Aime Service Support for Arcade Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R Launches

By on March 16, 2013 at 8:38 am
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With the release of SEGA’s ALL.Net P-ra MULTI Ver.2 network service today in Japan, Aime service support has arrived for Arc System Works’ GUILTY GEAR XX ΛCORE PLUS R. GGXXAC+R Ver.1.10A maintains the game balance of the previous version while adding support for SEGA’s Aime cards and the Player’s Guild.

Player’s Guild

The Player’s Guild allows players to further enjoy GGXXAC+R by confirming and editing player names and other information, set titles and view rankings.

  • Confirm command lists
  • Confirm and edit player information in My Profile
  • Spend in-game currency W$ (World Dollars) collected while playing to acquire titles, icons and plates
  • Join with other players to create “Tribes” and use the ranking community
  • Check rankings, including total wins, RISK RATING (grade), nation-wide ranking chart.
  • View character usage rates

*Site registration and usage is free (communication fees still apply)
*Must have Aime registration prior to registering for the Player’s Guild. To register for Aime, check the Aime service site.

Command List

Players can access character command lists at any time using a mobile phone or smartphone.

My Profile (Requires Log-in)

Players can check their own battle records and edit player name and comment. Players can also choose to publicly display/hide information.

Basic Profile

  • Player name
  • Mail address
  • Gender
  • Birth date
  • Public comment
  • Home ground
  • W$ possessed
  • Frequent play times

Overall Achievements

  • Total number of matches
  • Total number of wins
  • Win percentage
  • Highest RR (RISK RATING)
  • Level
  • Duel Point
  • Until next level
  • Longest win streak
  • Overdrive finishes
  • Instant Kill finishes
  • Perfect wins
  • Time-up wins
R-Code Settings (Requires Log-in)

Players can also set the R-Code which is displayed before and during matches. R-Code settings consist of “Title”, “Icon” and “Plate” settings. Titles, Icons and Plates can be purchased using the in-game currency W$ (World Dollars).

Tribes (Requires Log-in)

Join with other players with common aims and playstyles to form teams. Members of tribes can use the Tribe-exclusive ranking community.

  • Total wins ranking
  • Monthly wins ranking (Available 2013-4)
  • RISK RATING (grade) ranking
  • National match-up diagram
  • Character usage rate

Must be logged in to view.

Beyond the above, players can check the latest information as well as search for players, stores, and Tribes.

Sources: GGXXAC+R site, 4Gamer