Injustice: Gods Among Us – Battle Arena Quarter-Finals Results, Alternate Costumes Revealed

By on March 15, 2013 at 11:26 am

The matches for the Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Arena quarter-finals were posted earlier this morning, showing the results for Superman vs. Green Arrow, Batman vs. Wonder Woman, Aquaman vs. Green Lantern, and Joker vs. Flash. Aside from being a showcase of each character’s moveset and combo capabilities, these videos also show off some of the game’s alternate costumes. Evil Superman and Arrow look amazing!

Source: Injustice Battle Arena

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  • Holy Shit.. That last combo in Flash vs Joker.

    • Amadeus Alexander

      That combo and Bats combo before the batmobile super were EVERYTHING

  • Thomaz Barros

    >Aquaman Lost
    Well fuck this shit

  • amr_raed

    Wow Green Arrow got demolished . I mean we knew Supes was gonna win , it just didn’t have to be a squash match .

    well Oliver queen failed his city lol

  • Joey T Medina

    Mmmm that dictator alt for Superman and that Arrow alt for Green Arrow.

  • Snow Loss

    The Youtube comments for the Flash vs. Joker fight are hilariously painful:
    [Comment deleted] Well it amounted to him saying that the only way you can beat the joker is to move faster than he could think because he’s crazy and everyone’s scared of him.

  • Davey J.

    Batman beat Wonder Woman? Hah. Proof that this whole contest is nothing more than a popularity contest.

    • CptPokerface

      It always was a popularity contest …

      • windsagio

        no Virginia there isn’t a Santa Claus’

    • Cynnik

      Batman would beat WW because he knows her weaknesses and exploit them, it has been mentioned in the JL comics many times… he studies his allies as well as his enemies.

      • Jordan Hoffman

        Just shut up with that crap.

        • Sir0Slick

          Batman w/ prep-time > All

      • Pol Subanajouy

        Wonder Woman has beaten Batman plenty of times in the comics. And no, I don’t mean as an ambush. Batman knew he would likely have to fight Diana and still lost. JLA: A league of One, the Hiketia, the Obsidian Age. Yeah, WW can beat Batman.

  • Michael Tarantella

    Those combos for Batman and flash. Also I thought Batman’s ultra was something involving the grapple. Did they change it? I like this one better, anyway.

    • NyuBomber

      Yea, it used to be a combo ending in wrapping the opponent upside-down in a grapple line and a Bat-dropkick, but they changed it a couple of months later.

      • Daniel Song

        That super was pretty…lackluster. Honestly, even the new one kind of is too. “Get run over by the Batmobile.” Yeah, I’m sure Supes, WW, or anyone else with super-durability will really be feeling that one.

  • NyuBomber

    I am pleasantly surprised that there were enough reasonable people to vote for Flash to win over Joker.

    Game is shaping up great, but I really hope they have something planned for the whole “get a knockout blow, fall down ,get back up, fall down again.”

  • windsagio

    I usually hate on the Joker hardcore, but he came out of that set looking a lot more intersting than flash did.

    Hate the character, love his presentation (and from the looks, playstyle) in Injustice.

    • GothicGuido

      To each their own, I think the Joker is best Villain ever created (read the killing joke and I think you’ll your opinion on him will change)

      • windsagio

        well NRS made me interested in him><

  • Zexon

    Am I the only one that doesn’t like the entrances and victory poses that are entirely off the arena? They don’t make any sense.

    • Amadeus Alexander

      They make perfect since, well most of them do. I’m glad NRS took what they started with Scorpions win animation from MK9 and put it to good use, the change of environments during win/lose taunts, specials and stage transitions are seamless.

      • Zexon

        When GL hops right through the roof into outer space with a static GL Corp behind him? Or when Aquaman swims through a wall downtown? I appreciate the idea, I do, I just don’t feel that it really fits. Say that Batman (first example to pop into my head) rode in on the Batmobile – that would make sense (except on Aquaman’s stage).

  • Why does this game even bother with characters outside the Batman mythos? Superman and Wonder Woman might as well be niche titles now. I mean, yeah, they’re both far better as characters than the brooding J-RPG teenager that Batman’s been for the past thirty or forty years, but if you slap a grimdark aesthetic on something, people will love it no matter how bad it is. Just look at those godawful movies that Christopher Nolan shat out. Not one of them is worth watching.

    • Sir0Slick

      Hmmm, sounds a bit like you’ve not read much of the good stuff. Can’t comment on WW, but both Supes and Bats have had great storylines.

    • GothicGuido

      New52 Batman is amazing…cant say the same for superman

      • Amadeus Alexander

        New Supes is actually pretty good, with the addition of Superboy and H’el, I haven’t been this into Superman since The Death Of Superman in the 90s

  • Daniel Song

    Everytime I watch these videos I just think about how it seems like NRS’ animators have no sense for timing, and not making everything look awkward. I mean, God, just look at Green Lantern’s super.

    • Awsumpossum12345

      I also think the GL’s super looks really akward

    • Langdon Herrick

      Yeah, it’s a shame that they haven’t fired their entire animation team and started over from scratch. MK9’s animation was awful, and to see that they haven’t improved in the slightest is disheartening.

      Still, I will get this game and will enjoy the hell out of it. So when the next NRS comes out and still animates like shit I’ll have no one but myself to blame.

  • KubikiriTurkojin

    this game looks so fucking stupid. now with alt costumes that look just as gay as the original buttplug suits. way to go faggots.