[UPDATE] Divekick Playable at Mad Catz Unveiled; Iron Galaxy Studios Releases Making of the Game #1

By on March 17, 2013 at 8:25 pm

UPDATE – The folks over at Mad Catz revealed earlier today that Divekick will be among the many attractions present at their Mad Catz Unveiled event, which is taking place on March 21 in Boston as a precursor to PAX East. If you haven’t managed to score tickets to this sold-out soiree, make sure to visit the official Divekick booth at the convention this weekend.

Curious how Divekick has been coming along after being picked up by Iron Galaxy Studios? It appears that the indie outfit has spared no expense in their quest to make sure the title is even better than it was before. The video below is the first in a series that will highlight the making of Divekick, so be sure to check it out and see if you can spot anything new…apart from the upgraded, motion-captured visuals, of course.

Source: Iron Galaxy Studios, Mad Catz

  • Henry Zurawski

    Mr. N better still be in the game.

  • Tony Cannon

    I’m not gonna lie.. I LOL’ed. Great video.

  • GHNeko

    That fucking mic drop was glorious.

  • Mash Harder

    Ok, now it’s looking legit.

  • samael789

    Am I the only one that doesn’t get the joke?

    • I dont get the entire game.

      • The Me That Believes in You

        I’m not 100% knowledgeable about how people feel about divekicks, but I feel the general attitude is that they’re cheesy, and a simple method of fighting an opponent.

        Pretty sure the joke is just that, “All you need to do to win, is do divekicks with characters who have them”. The community exaggerated how good they were, so this is making a huge joke out of it. But… it debuted a LONG time ago, and it was funny as a joke. Now it’s an actual game, and it’s a bit… past its point of being funny.

        Some people really like the idea of it though, because (even though its more of a joke than anything else) it shows the true core of fighting games. It more or less shows your skills at spacing, mind games, and that sort of stuff. Even a game as simple as this, can be considered an interesting fighting game because of that idea.

        • d3v

          The whole “All you need to do to win, is do divekicks with characters who have them” is a fault of how they were implemented in SFIV AE and MvC3. The divekicks in those games are really, really good compared to how they were implemented in other games.

      • Azrael VG

        I don’t get it also. I will advise anyone don’t fall for the indie game nonsense. Its a game like any other so it has to be better than its competition. In this case divekick has a lot of great titles to compete with and most are on sale for under $20.

    • Justin Archer

      After Yun and Yang came out in Super SF4. EVERYONE was complaining about how too many characters had dive kicks. So someone (I’m not sure who) made a game that consists purely of diving (into the air) and kicking.

    • Awsumpossum12345

      Yes, you are. The majority gets the joke, but feel that is has for the most part exhausted its humor.

      • dkinpa

        Yeah the jokes are played by now, but its definitely a legit game though. Its silly, but it pretty plainly exposes the mechanics of a fighting game to you a lot more easily than even a simpler game like SF2 could. I feel like it could be really good for getting people into the “higher levels” of fighting game playing. Helping people understand the things that go on besides “i slammed my fist against the buttons harder so i won”.

    • Alexis Monsivaiz

      >going to baller town
      >mokap balls

  • Wolverine is now Redacted, Marvelcops

  • Louis Lam

    Joke got old for me a while ago but I got to admit, this game’s starting to look pretty nice.

  • Beb0p

    Better than Street Fighter. Both in development and technicality.

  • Kung Pao looks SO much better in the new build. I’m crazy hyped for this game.

    • Joseph King

      Kung Pao got buffed in the sexy department.

  • BeholdMyPower

    Please stop tempting me to buy a PS3 just for this game. Please #BibleThump

  • Fireblaster

    What’s with the playstation logos at the end? I hope they’re not doing something stupid like leaving out the xbox and PC and going PS3 only

    • sb

      Yes its PS3 only doing the opposite would be stupid PC lmao and its not a PAAGG so MS dont care look at Skullgirls

    • dkinpa

      They are leaving out 360 because its very cost prohibitive to self-publish there.at least thats how i’ve understood the dialog.

    • Thanks RTD

      Iron Galaxy actually posted about this on Twitter. https://twitter.com/IToTheG/status/293781515479957504

      Essentially, its easier to self-publish on PSN and it’s still coming out on PC but as of now not on Steam unless they join the Greenlight program once the game is already out (as it is with most games on Greenlight). Also IG mentioned if the game does well enough they’ll also have to team-up with a publisher so they can get on XBL since Iron Galaxy isn’t really a publisher, they are a game developer, thus the decision of self-publishing on PSN.

      • Johnson Nguyen

        Here’s hoping a Steam release won’t be coming long after the PSN release.

        • Thanks RTD

          Actually, IG replied to my tweet asking the same thing and that they’re gonna be Greenlighting soon, no other details were given.

  • Grimbear13

    Looking good love that Wolverine is renamed to Redacted

  • Moribund Cadaver

    It’s coming! The one true fighting game.

  • I want to buy this game, Keits.

  • I tried to tell Keits on Twitter that this was a one-note joke that had gotten stale. He got really butt hurt about it.

    Just because some clowns have agreed to release the game, and some other clowns will play it, doesn’t mean it’s a good game. It’s still a stale joke about SF4, a game that is pretty much done.

    • Joseph King

      If you look past the joke there is a legit game underneath…

    • $18011339

      Yeah. Like Snakes on a Plane kind of. I don’t know why you are here to brag about telling Keits on Twitter like you are some secret ambassador of the FGC, but I feel you’re correct – as hilarious as Divekick is it will be forgotten quickly. Unless there is some extra level of depth, or something thrown in you know?

      • datagram

        I think that people tend to make the mistake of thinking that #_of_ mechanics = depth, or #_of_ characters = depth, or #_of_ moves = depth. None of these are true. Based on what I’ve seen, I think there’s the potential for some real depth in Divekick.

        People try to make the analogy of fighting games as fast-paced chess all the time, but I think that Divekick is the only game that that analogy is really appropriate for.

      • Barlton Canks

        What fighting games do you play and take seriously?

    • Jano Torres

      Let me tell you, Lots of media outlets and Videogame personalities called Divekick the best game on PAX East 2013.

  • Garrett Jones

    I suggest all the naysayers go watch UFGT8’s divekick tourney on youtube. You will change your mind.

  • I just want to know how much the divekick controller is going to be because I refuse to play it any other way.

  • iambuttmustard

    Motion capture is needed for Dive Kick?! Lol, awesome!

  • Fernando Zaragoza

    Is this game designed with competitive in mind? xD

  • too many variaaaabbblesssss

  • Why does the logo look so much like Oni Musha???

  • Austin Davoren

    So, anyone else noticed Kick’s new “Kick”?
    It’s a different angle, I believe.

    Also, anyone else break one of their Pop N’ Music controllers to play this?

  • OFC Salty Santa

    I played this game at Evo for like 2 hours. While the joke isn’t as funny as it used to be the game definitely is fun enough to be good without the relevancy of the joke

  • Duck Strong

    Hope this fails miserably.

  • JewdoSmash

    I think it’s amazing that nobody has asked where that trampoline place is yet.

  • Snow Loss

    Hopefully it has better luck that Skullgirls got.