Pre-Orders Open for HORI’s PS3 Wireless Real Arcade Pro.V3 SA in Japan

By on March 15, 2013 at 10:35 am

Today in Japan, peripheral maker HORI opened pre-orders for its PlayStation 3-exclusive Bluetooth wireless/USB wired dual-connection arcade stick, the “Wireless Real Arcade Pro.V3 SA”, at its online store. The arcade stick is scheduled for a summer 2013 release, priced at 15800 yen (~165 USD).

Pre-orders end on March 27 at 18:00 JST. If a set amount of pre-order sales is reached within the period, the stick will enter production. Pre-order status can be checked on the reservation page.

Product Features
  • Can be switched between BT mode (Bluetooth wireless connection) and USB mode (USB wired connection), allowing enjoyment without environment constraints.
  • BT mode functions on an internal rechargeable battery for approximately 40 hours. Chargeable via USB.
  • The first non-Sony peripheral capable of turning on the PlayStation 3 console via the PS button.
  • Features a cable storage space on the back when not in USB mode or charging.
  • Use Sanwa Denshi parts
    • Stick lever: JLF=TP-8YT-SK
    • Buttons: OBSF-30/OBSF-24
  • Equipped with stick function switch
  • The spacing between the stick unit and buttons has been increased, improving ease of usage
  • Uses a mat on the reverse side, preventing slip on surfaces and the cold metal sensation when played on the lap.
  • Comes with 3 turbo settings (5/12/20 times per second).
Main Specifications
  • Dimensions: length 430mm x width 240mm x height 125mm (Excluding protrusions. Base dimensions.)
  • Weight: 2.2kg
  • Cable length: 3.0m
  • *PlayStation 3 console activation only functions in BT mode
  • Not compatible with analog input, motion sensor, vibration functions or any other functions not listed.
  • All features may not be usable depending on the PS3 system software.
  • Product cannot be used with PlayStation 2, PlayStation or PSone.
  • Not guaranteed to work with PlayStation 2 software.

Product Page
Pre-order Guide
Pre-order Page

Source: HORI, Famitsu