Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 – Chun-Li Combo Video by Ludthinks

By on March 15, 2013 at 9:31 am
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As a response to a request made by one of his followers, Ludthinks made this short but sweet combo video for Chun-Li in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Backed up by Doctor Doom and Vergil as her assists, he shows us the kind of damage Chun-Li can dish out while gaining meter in the process. With Vergil having a crossup assist and Chun-Li having an insanely fast air dash, I see this team being a problem. If you’re a Chun-Li player and you need to improve that team, hire Vergil and follow Ludthinks’ lead.

Source: Ludthinks, tip via GeneralRoxus

  • Dennis Robinson

    Oh yeah!!! Good to see him back!!

  • James Joseph

    dat mahvel

  • Vidness

    Why ya gotta pick on my boy Skrull! 🙂 Good stuff Lud!

  • Andrew John Keeton

    3 meter and and not even 900k on the last combo lol

    • chun li can get more than 900k. without a level 3 I was just showing different possible combos for that team.

  • Oh look, Chun Li combos…..with Doom and Vergil? No respect

  • Doom/Vergil makes every character look good

    • Andre Livsey

      couldn’t agree more, I have tremendous respect for Ludthink’s Chun-Li…but Vergil AND Doom are both overused and abused at this point…it hurts my eyes to even see them fight :T

      • I play other teams with chun. I wanted to try chun and top tier. I do not like Vergil nor Doom

  • I know it’s a combo video, but there are so many awesome ways Chun can confirm into combos and get a TOD on Thor with the right team, I’ve been using Chun/Vergil/Magneto and have found many ways to get 1mil+ starting with 1 bar, and off of throws/air to airs/ midscreen instant overheads, the only lame thing about it is having to DHC and do Vergil sword loops, because even watching them while I do them is super stale….

  • b2j135

    omg no hidden missiles for once!