Skullgirls Linux Version Confirmed, Animation Cel Reward Tier Announced, Squigly and Leviathan Voice Actors Revealed at Salty Cupcakes

By on March 15, 2013 at 10:20 am

This week’s edition of Mike Z’s Salty Cupcakes tournament series once again featured some pretty big news for Skullgirls fans. The biggest one was the announcement that the game will be coming to Linux. This announcement possibly makes Skullgirls the only major fighting game this generation to receive a release on that operating system.

As an additional incentive for their Indiegogo campaign, the team also announced that they would be giving away animation cel-style prints as rewards as part of the new “Patron of the Arts” reward tier. These prints will be done in the style of traditional animation cels, meaning that each will be hand painted on to the back of a transparent sheet with a separate printed background. Each cel will represent a unique frame of animation from the game chosen by the donor on a first come first served basis, and will be signed by the artist. Only 20 of these cels will be given away, so anyone interested should probably donate as soon as possible.

The voice actors for Squigly and her parasite Leviathan were also revealed. Squigly will be voiced by Lauren Landa, who some may remember as having voiced Litchi Faye-Ling in BlazBlue and Kasumi in Dead or Alive 5. Leviathan will feature the gruff voice of Liam O’Brien, who also provides his talents to Tekken’s Miguel and Rig in DOA5.

Other things mentioned during the stream include a few changes in the current development build. Character portraits in the HUD now reflect the palette being used. Meanwhile, Squigly has had a few more moves added to her repertoire. And for Japanese fans, lead developer Mike Z will try to Skype in to this weekend’s Final Roundbats stream to answer their questions.

You can check these announcement and more in the stream archives below.

Watch live video from eightysixed on TwitchTV

Watch live video from eightysixed on TwitchTV

Source: Salty Cupcakes via Skull Heart

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  • “major fighting game” SRKs push for this game is unbelievable.

    • Whats the problem? Capcom gamer :S.

      • No problem at all,just waiting for something worthwhile to fund . Like a PC version of Under Night in Birth, which is also by a small studio but miles ahead SG,sorry.

        • Zidiane

          “Miles Ahead”? I would disagree. I which terms are we measuring? By characters? By Scene? By support? It has male characters, has no controversy, isn’t disliked, but I’ve never seen it at a tournament (granted I don’t watch many), and Skullgirls just raised 400k in two weeks. By game style? A generic anime fighter, or a game with unique characters that aren’t akin to anything that’s ever appeared before it? I’m not doubting UNIB as a game, it’s fine, but not on Skullgirls level.

          • You never saw it at US tournament because a)its an arcade game b) it doesnt have a console release (yet). And above all,it doesn’t have the US scene propaganda machine behind it, which I don’t mind (it’s a US game after all), but that’s how it is.

            I guess everyone has different tastes, I would call Arakune unique or even Rachel (look at the individual frames of animation for proof), but sorry a hammer with legs or professor shark border on non design. The art direction turns me off even more, reminding me more like bob sponge and US cartoons like that,than a fighter. If you like that,be my guest.

            The animation doesn’t impress me at all,it’s not about fps it’s about flow ,and personality in each frame,which SG doesn’t have. It doesn’t help that the animation is confusing at times, with similar colors in both chars palette’s and the background, and not enough saturation and light colors in them to separate them properly from the stage.But again, US likes MK,with it’s floaty winning screens and weightless hits,so maybe you guys now like that. Walt should stay frozen.

            I saw hours of stream and the gameplay didn’t interest me at all, I think other fighters like Persona are far more interesting to watch.

            I could go on but I think other fighters deserve more support than this one.

          • MasterBP

            Not gonna lie, your post came across as “I guess it’s just opinions, but all of your guys’ opinions are wrong and mine are right.”

          • Only I gave the reasoning behind my opinions, guess you didn’t bother answering with yours

          • MasterBP

            Alright then

            2nd paragraph) Minimalistic design =! non design. Andy has a reason for being simply an anvil with appendages, that being that he’s a henchman of a chick that has a massive obsession with old timey cartoons. Stanley is kinda meh for me, but to be fair he was originally just a backround character that only got to where he is because of fan popularity. Your comparison to spongebob confuses the hell out of me, mostly because of how much I heard people calling it generic weeb before release, personally, I like it.

            3rd paragraph) I think you just need glasses honestly, I’ve never gotten lost watching matches, and I think SG flows like a dream.

            I watched footage of that UNIB game, looked fun, but as you said it has no American release so we probably won’t see much of it here. also I think it’s a little silly to get upset about seeing SG posted here a lot, seeing how this is an American site and SG is one of the few American made bigger name fighting games.

            Japan has been digging the game too so liking SGs visual style isn’t an “American” thing.

          • Ok I’ll bite,since your responde is more intelligent that most of the hate I’ll get here.

            I mentioned above that I recognize the fact that it’s an American game on an American site, I’m fine with that.

            We agree to disagree on char design and art direction, ok.

            Also Japan loves doujin games,they have hundreds of them over there,so there’s scene for that there,far bigger than that of the west. Also, (I can read the language), Japan feels the art style is influenced by a japanese artists, which I find strange but there you go. I think it was mentioned in 4gamer or other jap site, but they feel is like anime meets tim burton.

          • MasterBP

            Well alright then, we disagree on things and that’s okay, the whole point of my post was to inform you that you had a habit of sounding somewhat like a snob in your posts (no offense) and wasn’t sure if you were aware.

          • Guest

            (took a nap)

          • Guest

            That was my point, basically. We are discussing opinions. Which is the bases of the post, with “Miles Ahead” quoted. That term in itself, without numbers, is so saturated in opinions that I had to quote it.

          • Mr. X

            I thought I heard UNiB wasn’t doing too hot in Japan.

          • Austin Davoren

            Because it’s not Melty.

            I’ve gotten my hands on unib, it’s……Not fun for me.

          • Zidiane

            All I’ll say, cause I can’t really talk about your personal opinions, is have you tried the game? Even the demo? It looks SO MUCH BETTER on your screen than watching over stream. I was digging the game before it came out (I really liked the idea of hat arms), but it blew me away when I made the purchase. There’s tons of personality in the game, and things are easier to enjoy when you are playing, and have seen everything play out on your console. There are too many frames, not all of them translate well over the internet.

            I don’t like Persona, and I bought that game (because I thought it deserved some actual time from me) but it was way too flashy, and not in a good way. And the slowdowns online sucked. And everyone booting you out of their room before a match starts sucked.

          • Ben Solem

            O lawd, ‘US scene propaganda machine’. Apparently the media isn’t content with controlling the government, the vote, and the military, now they’re extending their insidious reach into the FGC as well!

            For the record, I like Persona more then SG, as well.

            Somehow, I still manage to avoid writing full five-paragraph essays on how it’s JUST THE WORST EVAR. Magical!

        • UNiB isn’t close the the masterpiece that was Melty.

        • windsagio
          • Ben Solem

            Oooo, you’re right. Let me go swap out my Only Game privileges for the next month back to Planescape. Sure is an awful system, though, isn’t it? Only being allowed to play one game at a time. And the genre restrictions, ugh! Why did I register as a Fighting player? Now I’ve got a two months waiting period to switch to Sim genre!

            Is that how things go, in your homeland?

          • windsagio

            dude wanted a game to spend money on, I’m helping him out 😛

          • It seems you guys dont need that much help anyway 😉

    • So Skullgirls is not considered a “Major fighting game” because it does not have Arc or Capcom’s name behind the title?

      • Cat Astrophy

        Or Namco. You’re not major if you need kickstarters to make things happen. I hope these guys DO become major but they haven’t earned that title yet.

        • so now its a title a game has to earn? lol. thats funny.
          but whateves, they have a fanbase, they have a game published on major consoles. ill still be playing 🙂

          • Its not a major fighting game because not enough people play it. Mike Z’s marketing is GENIUS, of that I’m really impressed, but after the game came out, and people were praising it left and right during the first month, most people stopped playing it. Now there’s another marketing push and people are interested in the concept, but WILL THEY PLAY IT?

            Also,cant be a major game when you dont see it on major streams,major tournaments,etc.

            Akatsuki Bliztkampf then must be a major game too since not only has a scene,several versions, but also an arcade release in Japan.

          • datagram

            “Also,cant be a major game when you dont see it on major streams”
            Is the Evo stream not major enough?


          • spades111

            so it’s clear that no one is saying anything bad about the game. But it’s also clear that it’s not a major game. It’s the first of it’s series, it hasn’t been out for that long, hasn’t been accepted in major tournaments yet, etc. But yeah still a good game just not major…yet

          • Cat Astrophy

            partial game published on one of the consoles (xbox), full game published on PSN

    • and rightly so

    • windsagio

      Not so much “SRK” as ‘certain people who have frontpage posting rights’.

      You’ll notice its always the same 2 fans posting news

      • Mr. X

        Keits and USD are next! Ian, d3v and RPG are already on that Kool aid, muwahahaha!

  • Awesome stuff. everyweek i like to imagine mike as professor farnsworth saying “Good news everybody…”

    • Riot

      Or Jackie Chan’s uncle.

  • Grimoire Weiss and Lezard as Leviathan? Kreygasm

    • fallen

      My, what good taste you have!

  • This is just awesome, skullgirls on my Linux mint.

  • dfactory

    Skullgirl on my Ubuntu? AWESOME! Thank you, Mike Z.

  • Snow Loss

    Unlikely, but I’m still hoping for a Macfag version of Skullgirls simply because I have nothing to play on my work computer other than Orange Box…

    • Gailim

      you realize you could install Ubuntu alongside OSX in about 20 minutes right?

      just pop into ubuntu when you want to play and go back to OSX when your done

      • That’s silly. Install Ubuntu just to play skullgirls?

        • Gailim

          you say that like installing ubuntu is a hassle. it takes 20 minutes, the OS is completely free and all you need is a USB drive that is at least 2GB

          it’s not unreasonable at all

          • Yeah, I’m not going to do that just to play skullgirls… that’s 20 minutes plus maintaining yet another OS and having to reboot into said OS every time I want to play skullgirls. Nope. I do use ubuntu but the server edition in a VM for server duty. That’s where it stays. Thanks for offering though.

    • You realize you could bootcamp into SSF4 AE PC (best version outside of arcades), Blazblue, GG or even GGPO?

      • Snow Loss

        Yes and I have done exactly that, however it requires a restart any time I want to switch OS’s which is a pretty big hassle, not to mention unconductive for a quick off the cuff match,

    • d3v

      I believe they mentioned that a Mac port is also possible using Cider.

      • That doesn’t make sense if they are making a native Linux port. Unless they are using a wine wrapper there too. If they are doing a native Linux port most of the work is already done it’s only a hop skip and a jump to Mac.

        • J-Boogie

          They’re getting a native Linux port because somebody offered to do it for free.

          • On the other hand if they made a cider port they’d have to pay for that. Transgaming requires licensing fees for it. Wine is free but Wine is not cider.

  • Gailim

    this is actually pretty cool, they will be the only fighting game on the steam box when it launches

    I am one of those people who wouldn’t use windows at all if it weren’t for gaming. So anything that can help turn Linux into at least a semi-mainstream OS is great. The main problem with Linux today is lack of software support, and there is a lack of software because not many people use it, and not many people use it because of the lack of software.

    the problem is circular. so I am glad valve/steam are trying to fix the issue

    and HUGE props to whomever volunteered to port this to Linux. Hope you at least get a fightstick out of it

  • Lezard Valeth as Leviathan. Holy shit.

  • JasonWalraven

    sweet 🙂 got an old PC in the basement I can turn into an Skull Girls portable cab.

  • Juggernaut

    the reason skullgirls isnt as big as it should be is due to problems that has nothing to do with lab zero. it all stems from konami and that garbage game def jam rapstar. konami is spending mad money on that lawsuit and wasnt able to spend money on skullgirls

    • windsagio

      You know, if people have ‘bad luck’ with a whole bunch of different groups (konami, autumn, reverge, MS) at some point you have to start looking pretty closely at ‘luck.’

      • Gailim

        how? the game has beat sales expectations in practically every market it entered. Mike Z said the recent Japanese release met it’s lifetime sales goals in two weeks. Skullgirls the game was a hit, a modest hit sure, but people made money on it. You can’t blame Lab Zero for what their publisher is going through

        • jinsaotomex4

          Didn’t you know?

          Konami not paying for the patch when they’re the publishers = LZ’s fault.

          Konami and Autumn Games getting sued over Def Jam Rapstar = LZ’s fault.

          Reverge Labs laying them off because Autumn Games had no money to give them due to the lawsuit above = LZ’s fault.

          M$ holding the patch in bureaucratic hell even after a M$ Dev helped them out then turning around and telling them that they need to pay another $40k to re-submit the patch despite this not being an issue at all with Sony = LZ’s fault.

          At least this is how logic works when you’re obtuse and let personal bias cloud your judgement.

        • windsagio

          its common sense.

          It’s like the scenario where everyone in the room gets along but you…

          it’s probably not everyone else that’s the problem.

          (see what I did there?)

          • Gailim

            I’m sorry but your just wrong. The lawsuit that is financially crippling Autumn (and thus LZ) has NOTHING to do with skullgirls or Lab Zero, its a completely unrelated issue.

          • Ben Solem

            Given the circumstances around Skullgirl’s birth and growth, I’d say their luck has been marvelous, even with these roadblocks. For what’s basically an indie game trying to make inroads into the notoriously fickle FGC, they’ve done well.

            Out of curiosity, what do you think they did to bring ruin onto the studio?

            Or do you just ‘intuit’ that it’s all their fault?

          • windsagio

            First of all, they’re clearly not ruined, they’re doing reasonably well (the fans they have are really really willing to pay for stuff, which is good for them)

            still, its case by case, but from what you can glean (and my opinion):

            Reverge: the game probably just didn’t do well enough compared to what it cost, they were cutting off dead weight to keep from sinking.

            Autumn: Actually bad luck… but man they chose dodgy people to work with, that lawsuit is pretty open-and-shut, it looks like.

            MS: 1 million times ZL.

            any I miss?


            I could carry on and make a huge list of mistakes they seem to have made, but that’s just asking for ugliness even by my standards.

          • jinsaotomex4

            How about you skip the wrong opinions and stick to facts instead? Makes you look like less of a fool.

          • windsagio

            what happened to #3?

            More importantly, I’m being charitable if anything.

            Listen. I’ve gotten to the point in my life where I can look at things and see the mistakes I made in them, often the bad stuff that happens is your own fault.

            There’s *none* of that here. It’s all ‘this guy screwed us!’ then ‘this other guy screwed us!’ then ‘this totally other OTHER guy screwed us!’

            Either they’re not looking at it straight or they’ve got criminally poor judgement (or a mix of both).

          • jinsaotomex4

            #3 – There is a physical patch size limit with XBLA games and the SG patch exceeded this limit. I am not talking about the 4MB size that was lifted years ago, I am talking about some sort of limitation in the way XBLA is structured that simply didn’t allow for the patch to make it through. The previous file size limits on patches and on XBLA game sizes was to reflect that the Xbox Arcade bundle came with an insignificant amount of storage space (512MB flash storage) but that’s not really an issue anymore since the newer arcade SKU actually has HDD storage.

            The one that that is really odd about this is that this shouldn’t be an issue because a 600MB patch doesn’t mean that the game suddenly going to become 600MB larger. Many games (even on PC) distribute files in archives rather than loose files (to save space) so patching a specific file means replacing the whole archive rather than just adding or replacing the missing files. Let’s say that the original game is 1GB and 600MB for the patch, but due to file structure the patch only really contains 200MB of new data then the size would be 1.2GB instead of 1.6GB. If the patch just overwrites data then the filesize wouldn’t change at all. This wasn’t an issue with Sony because there really is no good reason to limit patch sizes at all.

            The Witcher 2 on PC had a 9GB patch but the actual patch data was 15MB. This was a problem with the way the Steam version of the game was structured (all data was in one big archive) and I am pretty sure that Valve went ahead and fixed this issue with most games since it was causing people to download huge files for a few MB worth of patches.

            MS also has a bit of a reputation when it comes to screwing smaller devs over if you aren’t exclusive and even more so if you are an indie dev so it’s hard for me to not put the blame on MS when there’s so many other stories that reflect what happened to LZ.

  • Johnny Donuts

    Stay Free SRK Comments