricks up his…gloves? Punches, dodges, more punches, anvil-to-the-face.

A Dragon Empire migrant showcasing her acrobatic skills at the Cirque des Cartes. The pair of birds perched on her head are an enigma, summoned by a lucky mistake in geomancy. As much as her family in Canopolis depends on her income, she worries what she and her friend will be asked to do in the long run..

Playstyle Speculation

Agility-based moveset including wall jumps/dives, acrobatics, and trap help from her phoenixes. Possibly a command throw combo setup.

A bard who can turn others into musical instruments, Taliesin’s role includes punishing members of the Cirque des Cartes who would defy their contract. He keeps a collection of his favorite victims, eliciting jealousy from his accomplice and Remote Parasite, Muse. Taliesin’s cursed touch stems from trading his hands for her arms.

Playstyle Speculation

Not quite a regular 2D puppet character, because he feels his Muse’s pain. A bit more like the puppet characters from Naruto.

Hubrecht is a good-natured strongman who does not realize the Cirque des Cartes doubles as a talent pool for the mob. Some would call him childishly naive while others say he was just born in the wrong world. But most agree that makes little difference, as even a friendly hug from the big guy earns him his nickname of “Hertz.”

Playstyle Speculation

Flexing! Happy command throws! Good-natured noogies! “720 – command throw everyday!”

The domineering beast tamer at the Cirque des Cartes, she commands a wide range of creatures including several outlandish specimens. She derives no pleasure from her cruelty as it is simply in her cold nature to control others by any means necessary. The troupe ultimately answers to Regina, not the ringleader.

Playstyle Speculation

Cygers, zombions, spirit bears? Or just regular animals?

The fiercely competitive magician hoping to dethrone Cerebella’s current popularity to replace her, both at the circus and as an agent of the Medicis. Beatrix wears the Cloak of Damocles, allowing her to carry and apply an impossible array of props with some risk. She combines its genuinely supernatural properties with old fashioned sleight of hand for attacks nobody can see coming.

Playstyle Speculation

Now you see her, now she’s pinning you down with a barrage of knives before sawing you in half.

The Medicis’ outwardly refined mechanical henchman piloted by the foul-mouthed Dagonian engineer, Tom. Ottomo may comical, but he is nevertheless a lethal clutter of advanced weapons used to take care of family business.

Playstyle Speculation

Tea time!

A celebrity diva known for her charity, in reality she uses her Parasite Sekhmet to feed off her blood drives and preserve her own beauty. When the Medicis found out, they used it as leverage for business and to call upon her vampiric abilities. Now forced into the pursuit for the Skull Heart, an ancient ambition stirs… one that Samson and Leviathan are all too familiar with.

Playstyle Speculation

The ultimate attack-from-disadvantage character. Because of her kinship with her parasite, Eliza can control her own blood. Each time she is hit, she bleeds MK-style, and the blood stays on the stage, and certain specials and supers can then use it.

A Dagonian from the Dragon Empire who moved his business to the Canopy Kingdom. Outside helping Ms. Fortune get back on her feet, he was hoping to sit back and run a regular business. But with the whole community in a crisis, it might be time to dust off his old skills and teach some young punks some manners.

Playstyle Speculation

He’s a freakin’ fish with cleavers! Rushdown with a side of Player 2, chop chop.

One of the River King’s daughters who works as a waitress at Yu-Wan’s restaurant. She and her sisters were kidnapped under orders by the growingly desperate and ruthless Lorenzo Medici. With a lot of courage and a little luck, Minette just might save herself from a ghastly fate.

Playstyle Speculation

Cute, clumsy waitress. Movements similar to Roll – not sure which one.


Source: Lab Zero Games

  • Snow Loss

    Eliza (and when he gets officially non-stream revealed) Isaac are the obvious choices here. Wat with offering essentially brand new gameplay mechanics to fighting games and all.

    • EA575

      I agree. I’m not sure who to pick between those two.

      • Snow Loss

        Indeed. Lets focus on getting their first before we start having Harvey Dent level binary choice problems though…

        Also I’m leaning toward Isaac myself from how Mike described him in a stream a while ago. The chess like strategy of using a character like that is mind-blowingly amazing to me.

    • GHNeko

      Well to be fair, the blood on the field mechanic isnt the first time it’s been done.

      There was a Wolf character in the fighter, MONSTER who would rip at his chest to spill blood on the field, and could make it explode with a command. When he did rip into his chest, the blood would spray, and was capable of coating the opponent in blood, allowing him to detonate the character at will. The more he doused them in blood, the more damaging the explosion would be.

  • Exy

    Parasites everywhere.

  • Andre Theriault

    Mrs. Victoria and D. Violet please.

  • Richard Johnson

    please let Stanley be the 3rd dlc character
    i want to play as a freakin Land Shark

  • coldbrand


  • Mike Jones

    Feng, Roxie and Isaac get my votes!
    I need Roxie and Isaac reveals…. FUND IT!!!

  • RobertEspaillat

    kool char i hipe a big company pick them so they can make a better game

  • Daniel Song

    Hnnnnngh. Eliza or Minette…

  • NyuBomber

    I like Eliza, Taliesin, and Andy.

  • doublejuice

    How the hell is Richard Feynman a gameplay inspiration? Is Stanly going to throw people with feynman diagrams? Because that would be awesome.

    • Exy

      You’re mad if you think games are the only things that can provide gameplay inspiration.

  • Dynami

    I’d be most interested in Leduc, Brain Drain, or Black Dahlia, m’self.

    • d3v

      But nobody loves Leduc. Mike said so himself.

  • SouthernGent

    Feng seems a little too much like Jam from GG, though that is probably just because both seem to have a cooking/restaurant motif. I am really hoping for Andy, Black Dahlia, Stanley or hell I don’t care I want all these guys to get into this game.

    • Joshua Rodriguez

      Not sure how you see a cooking/restaurant motif in Feng, she’s a circus performer, not a waitress. That said one of her inspirations is Jam, but also Makoto among other characters. Not to mention the two birds come into her playstyle aswell, so she’ll definitely be her own character.

      And regardless of all that, how is being like Jam a bad thing? 😛

      Edit: I just realised she’s holding plates, I guess that’s where you saw it. Must be part of her circus act, juggling plates.

  • Salman

    I want to see stanley *Science*

  • Kloakenstein

    Just so hard to choose… Regina, Stanley, Eliza, Beatrix or Leduc.. Well first thing is first we need to hit 600k. Donating 30 next week or as soon as I can.

  • GO4PRO

    I’m glad people are hype for other characters. That means less people voting for lolis with umbrellas.

    • Snow Loss

      Or swords. “Badass loli” is one of my least favorite tropes.

  • Stanley FTFW!!!!!!!

  • Joshua Rodriguez

    Can’t. Decide. Too. Many. Good. Characters.

    This makes me hopeful for Skullgirl’s future, the fact that they have so much potential awesomeness waiting in the wings now being common knowledge.

    I guess if I had to choose, I would say Isaac and Eliza are at the top for me (shocking I know) but I’d also love Feng. Her, Annie and Black Dahlia would add some “normal” playstyles to the mix which might attract more players. I also want Hive, because that possible 5-way airdash rushdown. I also want Scythana and Panzerfaust, get some more big guys in the roster (Scythana’s corpse wielding concept sounds fun). Venus would also be great because she embodies Skullgirl’s aesthetic of sexy and freaky. There’s also Juju because TvC Saki. Oh I can’t believe I forgot to mention Stanley, he lives because of the fans!

    Shit see what I just did, that was me “narrowing it down”. There’s too many good characters! I still want everyone in the roster anyway! D:

  • pandemlc

    Brain Drain for the love of Mike Z PLEASE!!

  • RedEther

    Black Dahlia and Stanley pls

  • Nap1400

    Still waiting on Beowulf…

  • Keon Misterr

    Eliza, I really don’t see how this is debatable.

  • GCBill

    Stanley looks and sounds incredibly awesome.

    • Spider Fan

      I think you mean “jawsome”? Anyone? yes?….ok I’ll go home…

  • Myles Lee

    eliza, regina, or beatrix….mostly eliza though

  • Joshua Rodriguez

    Should probably add for anyone who just read this recently, there was playstyle inspirations for each of the characters listing fighters from other games (example: Hive had Q-bee listed among others), but that was removed as they weren’t approved before posting. Check back later for more info!

  • Kitsuziza

    If we win the third character my vote is gonna go to Eliza I think the whole concept of using blood on the battle field is pretty cool. Not to mention is seems she is related somehow to Samson and Leviathan’s past so if she gets her own cannon story it could be pretty interesting.

  • d3v

    Wasn’t it mentioned that Hive would have a 5-way airdash. If so, tri-dashes please!

  • Zachary K Sporn

    “As a teacher, she prides herself on knowing all there is to know about fighting games, and adopts techniques from many of them while adding her own special flair.”

    -Ms. Victoria.

    For some reason this made me imagine all of her attacks having Ultrachen sound effects.

  • Art Salmons

    For another $50,000 we will correct all the grammar and spelling errors in these summaries!

  • Cris Oro

    I don’t know how I feel about some of these character designs While the original 8 and some of these have a lot of rich variety and clean execution… from an aesthetic standpoint, some of these characters look… a little lazy and better left as supporting unplayable cast. I’m not trying to be a troll, I honestly feel a lack of consistency in design for some of these characters compared to others. Just my personal opinion.

    That being said, I wouldn’t mind seeing Black Dhalia or D. Violet added.

    Not too crazy about the rest. Annie is cute.. but gosh; Beatrix is just way too busy, Ileum is a bit bland, Leduc is just meh and I’m just indifferent to the rest.

  • Razberryclownsac

    Eliza is my favorite from this list. Isaac sounds cool too from what I’ve read. I also think Beatrix would be a badass addition as well. All sound so damn cool though. I really hope that third character happened, but there’s only 10 days left and a lot of money to go

  • black dahlia and eliza are the two most aesthetically pleasing to me. Eliza mechanics sounds the most interesting and black dahlia’s sounds like the jill valentine of ole so I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing what they do with those two.

  • Henry Zurawski

    Eliza comes first. that’s for sure. After that, it’s almost too difficult to pick, they’re all such cool designs.

  • Awsumpossum12345

    JK, nobody wants that POS character in the game

  • Crow Winters

    The blood on the battlefield thing was already done by Othello in Monster.

  • Patrick M

    With the amount of cool mystery characters, I’m really hoping they implement something like a run-off voting system, i.e. if my first choice isn’t going to win my vote goes to my second choice, and if that doesn’t win, etc.


  • Drago Umeharevich

    Stanley or bust.. enough lolis/women

  • ReoAyanami

    I think the mysterious character will be a male character with the most unique mechanic.

  • Regina , Andy and Hive are way bottom of the list of DLC I’d want in the game. Everything else I want!

  • Антон Пятаков
  • heatEXTEND

    Panzerfaust plx

  • I love airhead characters and if Minette turns out to have a close range play style I’m all for her.

  • Johnathon Otero

    Eliza :3

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    I’m glad SRK is trying to report on this, but that’s the key thing, it should be reported. That means original content. The front page of SRK shouldn’t be copying-and-pasting whole blog posts outright in order to feed their front-page content. I’m not singling out just this article, but this seems to be a trend on the SRK front-page with many of the articles of late.

    The SRK front page can and should do better than this.

  • Canceris

    So, why they removed gameplay inspirations?
    Even tough, some wre hillarious. Hatoful Boyfriends? yeah.

    • Joshua Rodriguez

      Cos their enthusiastic PR guy jumped the gun and posted them before they were officially ready. Hopefully they’ll be back soon.

  • Spider Fan

    I want minette! I want to beat people with her clumsy attacks and say “You got served!”

  • brian drain

    • Hell yea motherfucker! He’s as close as well get to a Kamen Rider Homage.

  • Hays Kronke

    Brain Drain all the way!

  • BeholdMyPower

    Isaac is the only correct answer. Stanley is acceptable too. And Black Dahlia.

  • David Cunningham

    eliza or stanley…..damn

  • RiOT76AD

    lol @ Arcana Hubrecht. I like Marie and Andy.

  • Guest

    Hey Mike once you add squigly can you delete Double?

    Skullgirls is a great balanced game but Double is ruining it.

    Its obvious you added Double to save time anyways, she was supposed to be an unplayable boss right? Her design is completely horrible (gameplay wise) and she’s just causing frustration and annoyance to all the players.

    • BlackThoughts

      I think she just frustrates and annoys you!

  • Know_the_ledge

    Black Dhalia, Annie, Panzerfaust, Stanley, Regina and Eliza in that order. Isaac sounds cool to but I still need to see character design.

  • Yu-Wan, Anvil, Brain Drain, Stanley, Ileum, Feng and Eliza plz. Also, more dudes. Weird I know, but the characters are the last thing I like about the original release… the mechanics were great. But none of the girls I really liked as much as I can appreciate the art. Cept Cerebella. She was wicked.

    Feng’s bird hat is pretty awesome looking though.

  • Leonardo Gomes

    Ileum, Regina and Minette, please. <3

  • Amer1ka

    Black Dahlia for sure. She looks amazing.