Skullgirls Linux Version Confirmed, Animation Cel Reward Tier Announced, Squigly and Leviathan Voice Actors Revealed at Salty Cupcakes

By on March 15, 2013 at 10:20 am

This week’s edition of Mike Z’s Salty Cupcakes tournament series once again featured some pretty big news for Skullgirls fans. The biggest one was the announcement that the game will be coming to Linux. This announcement possibly makes Skullgirls the only major fighting game this generation to receive a release on that operating system.

As an additional incentive for their Indiegogo campaign, the team also announced that they would be giving away animation cel-style prints as rewards as part of the new “Patron of the Arts” reward tier. These prints will be done in the style of traditional animation cels, meaning that each will be hand painted on to the back of a transparent sheet with a separate printed background. Each cel will represent a unique frame of animation from the game chosen by the donor on a first come first served basis, and will be signed by the artist. Only 20 of these cels will be given away, so anyone interested should probably donate as soon as possible.

The voice actors for Squigly and her parasite Leviathan were also revealed. Squigly will be voiced by Lauren Landa, who some may remember as having voiced Litchi Faye-Ling in BlazBlue and Kasumi in Dead or Alive 5. Leviathan will feature the gruff voice of Liam O’Brien, who also provides his talents to Tekken’s Miguel and Rig in DOA5.

Other things mentioned during the stream include a few changes in the current development build. Character portraits in the HUD now reflect the palette being used. Meanwhile, Squigly has had a few more moves added to her repertoire. And for Japanese fans, lead developer Mike Z will try to Skype in to this weekend’s Final Roundbats stream to answer their questions.

You can check these announcement and more in the stream archives below.

Watch live video from eightysixed on TwitchTV

Watch live video from eightysixed on TwitchTV

Source: Salty Cupcakes via Skull Heart

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